STAR TREK Movie Review

I have another Star Trek movie review. This movie entitled   “Star Trek” is a restart of the series when the characters are young and the enterprise is new. This is their first voyage.

The movie begins with the antagonists, Captain Nero and his scary, claw and tentacle-like space ship coming out of a black hole. Captain Nero immediately attacks the U.S.S. Kelvin that is nearby and cripples it.


The Revenge Driven Mad Captain Nero

After crippling the Kelvin, he orders the Kelvin’s Captain to beam on board his vessel. Nero is searching for Ambassador Spock.  As Lieutenant George Kirk assumes command of the Kelvin, Captain Nero kills the former captain due to his unwillingness to reveal the whereabouts of Spock.

The acting U.S.S. Kelvin Captain, George Kirk orders, “General Order 13.   Evacuate the ship!”  As the evacuation is taking place, acting Captain George Kirk flies the Kelvin into Nero’s ship, severely damaging it, all while George Kirk’s wife delivers their son, James Tiberius Kirk.

Then the movie switches to Iowa and James T. Kirk the young daredevil and rebel, followed by a young Spock on Vulcan.  We get a glimpse into their youth.

The movie jumps to Captain Pike as he recruits the defiant and rebellious James Kirk for his crew on the newly constructed U.S.S. Enterprise.  We see the assembly of the enterprise crew.  We meet Jim Kirk, Leonard Mc. Coy (Bones), Nyota Uhura, and the very egotistical Spock.

Captain Nero reappears.  He is still searching for Ambassador Spock.  He wants Spock to watch as he destroys Vulcan.  He believes that Spock was responsible for the destruction of his home planet, Romula.

As Nero begins to carry out his plan, he causes a lighten storm in space.  This storm is detected by Starfleet and the enterprise is called into action. The new ship and new crew warp to Vulcan.

Nero's ship

Captain Nero’s Creepy   Menacing  Claw-Like  Space Ship

Captain Nero drills a hole in Vulcan and drops the red matter into the core of the planet. The red matter causes a black hole to form in the center of Vulcan. The black hole consumes the planet from the inside as both, the new and old Spock watch.

Nero has taken Captain Pike prisoner and puts a Centaurian Slug in him. It attaches to his brain stem and releases a toxin to force him to answer his questions.  This happens as he targets and peruses earth.

The conflict on board the enterprise begins. Under the encouragement of the older Ambassador Spock, Jim Kirk battles acting Captain Spock for command of the Enterprise. Once Jim Kirk has established his role as acting captain, he orders the enterprise turned around as they peruse Captain Nero.

The newly humbled Spock rejoins Captain Kirk as his first officer. Together, they carry out a surprise attack on Nero’s ship. As Spock disables the drill that is drilling into Earth’s crusts, Kirk battles Nero and rescues the now crippled Captain Pike.

In retaliation for Spock disabling his drill, Captain Nero tries to kill Spock even though Spock is carrying red matter. Spock crashes his ship into Nero’s vessel.  He, Kirk, and Pike are beamed on board the enterprise at the last possible moment.

Captain Kirk fires on Nero’s ship, destroying it as a black hole forms and sucks Nero’s ship into it.  As the enterprise is sucked in as well, Scotty releases charges to explode in space. Upon detonation, the enterprise is hurled away from the black hole.  Once her engines are free of its pull, the enterprise speeds away at maximum warp.


STAR TREK Shipmates United With Captain James T. Kirk

At this moment of triumphant, the crew unites under Captain James T. Kirk’s leadership.

Later at Starfleet, Jim Kirk ceremonially relieves Captain Pike and officially becomes Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

What a great movie. I really like the inner conflict between the crew.  Mr. Spock’s character was quite different in this movie.

Captain Nero played an awesome antagonist.  Revenge is a powerful motive.  I hope you enjoy my review.

Tell we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,  J. A. Ireland


6 thoughts on “STAR TREK Movie Review

  1. …Captain Nero kills the former captain due to his unwillingness to reveal the whereabouts of Spock.

    Not unwilling–unable. 🙂 He didn’t even know who Ambassador Spock was. This is why Nero’s lieutenant asked what Stardate it was next. The Romulans had arrived too early for Spock of that timeline to have grown up (probably he was not even born yet or had recently been so).

    I’m glad you like the movie. I do think wish far more attention, in this movie and in ST: INTO DARKNESS, had been paid to the temperament and personality types of the primary actors. It takes more than a shift in timeline to change Kirk from an ENTJ to an ENTP and Spock from an INTP to an INFP. Those Myers-Briggs codes imply truly profound differences in the ordering of their minds. (Oh yes, let’s not forget the change of Khan from an ENFP to one of the NTs, I’m thinking New Khan is a really ice-cold INTP – ironically more like the Old Spock than like New Spock, by far.)


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