Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home Movie Review

I have a Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home Movie Review.  I hope you enjoy it.

The movie began as an unknown probe is traveling through space on route to the Terran Solar System. It has disable every ship and space station along the way. It was disabling the U.S.S.  Saratoga as the movie begins.

Crippling  Alien Probe

Crippling Alien Probe

We learned that Admiral Kirk and his gallant crew were charged with nine violations of Starfleet regulations due to their actions while rescuing their shipmate Spock.  The Klingon Empire was outraged by star fleet’s miniscule actions. They wanted severe punishment.

Kirk and crew have been on Vulcan for three months.  They have been working on the rickety Klingon vessel while observing Spock as he continued with his speedily recovery.  Their plans are to return to earth and face their punishment for their unethical behavior while rescuing their shipmate Captain Spock.  In an attempt at historical irony, Dr. McCoy named their vessel, HMS Bounty.

As this is taking place, the U.S.S. Saratoga passes by the alien probe as the probe speeds toward earth. The probe’s powerful transmissions disable the helpless Saratoga.  As the probe continues, its powerful transmissions disable every space ship and space station in its path.

Kirk and crew leave Vulcan in their decrepit Klingon ship and proceed toward earth.

The alien probe reaches earth and sends a transmission signal into earth’s oceans. The powerful transmission immediately begins to cripple the helpless planet.  The citizens of earth are clueless as to how to respond to the probe. The President of United Federation of Planets sends out a planetary distress signal, “Do Not Approach Earth.  The transmissions of an orbiting probe are causing critical damage to this planet.”

Kirk and crew receive the distress signal. They listen to the probe’s transmissions. Immediately Mr. Spock  has an idea. After a brief search, he discovers that the probe is attempting to communicate with humpback whales.  Humpbacks have been extinct since the 21th century. Communication is therefore impossible.  They devise a plan. Time warp is their only option.  They plan to pick up tremendous speed and slingshot around the sun and go into time warp. Dr. McCoy’s response to the plan is classic. “That’s crazy.”

The Enterprise Crew Attempt Time Warp

The Enterprise Crew Attempts Time Warp

Their plan works. They come out of time warp on the Pacific basin, near the west coast of North America in the late 20th century.   Uhura hears whale songs coming from San Francisco.

Mr. Scott quickly discovers that the Klingon ship suffered severe damage during the time warp process. The ships dilithium crystals are decrystallizing. The technology doesn’t exist to recrystallize them.  Again Spock has an idea, according to him the later 20th century was the nuclear fusion era.  Nuclear fusion was used in nuclear powered naval vessels. The nuclear fusion reactors used high-energy photons  to do their work.  His theory was to collect these photons and inject them into the dilithium chamber in an attempt to cause crystalline restructuring. “Theoretically it might work.”

Kirk ordered the ship sat down in Golden Gate Park and began their risky tasks.

Kirk and Spock find two humpback whales named George and Gracie at the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito. They meet Dr. Gillian Taylor, assistant director of the Maritime Cetacean Institute as they discover their whales.

Captain Kirk ans Mr. Spock in San Fransisco

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in San Francisco

Mr. Scott and Dr. McCoy search for a large piece of transparent aluminum to use to construct the enormous aquarium. They discovered Plexicorp.  Meanwhile, Mr. Sulu finds a helicopter to transport the sheet of aluminum.  Mr. Scott discovers that Dr. Nichols, the plant manager at Plexicorp, still uses polymers. He shrewdly offers Dr. Nichols a trade.  He offers him  the formula for transparent aluminum in exchange for a large, six inch thick sheet of plexiglass.  Dr. Nichols gladly excepts the offer. Mr. Sulu transports the plexiglass to the ship.

Uhura and Chekov go to a naval base in Alameda in search of the photons. They discover a nuclear powered naval vessel named “U.S.S. Enterprise.”  They gather the high-energy photons.  Uhura is beamed back to the ship with the photons. Mr. Chekov is captured. During the capture, he is critically injured. He is transported to Mercy Hospital in the Mission District for emergency surgery. His condition is grave.

In a daring rescue, Admiral Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and Dr. Gillian Taylor go under cover as surgeons to find Mr. Chekov.  In a splendid moment of kindness and compassion, Dr. McCoy cures a woman that is receiving kidney dialysis while on his way to finding Chekov.  The team finds Chekov as he is being prepared for surgery.  Dr. McCoy  repairs the damaged artery in his brain.  As they race to escape they are beamed back to the Golden Gate Park next to their ship.  Dr. Taylor gives Kirk the radio frequency for the whales, 401 megahertz. She then tricks him and is beamed inside along with Admiral Kirk.

Kirk gives the order and they peruse the whales in open ocean. Mr. Scott beams George and Gracie aboard while saving them from whale hunters.

Mr. Scott beams up George and Gracy The Humpback Whales

George and Gracie The Humpback Whales are Beamed Aboard

With the crystalline restructured dilithium crystals, and George and Gracie, they gain speed and sling shot around the sun again. They go into time warp.

As they awake from the warp, the probe renders their ship powerless.  They fly uncontrolled into San Francisco bay.

Spock evacuates the crew as Admiral Kirk swims under water to open a hatch thus freeing himself and George and Gracie.  He and the whales escape.

George and Gracie communicate with the probe.  They quickly finish their chat. The probe stops the transmissions and begins to leave.

Earth quickly begins to recover as George and Gracie journey to open ocean.

The movie ends with Admiral Kirk and crew answering for their crimes against Starfleet. All charges are dropped except for Admiral Kirk. Disobeying Starfleet orders was the final charge.  For punishment, Admiral Kirk is reduced to Captain. He is given the new U.S.S. Enterprise to command.

The movie ends.

I hope you enjoyed my review of  Star Trek IV –  The Voyage Home. This is a very interesting, unique, and well written movie.

Tell we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”   J. A. Ireland


4 thoughts on “Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home Movie Review

  1. The best part is, being reduced in rank to Captain is a blessing in disguise and everyone knows it. Kirk returns to the task “for which [he] has shown unswerving ability: the command of a starship.” Earth is forever in his debt for being saved from its own folly. 😀

    Though this is an old movie relatively speaking, maybe you should put “SPOILER ALERT” or something on this and other reviews. 🙂


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