Batman – Under the Red Hood Movie Review

Hi, I’m Art Nekuma.

I have an awesome animated Batman movie review for you.  I have reviewed Batman – Under the Red Hood.

The Joker Beating Robin

The Joker beating Robin in Warehouse

The movie begins with Robin, the boy wonder, and the Joker in a warehouse. The Joker is beating Robin with a crowbar. The Joker blows up the warehouse with Robin inside. Robin dies in the explosion.

Robin Killed in an Explosion

Robin Killed in an Explosion

Five years later in Gotham City, a new crime lord comes to town. The Red Hood emerges.

The Joker is still locked in a cell in Arkham Asylum where the Gotham City Police put him.

The Black Mask orders his thugs to kill the Red Hood. After his goons fail, he hires the Joker to perform the murder. He breaks the Joker out of the asylum.

Black Mask  the Crime Lord

Black Mask the Crime Lord

Due to the Red Hood’s extraordinary skills, Batman suspects that the Red Hood is actually Robin. He digs up Jason Todd’s body. He discovers a latex replica of Jason in the coffin.

We learn the history of Robin. After his death, he is placed into the rejuvenating waters by Ra’s al Ghul and is brought back to life.  The new Robin is psychotic. He is the Red Hood.

The Red Hooded Crime Lord

The Red Hood — New  Crime Lord

In an exciting conclusion, the Red Hood, Batman , and the Joker are fighting in a room. There is an explosion.  The new crime lord, the Red Hood escapes.

Afterward, Batman puts the Joker back in Arkham Asylum. Gotham City Police continue to pursue the crime lord, the Black Mask.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of  Batman – Under the Red Hood.  Stay tuned for more exciting reviews.

Your friend,

Art Nekuma.


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