House of Night: Dragon’s Oath – Book Review

Dear Science Fiction Horror Readers,

I just finished reading a fantasy horror novella that I thought was very good. Dragon’s Oath is a horror story about vampyres with magical powers.

The book begins in present day Oklahoma in a tragic scene where Anastasia, the magical vampyre, has fallen. Dragon Lankford thinks his love is dead. She spellbound a message in a locket for him, “…remember your oath, to temper strength with mercy…”

House of Night: Dragon's Oath

House of Night: Dragon’s Oath

The scene switches to England – 1830, as Bryan ( Dragon) Lankford is cast out of his father’s home for his never ending mischief. Bryan’s father, Earl of Lankford, casts him out and sends him to the seaport to sail on a ship to America.

While waiting on the dock, he meets Shaw, the vampire. Shaw is a black cloaked, Nyx’s Tracker from the Tower Grove House of Night.  He is a Son of Erebus Warrior. Shaw’s ship is the Ship of Night, a black dragon.

Dragon Lankford learns after meeting Shaw and discovering his vampyre nature, that he has begun a process that is irreversible.  He has fours to completely transform into a full vampyre or die.

We return to  Anastasia, the vampyre and spell maker, at Tower Grove- School.  She attempts a drawing spell to end her unhealthy infatuation with Dragon Lankford. In her spell she draws Dragon and a very big bear, by accident.

At the time of the spell, Dragon is in a jail in St. Louis Missouri. Sheriff Jesse Biddle has him locked up.

Anastasia draws him to the school. During a council meeting, Dragon is ordered back to St. Louis to keep the peace. Anastasia is ordered to cast the spell to send him back.

In an exciting finish to this book, the spell that Anastasia casts goes terribly wrong…

This was an easy fantasy horror novella to read. Due to my love of vampire stories, the brief segment about Shaw, the vampyre, was my favorite part. This book dealt more with the Tower Grove magic school instead of the vampire side of the story.

House of Night: Dragon’s Oath is a nice fantasy/horror book that is easy to read and follow. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you like my review.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path,”

J. A. Ireland


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