Star Trek: Nemesis – Movie Review

Dear science fiction fans,

I have a Star Trek – Nemesis movie review for you. I hope you like it.

Green Dust kills the Senators

Green Dust kills the Romulan Imperial Senators

The movie begins in the Romulan Imperial Senate. A representative from the military is presenting Shinzon of Remus’ proposal.  Shinzon wants to unite Romulus and Remus. The Praetor, the leader of the Senate, rejects his proposal.

Senator Taláura had an urgent appointment with the Tholian Ambassador. Upon leaving, she left a small round box on her table.  The box opened and sprayed a green dust in the air above the Senators.  The dust killed them all. Their bodies turned to stone and crumbled.

The movie switches to Captain Picard as he makes the best man toast at Will Riker and Deanna Troi’s wedding reception.  They will have a wedding ceremony on Betazed, the “no clothing allowed,” planet.

Later, Mr. Worf picks up a Positronic Signal on Kolarus III, in the Kolarun System. The signal is from an android like Data.

Mr. Warf

Mr. Worf

“There is a problem!”  said Geordi, “The Kolarun System is close to the Romulan Neutral Zone. With Captain Picard’s approval, Will Riker orders, “Warp five to the Kolarun System.”

“I am reading six Positronic Signals,” said Geordi.

On Kolarus III they discover a replica of Data, in six pieces as Captain Picard tries out the Argo. The Argo is a new, small ATV.


Back on the Enterprise, they learn that Dr. Soong created this prototype of Data and named it B-4. He created B-4 before he created Data.  B-4 is less sophisticated than Data.  Data and B-4 are brothers.  “Geordi, reassemble B-4,” orders Captain Picard.

Captain Picard gets an alpha priority communication from Starfleet.  Admiral Janeway wants Jean-Luc to go to Romulus. The Romulan Imperial Senate has a new Praetor, Shinzon of Reman. Captain Picard orders, “Warp eight to Romulus.”

At Romulus, they face the Reman War bird, Scimitar. They meet Praetor Shinzon, the human, and his Viceroy, the Reman.

Reman War Bird  Scimitar.

Reman War Bird Scimitar.

They later learn that Shinzon is a clone of Captain Picard.  Shinzon and Jean-Luc become acquainted.

Geordi learns that Shinzon’s ship is a Thalaron Generator.  They now know that Shinzon is no diplomat.

Shinzon and his Viceroy perform a violation on Deanna in her and Will’s room.

We learn that Shinzon put B-4 on Kolarus III to gain information about Starfleet.  The information that B-4 receives from the Enterprises computers is incorrect, thanks to Data.

Data reaffirms that Shinzon’s ship is a Thalaron Generator , a great weapon.

They learn that Shinzon was created with temporal RNA sequencing. He has accelerated aging, he is dying.

The Dying Shinzon

The Dying Clone Shinzon

Geordi is concerned, “Shinzon’s ship has a Cascading Biogenic Pulse!”

Captain Picard orders, “He is going to attack earth. He must not be allowed to use his weapon. All other concerns are secondary,”  He further orders, “All hands…battle stations.”

The Enterprise warps toward sector 1045 where there are seven star ships. There is protection in numbers.  The problem is, Shinzon’s fully cloaked ship is right behind the Enterprise as it speeds through space.

The Enterprise enters the Bassen Rift. They lose all communications due to the space interference.   Captain is concerned for the ship’s safety. He orders, “Commander Riker, evasive maneuvers.”   Shinzon attacks the Enterprise.

As Captain Picard attempts to talk Shinzon out of destroying earth, he reveals his true plan.  “I want to be remembered for all time.”

Suddenly two Romulan ships appear. “This is Commander Donatra of the War bird Valdore. Might we be of assistance?”

The battle begins; two Romulans and the Enterprise vs. Shinzon.

As Shinzon overpowers his opponents, Deanna gets revenge for the earlier violation by Shinzon and his Viceroy. She enters Viceroy’s mind and pinpoints their ship.  “Remember me. Now!”    Mr. Worf fires!    “Fire at will,” ordered Captain Picard.

As the Enterprise is crippled, Captain Picard orders the Enterprise to ram Shinzon’s ship.

Captain Picard

Captain Picard

Shinzon orders, “Deploy the weapon. Kill everything on that ship. Then set a course for earth. We must complete our mission.”  The Thalaron intermix procedure is initiated.

Captain Picard beams to Shinzon’s ship to stop the weapon from destroying the Enterprise. Data secretly follows, through space. Picard battles Shinzon as the weapon readies itself.  Picard kills Shinzon.

With 30 seconds left before the Thalaron Generator fires, killing the Enterprise and everyone on board, Data puts a portable transported on Captain Picard.  “Good-bye,” said Data.  Captain Picard is beamed on board the Enterprise.

With two seconds before the annihilation of the Enterprise, Data blows up the Thalaron Generator.  Data dies in the explosion.

Captain Picard defeats Shinzon

Captain Picard defeats Shinzon

The deck crew honors Data’s memory.

Later, Commander Riker says good-bye to captain Picard.  Will Riker is assuming command of the Titan.

The movie ends.

As a writer, I love a story with a strong antagonists. Shinzon was a very good antagonist. I really liked the design of the space ships as well. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Tell we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland


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