Batman: Year One – Movie Review

Dear Batman Fans,

Bruce Wayne before Batman

Bruce Wayne before Batman

I have a Batman review from the beginning of the saga when Batman was first created by the very wealthy, very traumatized, Bruce Wayne, in Gotham City.

The movie begins with the adult, Bruce Wayne flying into Gotham City on a commercial jet airplane, while still in great emotional trauma over his parent’s murders, twelve years ago.

Lieutenant Gordon

Lieutenant Gordon

Lieutenant James Gordon and Barbara Gordon are grudgingly moving to Gotham City due to James’ new job as Police Lieutenant at Gotham Police Department. Barbara is pregnant with their unborn son as they reluctantly relocate. While James takes the train to Gotham, Barbara uses the airlines.


We see Bruce Wayne as he kneels before the graves of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, his deceased parents. They were murdered twelve years ago during a common mugging with their teenage son, Bruce Wayne, standing next to them.

As the adult, Bruce Wayne, attempts to deal with his heartache, he believes he is receiving a sign from his murdered father. Be believes his father wants him to become Batman.


Batman: Year One

As Bruce Wayne begins to create the vigilante, Batman, and creates a stir in Gotham, Lieutenant James Gordon begins the difficult and unwanted transition in the Gotham City Police Department.

Commissioner Loeb gives Lieutenant Gordon the unwanted task of capturing Batman. “If you don’t capture the vigilante, Batman, it’s your JOB!” yells Gillian Loeb.

Cat Woman

Selena as Cat Woman

To make matters even more complicated, a prostitute in Gotham named Selena decides to become Cat Woman.  She attacks Falcone, the crime lord in Gotham that’s in cahoots with Commissioner Loeb.   Bruce Wayne, as Batman comes to her aid. This proves to be major problem for Lieutenant Gordon because his boss, Commissioner Loeb, and the crime lord Falcone, both think Lieutenant Gordon is the outlaw, vigilante, Batman.

Because Falcone believes Cat Woman is working for Batman, and Batman ordered the hit on him, and Lieutenant Gordon is Batman, he plans his revenge on Lieutenant Gordon by ordering the abduction of Lieutenant Gordon’s  wife and newborn son.  He orders Detective Flass to carryout the abduction.

Falcone - The Evil Crime Lord

Falcone – The Evil Crime Lord

Bruce Wayne, as Batman, saves Lieutenant Gordon’s infant son from certain death at the hands of Detective Flass.

As the movie concludes, Commissioner Loeb is brought under federal charges for racketeering due to Detective Flass’ accurate testimony against his illegal and unethical boss.

Lieutenant Gordon promises to keep Bruce Wayne’s secret identity as Batman confidential.

The Mad Joker in Arkham Asylum

The Crazy Joker in Gotham City

The next nemesis that Lieutenant Gordon is preparing to face is the villain, the Joker.  The Joker is threatening to poison Gotham City’s reservoir.

The movie ends.


If you are a serious Batman fan, like me, Batman: Year One is a good explanation of how Batman was first created. This animated movie is well- written and enjoyable. It is easy to understand how Bruce Wayne could have traveled down this path, due to the horrific childhood tragedy that he was forced to endure and continues to be emotionally scarred by.

I hope you liked my review of Batman: Year One.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A. Ireland


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