The Thing – Movie Review

Dear Science Fiction Horror Fans,

Space ship landing on Earth

Space ship landing on Earth – 100,000 years ago

I have a true scifi horror movie review for you. The Thing, by John Carpenter begins with an alien space ship crash landing on earth sometime in the past.

The movie switches to Antarctica during the first week of winter in 1982 at the United States National Science Institute Station # 4.  A dog is running across the ice and snow to escape a hunter in a helicopter.  The dog finds a haven with the scientists at station # 4.  We learn that the dog escaped from a nearby Norwegian camp.

Norwegen dog

Norwegian dog

Mac and Copper venture to the Norwegian camp to see why the dog ran. When they get there, the camp is burned and deserted. As they investigate, they discover a Norwegian with his throat slashed.

As they investigate further, they discover a burned creature that seems half-human and half something else.  Out of curiosity, they bring the dead creature back to their camp so that Blair can perform an autopsy on it and discover what it is.

The Alien Creature from the Norwegen Camp

The Alien Creature from the Norwegian Camp

During a great seen of gore and horror, the Norwegian dog changes into an alien creature and attacks their other dogs.  Mac burns the creature with a flamethrower.

Blair is continuing with the autopsy. “This creature is an organism that imitates other life-forms.”

The U.S. crew discovers the space ship buried in a crater of ice. They believe the alien space ship crash-landed over 100,000 years ago.

Alien Space Ship Burried in Ice for 100,000years

Alien Space Ship Buried in Ice for 100,000 years

The creature Mac and Copper brought back from the Norwegian camp begins to thaw and comes back to life.

The creature attacks them one by one, starting with Bennings.

As the creature individually attacks them, one by one, they become paranoid. Since it imitates other life forms, anyone of them could be the creature.

Bennings being mutated

One of the camp members as he Mutates

With only a few remaining American scientists still alive, the survivors decide to blow-up and burn their camp in an attempt to kill the creature.

In a final scene of horror, as the creature attacks Mac, he uses dynamite to blow up the creature.

The Thing is an interesting story with several good moments of gore and horror.  I would have enjoyed it if the creature was given time to develop rather than always being torched, but that’s just me.

The Thing is an interesting  horror movie. It’s entertaining.  The gore scenes are very good.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of John Carpenter’s- The Thing.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path

J. A. Ireland


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