I AM NUMBER FOUR – Movie Review

Dear readers,

Daniel - Number Four

Daniel – Number Four

I have a scifi action/ horror movie review for you. I am number four is a calmer science fiction drama. It’s about the protagonists Daniel.

Daniel is Number Four.  He’s an alien from the planet Lorien. Together, Daniel, Henri,  and the chimera, the beagle, escape from Lorien and flee to Earth. They are escaping  from the Magadorians.

Number Six

Number Six blows up their rented Beach house

The movie begins as Henri, Daniel’s protector, and Daniel leave the beach home they rented and go on the run. They stop at Paradise and take up new residency.  Daniel attends Paradise Regional Senior High School where he meets Sarah and Sam, the science nerd.

We learn that Daniel’s parents were very powerful members of the Lorien Garde. Daniel inherited their powers. He quickly learns how to use them.

Daniel - Number Four using his powers

Daniel – Number Four using his powers

The Magadorians locate him and his friends at Paradise High school.  That is where the battle begins. Number Six joins them as the group battles the Mags. The beagle changes into a fierce creature and joins the battle. Together they defeat the Mags in a brilliant display of science fiction thrill.

Number four (Daniel), Number Six, and Sam, the science nerd, set out to find the other super powered youth from Lorien as the movie ends.

The Magadorian

The Magadorian

I thought the ending was the best part of this movie. The battle at Paradise High school is thrilling.

The Magadorians are very good antagonists.

If you like a drama that is light science fiction based, number four will no doubt be a pleasant movie for you.

Tell we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A. Ireland


2 thoughts on “I AM NUMBER FOUR – Movie Review

  1. Thanks for your review. I loved I AM NUMBER FOUR and bought the DVD version. It has its very intense moments, emotionally and otherwise. But I was delighted to see how well Alex Pettyfer, who I first saw in OPERATION STORMBREAKER (a YA spy thriller), carried the lead in this movie (Daniel).

    Long before I first saw Alex in these movies, I’d invented a protagonist who looks and thinks very much like him and who by coincidence has powers not unlike those of Daniel in this film. Also OPERATION STORMBREAKER “stole” a last name I was using in my unpublished fiction (this happens to me all the time). I suppose I’ll have to update my page on how I developed my protagonist, as I mention the coincidental parallels with OPERATION STORMBREAKER but not yet with I AM NUMBER FOUR.



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