Pumpkinhead — The Demon – Movie Review

Dear SciFi Horror Movie Fans,

I have a true scifi horror movie review for you. Pumpkinhead, the demon is a very good horror movie.

The Mutate Demon- Pumpkinhead

The Mutate Demon- Pumpkinhead

This horror movie takes place in the Ravie Mountains, on a farm in 1957. Tom Harley is protecting his wife and son, Eddie from Pumpkinhead.

The Demon Pumpkinhead hunting Clayton Foley

The Demon Pumpkinhead hunting Clayton Foley

Pumpkinhead is attacking Clayton Foley for killing a little girl.  The mutate demon kills Clayton outside the Harley home, in the dark.

The movie switches  in time to the adult, Ed Harley and his son Billy. They own “Harley and son Grocery Store in Ravie Mountain. Billy gives his father a handmade locket for a present  that  his father, Ed puts around his neck.

A group of rebel teenagers, Joel, Tracy, Steve, Maggie, and Kim are renting a cabin in Ravie Mountain. On there way, they make a pit-stop at Harley Grocery Store.

At the same time, Gus Wallace and his children also make a pit-stop at the store. Gus buys some feed from the  Ed Harley.

Later, Ed Harley leaves the store to deliver the feed to Gus’s farm. While he’s gone,  Billy Harley, his son,  is accidently run over by Joel while on his motorcycle. Billy chases his dog, Gypsy, into Joel’s path, when Joel accidently runs over him. Joel and three of his friends flee the scene.

Billy Harley

Billy Harley

As Ed arrives back at the store, he discovers his son, Billy. He is gravely injured. He drives him home where he dies.

I desperation, Ed Harley looks for Haggus , the witch. Gus Wallace’s son tells him  where to find Haggus. “She lives in the swamp on Black Ridge,” said the son.

Because Billy is all Ed has left in the world, after losing his wife, Betty Lynn, he finds Haggus. She lives in a rat and spider-infested shack in the swamp. He takes his dead son to her.

“Leave the boy here and go to Razor-Back Hallow Graveyard. Dig up the child that was unloved by it’s parents.  For your type of revenge, you’ll need that child.  Bring the dead child to me! You’ll know where it is,” ordered Haggus.

Ed finds the graveyard and digs up the child’s body. He takes it back to Haggus.

Haggus - The Witch

Haggus – The Witch

The witch uses Ed’s blood in her spell to bring Pumpkinhead to life.  “The creature is Vengeance, Cruelty, and Evil,” said Haggus, “I can’t bring Billy back for you. I don’t have the power.”

As the demon, Pumpkinhead forms, it draws strength from Ed.

We see Ed burying his son, Billy, next to his wife, Betty Lynn Harley, who died in 1978. He buries Billy next to his mother.

The demon, Pumpkinhead draws it’s existence from Ed Harley as it brutally kills the rebellious teens one by one.

As Pumpkinhead is acting out Ed’s revenge on the teens for killing Billy, Ed goes back to Haggus.  “I want you to stop Pumpkinhead,” he demands.

She explains, “You can’t stop this. It’s what you want. You will pay a dear price if you stop Pumpkinhead.”

The locals call the demon, Pumpkinhead, because they nicknamed the cemetery where it resurrects from, Pumpkin-Patch Graveyard.

The remaining teens flee to Bradley Mountain where they parked their cars and motorcycles. When they arrive, Pumpkinhead is already there.

With only Tracy remaining alive, she tells Ed that his son’s death was an accident.  As Ed listens, he and the demon, Pumpkinhead are becoming one. Ed realizes, to kill Pumpkinhead, he has to die.

Ed Harley is connected to Pumpkinhead

Ed Harley and Pumpkinhead are becoming one!

He orders Tracy to kill him. As she shoots him, Pumpkinhead dies. Ed and Pumpkinhead lie on the ground, dead.  Pumpkinhead ignites and burns.

The last scene of the movie, we see Haggus putting a dead, mutated body in the grave, at Razor-Back Hallow Graveyard, where Ed Harley dug up the unloved child. The body is the dead, mutated, Ed Harley. He’s still wearing the locket that Billy gave him at the grocery store, around his neck.

Haggus buries his mutated body there until the next person comes to her for Revenge! Ed Harley will be the next Pumpkinhead.

The Witch Haggus buries Ed Harley at Razor-Back Hollow Graveyard

The Witch Haggus buries Ed Harley at Razor-Back Hollow Graveyard

The movie ends.

Pumpkinhead-The Demon is a great horror movie. It is well written. The witch, Haggus looked creepy and scary. Her spider-infested shack in the swamp in Black Ridge was creepy and spooky.

Pumpkinhead - The Mutate Revenge Demon

Pumpkinhead – The Mutate Revenge Demon

The mutated demon, Pumpkinhead was evil, powerful, and revenge driven. It’s appearance was similar to an alien creature. The creators did a fantastic job creating Pumpkinhead.

This is a great science fiction horror movie. It was fun to watch.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland


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