The Vampire Diaries – The Ripper – Book Review

Dear Vampire Horror Fans,

I have a vampire horror book review that I’m sure you’ll like. The Vampire Diaries – The Ripper, by author L. J. Smith, is a captivating and entertaining vampire book.

The Vampire Diaries -- The Ripper

The Vampire Diaries — The Ripper

The story begins in August 1888, in England.  Stefan writes in his diary: “Katherine changed me into a vampire twenty years ago.  I regret the life I’ve missed. If not for her, I would be a middle-aged man with a wife and maybe a son. After I changed, I killed so many people. I vow to spend the rest of eternity doing good deeds to make up for the people I’ve killed.”

Stefan is employed at Abbot Manor, in England, as a house keeper. He dreams in his servants cabin that he is working in the kitchen with the other hired help. He also dreams about Katherine, the vampire who changed him twenty years ago. She was burned in a church in Virginia soon after changing him.

Stefan wakes from his fitful sleep, while being covered in sweat.

We are introduced to George and Gertrude Abbot and their young children, Emma, Luke and Oliver.  Mrs. Duckworth their loyal house-keeper, and other staff members are also introduced.

Stefan asks George Abbot for some time off to visit his family in London. Together, they travel by train to London.

Stefan separates from Mr. Abbot at Tower Bridge. He goes into Ten Bells Tavern in search of his brother, Damon. Inside the bar, he learns of the gruesome murders that are taking place in London. Alfred, the bartender says, “This is an unholy killer. The monster has all our girls half-terrified!  The Ripper doesn’t just kill, he butchers!”

As Stefan listened to the terrified bartender, he thought, “What if it’s not Damon? What if it’s another vampire?”

As he listens, the server, Violet Burns tells him, “I think my sister, Cora, has been murdered by Jack the Ripper.”

That night, in an act of kindness, Stefan gives Violet his fish meal. She gets fired for stopping to eat.  Later, he rents a room at the Cumberland Hotel for her. He rents the Queen Victoria Suite. While Violet sleeps on the large bed, he plans how he will battle the vampire that is killing people.

The next morning while Stefan gives Violet a vial of vervain on a gold chain for good luck, she tells him that she is from Ireland. That she and her sister, Cora want to be actresses.

The next day, Stefan goes back to the Ten Bells Tavern and convinces Alfred, the bartender, to give Violet back her job. On the trip, he buys two box tickets to Gaiety Theatre.

He picks Violet up at the Queen Victoria Suite and takes her shopping on Hyde Park – at Harrods.

On the way back to the hotel they stop at the theatre. Damon is there and finds them.

In a confrontation, Damon says, “I’m not the Ripper!”  They agree to meet at the tavern at 10:00.

As Stefan and Violet are walking, they enter a warehouse on the dock. Inside, they find Cora. Damon also enters the warehouse. While Stefan is outside, someone attacks and kills Violet.

Stefan finds her with her throat slit. He thinks Damon attacked her.  He takes her to Paddington Station. They take a train to Ivinghoe.

While on the train, Henry, the vampire attacks Stefan. They escape and continue the journey to Abbot Manor.

At the manor, Violet is transitioning into a vampire. Without human blood, she remains sick.

Samuel, the vampire, follows them and attacks the Abbot Family, killing Oliver.

“Samuel is Jack the Ripper!” said Stefan.  Samuel attacks Stefan and wounds him.  He sets Stefan’s cabin on fire and flees.

Also after following, Damon and Cora show up and rescue Stefan and Violet from the burning cabin.

Damon and Cora vow to make Samuel pay for all that he has done.  They are going back to London to find him and kill him.

The movie ends.

The Vampire Diaries are an excellent and very popular vampire series. The Ripper is, in my opinion, one of the best books in the saga. It is very well written.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of The Vampire Diaries – The Ripper.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland


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