Frost Burned – Book Review

Dear urban fantasy readers,

I have an exciting ghosts, werewolf, vampire, and coyote fantasy review for you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this review of Frost Burned- by author, Patricia Briggs.

Frost Burned

Frost Burned on Kindle

This action packed adventure begins on a cold November night on Black Friday. Mercy Thompson and her step-daughter, Jesse are shopping. Her Rabbit is packed full purchased merchandize.

After buying numerous non-sale items from Walmart and Home Depot, Jesse says, “We should go to Target next. They have the new Instant Spoils: The Dread Pirate’s Booty Four game on sale half off.”

Mercy drives into a packed Target parking lot in Kennewick Mall. As she fights for a parking place in the over-filled parking lot, in the middle of the cold, windy night, Jesse asks a typical little girl question, “When are you and Dad going to have a baby?”

While being shocked by the question, Mercy slams into the rear of an SUV, totaling her old, tiny Rabbit.

After the police reports and a quick fight with the intoxicated driver of the SUV, Mercy begins to call for help. She calls Adam, her husband of only a few months.  Adam is the Alpha male of their local werewolf pack.

Mercy is Native American. She is a coyote shape shifter with a brown belt in karate. She is in the werewolf pack.

After the police hand-cuff the intoxicated driver and put him into the squad car, Mercy is issued a ticket for following too closely to the SUV.

She continues to call for help as her Rabbit is totaled. She calls Bran, The Marrok, the ruler of the werewolves. She receives a text from him that says, “The Game is Afoot!”

Mercy continues frantically to call other pack members. She calls Samuel, The Marrok’s son.  She calls  Warren, Honey, Mary Jo, and Ben. The entire pack is away from their cell phones.

She calls Paul, a werewolf who was in the military. She even calls Kyle, a human spouse of the third-ranked member of the pack. All without success.

Soon, the tow truck arrives. She knows Dale, the driver from her mechanic shop.

“You want me to tow the Rabbit to your shop? Or do you want to admit defeat immediately and I can take her out to the Pasco wrecking yard?” Dale asked with sarcasm.

After a quick, appropriate response, Dale hooked Mercy’s Rabbit to the tow truck. Dale drives  Mercy and Jesse, while towing the crippled Rabbit, to Mercy’s garage. Along the way, Mercy and Jesse endure the smell of old French fries, stale coffee, and stale bananas in Dale’s tow truck.

Inside her dark garage, she was surprised when her sharp, coyote eyes spotted Gabriel and Ben in the darkness.  Being a coyote, her night vision is  exceptional.

During the brief conversation, Mercy and Jesse learn that Warren and Mary Jo were abducted out of their home sometime after the Thanksgiving meal. They were taken by federal agents. The agents tracked their cell phones.

Adam sent Ben to find her and Jesse after the fed’s grabbed Warren and Mary Jo.

Mercy sees that Ben has been shot in the leg. She wants to take him to Samuel Cornick, the werewolf and doctor.

She runs into her office and grabs her 9mm Sig and her silver ammunition.

They jump into Marsilia’s dark blue Mercedes – S65 AMG, that was in the garage for routine maintenance. Marsilia is a vampire. She is the Mistress of the seethe.

As Ben bled on the seat, they were on their way to Samuel’s waterfront condo in Richland.

When they arrived at Samuel’s condo, he wasn’t home. His roommate Ariana was. Ariana is a fae. Due to her barbering experience, she agrees to treat Ben’s gunshot wound.

As she applies her medical skills to his injured leg, she tells them he was shot with a tranquilizer with silver.

Ariana calls Phineas Brewster. He tells her, “There are government negotiations between the fae, the werewolves, and The Marrok. These talks are making the vampires very nervous.”

She can her the phone was bugged. She used a hammer to destroy the phones.

Mercy sat on the floor and struggled through the tangled weave and bonded to Adam.

Jones and  Mr. Hauptman enter the room. Adam speaks  to them  through Mercy. She stepped out of Adam’s body, leaving him in the room.

The politician named Jones and Mr. Hauptman want Adam to kill a US Senator due to Adam’s military experience. He was an army ranger in the Vietnam War. They want him to kill Senator Campbell, a Republican from Minnesota.

Senator Campbell, an experienced senator for over twenty years and presidential candidate – he is anti-fae, anti-were wolf.  Ever since a few werewolves killed and ate a man in Minnesota, and a fae killed his son, he wants to make it legal to kill werewolves and faes with only a judge’s warrant.

A fight breaks out.

After the brawl, the group leaves and drives to Gabriel’s mother’s home. His mother and sister live in an apartment complex in east Kennewick.

Mercy immediately explains their situation.

Sylvia Sandoval, Gabriel’s mother is a police dispatcher. She immediately reprimands Gab for his poor choices in life. “See, hijo? That’s what happens when you associate with the werewolves.”

Rosalinda, Gab’s little sister, gives Mercy her pink sparkly cell phone. “This one’s not bugged.”

Sylvia agrees to keep Jesse safe while they go on the run.

It is almost daylight as they leave Sylvia’s apartment to escape the government trackers.


The renegade agents of Cantrip, a government agency, want Adam to assassinate Senator Campbell. The agents want the assassination to look like a werewolf killing.

Adam believes there is an assassin within the senator’s security team.


Will Adam, the Alpha male werewolf, kill Senator Campbell?

Will the group of werewolves and a coyote finally be able to stop running?

Is there a surprising twist at the end of this action packed novel?


Find out how this thrilling fantasy plot works out.

There were many parts of this fantasy novel that I liked. Two of my favorite parts were: Mercy Thompson is a very strong, very believable character.

The roles of the werewolves in the pack were well described and adhered to. I liked it that Mercy, a coyote, was accepted into the pack. Kyle, a human spouse, was accepted as well.

Frost Burned, by author Patricia Briggs, is a very enjoyable adult, urban, fantasy novel. It only takes a couple of hours to read and enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Frost Burned, by author, Patricia Briggs.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland


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