Glenn Beck — AGENDA 21 – Book Review

Dear Post USA Thriller fans,

I have a very interesting post USA thriller review by authors, Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke, for you.


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The story begins as the Enforcers drag Emmeline’s Mother, Elsa, away. Emmeline is eighteen when she is forced to endure this tragic event from her sleeping bag, in their tiny room, in the compound.  The Enforcers work for the Central Authority.

The Transport Team and six Enforcers removed the aging Elsa and man-handle her into the bus-box. While being pulled by the usual, two laborers, it passes past the Gatekeeper and out of the compound.

Emmeline’s thin, pale, working, future mate is Jeremy. As Jeremy’s workday concludes, he is transported back to their tiny room by the Enforcers and their bus-box.

Emmeline continues her work responsibilities as she produces energy on her treadmill-like generator. The Republic requires her to produce energy by walking on the energy board. Soon her duties will also involve being paired with Jeremy and producing offspring.

Soon, they say their vows to the Republic. “I will honor the Republic. I will produce energy for the Republic. I will produce Citizens for the Republic. Praise be to the Republic!”

All present made the circle sign with their thumb and forefinger held against their foreheads, to Salute the Republic. Emmeline and Jeremy were officially paired. Jeremy is now responsible for Emmeline, her Mother, producing offspring, and producing energy.

Their food is made by other workers of the Republic. Three-inch square nourishment cubes are their food – even the wrappers are eatable.

After Jeremy falls asleep due to another very hard day’s work of pulling the bus-box, Emmeline reminisces about the stories her Mother had told her as a child. They were once a nation. Laws were once made on the East Coast, in a place called AGENDA 21. The West Coast people were the first to be moved into the Planned Communities.

The Authority would give the Citizens food and housing. No more money. No more poverty. All would be Paradise.

Their used to be radio and TV. Comedy Shows, SitComs. News, Talk Radio Shows. Now there are speeches by the Authorities.

They live in Compound 14. Most of the children are taken from their parents at birth. Emmeline is one of the lucky few that was allowed to remain with her parents.

Four years ago, she received her official, very demeaning and humiliating, reproductive-ability test. The doctors declared, “She’s good. Quite ripe.  Reproductive and Productive.  Finally a reproductive female. Praise be to the Republic! I will forward her folder to the Pairing Committee,” said the reproductive specialists with enthusiasm.

She was first paired with the thirty year old, married, George. George’s wife was terminally ill. She would be dying soon.

Money is worthless. The churches were all converted into community centers then torn down. All worship, except for worship of the Republic was made illegal.

Her father told her a secret, “Some folks say there are people out there who slipped away. People who are free.”

Two years later, Emmeline and George are expecting a child.

George and her Father work as laborers pulling the same bus-box.

One day, two Enforcers arrive at her door. “George and your Father were tragically killed when the bus-box they were pulling ran over them,” the Enforcers reported.

Soon, Emmeline and her Mother, Else, are relocated to Compound 18, the Recycle Compound.

Months later, when Emmeline delivered her baby, a worker from Human Health Services took it from her while she was heavily sedated.

Later, a kind member of a Transport Team named John helps them.  He tells Emmeline he saw her baby.

Emmeline tells her Mother, “I think I had a baby girl!”

Later that same night, Enforcers took her Mother away – again.

Emmeline is paired with Jeremy. They settle into life together.

She begins to find relic’s in her Mother’s sleeping bag. She finds a photo of herself, as a child, being held by her Mother, in front of a house.

John, the Transporter, tells her, “Your baby is fine. She is named Elsa, after your Mother. She is in the Children’s Village.”

The next day, Jeremy misses work. He was caught attempting to climb into the Children’s Village. He is relocated to a farm co-op.

She is all alone. She searches through her mother’s sleeping bag for more treasures. She finds a map of the USA. She trades the map to John for a visit to her daughter.

John somehow gets her transferred to the Children’s Village. She will work nights. She will be able to see her daughter. “Elsa!” she proclaims with excitement.


Will see actually work in the Children’s Village? Does John have that kind of power?

Will she ever actually see her daughter again?


Don’t miss the nail biting ending to this futuristic story.

AGENDA 21 is a very thrilling story about the future in America. The plot is well written and easy to follow. The novel is a page-turner. It only takes a couple of hours to read.

I liked Emmeline, and her Mother, Elsa. Her Father was only a bit part due to his tragic death. The supporting characters were all strong. I loved the very powerful ending. Actually, I couldn’t stop reading it.

I didn’t like Lizzie – but who would. She is meant to hate.

AGENDA 21, by author’s Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke is a well-written, pager-turner. If you enjoy futuristic novels were America has fallen to a communistic-like order, you will no doubt enjoy this thrilling novel.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of AGENDA 21, by author’s Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland.


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