Sherlock Holmes – Movie Review

Dear Holmes and Watson Fans,

I have a review that I think you’ll like. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes, is a true classic. With the protagonists, Lord Blackwood on the prowl, as Holmes would say, “The game’s afoot.” In this movie, Holmes is a champion fighter.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

The movie begins as Lord Blackwood is performing a black magic ritual—a human sacrifice. This folly is interrupted by Holmes, Watson, and Inspector Lestrade. Lord Blackwood is captured.

The headlines read: Scotland Yard Catches Killer!  Another headline reads: Sherlock Holmes Aids Police 

Blackwood will hang tomorrow. Read all about it! Our beloved detective lives at 221 Baker Street N.W.  Dr. Watson will be the attending physician for the hanging.

Lord Blackwood

Lord Blackwood

Before the hanging, Holmes, Watson, and his fiancée, Miss Mary Morstan have an evening meal at The Royale. While there, Sherlock uses his deduction skills to reason Miss Morstan’s life. His resourceful skills earn him a glass of wine in the face from Watson’s fiancée.

Later, Holmes gets a message, Blackwood wants to talk to him before he dies. Blackwood tells him three more people will die.

At the hanging, the official says, “Lord Blackwood is sentenced to death for the practice of black magic…the unholy murder of five innocent young woman…and the attempted murder of a sixth. Any final words Lord Blackwood?”

Blackwood said, “Death…is only the beginning.”  He was hanged.

Dr. Watson said, “That is the end of Lord Blackwood.”

Irene Adler enters the movie. She is staying at The Grand Hotel. Piccadilly London. She informs Holmes that Reordan is the key to what Blackwood was doing.

Irene Alder and Holmes in the library

Irene Alder and Holmes in the library

Soon, Blackwood is seen walking in the graveyard. The cement slab over his tomb is broken. Inspector Lestrade and his officers open Blackwood’s casket.

Adler’s dwarf midget is dead in the coffin.

“The game’s afoot,” Sherlock says. “Adler’s midget is the key to this.”

Later, Holmes and Watson discover a lab where the dwarf midget was working. They learn that Reordan was working with Blackwood.

Sherlock is abducted. Ambassador Standish from America, Lord Coward—the home secretary, and Lord Chief Justice are holding him at the northwest corner of St. James Square— the Temple of the Four Orders. There, they address Holmes.

The Temple of Four Orders practices black magic. Sherlock immediately deduces that the Lord Chief Justice is Blackwood’s father. Sir Thomas, the Lord Chief Justice, explains, “My son was conceived during a ritual with a follower—not my wife. She died during child birth.”

Later, Blackwood kills his father during his bath. Blackwood takes his Four Orders ring.

Lord Coward calls the Temple of Four Orders to order. “Sir Thomas is dead. I nominate Lord Blackwood as the head of the order.”  He addresses the order, “We will rule the world. We start by taking America back.”

Ambassador Standish from America will not stand with Blackwood and is killed.

The movie switches to Queenshithe Slaughterhouse, Nine Elms—a factory by the river. Holmes and Watson find Revelations 1:18 on the wall, “I am he that liveth, and was dead.”

Holmes ans Watson at Slaughterhouse

Holmes and Watson at Slaughterhouse

Blackwood is there and says, “And behold, I’m alive for evermore.”  He escapes in a boat while catching Holmes, Watson, and Adler in a dock explosion.

Later, while Irene Adler attempts to leave town, her true boss speaks to her, “I want what Reordan was making for Blackwood. Finish the job or the next dead body will be Sherlock Holmes.”

Out of desperation, Sherlock turns to the book of spells for clues. He believes Blackwood will kill in Parliament next. Sherlock, Watson, and Irene Adler enter Parliament through the basement. They discover Blackwood’s weapon—a remote controlled chemical weapon.

Lord Blackwood addresses Parliament, “I have returned from beyond the grave to fulfill England’s destiny and extend the boundaries of this great empire.”  His plan—to kill many members of Parliament.

His plan is foiled. In a final battle on a high rise construction sight, Blackwood is really hanged. He dangles by the neck high above the river.

Irene informs Sherlock that her real boss is Moriarty.

Sherlock later discovers how Blackwood survived the first hanging. He also learns what Moriarty was after. The wireless remote control for the chemical weapon. Sherlock says, “Wireless remote controls are the future.”

The movie ends.

If you are a detective story fan, like me—obviously, you’re sure to like this movie.  Robert Downey Jr. gives another great performance.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Sherlock Holmes. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland      


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