Maxx Zeqster Up Close

Dear readers,

The truth is, two years ago a began searching for an idea. Any idea. That night and practically every night since, I’ve dreamed about Sesla and Maxx Zeqster. The next morning, I began writing my ideas. Maxx Zeqster and Sesla were born.

Desert Cactus That Thrive in Enchanted Sesla Desert Sand

Desert Cactus That Thrives in Enchanted Sesla Desert Sand- A Painting By Maxx Zeqster

My first novel, Sesla …The Enchanted Planet  took a year to write. It was my first published works, as well as an introductory novel. In that story, Iincluded  lengthy descriptions.  Sesla is a beautiful  planet and her coteries are a very attractive race.

On Sesla, none are more attractive than Maxx Zeqster. He’s a gorgeous, flowing blond haired, very tall and fit, resident of Bedsult. Bedsult is a suburb of Kinkorx—in the Seslean desert.

When I created a protagonist for my books, I envisioned a very alluring character with a very troubled childhood—who rose above that as an adult. Maxx was born of upper middle class parents. His father was a very driven and successful detective—now retired. His mother is a bitter narcissist—retired.

As a child and an adult, Maxx has struggles due to his insecurities of not living up to his parent’s expectations.

As time evolves, Maxx deals with these inner-personal issues his own way.  I failed to mention, Maxx is a gifted artist. He loves to paint desert landscape portraits.

Stay tuned. I’ll tell you more about my characters and their planet.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland.


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