The Unthinkable Duo of Sesla

Dear Sesla enthusiasts,

Maxx and Art have an unusual relationship—not only for Sesla but probably anywhere. I would like to further define their circumstances and differences.

One Species of the Deadly Sea Doxer

One Species of the Deadly Sea Doxer

All Sesleans are an evolved fish amphibian species from the enchanted Sesla sea. Like most civilizations, there is a hierarchy—the most prestigious clan down to the lowest clan.

Maxx Zeqster was born a gifted Razion-Coterie—perhaps the most prominent clan on Sesla. He is also a scholar. Having been his class valedictorian at University of Kinkorx further defines his scholastic achievement. Immediately after graduation from the Criminal Justice program at U of K, he was awarded a prestigious job as a detective at Xcuymir Sheriff Department.  With all of his brilliance, he is a flawed coterie—flawed in self-confidence, research, and deduction skills.

Art Nekuma is a Pirtt-Coterie—the lowest clan on Sesla. Added to that disadvantage, his academic achievements are merely average. Despite his educational, financial, and social disadvantages,  he is a very thorough planner and a gifted researcher. As Maxx Zeqster said while speaking with Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the horned hares in The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher, “If anyone can find a pattern from the game films, Art can.”

In this scene from my novel, Jeqrix Grexenn hires the Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency to catch a killer who is murdering his mesnuk players.

Master of Disguises

Art Nekuma- “Master of Disguises”

Art is also a “Master of Disguises”.  His camouflage costumes are brilliant and unique. Between his cleaver cloaks and his unparalleled reasoning and research skills, he is the missing components to Maxx Zeqster’s brilliant character.

In my first novel, they perform their initial, very awkward, undercover operation.  During this extremely dangerous mission,  they uncover a secret that blows a Big case wide open. The bond is formed. Together they become, The Unthinkable Duo of Sesla.

Maxx and Art’s friendship grows throughout my books. They form a very powerful detective agency.

Maxx’s association with Art further defines his character.
Stay tuned, as I talk further about the characters in my Creepy Cases books.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland


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