Zog Morxoc — Crime Lord in Kinkorx

Dear SciFi fans,

When I began writing Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, I wanted a hero. In order to have a hero. I also needed a villain. I decided I needed many villains.

In The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice my main villain is the powerful crime lord, Zog Morxoc. Here’s an excerpt from my novel to give you a taste of his character. It’s Childs’ Day at Kinkorx Police Station:

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

The child’s ball sailed into Chief Zog Morxoc’s office and struck him in the head for a third time. He exploded. “Does my head look like a backboard to you, kid?” Morxoc, the KyMox-Coterie, yelled loudly while exploding. “Keep your ball out of my office! I’m trying to get some work done!”

He had managed to keep his temper in check until this incident. His stomach was erupting and his head throbbed. He quickly downed more of his prescription medication as his symptoms raged. He was having a really, bad day.

Each year, at the Kinkorx Police Department, a division of Xcuymir Sheriff Department, there’s a tradition: Bring your child to work day, “Child Day.” The children always seem to love this day. They get to accompany their parents to work and hang out with them all day. They even get to participate in minor police work. They especially enjoy the all-day snack buffet. Child Day is a fun day for the kids.

Child Day is a bit different for the adults. The employees of the Kinkorx Police Station must watch what they say and do on Child Day. They must also maintain the cleanliness of the normally filthy, smoky, main work area. The day requires a high level of patience. That’s something Chief Morxoc, a KyMox-Coterie, is sadly lacking. As always, on this Child Day, Chief Morxoc is quickly losing his grip.

When Chief Morxoc yelled at the first child, Lieutenant Aqe Neuyh knew it was time. He walked swiftly into the Chief’s office and ran interference for the young boy. “You didn’t mean any harm, did you kid?”

The boy stood there petrified while shaking his head, no.

“Take your ball into the other room and play,” Neuyh said.

The child followed the orders of the Lieutenant and quickly exited the room. Lieutenant Neuyh smirked at his boss. “We’ve done well so far, Chief. We don’t have long to go,” he chuckled coyly. “We KyMoxs aren’t known for our patience. I think we’ve handled today very well, don’t you?”

Zog Morxoc scowled at the Lieutenant. “Who are you calling impatient?” He was attempting to regain control of his temper and his rampaging head and stomach. “I’ll be glad when these kids are gone.”

“So will I,” Lieutenant Neuyh added as he started to exit the chief’s office. Just then, another ball flew through the door past Lieutenant Neuyh and hit Chief Morxoc in the face. His temper erupted again. With the Lieutenant standing next to his office door, he raced out of his office and into the main area. He started yelling at the guilty youth, “I told you kids to—”

“Chief!” Police Officer Jitta ReFrex shouted while sitting at her desk in the main room. She interrupted her boss’s verbal assault on the child. “It’s our responsibility to be nice to these children.”

Morxoc silenced his tongue as his anger continued. He glared angrily at the guilty kids for a brief moment. He turned to Officer ReFrex and stared angrily at her for a moment while holding back his temper. He slowly went back to his small office and closed his door. Morxoc returned to his messy desk. “I can’t take much more of this.”

As he fumed, he removed yesterday’s copy of The Bedsult Daily News from his desk drawer while resisting the temptation to remove his prescriptions and take more pills. His fury was beginning to diminish, but his head continued to throb uncontrollably and his acid reflux was attacking his stomach without mercy. The temptation was overwhelming. He wanted to down another pill for his headache and another for his raging stomach.

His doctor prescribed the medications, but it was too soon to take more. His doctor had warned him about his bad habit of overmedicating. The advice his doctor gave him was to reduce his stress level and take less medication. His doctor’s recommendation seemed impractical, considering his line of work.

He had been so distracted by the annoying children that he hadn’t even looked at his newspaper before now. He scanned the pages while attempting to calm his anger. He smiled as he read an article on the second page…


If you read my first novel, The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice, I think you’ll be surprised by the powerful twist in the plot involving Morxoc.

My adventure books all have evil characters. For me, the dark side completes the story; you know, good vs evil.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland


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