Waiting for the Sunrise

Dear faith readers,

My novel, Waiting for the Sunrise, is available on Kindle. This is a novel about common  family tragedies and how God lifts people out of  their  despair.  WAITING for the  SUNRISE on Kindle

Tim and Beth Flanagan live in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, in Eastern Tennessee, with their two children-Mitch and Amber.  A harsh winter is fast approaching as this  story begins. Tim is deeply enthralled in an affair while  Beth develops medical problems during her a third pregnancy. At the same time,  their lives begin to crumble-largely due to Tim’s love of whiskey.

Ben and Edna Casey, Beth’s parents, are strong supporting characters. The Casey’s and their Baptist Church in Chattanooga, through prayer and support, lift up Tim and Beth during their family tragedy.

I invite you to read my first faith novel and see how God answers  the host of prayers from Ben, Edna, and their Baptist Church. It’s on special for two more days. Click on the cover if you’re interested in reading it.

Keep the faith,

Shepard Cross.






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