Mustler and the “Gang of Five” on the Rampage Again!

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Sesla. I’m in my office working on my sports column. The Horned Hares are still in “It’s the Rallies.” Everyone’s excited; we’ll see how far they go.

Sunny Day in Kinkorx

Sunny Day in Kinkorx

I talked to Maxx Zeqster yesterday. He’s working on another case. He’s been hired by a business executive in Wyluxx City—in the desert, to recover stolen items. The thing about Maxx and Art Nekuma, his partner, they will go anywhere or do anything to solve a case.

To the point, the beautiful sunshine is making my mind wonder a bit, there has been some alarming news over the news wire recently from the wet lands. It seems Mustler and the “Gang of Five” are pilfering again.

The “Gang of Five” as they have been named by the media are a super-intelligent gang of mutants. I’ve never seen a picture of them. There have been a few brief eye-witnesses mostly after dark so pictures have been impossible and testimonies are sketchy. The eyewitness accounts are goulash from The Wet Lands News.

Mustler – The Gang of Five Super-Intelligent Mutant from Qashlet Lab

Mustler – The Gang of Five Super-Intelligent Mutant from Qashlet Lab

One eyewitness, “The mutated creations have enlarged heads with only a few strands of hair and their deformed faces are large with uneven eyes and non-existent ears.

Another eyewitness, “Mustlers row of sharp bone in his mouth protruded sharply. His legs were crooked and stick-like. Large bumps protruded from both. The many leg veins were large and distorted just under the leathery-like skin. The large, mutated, wiggly veins were very prominent. Its feet were small and chunk-like. He looked like a little monster.”

Meslerr Territory Armory

Meslerr Territory Armory  the Gang of Five Plundered

The eyewitness accounts are very few. It seems this heinous group is extremely good at planning their attacks. If the wet lands authorities are looking for them in one location, they loot a bank, armory, etc somewhere else. The gang is continuing to build up an arsenal of cash, firearms, and explosives.

After plundering a business in the wet lands, killing everyone inside, lighting the building on fire, Mustler commonly writes on the wall in a victim’s blood, “I am taking over Sesla!”

It is widely believed this gang of super-genius mutants was created in Qashlet Lab by Dr. Rewqust; products of his evil gene code modification experiments gone bad.

The last time the Gang of Five were on a rampage the Joqzonions joined them. They seemingly ravaged at will and there was little the local law enforcement could do to stop them. General Sheriff of Meslerr Territory, Azar DyRull was left helpless.



Then one night that all ended, most of the Joqzon’s space ships were burned and the rest fled into the night sky leaving Mustler and his gang to fight alone. They went into hiding.

There was an eyewitness that reported seeing Detective Maxx Zeqster driving deep in the wet lands while towing a jeep on a trailer that same night. The witness reported it to The Kvyutt Travelers News.

I asked Maxx about that in an interview for the Kinkorx Desert News. Here is what he said regarding that night. “Yes J.A., the eye witness is correct. I was in the wet lands that night. I was working on a case that had nothing to do with the Gang of Five or Joqzons. It was so dark that night I didn’t see any smoke or any Joqzons—sorry.”

I asked, “What about the jeep and trailer?”

The Phoenix; that’s my all-terrain-camo jeep and HD trailer. It Rocks!” Maxx declared while grinning.

I laughed, “I’m sure it does.”


The Wet Lands in

The Wet Lands in Meslerr Territory

Despite Maxx’s denial, because he confirmed the eyewitness, many people feel he and not local law enforcement was responsible for defeating the Joqzons that night and forcing Mustler and his gang into hiding. If that is true, it may be time again soon for Maxx to make another trip to the wet lands and don’t forget “The Phoenix”. He is the only one who is clever enough to outsmart Mustler; General Sheriff Azar DyRull was left helpless.

Also let’s hope the Joqzonions do not return. Those of us who are old enough remember how much devastation they caused in the wet lands the last time those space invaders attempted to take over Sesla for her precious minerals.

I will keep you posted on Mustler and the “Gang of Five’s” plundering in the wet lands.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland.


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