The Dig in LyBeqt Goes Dry


I’m sitting at my desk after a lunch break at Grexenn Park. I love that area of Kinkorx; there is some of the most fantastic desert scenery to view while I eat my lunch and read the Desert News.

The Dig in LyBeqt

The Dig in LyBeqt

In the newspaper, there was an interesting article from The Kvyutt Travelers News in Meslerr Territory—via the news wire. In the small, remote town of LyBeqt, nothing has ever happened there worth talking about until one day a giant white sand deposit was discovered. Instantly the excavation began—as you might imagine. The project was named; The Dig.

The Dig has been operating successfully for some time now. The clean, white sand is packaged on sight and sold in stores in the wet lands.

Here’s an excerpt from my novel, The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice to better explain the sand problems on Sesla. You’ll notice what a cool fellow Maxx Zeqster is.


As he drove away from the giant drive-thru store, in the direction of his home, he turned his radio on again. Kinkorx Rocks began to play. He listened as the station played one of his favorite songs. As he listened to the song, he bobbed his head and tapped his hand to the rhythm of the beat. He continued the short drive home as he jammed.

When the song ended, “This is Myk LoBimm, Your Classic Rock News Editor, with a special news report on the history of the sand trade, the transportation laws, and sand trafficking.

Maxx listened intently as Myk LoBimm explained the history.

More Sand Dunes in Xcuymir Territory

More Sand Dunes in Xcuymir Territory

“Sand – the Desert Territories have it – the Wet Lander’s need it. The wet land’s natural supply of sand is all but exhausted. White natural sand is abundant in the desert territories. Decades ago, in order to supplement the wet land’s depleting supply of natural sand, the sand trade began. Sand trading was once a thriving business between the desert territories and the wet lands. It benefited both cultures. Through the years, it was widely believed that the Qirdotz-Coteries from the wet lands were engaging in many forms of illegal activities while purchasing sand for their eggs from the desert territories. The Qirdotzs had money, and plenty of it. They were eager to spend their money on anything that pleased them, regardless of the local laws. This caused an alarming increase in many forms of organized crimes in the desert territories.

Desert territory citizens were becoming concerned. After much public outcry, it was determined that the increase in the general crime rate was more than the local authorities could handle. The local authorities felt the increase in crime was largely due to the Qirdotzs that came here from the wet lands to purchase sand.

Many years ago, in response to the increasing crime, the desert territory judges signed the transportation proposals into law. The transportation laws main goal was to reduce the increasing crime rate. The judges enacted these laws to prevent the Qirdotzs from entering the desert territories, purchasing their sand, and crossing back over the territory boundaries. The judges felt this would help to reduce the crime rate.

For a short time, the laws helped. Crime was down, and the citizens were happy. However, the wet lander’s increasing need for sand remained. Subsequently, rather than abating crime, the transportation laws caused a new type of illegal enterprise. Sand trafficking was born. After a short time, the sand runners emerged. Sand trading continued between the desert territories and the wet lands – illegally. This illegal sand trade caused the steady increase in many forms of crime to return.

It is believed that, Zerk Fexfeq, being the opportunistic business coterie that he is, allegedly seized the opportunity to profit from this illegal sand trafficking. This resulted in the emergence of Zerk Fexfeq, the alleged “The Sand King.”

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

Many local residents suspect that Zerk Fexfeq, the alleged “Sand King,” and his sand runners are operating illegally “under the nose” of Chief Morxoc and the Kinkorx Police, as well as the Xcuymir Sheriff Department. The authorities suspect that he has been smuggling sand for many years. The same residents believe he has become very wealthy by orchestrating the illegal sand trade. Zerk Fexfeq is an assumed problem that local authorities cannot get under control.

Chief Morxoc is continually attempting to gather enough strong evidence to build a solid case that will convict Zerk Fexfeq and his sand runners and put them in prison where they belong. So far, the perpetrators have successfully eluded the authorities.

Now more than ever, the Qirdotzs and the Zeplers, and any other coteries living in the wet lands, need white desert sand for the incubation of their eggs. Through the years, they continue to deplete their dwindling natural supply. They are at a critically low level of natural sand and their local supply is all but depleted…”

Maxx turned off his radio as he drove along Lypont Drive toward his home with his contained water, while still wearing his strolling suit. He quickly glanced at his clock. “I have just enough time to change into my newest Megvin Spesner III coordinating business suit with matching dress shoes and designer watch. I don’t want to present myself in my strolling attire. My cup of tea will have to wait until after the meeting.” He smiled. “My next professional opportunity will arrive soon.”


When The Dig began, we in the desert had high hopes the excavation project would put an end to the illegal sand trafficking problems once and for all. Now that it has apparently run dry, it looks like our crime rate will be on the rise again. We can only hope our local law enforce will rise to the challenge.

I don’t have to remind everyone how the Zerk Fexfeq, Chief Morxoc case turned out. Who solved that case? My friend Detective Maxx Zeqster—that’s who.

I will keep you informed as developments surface on this concerning issue in LyBeqt.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland


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