J.A. Ireland – Icon on Sesla

Dear readers,

When I wrote The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice, I envisioned a powerhouse writing personality in Kinkorx. I wanted someone who was established. A powerful coterie personality in the desert.  A newspaper columnists, science writer, and sports announcer.

J.A. Ireland the writer on Sesla

J.A. Ireland the writer on Sesla

I created this successful, well-known prodigy, to be a media phenomenon and dynamo writer.  He lives  in Kinkorx—the largest city in the desert of Sesla. He is genetically a Miflixx-Coterie. The average of Sesla.

He is a writer and a blogger, with a family. His office is in a high-rise building in downtown Kinkorx. I gave him the name on Sesla, J.A. Ireland, as well. He writes a column for several daily newspapers as well as a monthly science report; The Visqaser Report. He is the most powerful writer in the desert.

J.A. is also a prominent mesnuk announcer in Kinkorx. Mesnuk is the global sport on Sesla.

I use J.A. regularly in my books to increase the authenticity of the event or report. If the event, mesnuk game, or story is big enough for J.A. Ireland to report or announce it—it’s a Big event.

In a posting from this blog, Sesla…The Enchanted Planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy, I used J.A. to tell that entire description about Sesla, her topography, and her beloved coteries. Here is a brief excerpt from that lengthy article:


Desert Scenery View From Kinkorx

Desert Scenery View From Kinkorx

My name is J.A. Ireland. I am a Seslean of the Miflixx-Coterie clan. I live in beautiful downtown Kinkorx with my family. I am a professional writer. My office is on the 12th floor of the beautiful Grexenn Building, also in downtown Kinkorx. From my large, windowed, high-rise office, I enjoy a spectacular view of the morning sunrise over the multicolored desert. The view from my office desk, with my morning tea, is breathtaking. My office is near The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. I can see the spectacular structure from my window. This is the home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares, our professional mesnuk team.

Kinkorx is a bustling and beautiful, magical desert city. She is the delight of Xcuymir Territory. Xcuymir Territory is one of the mysterious and breathtaking territories of the desert region on Sesla.

Kinkorx Desert Flowers

Kinkorx Desert Flowers

I would like to tell you about the mystical planet; Sesla. I would also like to tell you about her beloved coteries. I will begin by sharing a secret with you. Before time was measured, when the Croster Slux Solar System formed, the Whirlpool Galaxy gave the sun the task of naming the planets. The fifth planet in the solar system balked at this absurd idea. She wanted to choose her own name. The sun, of course, did not agree. The very bold fifth planet stood her ground. Eventually, the sun conceded and gave the planet her wish. She chose the name Sesla, which means “Enchanted Planet” in the Whirlpool Galaxy. It’s a charming name, don’t you think?


Space Tower at Space Tower at Kinkorx Observatory. "Let the Magic Begin!"

Space Tower at Space Tower at Kinkorx Observatory. “Let the Magic Begin!”

I also use J.A. to tell stories about Sesla. If you follow my blog, Sesla is a happening planet with a lot going on. Big things are happening in the desert all the way to the wet lands. And all the way in between.

I use J.A. to report these good and often times very alarming events.

Luckily for J.A.’s friend Detective Maxx Zeqster, there’s plenty of crime as well. Maxx and his partner, Art Nekuma are very good at solving crimes and putting the perpetrators behind bars.

Also if you follow my articles or read my books, you already know we are able to read his articles via the new space tower at Kinkorx Observatory. It is a modern wonder on Sesla. This space tower can transmit a signal all the way from the Whirlpool Galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy at any time through space. Told you it’s a modern wonder.

Who knows what inventions lie ahead in their future? Seslean scientists are brilliant. Perhaps teleportation is in Seslean’s future? Who knows? There’s one thing I’ve learned, on Sesla, anything is possible—with a little help from Sesla herself.

Stay tuned. I’ll share more of my personalities from Sesla…The Enchanted Planet.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland


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