Wayward Pines – Book Review

Dear friends,

Welcome to Wayward Pines. I like the series so much I decided to read the first novel. I’m glad I did. It was a very good read by author, Blake Crouch. This is how he tells the story in his novel.

The story begins: He’s wobbly but standing while bruised, next to a river. In an open field. He scans the town enclosed by cliffwalls. The man checks his pockets. No wallet. No phone. No keys. No Id. No money. The thirty-seven year old man needed a hospital. He can play the piano and fly a chopper. He’d been in an attack of some type but he didn’t know what.

Wayward PinesHe begins to hobble and wonder. Soon he sees stores and businesses. He sees Wayward Pines Hotel. At a coffee shop he learns he’s in Wayward Pines, Idaho from Miranda, the server.

Soon afterward, he locates Mack and Jane Skozie and passes out on their front porch.

He wakes in a hospital. Nurse Pam is starring down at him. His name is Ethan Burke. He asked about Agent Stallings. “He’s dead, I’m afraid,” Pam replies. His wife and son are in Seattle, Washington. He’s a Federal Agent. After she leaves, he removes the IV and flees the hospital.

He goes to the Wayward Pines Hotel and tells Lisa, the desk clerk, his sad tale of woe. She gives him a room for the night on good faith he’ll pay tomorrow. In the room, he tries to call out but can’t get through.

Later, he finds The Biergarten is open late. His tale of sorrow works equally well on Beverly and she gives him a meal on credit. Instead of a bill, she writes her address, 604 1st Ave.

We learn that Agent Bill Evans and Agent Kate Hewson went missing a month ago. Disappeared in Wayward Pines. Classified mission. Missing for ten days. David Pilcher was involved. Ethan’s investigating.

The next day. Ethan’s awakened by Lisa from the front desk. She’s at his door. It’s past twelve. “Mr. Burke! Mr. Burke! Check out is at eleven. You have to leave!”

He goes to Beverly’s home at 604 1st Ave. The house has been abandoned for decades. He finds Agent Evans inside tortured and killed long ago.

Ethan reports the murder to Sheriff Arnold Pope, at the sheriff office. He meets Belinda Moran, the receptionists. Pope tells him Agent Stallings is in the hospital morgue as he tells Pope about Agent Evans’ body at 604 1st Ave.

Every time he tries to get through to SAC or Adam Hassler by phone he can’t.

The book switches to Bainbridge Island Ferry Seattle toward Port Angeles. Theresa and Ben, Ethan’s wife and son, have a private funeral on the seashore for Ethan believing he is dead. They share many fond memories of Ethan then she buried a plastic ring to symbolize her wedding ring.

That night in Queen Anne. Theresa throws a party in Ethan’s honor. She’s selling the house. Her paralegal salary isn’t enough to keep them afloat. Ethan’s been gone fifteen months—no body. Adam Hassler shows up at the party. He’s about Ethan’s age plus a couple. He offers to help with Ethan’s life insurance. The company isn’t paying. They went over Ethan’s accident at Wayward Pines. “He and Agent Stallings pulled out in front of a Mack truck and were killed instantly. Except Ethan’s body wasn’t found in the car. There was no trace of Ethan’s DNA in Stalling’s Lincoln Town Car.” Later she recalls Ethan while cleaning up after the party.

Ethan’s in the hospital again. Dr. Jenkins the psychiatrist asks, “Do you have a history of mental illness?” Later he escapes and flees the hospital.

He becomes desperate and finds Kate Hewson. “They’re watching us.” He steals a car and flees Wayward Pines.

Before long, the road leads back to Wayward Pines as he panics. He’s caught by Sheriff Pope. Pope thinks he killed Agent Evans and interrogates him in the jail. They fight.

In Seattle; David Pilcher talks to Theresa. He extends an offer. Two- 1/2 inch glass vials containing clear liquid. A re-union with your husband. Drink it and they’re with Ethan. But their lives are gone. When they don’t drink, he sprays them with chemicals that they inhale.

In Wayward Pines: Ethan’s in the hospital again. Strapped to a gurney. Beverly rescues him from Nurse Pam and they run. Both want out of Wayward Pines. She tells him there’s no connection to the outside world.

A hit is put on Ethan. All five hundred town’s people are supposed to kill him. He and Beverly flee. They are caught. Beverly is killed.

While running for his life he sees the abbies, the fanged, taloned, humanoid creatures and a giant electric fence. “Return To Wayward Pines. Beyond This Point You Will Die.” He fights several abbies.

Later he finds his own machine. The tag reads, “John Ethan Burke”

Jenkins explains. “You were chemically suspended. We used hydrogen sulfide to induce hypothermia. Year of suspension 2032.”

Ethan was in suspended animation for “one thousand eight hundred years…five months…eleven days. David Pilcher discovered the process. He chose Wayward Pines. Wayward Pines is the last town on earth. It has six hundred and fifty people.

Jenkins admits he isn’t a real psychiatrist. No formal training. A phony.

Ethan’s family has been there for five years.

Jenkins offers Ethan a job as Sheriff of Wayward Pines. “Isn’t that Pope’s job?”

Suddenly, abbies attack. Pope is killed and eaten as Jenkins and Ethan escape in a chopper. Ethan is the new Sheriff. “Congratulations.”

He now knows his former life has been gone for two thousand years. He’s being flown to his family by chopper. Jenkins shows him the house where his wife and son live. “There’s your home. Theresa and Ben are inside. They’re waiting for you.” The chopper descends as Ethan’s heart races.

The End

I enjoyed reading the book just as much as I like the series on Fox. Wayward Pines is Awesome!

I downloaded this book through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My rating: 5 stars.

I hope you liked my review.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland


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