Patrick: Evil Awakens – Movie Review

Dear creepy asylum fans,

I have a frightening asylum movie review that horror fans everywhere are sure to like. Turn down the lights and make some popcorn. Get ready for my review of Patrick; Evil Awakens.

patrick-evil-awakensThe movie begins in the dungeons basement of the Roget Clinic.

While attending to the coma patients, a nurse is attacked. Someone stabs her with a hypodermic needle and injects yellow serum into her eye.

Dr. Roget the Mad Psychiatrist

Dr. Sebastian Roget the Mad Psychiatrist with Patrick

Sebastian Roget is the youngest student ever admitted into Oxford Medical School—a medical genius whose interest is traumatic brain injuries. After graduation, he assumes the position as head psychiatrist of Roget Clinic—the family owned business.

Matron Cassidy is his daughter and head nurse. She was once married. Her husband killed himself.

Kathy Jacquard applies for a job at the old convent turned coma clinic and is hired. Nurse Williams works there—a long time employee.

Soon, Kathy meets Patrick—a coma patient for several months. She also meets Mr. Fraser—a victim of an electrical explosion. He was a railway signalman.

Later, Nurse Williams and Kathy Jacquard are at a local pub. They meet Dr. Brian Wright, also a psychiatrist. He has abandoned the medical profession and pursued a public career in television and radio.

At the clinic, Dr. Roget orders the Ophthalmoscope for Patrick and injects him with the same yellow serum. Soon after, everyone associated with Patrick begins to do things they are not aware of and has hallucinations. They spit and cut themselves.


Patrick in a coma

Patrick’s brain begins to live. He has telepathic powers. He communicates by spitting. Dr. Roget uses electroshock therapy on Patrick’s brain.

While in the coma, he soon begins voyeuristic and psychopathy behavior. Using his mental powers, he kills Dr. Wright in his car. Patrick causes his car to drive over a cliff into the ocean.

Dr. Roget continues the electroshock treatment. With each session, Patrick’s brain grows stronger.

We learn, as a young adult, Patrick was a pervert and voyeur. He killed his mother and other people.

As his mind grows stronger, and his body remains in the coma state, numerous people attempt to kill him—without success. His mental powers are too strong.

Patrick awakes from the coma

Patrick awakes from the coma

Soon, Patrick causes the other coma patients to awaken.

We learn that Dr. Roget was experimenting on most of the patients. He hid body parts in the cellar.

There are more attempts on Patrick’s life—also without success.

Finally, Patrick awakes and leaps out a window, impaling himself on an iron fence below. He dies.

Next we see Dr. Roget. He is now a coma patient in his own clinic.

This is a chilling, asylum thriller. Very creepy.  Dr. Sebastian Roget played an excellent Mad Psychiatrist.

Another thrilling asylum review from the fantasy, fiction, horror writer. The author of Sesla…The Enchanted Planet and Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland


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