Constitution – Book Review

Dear space thriller fans,

Recently I read a very enjoyable scifi thriller by author, Nick Webb. Constitution is the first in a space trilogy. Here’s my review of this fun novel that takes place predominantly in our solar system.

Book 1 of The Legacy Fleet Trilogy

ConstitutionSector 521. 10 light years outside of United Earth Space Bridge. ISS Kerouac. Their sensors are picking up a signal. Captain Disraeli is in command of the Kerouac. He lives in Britannia. He’s lost a lot of money on a bad investment.

His chief engineer is being reassigned.

They are looking for the swarm. The swarm has been there before and left. They rebuilt and prospered. People thought the swarm was destroyed with the last war.

They are q-jumping to sector 522. Commander Gooding is called to the bridge.

Captain Disraeli suffers from Rigellian warts compliments of the red light district of New Mumbai on Rigel Three.

Veracruz Sector Operations Center Starbase Heroic. Admiral Ryten plans to send a scouting ship after Disraeli and crew if he doesn’t hear from them in five hours.

Sol System. Earth orbit Valhalla Space Station. Captain Tim Granger. Admiral Yarbrough is decommissioning the Constitution. Scrapping her. Avery is the President. He commands ISS Legacy. ISS Baltimore. Eagleton Commission is forcing military cuts.

The Swan war was 75 years ago. The Swarm is gone. A war they won by pure luck.

Tim Disraeli plans to retire at 64.

Veracruz Sector Starbase Heroic. Built for Defense. One of several outposts at the edge of United Earth Space built after the Swan war and Earth was destroyed. Admiral Ryten is in charge of the small space city. Heavily armed.

Two missing ships. A scout ship and the Kerouac. Ryten orders, “Prepare a report for IDF CENTCOM. Ask them for guidance.”

L-2 Lagrange point, Earth Conference Room. ISS Constitution. Chief Engineering Officer Rayna Scott. Captain Granger battled cancer five years earlier and won.

A q-jump takes a minute to complete. And advances the ship a tenth of a light year.

A battle is discovered and a destroyed planet. Nueva Leon.

The Constitution is being decommissioned at Lunar Base. Less than a week away. They’re on their way.

The Swarm is back at Veracruz Sector, Leon System – Southern continent. A full scale invasion.

On the Constitution, Tim Granger’s cancer has returned. He has a few months to live. Steps down. He gets a priority one message from CENTCOM. Unidentified vessels sighted on trajectory towards Earth. ETA 1 Hour. “Alert Condition Red.”

“The Swan. Little Cumrats are back!”

Several ships q-jump into orbit around Jupiter. Six or eight large carriers or cruisers.

Granger re-assumes command of the Constitution even though he’s dying of cancer. “Battle stations. Sound general alert status orange.”

The swarm’s headed for Earth!

The Constitution battled the swarm 75 years earlier in the first swarm war.

Granger organizes a squadron of 177 fighter pilots and their ships to battle the swarm. Does he have enough time to save his ship and the world before his brain cancer kills him? Before the swarm reaches Earth? Before the swarm kills him?

A miniature black hole appears. Granger orders, “q-jump to Valhalla Station.” Only 15 fighters left.

The swarm is a liquid-based life form. They appear as slime.

The Earth is under attack. The Constitution is badly damaged in the battle. Can only q-jump one more time.

The ship prepares for a showdown in low Earth orbit with the swarm.

The Constitution is nearly destroyed. Granger blows up the Constitution. “Take that, you bastards—” With a blinding flash, the Constitution plunged into the singularity, disappearing into a violent flair. For a split second, the invisible quantum tethers connected the singularity with the reactor cores inside the alien ships. Causing massive explosions. Intense radiation.

The alien ships were defeated. The Constitution was gone with Granger.

They located the Constitution. It’s falling towards Earth. They locate Granger inside.

The ship is falling like a fireball over western Utah. Shelby Proctor, Granger’s XO goes in after him. Finds an engine still running. Barely.

She averts a crash and glides the ship over the Great Salt Lake at super-sonic speed, while on fire. The Constitution comes to rest in the business district of south Salt Lake City.

Granger believes he has only a week to a month to live. He visits a new doctor. The doctor says, “No trace of cancer. Free to go!”

The Constitution is being refurbished. Granger wants her back. He’s the new captain. In six months. “Congratulations!” Until then he commands the ISS Warrior.

The End.

Granger reminded me a lot of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Picard is one of my all time favorite star ship captains. Therefore, I also liked Granger a lot. The way they worked as one unit, the Swan reminded me of the Borg—also from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This was an easy and fun novel to speed read through. I enjoyed getting lost in deep space with Granger and his crew aboard the Constitution. It brought back fond memories of  Picard and Next Generation, for me at least as I read. I was very glad all worked out well for Granger in the end.

Thanks for tuning in to my review of Constitution, by author Nick Webb.

A very enjoyable book. I recommend it to any scifi and  space fans.

I downloaded this book through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My rating: 4 stars.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland


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