Vote For My Story – The Rise of The Melá-Jutis

Dear Fantasy Thriller Fans,

Recently I was contacted by the elite, experts at . The professional writing editors are starting a fantasy writing contest. The staff invited me to participate.

My entry is The Rise of The Melá-Jutis.


WANDERLUST Fantasy Writing Contest Please Read And Vote For My Story

A brief synopsis of my story. In this Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases novel, The Rise of The Melá-Jutis, we follow Maxx Zeqster as he discovers his Sesla given powers.

We learn how Maxx and Art create, The Melá-Jutis. With Sesla’s guidance.

Maxx and Art travel to the wet lands to solve an unusual case. Collectible weapons are stolen and resold at auction. Art is captured along the way.

Maxx battles Mustler, the Gang of Five, and the Joqzonions, from the planet Joqzon, in this thrilling fantasy adventure.

Please take a moment and read my story. Click on the link or the picture. Then vote for my story.

Help me win by voting.

Thanks for reading.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland


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