The StepDaughter – Movie Review

Dear horror fans,

Recently I watched The StepDaughter. A revenge driven horror, thriller. Here’s my review of this movie staged in Los Angeles, California.

The movie begins on a horse ranch. The Connor’s Ranch.

The StepDaughterKaren Mills is talking to her doll, Cheryl Ann. “270 million people live in this country. 35 million in California alone. I’m gonna make things right now that I’ve found them. Father and son. The Connors.”

Will, a local ranch hand, picks up Karen at the local bar. Takes her to the Pink Motel in Los Angeles. There she stabs him in the heart with an ice pick. He dies instantly.

Karen is on her way to Lancaster Springs. To the home of Jesse and Maggie Connor, and their son Buddy. Their daughter Linda also.

Once there, she tells then she had car trouble. She assumes the name, Susan Heller.

Jesse offers her the guest room for the night. Karen has horrible nightmares. She dreams a lady is shooting her.

The cops find Will dead. Murdered in a motel in LA.

Jesse Connor

Jesse Connor

Karen has experience working with horses. Now that Will is dead, Jesse is short-handed. He hires Karen. Much to Linda’s dismay. Will was a ranch hand at the Connor’s ranch.

Karen gets Linda’s old room, since she’d moved out a while back.

Karen and Buddy become new best friends. Buddy is mentally challenged.

Maggie is a very bitter person.

Karen quickly gains the family’s trust. All but Linda’s. She makes a romantic move on Jesse.

Linda Connor digs deep to try and discover Karen’s background.

Calista Davis shows up at the ranch. She talks to Karen. Knows Karen from an institution in LA. Karen stabs her in the stomach with a chef knife. Calista collapses onto the floor. Dead.

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen has the day off. Everyone leaves Maggie alone at the ranch. She takes a bath. Karen comes into the bathroom. Surprises Maggie.

Karen was born in Wichita. It’s her birthday. Maggie is her mother. Maggie gave her up for adoption as an infant. Karen was tossed from foster home to foster home. Out of revenge, she tosses a radio into the tub. Electrocuting Maggie. She dies.

Karen plans to be the next Mrs. Jesse Connor.

Linda finds her mom dead in the tub.

Karen Mills

Karen Mills

After the funeral, Linda searches through human resources at the hospital where Calista Davis worked. She discovers Calista’s previous employer. Carson Correctional Facility, LA. She drives to the facility.

Linda learns that Karen was an inmate there. She was abused by her stepfather. She murdered him. She also knows that Karen is Susan at the ranch.

Karen kills Paris in Buddy’s cave. The family’s mechanic. Later in the barn, she tells Linda that Maggie was her mother. She gave her up for adoption as an infant.

Karen and Linda fight. Karen strangles her as Jesse approaches.

Buddy kills Karen with a pitch fork.

The End.

This was a good, horror thriller. Easy to follow. The movie illustrates well how Karen was driven mad.

My rating: 3.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland


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