Stalker- Movie Review

Greetings horror fans,

StalkerRecently I watched a good horror/thriller about a writer who suffers from a type of split personality disorder. Here’s my review of this suspenseful movie.

Paula Martin is a writer. She’s talking to her agent, Sara Phillips. She’s having problems with her work. Sara tells her to get away for a while to clear her head.

The Old Castle

The Old Castle

Paula takes a taxi at night to an old farm castle in the country.

A black cat lives there—alone. The power goes out. She injures her hand on the railing going down to the basement to reset the circuit breakers.

Mrs. Brown is the creepy housekeeper. “You should see a doctor about your hand. It looks bad.”

Paula thinks the house is haunted. She hears creaky sounds. Was sick in the past. Spent time in rehab.

Due to her injured hand, she’s forced to hire a typist, Linda.

Paula goes for a boat ride and sees someone watching her. The person is fully cloaked to conceal their identity.

Linda, the typists, quickly takes over. Becomes a ghostwriter on Paula’s second novel.

Robert Gainer

Robert Gainer

Robert Gainer, the reporter, stops by.

Linda impersonates Paula and invites him in. During the interview, she becomes violent and kills him. Uses a sharp wire to cut his throat. Puts his corpse in the basement.

Paula wants to start working again. Linda locks her in the bedroom where she begins to cry.

Mrs. Brown, the cleaning lady, is there. She finds Robert Gainer in the basement, dead. Linda stabs and kills her. Leaves her with the other dead body.

Paula finds Mrs. Brown and Robert Gainer dead in the basement. She freaks out!

Sara Phillips, Paula's agent

Sara Phillips, Paula’s agent

Leo and Sara Phillips arrive at the castle.

We meet Leo, Linda’s physiatrist. Linda has been stalking Paula since she was a little girl. She’s back! Linda’s brother began raping her when she was thirteen. She killed him by stabbing him in the spleen when he was on top of her raping her. Linda typed this in the book.

Leo explains, Linda and Paula are the same person. Dissociative Identity Disorder. Linda has been Leo’s patient for ten years. Paula is the real person. Linda is the split personality.

Leo, Linda's

Leo, Linda’s physiatrist

Leo is hugging Paula. Linda stabs him in the back, killing him.

Sara tries to escape the house. Linda chases her into the dark woods. They fight. Sara forces her against a tree branch impaling her in the back, killing her.

Paula’s second novel is a number 1 best seller as well.

The End.

Stalker was an interesting movie. It wasn’t until Leo entered the scene that the plot came together and we knew about Linda and Paula. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for both of them—under the circumstances.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review.

My rating: 3.5 stars

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland


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