The Haunting of Blackwood House – Book Review

Dear friends,

There’s nothing like a scary story about an old house, deep in the woods, that appears to be infested by ghosts. Author, Darcy Coates has written a very entertaining novel that is a page- turner.

The Haunting of Blackwood HouseMy review begins…Mara, due to her phony, spiritual medium parents, does not believe in ghosts and believes even less in spiritualists who claim to speak to the dead and remove spirits from homes.

She’s at a difficult time in her life. Having lost her job, the lease on her tiny one room apartment is ending and up for renewal or evacuate in 30 days. She decides it’s time for a big change in her life. Mara contacts a realtor, breathless Jenny.

After several disappointing housing prospects, out of desperation, Jenny tells her about Blackwood House. Blackwood is an old house. Built in the 1800’s. Enormous. Deep in the woods. Well under her price range.

“What’s wrong with it?” Mara asks suspiciously.

“It has a history.”

After a very brief explanation, Mara stops her. “I want to see the house.” Not believing a word.

A short time later, they’re at the house. Mara and her boyfriend Neil look the large, badly rundown home over. Even though she understands the residents included a serial killer also several murders were committed in the home by the killer. Somehow she’s drawn to it. She makes a bold decision. “I’ll take the house!”

One month later, Mara’s the proud owner of Blackwood House. She moves in. She has no job, no car. The house has no electricity. Many holes in the walls and roof. Rusty water. Bug, mice, and rat infested.

Mara’s first night she hears noises. Someone walking in the attack. Doors slamming. Chairs moving. Children crying. Even a body hanging by his neck from the banister. This continues night after night.

Neil thinks the house is haunted. The stories are true. He wants her to leave. After much fighting, he hires two spiritual mediums, Erica and Damian to rid the house of spirits. Much to Mara’s anger. She throws them all out and breaks it off with Neil in a rage. Mara refuses to believe in ghosts, spirits, or mediums.

Later, as the spirits are closing in on Mara, for the kill, Erica, Damian, and later Neil return and save her life. They are now welcomed. They prepare to rid the house of ghosts. Believing that Robert Kant, the serial killer is the dominant spirit. Rid him and the rest will leave. Or, that’s there idea.

The plan fails. Because…Victor Barlow, Mara’s great, great, grandfather who was a very powerful spirit medium built Blackwood House. He’s the dominate spirit.

Victor possess Neil. He is attacked inside by Neil and outside by his gr, gr, granddaughter Mara, who inherited his powers. Victor is destroyed. The spirits quickly retreated from Blackwood.

Blackwood remains a hotspot for supernatural activity. That’s what attracted Victor Barlow to the property in the beginning. Why he built the home there on the grounds.

Later, Erica and Damian rent rooms from Mara and work in the attic.

Neil and Pam, his mum, move in as well. Pam becomes the unofficial cook and does well with the country life.

Mara becomes a strong spirit medium in Erica and Damian’s company and loves her new career.

The story ends as Mara calls her mum, Elaine, and invites her parents over for dinner sometime. Their relationship has been estranged for many years due to Mara thinking her parents are frauds. Maybe not?

If you like haunting novels, Blackwood House is very good. It’s available free on Kindle Unlimited.

My rating: 4.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland


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