Captain America – The Winter Soldier – Movie Review

Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Rogers is on his usual morning run at full speed, in Washington D.C. He ran 13 miles in 30 minutes. After the sprint he meets Sam Wilson of the 58th Pararescue. Sam works at the VA now.

India Ocean- A mobile Satellite launch platform is discovered, the Lemurian Star. Pirates overtook the ship, 93 minutes ago, demanding a billion and a half dollars. It’s SHIELD’s ship, trespassing. 25 pirates, top mercenaries led by Georges Batroc. Ex-DGSE, Action Division at the top of Interpol’s Red Notice. 36 kill missions before demobilized by the French. Likes maximum causalities.

Lemurian Star-2

Lemurian Star

Aboard the ship, mostly techs, one officer, Jasper Sitwell.

Steve Rogers and his team form a plan. They’re airborne to the Indian Ocean in minutes.

Steve, Captain America, jumps out of the plane without a parachute and plunges into the sea. He climbs aboard the Lemurian Star. Rogers begins his assault.



After taking out numerous mercenaries, his team lands on the deck in parachutes. The full-scale assault on the ship begins.

“The engine room is secure,” Natasha reports. She took out several men to do so.

Romanoff missed the rendezvous point.

Shields’ computers are blown up because of Natasha. She was backing up Shields’ hard drive  when a mercs tossed an explosive into the room. She was following Fury’s orders.

Rogers and Nick Fury

Rogers and Nickolas J. Fury in Insite Bay

The Triskelion- Shield Headquarters. Rogers and Nickolas J. Fury argue about the blown mission.

Insite Bay, Rogers does not have clearance to see Project Insite. Fury introduces him to the top secret project. Three next-generation helicarriers. Synced to a network of targeting satellites. Launched from the Lemurian Star. Once in the air, they never need to come down, continuous sub-orbital flight, courtesy of new repulsor engines.

Stark helped in the designs. Guns that can eliminate 1,000 hostiles a minute. Satellites can read a terrorist’s DNA in his spider home.

The World Security Council approved Project Insite.

In the Smithsonian, a display honoring Captain America: The Living Legend and Symbol of Courage. Rogers is enjoying his own exhibit, while dressed in civilians clothing.

Later, he visits Agent Peggy Carter, at the nursing home. She helped found SHIELD. An elderly woman now.

Secretary Pierce

Secretary Pierce

Nick Fury looks at the drive Natasha copied for him. “Open Lemurian Star’s satellite launch file.”

Rockwell and the council are not happy with Nick Fury. Failure, the Lemurian Star attack. Secretary Pierce disagrees.

Fury wants Project Insite delayed. He wants a favor from Pierce, his friend. That requires a long sub-committee hearing. He wants Iron Man to stop by his niece’s birthday party.

Sam Wilson lost his wingman, Riley. He has regrets. He talks to other vets. Standard PJ rescue op. An RPG knocked Riley out of the sky.

The masked man

The masked man

Fury calls Agent Hill to Washington D.C. Deep Shadow conditions. Be here in three hours.  Soon, Fury is under attack! His escape plan, use the 17th ave bridge in heavy traffic. His SUV is shot badly. He doesn’t get that far. A masked man tosses a bomb under his SUV and overturns it.

Rogers arrives home to his apartment. His stereo is on. 1940’s music is playing. Fury is there. Wife kicked him out.

Roger’s apartment is bugged by SHIELD. Fury is shot. He gives the drive to Rogers. “Don’t trust anyone.”

Kate, Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service-2

Kate, Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service

Kate, Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service, rushes in. “Foxtrot is down, unresponsive. Need EMT’s.”

Rogers goes after the shooter. It was the masked man with the bomb. He has powers like Rogers. He escapes. Also, a metal arm. He shot Fury with Soviet made slugs, 3 of them, in the chest.

At the hospital, time of death, 1:03 a.m. Natasha and Rogers are there.

Secretary Pierce’s theory, Fury bugged Roger’s apartment. Fury hired the pirates who hijacked the Lemurian Star. A cover for the acquisition and sale of classified intelligence. The sale went sour and led to Nick’s death.

Rogers in the elevator

Men from SHIELD attach Roger’s arm to the wall of elevator with electronic device, which he breaks, then the fight is over in seconds

As Rogers rides the elevator at Shield down, more and more men enter. He becomes suspicious. Suspects an impending attack. “Before we start, does anyone want to get out?” Rogers asks.

The fight begins.  “Mobilize strike units, 25th Floor.”

The fight is over quickly. All the attackers beaten. Rogers jumps out of the elevator and falls to the concrete below, landing on his shield, momentarily dazed but fine.

Cap escaping on a cycle

A pilot attacks on a helicarrier as Cap flees

A pilot flying a helicarrier attacks Rogers as he flees on a motorcycle. He makes quick work of the flying machine. It crashes and explodes.

Captain America is now a fugitive of Shield.

Project Insite is reactivated by the council.

Rogers and Natasha read the disc. Now Shield knows where they are, due to a Level Six homing program within the drive. Shield agents will be there in nine minutes. Wheaton, New Jersey. They’re on their way. They slip past Shield people and hit the road in a borrowed truck.

In New Jersey, Camp Lehigh. The camp where Rogers was trained. He remembers his training, before the body enhancement.

Rogers and Natasha on the run

Rogers and Natasha at Camp Lehigh

He discovers a secret Shield lab in the camp. They enter and find a giant computer. Natasha inserts the disc. The computer starts. It knows Steve Rogers, Born 1918. And Romanoff, Natasha Alianovna, Born 1984.

The computer is Swiss, calls her Fräulein. Captain Rogers took him prisoner in 1945. Arnim Zola, German scientist worked for the Red Skull.  In 1972 diagnosed with a terminal illness. Operation Paper Clip after WWII Shield recruited German scientists with strategic value.

Operation Hydra has operated within Shield for 70 years. Goal, a new world order. People must comply willingly. Sacrifice freedom for security. A purification process is needed.

Natasha at the computer discovers a bogy

At the computer, Natasha discovers a bogy

Natasha discovers a bogy flying straight for them. Short range ballistic. 30 seconds until impact. Shield fired the missile. They hide in a lower room as the building is leveled!

Shield arrives and looks for bodies.

Secretary Pierce talks to the masked man in his home, without his mask. His housekeeper, Renata, sees the visitor. Pierce shoots her, killing her. He orders another assassination, two targets, Level Six. In 10 hours.

Rogers and Natasha hide in Sam Wilson’s apartment. With Sam’s help, they steal a EXO-7 Falcon.

Sam Wilson, the Falcon

Sam Wilson, the Falcon

By using interesting interrogation techniques, Sam has wings and can fly, they learn Zola’s algorithm is a program for choosing Insite’s targets. People. Any threat to Hydra.

Pierce runs Hydra. The Insite helicarriers kill people on the list, a few million at a time.

The masked man attacks them in a car, on a downtown freeway. In the battle between Rogers and the masked man, his mask comes off. “Bucky?” Rogers asks surprised.



Rogers, Natasha, and Sam are captured, more like they surrendered. Rogers is in shock. “What happened to Bucky?” It was 70 years ago. Bucky’s unit was captured in 1943. Zola experimented on him.

Agent Hill takes them inside a cave compound, medical facility for treatment. Natasha was shot by Bucky. Lost a lot of blood. Shot in the shoulder.

Nick Fury is there, lacerated spinal column, cracked sternum, shattered collarbone, perforated liver, bad headache. Collapsed lung. Tetrodotoxin B slowed the pulse to one beat per minute. Banner developed it for stress.

Sergeant Barnes, remembers his training by Arnim Zola, of Hydra

Sergeant Barnes being trained by Arnim Zola of Hydra

Bucky, Sergeant Barnes, remembers his training by Arnim Zola, of Hydra, and the surgeries. Pierce wants a mission report from Barnes. He remembers Rogers from his past. Difficult to see through the brainwashing.

Pierce orders his memory wiped, then reprogramed.

Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they will triangulate with Insite satellites, becoming fully weaponized.

Hilocarriers at 3000 feet

Helicarriers at 3,000 feet

“Replace their targeting blades with our own,” Fury says. “All three carriers must be linked for this to work. If one remains operational, a lot of people will die.” They must go aboard the helicarriers.

Shield, Hydra, it all has to go, they agree. Cap America gives the orders, now.

Rogers borrows the Captain America uniform from the Smithsonian display.

Cap America, Natasha, and Sam in his flying suit, Falcon approach Insite Bay. Once inside, Rogers makes the announcement over the loudspeakers exposing Pierce as the head of Hydra and his plan. He hopes people will fight for their freedom. And not launch the hilocarriers.

The tech refuses to launch the carriers, Cap’s orders. Guns are drawn in the control room.

The hilocarriers are launched!

The battle at Insite Bay is underway.

Falcon delivered his disc

Sam Wilson, Falcon, delivered the disc onboard the hilocarrier

Natasha, disguised as Shield Agent Peggy Carter, infiltrates the boardroom where Pierce is. She over-powers the guards and takes charge. Tries to disable security protocals and dump Hydra’s and Shield’s secrets onto the internet. The world will know who Pierce is, really.

Falcon and Cap deliver their discs. “Bravo lock.” Two down, one to go.

Bucky arrives.

“Disabling the encryption is an executive order. Takes two Alpha Level members?” Pierce questions.

Nick Fury's retinal scan

Nick Fury allowing a retinal scan

Much to Pierce’s surprise, Nick Fury arrives by chopper. His retinal scan is accepted. He’s Alpha Level.

Buck stands in Cap’s way of installing the third disc. “Please don’t make me do this?” Cap asks.

30 seconds before the satellite is online. 3,000 feet. Algorithm is deployed.

Bucky shot Cap twice as he tries to install the disc.

The target is Washington D.C.

One second left. “Charley lock.” Cap puts his disc in place. He orders the hilocarriers destroyed with him still aboard one, and Bucky.

The hilocarriers are distroyed

The hilocarriers are distroyed

Nick Fury shot and killed Pierce.

The hilocarriers are destroyed and crash land.

Bucky and Cap fight again. Cap refuses to fight. Bucky is his friend. Knocked unconscious, Cap falls from the hilocarrier into the Potomac River.

As Cap sinks unconscious, Bucky rescues him, dragging him to shore. Leaves Cap on the shore, and walks away.

Col. Nick Fury fakes his death

Col. Nicholas J. Fury fakes his death

Col. Nick Fury fakes his death. He’s going to Europe to track down Hydra rats. Wishes to remain dead.

Kate, former Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service now works for the CIA.

Cap and Sam are going after Bucky.

The End

Captain America - The Winter Soldier-2Wow! This has been another awesome movie with Captain America.

It’s no wonder the Marvel Comic series is doing so well, the movie is outstanding.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path?

J.A. Ireland


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