My New Novel Is Available On Kindle

Scorn of the Ninja Book Cover, 1563x2344px

If you’d never met your mom because she died bringing you into this world.  Then you were raped as a young girl, how would you spring back?  Issibella Cambell choses karate as her way of dealing with the deep traumas, but her troubles are far from over as she soon realizes.  When her dad, Ed, is unjustly fired from his accounting job, their lives spiral downward into turmoil once again.  He is yet again forced to make bitter changes.  Somehow, he believes he has the approval of his deceased wife, Sue. While nearly falling apart from crushing financial and personal blows, he gathers enough strength to do what is necessary to hold his two-person family together.

My gothic, urban tale abounds catastrophic losses, heinous violations, heartaches, martial arts, serial killer, voyeurism, and new beginnings.

Labeled (R) For mature audiences only, over 18. Adult language, nudity, sex, and voyeurism scenes.

Visit my Kindle page at

My second giveaway day for my latest novel, Scorn of the Ninja, was on Wednesday October 19th 2016. My book was free on Kindle that entire day. Thanks to everyone who grabbed their copy.

My first giveaway was on Wednesday June 22. Thanks to all my friends who downloaded a  copy. Hope you enjoy reading it. My next Free Book Day will be soon, stay tuned,if you’d like a copy.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland


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