Mad Max – Fury Road – Movie Review

Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max

Mad Maxx

Max once was a cop, a road warrior. The world is running out of water. He’s captured by the War Boys.


Fucacima Kamakrazee War Boys. They’re going to Gas Town, hauling Aqua Cola, produce, and Mother’s Milk.

Immortan Joe-2

Immortan Joe

Immortan Joe is their leader. He sends the War Rig to bring back guzzoline from Gas Town and bullets from the Bullet Farm. Joe salutes Imperator Furiosa and his half-life War Boys. They will ride eternal on the highways of Valhalla.


Furiosa and Max

Furiosa and Max

In the desert, Imperator Furiosa changes the orders, she drives east.


Immortan Joe knows Furiosa is going rogue into hostile territory. Joe Angharad goes to visit Miss Giddy. She tells him the ridders begged Furiosa to flee from Joe. They don’t wish to be his soldiers. She’s taking them a long way from him.

Word is out in the camp, Furiosa has gone rogue and took a lot of stuff from Immortan Joe. Breeders, his prize breeders. Joe wants them back.

The rock guitarists

Rock guitarists

The War Boys fight over who gets to drive during the chase  along Fury Road. They grab steering wheels with skulls off the rack.


Joe’s War Boys are driving Fury Road in their desert war machines with Maxx chained to the front of one vehicle, a metal claw chained to his face. A rock guitarists is playing loudly, heavy metal riff. All pursuing Furiosa and the breeders.



Furiosa is notified, vehicles from the Citadel approaching. “Buzzards right! Eyes on! Eyes on!” she orders.


Furiosa’s clan and Immortan Joe’s team fight multiple Buzzards on Fury Road.

They drive into a giant electrical, tornado storm. One War Machine crashes in the tornado and Maxx escapes.

He finds Furiosa and the female breeders, some with child, Joe’s wives. He has damaged Joe’s wives, now he must flee with Furiosa. He drives the 2000 horsepower, nitro-boosted, war machine.

Gas Town Boys

Gas Town Boys

The Gas Town Boys are on their tails. Big Rigs. Pole Cats. Flamers. The People Eater himself is coming to count the costs.


Maxx tries to file the claw off his face.

Furiosa made a deal for safe passage through the canyon. She’s supposed to be alone, that’s the deal. She tells Maxx the sequence for the truck in case he has to drive during their escape. He and the girls hide in the lower compartment. She has 3000 gallons of guzzoline just like they asked.

The Gas Town Boys enter the canyon. A pregnant girl sneezes loudly. The canyon bandits attack Furiosa.

Joe's wifes, the breeders

Joe’s wives, the Breeders, some with child

During the escape, Joe’s pregnant wife is nearly killed when she fell from the guzzoline truck. Joe ran over her by accident, in his pursuit.


Furiosa is taking the girls to the Green Place, a long nights run heading east.

The Gas Town Boys are all pursuing the gates of Valhalla, their final resting place when they die.

As the girl dies, Joe orders the baby removed in hopes of saving its live, maybe. The baby is also dead, a boy.

Furiosa was born in the Green Place, stolen from there as a child. She’s looking for redemption. The girls are looking for hope.


Furiosa shouts her heritage

They find a naked girl abandoned high on a metal power pole. Furiosa yells to her, “I am a Vuvalini! Of the Many Mothers! My Initiate Mother was K.T. Concannon! Daughter of Marry Jabassa. My Clan, Swaddle Dog.” 7000 days plus the ones she doesn’t remember since she was taken from her people. Now she’s home.


They tell her the Green Place is gone. This small band is all that’s left of her people, in the desert.

Furiosa wants to ride across the salt. Load the motorcycles with gear and ride for 160 days, she thinks. She invites Max along on the journey.



Maxx has a different plan, go back through the canyon to the Citadel. Take the Citadel from Joe. It’s green and there’s water, clear water and crops. Joe calls it Aqua Cola from wells, deep in the earth.


They have Nux, a War Boy, for help and advice, as part of their team.

All Joe has left are War Pups, they think. War Boys are too sick and injured from battle on Fury Road.

On their way back to the Citadel, the War Boys attack.

War Boys attack

War Boys attack

Furiosa killed Joe. “Remember me!”  She’s badly injured in the battle, lost a lot of blood, and dying.  Maxx tries to save her by infusing her with his own blood. She has a collapsed lung.


Nux dies in the battle.

At Citadel, Max delivers Immortan Joe’s dead corpse, bloody crushed face.

Water Gates opened

Water valves at Citadel are opened

Everyone celebrates the death of the tyrant! The water valves are opened. Everyone has ample water.


Furiosa is recovering.

Where must we go…we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?

The First History Man

Immortan Joe

Immortan Joe, the tyrant of Citadel

The End

This was an unusual but entertaining movie based on futuristic events. The plot was real and simple, tyranny and the need for water in the desert.

The costumes and filming was outstanding.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland


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