The Red Fields-Eastern Dwarfs-Part 1- Book Review

The Red Fields

On the east of the great world lay four houses of the eastern dwarfs, the Steel Fists, Rock Foot, Coal Lock, and Thick Beards.

The Red Land is where, elves, dwarfs, goblins, and men all live together, also great creatures, and beasts.

Rurur and Olaf, two dwarfs, the main characters of Rock Foot on the hillside, search for berries to flavor a pot roast. They encounter a great dragon and The Dark Rider.

Rock Foot is a stronghold on the western side of the Red Mountain range, a brownish-red stone structure. A mostly underground fort with tunnels and some above ground structure.

Olaf and Rurur report the Dark Rider who tames flying beasts in a dark cloak to Captain Thuor of Rock Foot. They saw the Dark Rider in the berry fields at Crystal River.

It’s King Frar’s birthday. Madame Blavat is working in the kitchen, she wants the berries.

Frar RockFoot  was built 300 years ago. The feast was ready in the great hall, the year 3019.

The next day, Thuor, master of arms, speaks to Olaf as Rurur sleeps. Olaf and Rurur are brought before King Frar concerning the Dark Rider. They report The Dark Rider has one armored, metal glove and speaks in a strange language.

It’s autumn, they’re on a journey to the eastern part of the world, looking for the Dark Rider on a ghost horse, he charmed the beast.

Their journey takes them through the Red Earth Tavern, the lost Caravan, Trade Meeting Post where a battle takes place with goblins.

The big Red Mountain Range is in view as they cross the Rocky Desert sand. In a cave, a big sand wereworm attacks but they escape.

Olaf touched the Dark Rider’s cloak, now he has nightmares, horrible dreams of death and doom.

The Beige Plains, slopes of the red mountains. They come upon giant quadrupeds, Zilonis, elephant like animals, non-aggressive. A winged beast flies overhead.

Now the end of autumn, it’s getting cold.

The Steel Fists dwarfs work in a mine at Noon Dale.

They visit the elf kingdom, then onto Fortune-Telling Grove.

The group approached The Ivory Tombs, their final destination, a sinister place, witchcraft.

The Dark Rider is there in the tombs. The Dark Rider lives in his dark tower of power and malignancy, in the dark lands. He attacked the dwarfs with magic spells. Somehow they are cast out of the Tombs.

They’re going through the mountains to Red Star City, to visit cousins, Brotherhood of the East.

Their final destination, the Golden Peak, toward the White Tower, to consult the Wise One.

The story ends.

The Red Fields-Eastern Dwarfs by author Leo de Souza,is a simple story, perhaps what I was expecting, pleasant. Not enticing enough to continue on with the series.

Although the illustrations are nice, in my opinion, they are unnecessary in an adult novel. Descriptions and settings combined with the readers imaginations are enough.

My rating: 3 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland


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