Art’s Movie and Video Reviews

Hi everyone. I’m  Art  Nekuma.

Art Nekuma Playing a New Video Game

A young Art Nekuma playing a video game at the school library

It’s nice to meet you. I’m glad you stopped by. I’m Detective Zeqster’s assistant. I think I should be his partner since I’m the one with all of the disguise expertise. You might say, I’m a “Master of Disguises”.

Join us as we trek all over Sesla solving impossible crimes while  out smarting the local authorities, often with the help of my awesome under-cover disguises. The local police don’t  like us very much. I admit it.  We make then look really bad – sometimes.

I’m into super hero movies and video games. I’m a real fan.

I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite  movies and videos. I hope you like my reviews.

Your friend,


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