Arthor Nekuma’s Pirtt-Coterie Reading Club

Hi coteries,

I’m Art Nekuma. Maxx Zeqster’s partner. I’m a Master of Disguises. This is me in one of my many get up’s. I can fool any coterie to get real close. Ease drop. Gain valuable info to solve a case. That’s just one of my talents. I’m also a super researcher. Research is very important in case work.

Master of Disguises

Art Nekuma. A “Master of Disguises”

I live in Wyluxx City. In the desert. Not far from Kinkorx where Maxx lives.

I like to read just as much as Maxx and JA Ireland. When I heard Maxx had his own reading club I started bugging JA for my own club. Here it is—Finally!”

I’ll tell ya about the interesting books I read. I like to read bestselling books and stories that haven’t been discovered yet.

Join if you like. Sign up below.

But remember. Keep reading!

Your inner-galactic detective friend,

Art Nekuma


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