Stalker- Movie Review


Greetings horror fans,

StalkerRecently I watched a good horror/thriller about a writer who suffers from a type of split personality disorder. Here’s my review of this suspenseful movie.

Paula Martin is a writer. She’s talking to her agent, Sara Phillips. She’s having problems with her work. Sara tells her to get away for a while to clear her head.

The Old Castle

The Old Castle

Paula takes a taxi at night to an old farm castle in the country.

A black cat lives there—alone. The power goes out. She injures her hand on the railing going down to the basement to reset the circuit breakers.

Mrs. Brown is the creepy housekeeper. “You should see a doctor about your hand. It looks bad.”

Paula thinks the house is haunted. She hears creaky sounds. Was sick in the past. Spent time in rehab.

Due to her injured hand, she’s forced to hire a typist, Linda.

Paula goes for a boat ride and sees someone watching her. The person is fully cloaked to conceal their identity.

Linda, the typists, quickly takes over. Becomes a ghostwriter on Paula’s second novel.

Robert Gainer

Robert Gainer

Robert Gainer, the reporter, stops by.

Linda impersonates Paula and invites him in. During the interview, she becomes violent and kills him. Uses a sharp wire to cut his throat. Puts his corpse in the basement.

Paula wants to start working again. Linda locks her in the bedroom where she begins to cry.

Mrs. Brown, the cleaning lady, is there. She finds Robert Gainer in the basement, dead. Linda stabs and kills her. Leaves her with the other dead body.

Paula finds Mrs. Brown and Robert Gainer dead in the basement. She freaks out!

Sara Phillips, Paula's agent

Sara Phillips, Paula’s agent

Leo and Sara Phillips arrive at the castle.

We meet Leo, Linda’s physiatrist. Linda has been stalking Paula since she was a little girl. She’s back! Linda’s brother began raping her when she was thirteen. She killed him by stabbing him in the spleen when he was on top of her raping her. Linda typed this in the book.

Leo explains, Linda and Paula are the same person. Dissociative Identity Disorder. Linda has been Leo’s patient for ten years. Paula is the real person. Linda is the split personality.

Leo, Linda's

Leo, Linda’s physiatrist

Leo is hugging Paula. Linda stabs him in the back, killing him.

Sara tries to escape the house. Linda chases her into the dark woods. They fight. Sara forces her against a tree branch impaling her in the back, killing her.

Paula’s second novel is a number 1 best seller as well.

The End.

Stalker was an interesting movie. It wasn’t until Leo entered the scene that the plot came together and we knew about Linda and Paula. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for both of them—under the circumstances.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review.

My rating: 3.5 stars

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Patrick: Evil Awakens – Movie Review


Dear creepy asylum fans,

I have a frightening asylum movie review that horror fans everywhere are sure to like. Turn down the lights and make some popcorn. Get ready for my review of Patrick; Evil Awakens.

patrick-evil-awakensThe movie begins in the dungeons basement of the Roget Clinic.

While attending to the coma patients, a nurse is attacked. Someone stabs her with a hypodermic needle and injects yellow serum into her eye.

Dr. Roget the Mad Psychiatrist

Dr. Sebastian Roget the Mad Psychiatrist with Patrick

Sebastian Roget is the youngest student ever admitted into Oxford Medical School—a medical genius whose interest is traumatic brain injuries. After graduation, he assumes the position as head psychiatrist of Roget Clinic—the family owned business.

Matron Cassidy is his daughter and head nurse. She was once married. Her husband killed himself.

Kathy Jacquard applies for a job at the old convent turned coma clinic and is hired. Nurse Williams works there—a long time employee.

Soon, Kathy meets Patrick—a coma patient for several months. She also meets Mr. Fraser—a victim of an electrical explosion. He was a railway signalman.

Later, Nurse Williams and Kathy Jacquard are at a local pub. They meet Dr. Brian Wright, also a psychiatrist. He has abandoned the medical profession and pursued a public career in television and radio.

At the clinic, Dr. Roget orders the Ophthalmoscope for Patrick and injects him with the same yellow serum. Soon after, everyone associated with Patrick begins to do things they are not aware of and has hallucinations. They spit and cut themselves.


Patrick in a coma

Patrick’s brain begins to live. He has telepathic powers. He communicates by spitting. Dr. Roget uses electroshock therapy on Patrick’s brain.

While in the coma, he soon begins voyeuristic and psychopathy behavior. Using his mental powers, he kills Dr. Wright in his car. Patrick causes his car to drive over a cliff into the ocean.

Dr. Roget continues the electroshock treatment. With each session, Patrick’s brain grows stronger.

We learn, as a young adult, Patrick was a pervert and voyeur. He killed his mother and other people.

As his mind grows stronger, and his body remains in the coma state, numerous people attempt to kill him—without success. His mental powers are too strong.

Patrick awakes from the coma

Patrick awakes from the coma

Soon, Patrick causes the other coma patients to awaken.

We learn that Dr. Roget was experimenting on most of the patients. He hid body parts in the cellar.

There are more attempts on Patrick’s life—also without success.

Finally, Patrick awakes and leaps out a window, impaling himself on an iron fence below. He dies.

Next we see Dr. Roget. He is now a coma patient in his own clinic.

This is a chilling, asylum thriller. Very creepy.  Dr. Sebastian Roget played an excellent Mad Psychiatrist.

Another thrilling asylum review from the fantasy, fiction, horror writer. The author of Sesla…The Enchanted Planet and Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland

The RiTe – Movie Review


Dear exorcism enthusiasts,

If you like movies about exorcism, I’ve got a good one for you. In this spooky thriller, staged mostly in Rome, Anthony Hopkins gives an awesome performance—as always.

The movie begins. “The battle against the Devil, which is the principal task of Saint Michael the Archangel, is still being fought today, because the Devil is still alive and active in the world.” Pope John Paul II.

Two morticians are preparing a body for the casket. Istvan Kovak and his son Michael, the Hungarian Funeral Home Owners, are working on a cadaver. The members of the Kovak Family are either morticians or priests. Michael is planning to be a priest and leave Kovak and Son Funeral Home. He’s leaving for Seminary in a few days.

Michael Giving last rights

Michael Giving Last Rites and a Blessing to a dying girl

As Istvan and his son work on the corpse, Michael remembers his mother. She died when he was a child—presumably from cancer. His father prepared her for the funeral in their home.

The movie switches to four years later; Michael is graduating from Seminary School. Istvan attends the graduation.

Later, he gives a dying car accident victim  a blessing of last rites and prepares her for her final journey.

Immediately after graduation, Michael sends Father Superior an email resigning from the priesthood. He later learns from Father Superior, “If you resign, your   scholarship is revoked and you will owe one hundred grand for your education.”

Father Superior and Michael

Father Superior and Michael

Father Superior further says, “Last year, the Vatican received over a half million reports of demonic possession. An exorcist is to be placed in every diocese across the US. A new program is designed to reteach the clergy the rite of exorcism.”

Michael travels to Rome for the two month course on Exorcism. At the Vatican, Michael is the class with Angelina Vargas, the journalists. She is writing an article about the class.

Father Xavier wants Michael to visit Father Lucas in Florence. “His methods are less than orthodox,” Xavier says. “Father Lucas studied under Father Carmine De Filippis.”

Father Lucas

Father Lucas

In an old section of Florence, Michael meets Father Lucas. Michael helps Lucas as he continues the exorcisms on Rosaria.  Rosaria is pregnant and demon possessed after suffering repeated raping by her father. As the movie progresses, Rosaria coughs up three spike-nails and later dies.

Rosaria is demon possessed

Rosaria is demon possessed

Father Lucas and Michael perform an exorcism on Vincenzo – a boy. During this time, Michael’s father, Istvan, dies of a massive stroke. Due to an Icelandic Volcano, Italy’s airspace is closed and Michael can’t get home for the funeral.

Over the phone that evening, Michael thinks he’s talking to his dad. Then he talks to Dr. Vorachian, “Your father passed away this afternoon.”

We soon learn that Father Lucas is demon possessed. He spits up three spike-nails.

Michael and Angelina perform an exorcism on Father Lucas. During the frightening process, Michael becomes to true believer in God. He casts the demon, “Baál” out of Father Lucas.

Afterward, Michael  leaves Rome and travels back to the funeral home. He gets a letter from Angelina Vargas. It’s a copy of the article, “The Making of an Exorcist.”

Father Lucas and the Cross

Father Lucas and the Cross

Father Michael Kovak is one of 14 exorcists practicing in the United States today. He now works out of his parish near Chicago.

Father Lucas Trevant has performed over two thousand exorcisms. He continues to practice in a township outside of Florence Italy.

This movie was Inspired By True Events.

The movie ends.

The RiTe is a well written thriller. I hope you like my review of this thought provoking story. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Blue Bloods – Keys To The Repository – Book Review


Dear Vampire Horror Fans,

I have a vampire horror book review from a different and thrilling perspective. Author Melissa De La Cruz’s, Blue Bloods- Keys to the Repository, begins with The Fall and Rise of the Blue Bloods.

The chilling story begins at the beginning of time. Lucifer, the Prince of Heaven has become so enthralled  with his own beauty and power that he  came to believe his light was as great as the Almighty. That the thrown of glory should be his and his alone.

Keys To the Repository

Blue Bloods – Keys To the Repository

He began the War to End All Wars.

As victory neared for the band of rebels, the twin Angles of the Apocalypse – Abbadon and Azrael – his most loyal lieutenants, betrayed their leader.

Upon defeat, the rogue angles were banished from Heaven. They were condemned and cursed immortals, forced to feed on the blood of humans as vampyres – soulless creatures, immortal with blue blood in their veins.

They were not without hope. Gabrielle, the Virtuous, descended with them.  Her mate, Michael, Pure of Heart, the mightiest of them all, joined her. He could not bear to spend eternity without his mate, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle and Michael were the Uncorrupted – vampires by choice, instead of sin. Together, they established the vampire code – a foundation of rules that would govern their community through the centuries. This code would help to forge a way back to their glorious home in Paradise.

Lucifer and his minions remained contemptuous of their fall from Paradise. They rebelled against God and the vampire code. They fed on other vampires.  Their blood turned Silver. They became the Croatan – the Silver Bloods.

For a time they were controlled by the Uncorrupted. During these centuries, they served as the Blue Bloods slaves.

One day, the slaves rose up against their masters in a merciless slaughter.

Michael declared war against Lucifer and his followers.

The war culminated in a final battle in ancient Rome. Cassius( Michael) unmasked the emperor Caligula, who was Lucifer – casting him into hell.

Centuries later, a group of Blue Bloods, due to religious persecution, sailed to America and formed the colony, Roanoke.  Lucifer’s loyalists followed them. The settlement of Roanoke was destroyed.


Four Hundred years later; In New York City:

The attacks on the vampires began again. Blue Bloods were being attacked during their adolescences.

Michael, the vampire leader was reincarnated into Charles Force. The Silver Bloods attacked the Repository of History.

The war between the Blue Bloods and the Silver Bloods raged again.


The story switches to Schuyler  Van Alen. She lives in New York City.

One day, she found a copy of, The Plague, by Albert Camus, slipped under her door.

The next morning Pride and Prejudice was slipped under her door.


Who is Schuyler Van Alen?

Who is the mystery person who is giving her books under her door? What does the person what?

Discover more about the raging vampire battles. See how Schuyler fits into the fantastic plot.


There are many interesting twists in this exciting, unique vampire story. The  ending of this thrilling  book has turns that I was not expecting.

Blue Bloods – Keys to the Repository, is a chilling vampire page turner book  with very strong personalities. It was very enjoyable to read.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of  Blue Bloods – Keys To The Repository, by author, Melissa De La Cruz.

Until we talk again,

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland