The Red Fields-Eastern Dwarfs-Part 1- Book Review


The Red Fields

On the east of the great world lay four houses of the eastern dwarfs, the Steel Fists, Rock Foot, Coal Lock, and Thick Beards.

The Red Land is where, elves, dwarfs, goblins, and men all live together, also great creatures, and beasts.

Rurur and Olaf, two dwarfs, the main characters of Rock Foot on the hillside, search for berries to flavor a pot roast. They encounter a great dragon and The Dark Rider.

Rock Foot is a stronghold on the western side of the Red Mountain range, a brownish-red stone structure. A mostly underground fort with tunnels and some above ground structure.

Olaf and Rurur report the Dark Rider who tames flying beasts in a dark cloak to Captain Thuor of Rock Foot. They saw the Dark Rider in the berry fields at Crystal River.

It’s King Frar’s birthday. Madame Blavat is working in the kitchen, she wants the berries.

Frar RockFoot  was built 300 years ago. The feast was ready in the great hall, the year 3019.

The next day, Thuor, master of arms, speaks to Olaf as Rurur sleeps. Olaf and Rurur are brought before King Frar concerning the Dark Rider. They report The Dark Rider has one armored, metal glove and speaks in a strange language.

It’s autumn, they’re on a journey to the eastern part of the world, looking for the Dark Rider on a ghost horse, he charmed the beast.

Their journey takes them through the Red Earth Tavern, the lost Caravan, Trade Meeting Post where a battle takes place with goblins.

The big Red Mountain Range is in view as they cross the Rocky Desert sand. In a cave, a big sand wereworm attacks but they escape.

Olaf touched the Dark Rider’s cloak, now he has nightmares, horrible dreams of death and doom.

The Beige Plains, slopes of the red mountains. They come upon giant quadrupeds, Zilonis, elephant like animals, non-aggressive. A winged beast flies overhead.

Now the end of autumn, it’s getting cold.

The Steel Fists dwarfs work in a mine at Noon Dale.

They visit the elf kingdom, then onto Fortune-Telling Grove.

The group approached The Ivory Tombs, their final destination, a sinister place, witchcraft.

The Dark Rider is there in the tombs. The Dark Rider lives in his dark tower of power and malignancy, in the dark lands. He attacked the dwarfs with magic spells. Somehow they are cast out of the Tombs.

They’re going through the mountains to Red Star City, to visit cousins, Brotherhood of the East.

Their final destination, the Golden Peak, toward the White Tower, to consult the Wise One.

The story ends.

The Red Fields-Eastern Dwarfs by author Leo de Souza,is a simple story, perhaps what I was expecting, pleasant. Not enticing enough to continue on with the series.

Although the illustrations are nice, in my opinion, they are unnecessary in an adult novel. Descriptions and settings combined with the readers imaginations are enough.

My rating: 3 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

The Vampire Diaries – The Ripper – Book Review


Dear Vampire Horror Fans,

I have a vampire horror book review that I’m sure you’ll like. The Vampire Diaries – The Ripper, by author L. J. Smith, is a captivating and entertaining vampire book.

The Vampire Diaries -- The Ripper

The Vampire Diaries — The Ripper

The story begins in August 1888, in England.  Stefan writes in his diary: “Katherine changed me into a vampire twenty years ago.  I regret the life I’ve missed. If not for her, I would be a middle-aged man with a wife and maybe a son. After I changed, I killed so many people. I vow to spend the rest of eternity doing good deeds to make up for the people I’ve killed.”

Stefan is employed at Abbot Manor, in England, as a house keeper. He dreams in his servants cabin that he is working in the kitchen with the other hired help. He also dreams about Katherine, the vampire who changed him twenty years ago. She was burned in a church in Virginia soon after changing him.

Stefan wakes from his fitful sleep, while being covered in sweat.

We are introduced to George and Gertrude Abbot and their young children, Emma, Luke and Oliver.  Mrs. Duckworth their loyal house-keeper, and other staff members are also introduced.

Stefan asks George Abbot for some time off to visit his family in London. Together, they travel by train to London.

Stefan separates from Mr. Abbot at Tower Bridge. He goes into Ten Bells Tavern in search of his brother, Damon. Inside the bar, he learns of the gruesome murders that are taking place in London. Alfred, the bartender says, “This is an unholy killer. The monster has all our girls half-terrified!  The Ripper doesn’t just kill, he butchers!”

As Stefan listened to the terrified bartender, he thought, “What if it’s not Damon? What if it’s another vampire?”

As he listens, the server, Violet Burns tells him, “I think my sister, Cora, has been murdered by Jack the Ripper.”

That night, in an act of kindness, Stefan gives Violet his fish meal. She gets fired for stopping to eat.  Later, he rents a room at the Cumberland Hotel for her. He rents the Queen Victoria Suite. While Violet sleeps on the large bed, he plans how he will battle the vampire that is killing people.

The next morning while Stefan gives Violet a vial of vervain on a gold chain for good luck, she tells him that she is from Ireland. That she and her sister, Cora want to be actresses.

The next day, Stefan goes back to the Ten Bells Tavern and convinces Alfred, the bartender, to give Violet back her job. On the trip, he buys two box tickets to Gaiety Theatre.

He picks Violet up at the Queen Victoria Suite and takes her shopping on Hyde Park – at Harrods.

On the way back to the hotel they stop at the theatre. Damon is there and finds them.

In a confrontation, Damon says, “I’m not the Ripper!”  They agree to meet at the tavern at 10:00.

As Stefan and Violet are walking, they enter a warehouse on the dock. Inside, they find Cora. Damon also enters the warehouse. While Stefan is outside, someone attacks and kills Violet.

Stefan finds her with her throat slit. He thinks Damon attacked her.  He takes her to Paddington Station. They take a train to Ivinghoe.

While on the train, Henry, the vampire attacks Stefan. They escape and continue the journey to Abbot Manor.

At the manor, Violet is transitioning into a vampire. Without human blood, she remains sick.

Samuel, the vampire, follows them and attacks the Abbot Family, killing Oliver.

“Samuel is Jack the Ripper!” said Stefan.  Samuel attacks Stefan and wounds him.  He sets Stefan’s cabin on fire and flees.

Also after following, Damon and Cora show up and rescue Stefan and Violet from the burning cabin.

Damon and Cora vow to make Samuel pay for all that he has done.  They are going back to London to find him and kill him.

The movie ends.

The Vampire Diaries are an excellent and very popular vampire series. The Ripper is, in my opinion, one of the best books in the saga. It is very well written.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of The Vampire Diaries – The Ripper.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland

The Breathing Ghosts – Book Review


Dear Vampire Horror Readers,

This week I’ve had the pleasure to review another new author’s book. I’ve enjoyed reading, The Breathing Ghosts, by author, Eleanor Keane.

This adult, vampire novel begins with a gripping prologue that takes place in Hartnell Village, Massachusetts, New England in 1692.

The seven year old, bright red haired, young girl, named Angelica, is being incarcerated, and tortured by the Puritan, Joshua Hartnell.  She has been beaten and is bloody due to being detained brutally while awaiting the same fate that her mother and sister suffered – being drowned in the dunking chair and buried in a shallow grave.

As she sits in the chair, awaiting her murder, she hallucinates and thinks a young girl, with a brilliant blue, large sapphire, wearing a Puritan dress, is talking to her and bits her on the neck. The battered and bloody Angelica asks, “Are you the devil?”

As she hallucinates, she recalls digging up her mother and sister in their shallow graves only days ago and reburying them under an apple tree in their family garden. She watered the earth with her flood of tears as she performed the gruesome task of love.

Soon, she is forced to the dunking stool. She undergoes testing for the crime of witchcraft just like her mom and sister, while the villagers watched and clung to their bibles and crucifixes.

As Angelica is strapped in the drowning chair, her two puncture wounds in her neck from the little girl in the detritus are visible. “You are to endure the punishment of floating for the crime of witchcraft,” said the Puritan butcher, Joshua Hartnell.

As Angelica was falsely tested for witchcraft, like her mother and sister, she vowed as she was being wrongly drowned, “I will have my vengeance on you and your kindred!”

After suffering the barbaric, lethal test, like her mother and sister, the butcher removed the deceased Angelica from her drowning chair. The little girl appeared.  She magically put a gold coin in the butcher’s throat which choked him. He died that moment.

The girl sat on the ground next to the drowned, Angelica.

She waited – and waited.

The Breathing Ghosts on Kindle by Author Eleanor Keane

The Breathing Ghosts on Kindle, by author, Eleanor Keane

Suddenly, Angelica began to cough as she came to live.

The little girl is a magic vampire. She bit Angelica back in the detritus and turned Angelica into a vampire.

The story switches to London: Early September in a graveyard.

The novel’s protagonists, Rowan Oakwood is talking to her parents graves. Thomas William Oakwood and May Rose Oakwood both died together on August 30, 1994, when Rowan was an infant. Rowan is the only vampire hunter in existence.

The magical powers of a vampire hunter have been passed down through the Oakwood men to her. She has the magical mark on her forehead. It is a rough circle of dark gold. When she touches it, instantly she has great lethal powers against vampires.

Due to her parents sudden deaths when she was one year old, she lacks the training from them on how to use the power. This makes her vampire hunting even more dangerous.

As she talks to her parent’s graves, she informs them, “Mum-Dad, I’m gay.”

She was raised by her uncle, Gabriel Bruce, the Scotch loving, bookstore owner.  Bruce Books, is sandwiched in between the post office and a Mexican restaurant. Bruce Books specializes in Gothic Literature, especially Vampyre Literature.

In her uncles store, she finds a book, Ye Olde Booke of Vampyres. In it she learns how vampyres are made and about the vampyre brothers, Virgil and Edgar Valvayne of London.

The vampire adventures begin as she meets these vampire brothers as well as their sister, Violet. She also meets a werewolf named Thora, who likes Led Zeppelin. This novel also has many other interesting characters.

Since I am a fan of vampire and werewolf horror, I have numerous favorite scenes in this novel. One large scene is at Valvayne Manor. I thought Percival, the Valvayne Manor butler was an interesting character. The manor reminded me of Collinwood in Dark Shadows except for the addition of a 1920’s figurines jazz band in the main foyer. The description was so explicit, I can picture Valvayne Manor in my mind.

I also liked the ending. There were several twists that were completely unexpected. One scene at the end of the book left me with my chin on the floor, asking, “Why!”

The Breathing Ghosts, by author, Eleanor Keane is a cleaver, well written vampire horror, adult novel. If you are a fan of vampire horror, like me, you will no doubt like this book.

In this vampire novel readers opinion, The Breathing Ghosts by author, Eleanor Keane belongs on the same book shelve as the works of Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer.

It has been a pleasure to read her novel and write a review of it.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland

Twilight Saga: the short second life of bree tanner – Book Review


Dear readers,

I have an Eclipse novella review for you, by author Stephenie Meyer. I hope you enjoy it.

The book begins with the newspaper headline: Seattle Under Siege – Death Toll Rises Again, as Bree, Kevin, and Diego, the newbie vampires are hunting.  They had been given orders by their leader Riley,  “Hunt the dregs- humans that no one will miss.”

the short second life of bree tanner

the short second life of bree tanner

After hunting and exploring the channels around Seattle, they explore a cave. At the cave,  Bree,  and her vampire teen friends accidently move into the sunlight. They are shocked at what they discover. Not only does the sun not hurt them as their leader Riley had indicated, their skin reflects a brilliant rainbow.

Later, back to the group, Riley is yelling at all of the newbies about their stupidity.  “You are fighting and killing yourselves. We must unite. We have an enemy that we must defeat.”

After Riley’s speech, to prepare the naive newbies for the unknowing battle, they all hunt together.  They swarm and attack a large ferry-boat out of Canada. They massacre the humans and sink the boat. This prepares them for the battle that is before them.

To further prepare them, Riley tells them a lie about the sun, which they don’t believe. It only makes the group more suspicious of Riley.

Later, during the vampire, werewolf battle, that involves the newbies, the Cullens, and Jacob, Leah, and Sam, the Volturi show up.

All of the Twilight fans, including myself, know how the battle ends.


The short second life of bree tanner is more of the inside  plot in Eclipse about Riley and the army of newbies that Victoria created to carry out her revenge on Edward Cullen for killing her mate, James.  For revenge, she wants to kill Edward’s girlfriend, Bella.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of – the short second life of bree tanner, by author, Stephenie Meyer.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland

The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle


Dear SciFi Horror Readers,

The Vampire Diaries - The Struggle

The Vampire Diaries – The Struggle

I have a vampire book review for you. The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle, by writer L. J. Smith, is an easy read about a group of teenage vampire friends in high school.

The book begins with a verbal fight in a cemetery between the mortal, Elena and Damon, the very powerful vampire. During the strong conversation on November first; Damon informs Elena that he killed his vampire brother, Stefan the previous night.

We learn later in the book that a teacher, Mr. Tanner was also murdered recently. His body was found without any blood.

Throughout the book, Elena enjoys writing in her diary. We learn about her feelings for Stefan in her writings.

My favorite scenes in this book were the creepy scenes at the cemeteries and the old Francher place. I also like  the very powerful vampire, Damon.

The ending was both thrilling and typical for a vampire book.

If you like scifi horror, like me, The Vampire Diaries is  a fun series. They only take a couple of hours each to read and enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle.  This is one of my favorite vampire series’.

Until we chat again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A. Ireland

Goosebumps: Escape From HorrorLand – Book Review


Dear scifi horror fans,

I have a fun, easy-read book review from R. L. Stine for you; HorrorLand is a creepy story about a group of young teenagers at a spooky amusement park that get more than they paid for.

Goosebumps - Escape from HorrorLand

Goosebumps – Escape From HorrorLand

The story begins with the protagonists’ of the book, Lizzy and Luke Morris. They are at HorrorLand with a group of friends.  The group goes into a house of mirrors. They walk through a mirror and enter Panic Park.

Once inside panic park, they discover that panic park was closed on July 12 1974 by city officials and torn down due to many visitor deaths within the park. They wonder if they have traveled back in time as Julie takes a picture of them. In the picture, the Ghoul Crossing sign is visible but they are not.

In Panic Park they encounter many rides. The Tunnel of Hate and The Midnight Maze are two of the adventures they face.

My personal favorite ride was pirate ship in The Midnight Maze. “It’s always midnight in the midnight maze,” said Captain Ben, the pirate ship captain.

My favorite part of the book was  the dead, skeletal pirates on the ship and their fight with Luke and Lizzy.

As the group of friends thought they were exiting Panic Park, they met Karloff Mennis. He wanted a favor from them…

The book ends.

The Goosebumps series is an easy, fun group of spooky books to read. They only take an hour or two each to read.  R. L. Stine does a nice job writing them.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Goosebumps – Escape from HorrorLand.

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland

House of Night: Dragon’s Oath – Book Review


Dear Science Fiction Horror Readers,

I just finished reading a fantasy horror novella that I thought was very good. Dragon’s Oath is a horror story about vampyres with magical powers.

The book begins in present day Oklahoma in a tragic scene where Anastasia, the magical vampyre, has fallen. Dragon Lankford thinks his love is dead. She spellbound a message in a locket for him, “…remember your oath, to temper strength with mercy…”

House of Night: Dragon's Oath

House of Night: Dragon’s Oath

The scene switches to England – 1830, as Bryan ( Dragon) Lankford is cast out of his father’s home for his never ending mischief. Bryan’s father, Earl of Lankford, casts him out and sends him to the seaport to sail on a ship to America.

While waiting on the dock, he meets Shaw, the vampire. Shaw is a black cloaked, Nyx’s Tracker from the Tower Grove House of Night.  He is a Son of Erebus Warrior. Shaw’s ship is the Ship of Night, a black dragon.

Dragon Lankford learns after meeting Shaw and discovering his vampyre nature, that he has begun a process that is irreversible.  He has fours to completely transform into a full vampyre or die.

We return to  Anastasia, the vampyre and spell maker, at Tower Grove- School.  She attempts a drawing spell to end her unhealthy infatuation with Dragon Lankford. In her spell she draws Dragon and a very big bear, by accident.

At the time of the spell, Dragon is in a jail in St. Louis Missouri. Sheriff Jesse Biddle has him locked up.

Anastasia draws him to the school. During a council meeting, Dragon is ordered back to St. Louis to keep the peace. Anastasia is ordered to cast the spell to send him back.

In an exciting finish to this book, the spell that Anastasia casts goes terribly wrong…

This was an easy fantasy horror novella to read. Due to my love of vampire stories, the brief segment about Shaw, the vampyre, was my favorite part. This book dealt more with the Tower Grove magic school instead of the vampire side of the story.

House of Night: Dragon’s Oath is a nice fantasy/horror book that is easy to read and follow. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you like my review.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path,”

J. A. Ireland

The Demonata Series: Death’s Shadow – Book Review


Dear Science Fiction Horror Readers;

I just finished another very enjoyable science fiction horror book that I want to tell you about. The book is The Demonata Series; Death’s Shadow, by author Darren Shan.

The Demonata Series-  Death's Shadow

The Demonata Series- Death’s Shadow

If you like books about demons from a demon world that creep into our world briefly and do mass killings, this is a great book.

The main characters, Beranabus, Sharmila, Kirilli, Dervish, and the protagonists Bec, battle werewolves and countless demons, sent by Lord Loss from Demonata, the demon world, to steal the precious piece of Kah-Gash that Bec possesses.

One of my favorite parts was the early scenes where Sharmila(Shark), Meera, Dervish, and Bec, battle the mutated werewolves. That was when Dervish had his first heart attack.

My other favorite long scene was at the hospital when the group battled numerous demons, sent by Lord Loss to capture Bec and steal his gift.

Death’s Shadow is easy to read with a good plot. For true SciFi horror fans, like me, this book is an easy, fun read.

I hope you liked my review.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland