The Melá-Jutis — The LyBeqt Bank Heist **Comics Review**


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LyBeqt  Bank

The LyBeqt Bank Heist

My  comic strip spin-off  from my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases Series is  called; The Melá-Jutis — The LyBeqt Bank Heist.

In this comic I have a bank robbery in LyBeqt, in the wet lands. The Melá-Jutis, Detective Maxx Zeqster, saves the day.

The Melá-Jutis — The LyBeqt Bank Heist is available free on the side panel of  my blog. Simply click on the link and enjoy the comic.

I hope you enjoy me free comic, flash fiction.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland

The Melá-Jutis — The LyBeqt Bank Heist


The LyBeqt Bank Heist — J.A.  Cartoon

LyBeqt  Bank

LyBeqt Bank- Their next job

The group of outlaws drove along the mystical swampy roads in their stolen jeep toward LyBeqt.  “What’s the next job boss?” asked Uy Llijc, the leader of the Joqzonions as he gazed at the never-ending swampland.

The enchanted marshland stretched for miles in all directions as one of the Gang of Five drove the stolen jeep along the muddy, pot-hole filled dirt road, with the outlaw group riding bumpily. “Ha! Watch the pot-holes!” said one of the Joqzonions as he bounced.

Magical Swamp in the Wet Lands

Magical Swamp in the Wet Lands that the Gang drove by on route to LyBeqt Bank

Mustler, the mutant leader of the gang of five replied, “Our next target is the LyBeqt Bank. I intercepted a coded message an hour ago that said an armored truck delivered one hundred million Myluxs to that bank. The money will only be resting in that banks vault for a few hours before it’s shipped to Guytic City Bank.”  He bounced due to another large pot-hole. “We’re going to pull off a bank heist and collect a one hundred million Mylux payday.”

Everyone in the bouncing jeep laughed.  “That’s brilliant boss,” said a Joqzonion as he laughed.

“I can taste that delicious money,” said another as he laughed, “I can feel it in my hands.”

They continued on the bumpy road toward LyBeqt, in the swampland of Meslerr Territory.

“LyBeqt is just up ahead, boss,” said the gang of five member, as he drove the stolen jeep.

Spectacular Wet Lands Waterfall

Spectacular Wet Lands Waterfall on route to LyBeqt

Mustler looked at his watch. “We have just enough time to collect our big pay-day before the money is moved again.”  He laughed crazily. “Ha!…HaaHa!..Haa!”

A short time later:

Mustler and his gang of villains drove into the rear parking lot of the LyBeqt Bank and parked. “Grab your guns and follow me,” said Mustler, the super-genius mutant, genetically engineered in Qashlet Lab.

“You heard the boss, grab your guns and let’s go. We have a bank to rob while our Myluxs are sitting pretty in that vault,” said Uy Llijc, the leader of the alien Joqzonions, from the planet Joqzon, as they jumped out of the jeep.

“The guards think the bank is so well protected that no one would dare to rob it. I laughed when I read that part of the message, after I easily decoded it,” said Mustler as the outlaw group walked around the bank.

With their stolen, automatic weapons, they approached the front entrance. “Everyone ready?” asked Mustler.

A Gang Member with Semi-Automatic Weapon

A Gang Member with Semi-Automatic Weapon

“Ready boss,” said a member of the gang of five.

“Let’s get our money,” said Mustler.

A Joqzonion opened the bank door. With a blaze of automatic weapon fire, the criminal group entered the customer-free bank.  Immediately, the officers that were guarding the bank returned fire.

“Get them!” said Uy Llijc.

The Joqzonions opened fire on the guards. “BOOM!…BOOM!….BOOM!” sounded the automatic weapons.

Perseuing Gun Fire

Police and Gangster Gun Fire

“BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” sounded the police weapons and the automatic weapons of the gang of robbers.

Mustler said, “Through there!”  He pointed. “Our money’s in there! Shoot open the door!”

“BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” As the gun battle continued, Mustler’s followers shot the lock on the poorly designed, small bank vault door. “Open it,”  said Mustler.

The Joqzonion followers opened the damaged vault door. They hurried inside as, “BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” the gun fight continued.

“Ah!…,” shouted a police officer as he collapses due to taking a bullet in the leg.

“BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” Several minutes later, as the gunfire continued,  Mustler and his group came out of the vault while carrying numerous bags full of Myluxs.  “BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” the gun fight continued.

“Ah!…I’m hit,” cried another officer as he collapsed onto the bank floor.

“We’ve got the loot. Let’s go,” said Mustler.

Bank Robbers with Money

Bank Robbers with Money

“BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” continued as the outlaws exited the bank unharmed and hurried to their jeep while returning fire.

“BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” the gunfight continued as the group climbed on board their stolen jeep. “Drive,” said Mustler to his gang member.

The gang of five member quickly started the motor  and hurried away as the police continued with their poorly aimed gun fire. “Their getting away,” yelled the officer, “Let them have it.”  “BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,”.

As the escaping gang drove away, they drove next to the nearby waterway. “We got away. Look at all of this money,” said a Joqzonion follower.

What the Gangsters thought was attacking them

The Swamp Monster the Gangsters first  thought was attacking them!

Suddenly, in a flash, a giant dark blue and green creature came flying out of the swamp water. The super-fast moving green and blue streak approached the jeep full of outlaws. With enchanted, magical strength, he grabbed the driver of the jeep and hurled him into the water.

“It’s The Melá-Jutis!” said Uy Llijc, the Joqzonion leader, “Shoot him!”

While forgetting the money, Mustler, and his gang, and Uy Llijc along with some of his Joqzonion followers quickly and frantically fled, as the remaining, foolish Joqzonions fought The Melá-Jutis.

As the remaining gang of robbers shot their automatic weapons wildly, “BOOM!…BANG!…BANG!…BOOM!…,” using his magical, super-speed,  The Melá-Jutis  quickly attacked while dodging the flying bullets.  “Ah!…Uh!…Ahu!…” they cried as The Melá-Jutis  disabled them one by one.  As the fight at the jeep raged, the escaping villains were hurrying through the marshland farther and farther away.

Detective Maxx Zeqster is "The Melá-Jutis!"

Detective Maxx Zeqster is “The Melá-Jutis!”

The group of guards quickly arrived at the jeep. “Arrest them,” said the security guard chief. The officers quickly arrested the remaining, overpowered  robbers.

The Chief said to The Melá-Jutis, “Some of the crooks got away, but you saved the money,” said the Chief, “They were all getting away until you came out of the water.  You saved the day and the money.”

Maxx Zeqster smiled as he said, “I’m glad I was able to help. Sorry I didn’t get here sooner, the coding on your message was difficult to decrypt. From the looks of things, these robbers deciphered  it quicker  than I did. At least I got here soon enough to save the money, even though most of the criminals got away.”

“We’ll handle it from here,” said the Chief, “Thanks for the help.”   He looked at the towering Seslean man with green goggles and green cape, with his bark blue water suit. He smiled as he said, “I must admit, I didn’t believe the stories.  You’re The Melá-Jutis.”

Maxx Zeqster smiled. “Yes officer, I am The Melá-Jutis. I’m here to fight for Sesla, and her planet, and her citizens.”

As the captured Joqzonions and the police officers stood in amazement, in a flash of super-speed, The Melá-Jutis  leaped into the water. Using his magical, sea doxer enhanced powers, he swam underwater  like a super sea doxer. He was gone.

“Well I’ll be,” said one of the officers, “I didn’t believe the stories either. That was The Melá-Jutis.

“Let’s get these Joqzonions to jail and the money back in the bank. The transfer truck will be here before long,” said the Chief.

Police Jail in LyBeqt

Police Jail in LyBeqt

As the captured Joqzonions resisted, several officers shoved them to their police cars.

Other officers carried the money back into the vault.  “I can’t believe we actually saw The Melá-Jutis,” said the surprised officer as they returned the money to the vault.

The money safely in LyBeqt Bank again

The money safely in LyBeqt Bank again

“We were lucky The Melá-Jutis showed up when he did. The robbers were getting away with this money,” said another guard.

As the guards replaced the money, the other officers speeded away toward the LyBeqt Police jail in their police cars.

The End

I hope you have enjoyed reading my  Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases Toon — The LyBeqt Bank Heist.

I hope you will read and enjoy more of my work.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path!

J. A. Ireland