J.A. Ireland – Icon on Sesla


Dear readers,

When I wrote The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice, I envisioned a powerhouse writing personality in Kinkorx. I wanted someone who was established. A powerful coterie personality in the desert.  A newspaper columnists, science writer, and sports announcer.

J.A. Ireland the writer on Sesla

J.A. Ireland the writer on Sesla

I created this successful, well-known prodigy, to be a media phenomenon and dynamo writer.  He lives  in Kinkorx—the largest city in the desert of Sesla. He is genetically a Miflixx-Coterie. The average of Sesla.

He is a writer and a blogger, with a family. His office is in a high-rise building in downtown Kinkorx. I gave him the name on Sesla, J.A. Ireland, as well. He writes a column for several daily newspapers as well as a monthly science report; The Visqaser Report. He is the most powerful writer in the desert.

J.A. is also a prominent mesnuk announcer in Kinkorx. Mesnuk is the global sport on Sesla.

I use J.A. regularly in my books to increase the authenticity of the event or report. If the event, mesnuk game, or story is big enough for J.A. Ireland to report or announce it—it’s a Big event.

In a posting from this blog, Sesla…The Enchanted Planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy, I used J.A. to tell that entire description about Sesla, her topography, and her beloved coteries. Here is a brief excerpt from that lengthy article:


Desert Scenery View From Kinkorx

Desert Scenery View From Kinkorx

My name is J.A. Ireland. I am a Seslean of the Miflixx-Coterie clan. I live in beautiful downtown Kinkorx with my family. I am a professional writer. My office is on the 12th floor of the beautiful Grexenn Building, also in downtown Kinkorx. From my large, windowed, high-rise office, I enjoy a spectacular view of the morning sunrise over the multicolored desert. The view from my office desk, with my morning tea, is breathtaking. My office is near The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. I can see the spectacular structure from my window. This is the home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares, our professional mesnuk team.

Kinkorx is a bustling and beautiful, magical desert city. She is the delight of Xcuymir Territory. Xcuymir Territory is one of the mysterious and breathtaking territories of the desert region on Sesla.

Kinkorx Desert Flowers

Kinkorx Desert Flowers

I would like to tell you about the mystical planet; Sesla. I would also like to tell you about her beloved coteries. I will begin by sharing a secret with you. Before time was measured, when the Croster Slux Solar System formed, the Whirlpool Galaxy gave the sun the task of naming the planets. The fifth planet in the solar system balked at this absurd idea. She wanted to choose her own name. The sun, of course, did not agree. The very bold fifth planet stood her ground. Eventually, the sun conceded and gave the planet her wish. She chose the name Sesla, which means “Enchanted Planet” in the Whirlpool Galaxy. It’s a charming name, don’t you think?


Space Tower at Space Tower at Kinkorx Observatory. "Let the Magic Begin!"

Space Tower at Space Tower at Kinkorx Observatory. “Let the Magic Begin!”

I also use J.A. to tell stories about Sesla. If you follow my blog, Sesla is a happening planet with a lot going on. Big things are happening in the desert all the way to the wet lands. And all the way in between.

I use J.A. to report these good and often times very alarming events.

Luckily for J.A.’s friend Detective Maxx Zeqster, there’s plenty of crime as well. Maxx and his partner, Art Nekuma are very good at solving crimes and putting the perpetrators behind bars.

Also if you follow my articles or read my books, you already know we are able to read his articles via the new space tower at Kinkorx Observatory. It is a modern wonder on Sesla. This space tower can transmit a signal all the way from the Whirlpool Galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy at any time through space. Told you it’s a modern wonder.

Who knows what inventions lie ahead in their future? Seslean scientists are brilliant. Perhaps teleportation is in Seslean’s future? Who knows? There’s one thing I’ve learned, on Sesla, anything is possible—with a little help from Sesla herself.

Stay tuned. I’ll share more of my personalities from Sesla…The Enchanted Planet.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Sesla…The Enchanted Planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy


Greetings from Sesla,

My name is J.A. Ireland. I am a Seslean of the Miflixx-Coterie clan. I live in beautiful downtown Kinkorx with my family. I am a professional writer. My office is on the 12th floor of the beautiful Grexenn Building, also in downtown Kinkorx. From my large, windowed, high-rise office, I enjoy a spectacular view of the morning sunrise over the multicolored desert. The view from my office desk, with my morning tea, is breathtaking. My office is near The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. I can see the spectacular structure from my window. This is the home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares, our professional mesnuk team.

Kinkorx is a bustling and beautiful, magical desert city. She is the delight of Xcuymir Territory. Xcuymir Territory is one of the mysterious and breathtaking territories of the desert region on Sesla.

Kinkorx Desert Flowers

               Kinkorx Desert Flowers

I would like to tell you about the mystical planet; Sesla. I would also like to tell you about her beloved coteries. I will begin by sharing a secret with you. Before time was measured, when the Croster Slux Solar System formed, the Whirlpool Galaxy gave the sun the task of naming the planets. The fifth planet in the solar system balked at this absurd idea. She wanted to choose her own name. The sun, of course, did not agree. The very bold fifth planet stood her ground. Eventually, the sun conceded and gave the planet her wish. She chose the name Sesla, which means “Enchanted Planet” in the Whirlpool Galaxy. It’s a charming name, don’t you think?

Sesla is a beautiful, small planet that is part of the Croster Slux Solar System. She is the fifth planet from her sun of twelve undersized planets. These planets all know each other very well, and are close friends. Sesla’s solar system, the Croster Slux Solar System, exists within the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Whirlpool Galaxy

                     Whirlpool Galaxy

The Whirlpool Galaxy, where the Croster Slux Solar System spirals inside and Sesla spirals within it is a bright galaxy. She is much brighter than her friend the Milky Way. The Whirlpool Galaxy is 23.5 million light years away from its neighbor and close friend, the Milky Way. These two galaxies have always had a bond. They are very good friends. The Whirlpool Galaxy is a very friendly galaxy, and it has many other friends in the vast universe as well.

Her other planetary friends in the Croster Slux Solar System all support life. However, their planetary life is much different from the life on Sesla. Sesla’s perfect climate and terrain allows its remarkable citizens to evolve, live, and thrive.

Due to Sesla’s beloved inhabitants, her magical animals and plants, and her diverse regions, she appears to be a happy planet that is teaming with life and personality. On this beautiful and dreamlike planet, the coteries have evolved to be the dominate species because of their adaptability to the hot, dry climate of the deserts, as well as the cooler, damp, rainier climate of the wet lands.

Most of the spectacular residents of this beautiful planet would all agree that Sesla is a mystical planet. Sesla seems to have a character of her own.

Sesla is proud of her beloved coteries, her desert terrain, her seacoast, her seas, and her wet lands. Each spectacular feature on this magnificently beautiful planet has its own exceptional features and unique splendor. She is delighted by and cares immensely for her beloved inhabitants. Her many clans of citizens refer to themselves as coteries. Her beloved coteries form the attractive population of this picturesque planet.

All coteries have attractive leathery skin. Their skin has an alluring appeal. Their pleasing complexion, along with their thick, wavy, flowing hair, adds to their attractive nature.

Sesleans have two arms and hands with five fingers. They have two legs with fin like feet. They have a miniscule dorsal fin that runs down the center of their back. The fin splits at their lumbar, and continues down the back of both of their legs. It is more visible on some coteries and less on others.

They have a sharp row of bone in the entrance to their mouths. This serves them well for biting and tearing of their food, which they then swallow.

Their young hatch from eggs.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The many coteries of Sesla are, by their very nature, a very athletic race. For this reason, their global sport, mesnuk, is extremely popular. Actually, mesnuk is the only sport on Sesla. There are numerous professional mesnuk teams and stadiums positioned throughout our planet. Almost every school and town has its own mesnuk team and field.

Mesnuk is a very simple, fast-paced team sport that young coteries learn and play during childhood. Competitions begin during youth and go to the professional level. Mesnuk is simple with full contact. There are two separate seasons in the sport of mesnuk. The first is “The Set of Games,” followed by “It’s the Rallies.” The winner of “It’s the Rallies” is the Sesla Mesnuk Champion. In the sport of mesnuk, there have never been pads allowed, and there never will be. The sport is simple and brutal.

Sesla’s very proud and spectacular citizens have evolved to permit walking upright and the wearing of very fashionable clothing. They are educated at many different universities, some more prestigious than others. Some become judges and law enforcement personnel, while others choose to be astronomers, aviators, doctors, and scientists, just to name a few. Others prefer different forms of employment that allow for lesser levels of education. There is no end to the different professions on Sesla.

The clans of Sesla group into different coteries. In the desert territories, the residents are the Razion-Coterie, KyMox-Coterie, Miflixx-Coterie, and the Pirtt-Coterie. The Razions are the highest status and the tallest, while the Pirtts are the lowest status and the shortest. The others fall in between. Joyously for the Razions, they are the tallest coteries on Sesla. Unfortunately, for the Pirtts, they are the lowest, in both status and height of the coteries on Sesla.

In the desert territories, the Joxel is the financial currency.

Sesla’s desert terrain has its own unique beauty. The natural beauty of this area is picturesque. The desert offers unlimited ancient and unusual colored stone formations, as well as a multitude of natural desert flowers that add to the scenic beauty. The multicolored sand adds to the picturesque splendor of the vast, ancient, unchanging desert.

Sunset on Sesla Desert

One Spectacular Sunset on Sesla in the Desert

Her desert sunsets are also quite spectacular. The sky seems to light up with majestic colors as her sun sets. Due to the picturesque desert views, many artists through the centuries have taken great pleasure in painting her alluring desert landscape. The picturesque views of this magical and mystical desert are infinite.

The desert terrain also offers hills and valleys, beautifully breathtaking canyons, along with other rolling picturesque desert topography. The desert terrain is teaming with an abundance of enchanted plants and animals. Many of the captivating and mystical desert plants have beautiful, fragrant flowers.

Many of Sesla’s beloved coteries live in the desert climate. They are more comfortable in the very dry, desert climates. These inhabitants prefer living in the beautiful, scenic, desert topography with all of its spectacular colors. The alluring mystery of the ancient stone formations, along with different colored desert sand, is pleasing to them. These coteries seem to enjoy the many varieties of aromatic, flowering plant life in the desert. They seem to appreciate the absence of rain that characterizes the very hot and dry desert terrain on Sesla.

The buildings in the desert are not as impressive as the wet land buildings, but they are still very beautiful. Many desert structures are older stone and bricks structures. Many of the desert residents use adobe bricks with stucco to build their homes and structures.

The residents with more Joxels have also constructed lavish stone fronts and spectacular stone columns on their buildings.

The two largest and most majestic desert cities are Kinkorx and Wyluxx City. They are both very vibrant desert cities that offer much splendor and lifestyle opportunities for their coteries. The desert coteries that built these cities have also used advanced architecture in their designs. They built these weather resistant structures using ancient desert stones as well as adobe bricks and stucco fillers. The magnificently crafted stone columns that grace the front of many businesses in the desert cities are stunning to view. The skill that is required to create these artistic column fronts and other stonework is considerable.

The most advanced and astonishing structure in Kinkorx is The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. With its state of the art enclosed design, it is the pride of Kinkorx. The Kinkorx Horned Hares have the pleasure of calling this incredibly designed and built mesnuk stadium their home.

Wyluxx City enjoys its own mesnuk stadium. The exciting Wyluxx City Stadium is a tribute to the ingenuity of the Wyluxx City engineers and builders. The Wyluxx City Generals enjoy calling this mesnuk stadium their home.

The desert coteries have also built many other beautiful and extraordinary homes and businesses in several other rural cities in the desert territories.

The care that these coteries take in their landscape work is equally inspiring. The many homes and businesses in this climate reflect this ingenuity.

                    Mystical Sesla Sea

The many roadside parks in the desert territories also display these talents. When driving along the many well-maintained desert roads, there are numerous lavishly designed pullovers. They are for resting, as well as enjoyable viewing and painting.

In the seaport territory, the residents are the Iinzler-Coteries. The Iinzlers are the native coteries of the seaport. They are the merchants and boat owners, as well as landowners. The Iinzlers mostly own and operate their charming little fishing and resort town. There are exceptions to that rule, but they are few. The Iinzlers are of reasonable status due to their business skills and average height. They tend to be very intolerant with their non-native renters and visitors. They are an impatient and unforgiving group of coteries.

In the seaport territory, both the Joxel and the Mylux are accepted currencies.

Sesla’s seacoast features a popular, quaint, fishing village named Tos-Xiron. With her beaches, waterways, and beautiful parks, it is a remarkable sight. Many of Sesla’s beloved coteries have made this seaport their home.

Tos-Xiron is the only town on Sesla’s sea and the only seaport. Each day, many of her beloved coteries make their living fishing Sesla’s magical and mysterious waters from this charming seaport.

The coteries of Tos-Xiron enjoy mesnuk at their own stadium. Jyitsen Stadium is the home of the Tos-Xiron Doxers. The Mighty Doxers have yet to win a Sesla Mesnuk Championship. Actually, they never seem to go very far in “It’s the Rallies.”

Builders constructed Tos-Xiron partly on both Sesla’s land and sea. This charming fishing village is nestled south of both the wet land territories and the desert territories. It lies on the Sesla Sea between the two contrasting areas of this inspiring and intriguing planet.

Due to Tos-Xiron’s midpoint location, it not only draws its own coteries, the Iinzlers, but others Sesleans as well. Tos-Xiron’s buildings and structures reflect the mixed cultures of the Iinzlers, as well as all of Sesla’s other coteries.

Builders constructed many of her charming homes and businesses using adobe bricks and finished with a stucco exterior, other structures have stone fronts. These buildings seem to exist on the beautiful, multi-colored sandy terrain.

There are also numerous homes and businesses that are constructed directly on the Sesla Sea. These buildings are brilliantly designed and built in a variety of ways to accommodate their watery foundations. Many of these homes float on floating supports, while others are constructed on stilts.

There is also a vast amount of boardwalks in Tos-Xiron. The numerous walkways accommodate the local residents, as well as the many tourists that wish to enjoy a day on the waterfront.

There is a main harbor with numerous boats docked seemingly everywhere. Residents also own many types of watercraft on other areas of Sesla’s seas, waterfronts, lakes, and streams.

One Variety of  the Deadly Sea Doxer

Sesla’s seas are not only beautiful and mystical they are teaming with marine life. Her magical seas have a variety of native fish as well as its very own predator. The sea doxer is the unchallenged, dominating predator species that lives and thrives in Sesla’s vast oceans. The doxer has existed since the beginning of Sesla herself.

The doxer is a fanged, sea creature that lays eggs to reproduce. It has two pectoral fins for steering, and a tail fin for forward motion. Many species also have a large webbed dorsal fin that begins at the doxer’s forehead just above its two eyes, and runs along its back, all the way to its tail fin and is somewhat elongated. The dorsal fin is sharp and ridged. There are several varieties of doxers living in the Sesla seas.

The doxer has a sharp row of bone in the entrance of its powerful mouth for cutting and tearing of its food, which it swallows; some species have fangs.

The doxer is equipped with two venomous weapons that quickly subdue its attacker or prey. The first is its saliva. The doxer’s salivary glands secrete a solution consisting of enzymes, mucus, protein, water, and poison when biting. The second venomous weapon is the ridged, very sharp, dorsal fin. The doxer’s dorsal fin is hollow, and serves as a series of hypodermic needles to deliver the same type of poison as found in its saliva to fight off its attacker. Once the attacker or prey is bitten, pricked, or scratched, the poison’s effects quickly result.

Reactions to the doxer’s venom may vary. If a foolish or unfortunate Seslean, or sea creature, is poisoned, sometimes the poisoning only results in a simple rash or fever, for the lucky ones. For the numerous Sesleans and sea creatures that have engaged the doxer, or have been attacked by the doxer, whether accidentally, foolishly, or as prey, the resulting illness is doxer fever.

Dunjyn Asylum in Wyluxx City

Dunjyn Asylum in Wyluxx City

Doxer fever is widespread throughout Sesla. It sometimes causes a paralysis, but usually causes a psychosis that includes prolonged bewilderment, mania with delusions, hallucinations, incoherence, and distorted perceptions of reality. The worst cases of doxer fever exhibit these mental illnesses, as well sometimes very alarming, frightening, and horrifying mutations. There are several mental hospitals and asylums on Sesla that attempt to treat and accommodate the worst cases of doxer fever. The prisons on Sesla are also plagued with criminals that are nothing more than doxer fever victims that turned to crime.

In the wet lands, the residents are the Qirdotz-Coterie and the Zepler-Coterie. The Qirdotzs are the more prominent and the best-educated coteries on Sesla. They are also the best athletics. With all of this going for them, over time they have adopted a very arrogant, self-righteous, and even snobby attitude. Their sharp, condescending manner makes them very difficult to associate with in social and work environments. The Zepler are the taller of the two coteries. They enjoy their own prominence as well. They are simply not equal to their wet lands neighbors, the Qirdotzs.

In the wet lands territories, the Mylux is the financial currency. Mylux are worth more than Joxels by 15 percent.

Sesla’s wet lands consist of picturesque hills and valleys, spectacular waterfalls, rolling countryside, abundant woodlands, farmlands, marshes, bogs, swamps, and waterways. The wet lands are teaming with enchanted plants and animals.

Sesla provides a considerable amount of rainfall for the dreamlike plants and animals, as well as coteries in the wet lands.

Many of Sesla’s beloved coteries are in the wet lands. They prefer the very marshy, boggy, waterways of the wet lands. In addition, many coteries enjoy the fertile farmlands there as well. They seem to prefer the cooler, damper, rainier weather in this area. They also seem to appreciate the abundant aquatic plant life and creatures that the wet lands offer.

Qashlet Lab is hidden within the swamp.

Qashlet Lab is in the Wet Lands. What are Dr. Rewqust and his Mad  Scientists up to now?

The Qirdotz-Coteries thrive in the wet lands, and are a very brilliant and influential clan. They are the best and brightest, and their wet lands architecture reflects it. They are the dominant species.

The Zepler-Coteries also reside in the wet lands. They are less intelligent and educated than their Qirdotzs neighbors. However, they are also part of Sesla’s upper class.

Sesla’s wet lands residents are better educated and have more prestigious occupations than the desert and seas dwellers. The area highlights these advantages.

The wet lands also feature beautifully constructed cities. The Qirdotzs largely created these works of art.

The two most beautifully impressive and best-loved cities in the wet lands are Guytic City and Kvyutt. These two magnificent cities are the pride of the wet lands. Their marvelously designed buildings are simply brilliant. The creative architectural design that the Qirdotzs used to build the magnificent buildings in these two cities is incredible.

Guytic City also boasts its own very impressively designed and constructed mesnuk stadium. Qashlet Stadium is the home of the Guytic City Fighting Tobacco Farmers. Many Sesleans refer to them as simply the Tobaccos. The Tobaccos have won the Sesla Mesnuk Championship many times.

Kvyutt contains its own professional mesnuk stadium. The Kvyutt Travelers call the Kvyutt Stadium their home. The travelers do not enjoy the same success as the Sesla Champion Tobaccos or their extravagant home stadium.

The wet lands have an abundance of magnificent and creative buildings and roads. There seems to be no end to the wet lander’s design ideas in these towns and cities. The buildings and roads accommodate their unique water climate. Many of them float on the water or are on stilts above water.

There are also many other impressive cities and towns in the wet lands regions that reflect the many influences of the Qirdotz-Coterie. The other unique towns have their own special structures depending on how much water there is in their community.

There seems to be no limit to what the clever and smart Sesleans of the wet lands can conceive and build.

Sesla’s roads throughout the territories are also an engineering marvel. The inhabitants of Sesla are very good at building and maintaining splendid thoroughfares. The different territories on this friendly planet enjoy a series of well-constructed, well-maintained motorways. The highways are not excessive. They are adequate for their needs. Due to the superb road system, the most popular way for Sesleans to travel from city to city is by vehicle. Vehicles are very popular on Sesla, and their diversity is numerous.

Sesla also features a daily aircraft transport system that connects the natives of this beautiful intriguing planet together. Each day, numerous cargo planes fly back and forth from city to city, carrying cargo items. The trade on Sesla is extensive. The cargo planes also carry a limited number of passengers as they commute.

Sesla’s territories have their own government, as well as their own laws. Each territory has their elected officials, as well as their own court system, which enforces their laws. Sometimes these different regional laws can cause controversy and arguments between the territories.

Detective Maxx Zeqster's Private Detective Badge

Detective Maxx Zeqster’s Private Detective Badge

Sesleans engage in many different types of activities. In fact, the residents of Sesla do just about anything that you can think of. They even break the territory laws.

When the local law enforcement authorities are unable to effectively deal with the local crime and criminals, the coteries of Sesla call their own private detectives.

After introducing you to Sesla; our beloved and enchanted planet, this article would not be complete with mentioning my friend and from my POV the best detective on Sesla. I’m referring to Maxx Zeqster, of course. He’s my life long friend and the protagonists of my series; Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases. As I write more stories about Sesla, I’ll tell you more about him. Thanks for reading. Ja.

Maxx Zeqster Giveaway


Dear fantasy fiction fans,

My entire life, I have dreamed of being a writer. I believe God blessed me with the writing ability from birth. One night two years ago, I pursued that dream. I created Sesla—the fantasy planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy, along with Maxx Zeqster. Since that sleepless night, my ideas and writings have grown into seven books and three blogs.

The Unthinkable Duo of Justice is my first novel. This book begins the Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series. Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, Detective Maxx Zeqster, Arthor Nekuma, and other characters are introduced.

Free Today Only on Kindle

Free Today Only on Kindle

The fantasy adventure begins; as Maxx is in deep despair. Recently he was forced to resign a prestigious job as a territory detective. Shortly afterward, his first case as a freelance detective proves disastrous. He interferes in Police Chief Zog Morxoc’s sand trafficking investigation. The result of his evidence tampering; Judge Lykun released the sand runner that was captured during Morxoc’s investigation. The resulting media coverage was crippling to Maxx’s career.

When Art Nekuma enters the story, he’s having his own problems. Soon, he’s fired from a job as janitor at Wyluxx City High School. In desperation, he barges into Maxx’s next case.

While using his extraordinary undercover skills, Art helps Maxx break a case that has been unsolvable for the local authorities. The resulting media coverage propels the Maxx Zeqster Detective Agency to the cover story of all news media on Sesla. Maxx and Art become The Unthinkable Duo of Justice.

Today only, I’m offering my novel, The Unthinkable Duo of Justice, for free downloads on Kindle. My giveaway ends at midnight—don’t delay. Click on the cover—then click to download onto your Kindle device.

If you except my offer and take a free download, after reading the novel, please submit a brief review on Kindle. The review section is below where you downloaded. Click on my book cover again, if you like, to get back to that page.

Thank you for reading my blogs. I hope you will download my novel and discover Sesla—my fantasy planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Zog Morxoc — Crime Lord in Kinkorx


Dear SciFi fans,

When I began writing Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, I wanted a hero. In order to have a hero. I also needed a villain. I decided I needed many villains.

In The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice my main villain is the powerful crime lord, Zog Morxoc. Here’s an excerpt from my novel to give you a taste of his character. It’s Childs’ Day at Kinkorx Police Station:

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

Xcuymir Sheriff Department

The child’s ball sailed into Chief Zog Morxoc’s office and struck him in the head for a third time. He exploded. “Does my head look like a backboard to you, kid?” Morxoc, the KyMox-Coterie, yelled loudly while exploding. “Keep your ball out of my office! I’m trying to get some work done!”

He had managed to keep his temper in check until this incident. His stomach was erupting and his head throbbed. He quickly downed more of his prescription medication as his symptoms raged. He was having a really, bad day.

Each year, at the Kinkorx Police Department, a division of Xcuymir Sheriff Department, there’s a tradition: Bring your child to work day, “Child Day.” The children always seem to love this day. They get to accompany their parents to work and hang out with them all day. They even get to participate in minor police work. They especially enjoy the all-day snack buffet. Child Day is a fun day for the kids.

Child Day is a bit different for the adults. The employees of the Kinkorx Police Station must watch what they say and do on Child Day. They must also maintain the cleanliness of the normally filthy, smoky, main work area. The day requires a high level of patience. That’s something Chief Morxoc, a KyMox-Coterie, is sadly lacking. As always, on this Child Day, Chief Morxoc is quickly losing his grip.

When Chief Morxoc yelled at the first child, Lieutenant Aqe Neuyh knew it was time. He walked swiftly into the Chief’s office and ran interference for the young boy. “You didn’t mean any harm, did you kid?”

The boy stood there petrified while shaking his head, no.

“Take your ball into the other room and play,” Neuyh said.

The child followed the orders of the Lieutenant and quickly exited the room. Lieutenant Neuyh smirked at his boss. “We’ve done well so far, Chief. We don’t have long to go,” he chuckled coyly. “We KyMoxs aren’t known for our patience. I think we’ve handled today very well, don’t you?”

Zog Morxoc scowled at the Lieutenant. “Who are you calling impatient?” He was attempting to regain control of his temper and his rampaging head and stomach. “I’ll be glad when these kids are gone.”

“So will I,” Lieutenant Neuyh added as he started to exit the chief’s office. Just then, another ball flew through the door past Lieutenant Neuyh and hit Chief Morxoc in the face. His temper erupted again. With the Lieutenant standing next to his office door, he raced out of his office and into the main area. He started yelling at the guilty youth, “I told you kids to—”

“Chief!” Police Officer Jitta ReFrex shouted while sitting at her desk in the main room. She interrupted her boss’s verbal assault on the child. “It’s our responsibility to be nice to these children.”

Morxoc silenced his tongue as his anger continued. He glared angrily at the guilty kids for a brief moment. He turned to Officer ReFrex and stared angrily at her for a moment while holding back his temper. He slowly went back to his small office and closed his door. Morxoc returned to his messy desk. “I can’t take much more of this.”

As he fumed, he removed yesterday’s copy of The Bedsult Daily News from his desk drawer while resisting the temptation to remove his prescriptions and take more pills. His fury was beginning to diminish, but his head continued to throb uncontrollably and his acid reflux was attacking his stomach without mercy. The temptation was overwhelming. He wanted to down another pill for his headache and another for his raging stomach.

His doctor prescribed the medications, but it was too soon to take more. His doctor had warned him about his bad habit of overmedicating. The advice his doctor gave him was to reduce his stress level and take less medication. His doctor’s recommendation seemed impractical, considering his line of work.

He had been so distracted by the annoying children that he hadn’t even looked at his newspaper before now. He scanned the pages while attempting to calm his anger. He smiled as he read an article on the second page…


If you read my first novel, The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice, I think you’ll be surprised by the powerful twist in the plot involving Morxoc.

My adventure books all have evil characters. For me, the dark side completes the story; you know, good vs evil.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

The Unthinkable Duo of Sesla


Dear Sesla enthusiasts,

Maxx and Art have an unusual relationship—not only for Sesla but probably anywhere. I would like to further define their circumstances and differences.

One Species of the Deadly Sea Doxer

One Species of the Deadly Sea Doxer

All Sesleans are an evolved fish amphibian species from the enchanted Sesla sea. Like most civilizations, there is a hierarchy—the most prestigious clan down to the lowest clan.

Maxx Zeqster was born a gifted Razion-Coterie—perhaps the most prominent clan on Sesla. He is also a scholar. Having been his class valedictorian at University of Kinkorx further defines his scholastic achievement. Immediately after graduation from the Criminal Justice program at U of K, he was awarded a prestigious job as a detective at Xcuymir Sheriff Department.  With all of his brilliance, he is a flawed coterie—flawed in self-confidence, research, and deduction skills.

Art Nekuma is a Pirtt-Coterie—the lowest clan on Sesla. Added to that disadvantage, his academic achievements are merely average. Despite his educational, financial, and social disadvantages,  he is a very thorough planner and a gifted researcher. As Maxx Zeqster said while speaking with Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the horned hares in The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher, “If anyone can find a pattern from the game films, Art can.”

In this scene from my novel, Jeqrix Grexenn hires the Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency to catch a killer who is murdering his mesnuk players.

Master of Disguises

Art Nekuma- “Master of Disguises”

Art is also a “Master of Disguises”.  His camouflage costumes are brilliant and unique. Between his cleaver cloaks and his unparalleled reasoning and research skills, he is the missing components to Maxx Zeqster’s brilliant character.

In my first novel, they perform their initial, very awkward, undercover operation.  During this extremely dangerous mission,  they uncover a secret that blows a Big case wide open. The bond is formed. Together they become, The Unthinkable Duo of Sesla.

Maxx and Art’s friendship grows throughout my books. They form a very powerful detective agency.

Maxx’s association with Art further defines his character.
Stay tuned, as I talk further about the characters in my Creepy Cases books.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland

Arthor Nekuma; The Pirtt-Coterie


Dear scifi readers,

I would like to tell you about the strong supporting character in my Creepy Cases books. I created Art Nekuma to be the exact opposite of Maxx.

Art's Parents Spend Much Time in Dunjyn Asylum

Art’s Parents Spend Much Time in Dunjyn Asylum

Maxx is a genetically gifted Razion-Coterie—the prominent species of the desert—and arguably Sesla.  Art is a Pirtt-Coterie—the exact opposite.

Art is a genetic member of the lowest clan on Sesla—without argument. Even though he was raised by a single mother who suffered from progressive doxer fever and spent years in Dunjyn Asylum, he and him mother had a close relationship.

Even though Art’s peers and teachers during his youth didn’t recognize his well masked talents, his mother did. She encouraged him throughout his young life.

Because of his responsibilities at home, and a sick mother, Art’s grades were less than remarkable. Higher education wasn’t an option. He endured a series of random, degrading jobs, during his youth and as a young adult.

As you can see, Art is the exact opposite of Maxx. He was also a fun character to create.

I hope you found this helpful.

J. A. Ireland

Maxx Zeqster Up Close


Dear readers,

The truth is, two years ago a began searching for an idea. Any idea. That night and practically every night since, I’ve dreamed about Sesla and Maxx Zeqster. The next morning, I began writing my ideas. Maxx Zeqster and Sesla were born.

Desert Cactus That Thrive in Enchanted Sesla Desert Sand

Desert Cactus That Thrives in Enchanted Sesla Desert Sand- A Painting By Maxx Zeqster

My first novel, Sesla …The Enchanted Planet  took a year to write. It was my first published works, as well as an introductory novel. In that story, Iincluded  lengthy descriptions.  Sesla is a beautiful  planet and her coteries are a very attractive race.

On Sesla, none are more attractive than Maxx Zeqster. He’s a gorgeous, flowing blond haired, very tall and fit, resident of Bedsult. Bedsult is a suburb of Kinkorx—in the Seslean desert.

When I created a protagonist for my books, I envisioned a very alluring character with a very troubled childhood—who rose above that as an adult. Maxx was born of upper middle class parents. His father was a very driven and successful detective—now retired. His mother is a bitter narcissist—retired.

As a child and an adult, Maxx has struggles due to his insecurities of not living up to his parent’s expectations.

As time evolves, Maxx deals with these inner-personal issues his own way.  I failed to mention, Maxx is a gifted artist. He loves to paint desert landscape portraits.

Stay tuned. I’ll tell you more about my characters and their planet.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland.