Dark Shadows Movie Review

Barnabis Collins the Vampire

Barnabas Collins the Vampire

I have a horror, vampire movie review for the  vampire fans.

Dark Shadows.

When Maggie Evans was a child, due to her ability to see and talk to ghosts, her family locked her away in Wind Cliff Sanitarium.  We saw her locked into room 2043.  There she received cruel treatment including but not limited to electroshock treatments as she grew from a child into a young adult.

As an early adult, she escaped from the asylum and changed her name to Victoria Winters.  She applied for the advertised governess position at Collinwood.  She applied to be young David Collins governess.

At Collinwood, we meet Elisabeth Collins and her children David Collins, Carolyn Collins.  We meet Elisabeth’s brother Roger Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman the physiatrists, and Willie the caretaker.  The family has a legacy of witches, ghosts, and vampires.

Next, we see a ghost that warns of Barnabas Collins return.  Angelique Bouchard has imprisoned him in a coffin for 196 years.  Barnabas Collins is a vampire and Angelique Bouchard is a witch.  Angelique put a spell on Barnabas several centuries ago and turned him into the vampire that he is today because he would not love her.

His birthplace and possible transformation sight was Liver pool.

Upon Barnabas’ return, he plans to restore the decrepit Collinwood and the almost ruined family business, Collins Canning Company to their former status and be a part of the family again.  This is against the wishes of Angelique Bouchard and her company, Angle bay Seafood.

He begins his task at the Blue Whale Tavern by putting a spell on Captain Clarney, “The Godfather of the Grand Banks.”  He gets Captain Clarney to discontinue selling his fish to Anglebay Seafood.  He wants to be introduced to the other captains as well.  He wants this favor from Captain Clarney.  He wants to persuade all of the captains in Collin sport to stop selling their fish to Anglebay Seafood.

Dr. Hoffman puts Barnabas under hypnosis and learns his dreaded secret.  She wants to help him.  She takes his blood and secretly puts it into herself to achieve eternal life personally.  When he learns of her devious plot, he bits her and kills her.  He and Willie put her at the bottom of the bay, tied to a cement block.

Angelique Bouchard the Witch who Cursed Barnabas Collins

Angelique Bouchard the Witch who Cursed Barnabas Collins

Once Anglebay Seafood begins to lose business, Angelique offers Barnabas $1,750,000 for Collins Canning Company.  He refuses to sell.

In a show of power, Barnabas throws a huge party at Collinwood.  He hires Alice Cooper for the entertainment.

Barnabas gives Roger Collins a choice, either be a father to David or leave with a large sum of money.  He chooses the latter.  He takes the money and runs.

Barnabas goes to Anglebay Seafood to ask Angie to remove his curse, to make him mortal again.  Angie makes a business deal with him.  Either he agrees to be a lover and partner to her or she will lock him in a coffin again.  He refuses.  She promises Barnabas that she will destroy everything that is important to him.  Then she chains him in a coffin and has him placed into the Collins family mausoleum.

David rescues him after twenty minutes.

Angelique puts a spell on Collins Canning Company that causes the company to explode and burn.  Elisabeth witnesses her company burning from Collinwood.

Angie informs Police Chief Bill that Barnabas killed Dr. Hoffman.  Officer Bill goes to Collinwood in search of Barnabas along with numerous towns’ people.

At Collinwood, the town’s people learn that Angie is a witch.

Angie makes Collinwood bleed and sets the structure on fire.

Carolyn becomes a were wolf.

Angelique confesses, she sent the werewolf that bit Carolyn, she killed David’s mother, and she killed Barnabas’ father and mother.  She felt that Barnabas’ family kept them apart.

David’s mother’s ghost attacks Angie, seriously injuring her as Collinwood burns.  Angie’s curse, she cannot love.  She gives Barnabas her broken heart.  He refuses the gift and Angie dies.

Victoria Winters goes to Widow’s Hill to jump off the cliff.  Barnabas finds her at the cliff.  They both fall together off the cliff.  Barnabas bits her as they fall.  She appears dead in his arms at the bottom of the cliff.

She awakens as Josette, a vampire in his arms at the base of the cliff.  Barnabas’ curse is finally broken.

Dr. Hoffman awakens at the bottom of the bay while still being chained to the cement block as the movie ends.

That was a great vampire movie.  The special effects were awesome.  The many plots were easy to follow.  I really like Barnabas Collins.  If you like science fiction horror and vampires, Dark Shadows is a great choice.  Excellent movie.  I recommend it to everyone.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland