Green Lantern Movie Review

The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern

I have  a movie review from the planet Oa.

Green Lantern.

The movie begins with a prologue narration by Tomar-Re: “Billions of years ago, a race of immortals harnessed the most powerful force in the universe.  They channeled the emerald energy of “will power.” These immortal Guardians built a planet called Oa where they could watch over the entire universe with their harvested energy. They divided the universe into 3600 sectors.

A ring powered by the harvested energy of “will” was sent to every sector to select a recruit. The chosen candidate had to be without fear. Together, these 3600 recruits formed the intergalactic peacekeepers, the Green Lantern Corps.”

The Parallax is the greatest enemy of the Lantern corps.  Only the most powerful Green Lantern, Abin Sur, had the power to defeat the parallax.  Abin Sur defeated the parallax on the lost planet Ryut and imprisoned  it there.

The movie begins with Explorer 6 crash landing on Ryut in the lost sector. “We have crashed in the northeast quadrant of Ryut. We need help,” transmits the commander of Explorer 6. The Parallax is imprisoned there. The parallax needs to absorb the essence of life forms to gain strength. He absorbs the essence of the crew of Explorer 6.  With his newly acquired strength, he escapes his imprisonment.

Six months later in sector 2814:

We learn through a transmission to Abin Sur from Sinestro that Fentara is dead, and that Talok is destroyed.  There are traces of yellow power everywhere on Talok. The guardians are silent on the matter.

The more powerful Parallax finds Abin Sur and severely wounds him while destroying  his ship. Abin Sur escapes and travels to the nearest planet to begin the selection process of replacing him as a Lantern Corp due to his grave injury. As he travels, he sends a transmission to the guardians to inform them of where he is and that it was the parallax who attacked him.

The movie switches to earth.  Ferris Aircraft is introduced. The company owner, Carl Ferris, along with Senator Hammond, are attempting to convince the Commander of Air Force Acquisitions to give Ferris Aircraft a large government contract to build their new, state of the art, artificial-intelligence fighter plane, the Ferris Sabre III.

Everyone involved agrees to a contest to show the superiority of the Sabre III. Carl Ferris’s two best test pilots will fly a combat mission against two Sabre III’s.  Carol Ferris, the owner’s daughter, will fly one F-35 while Hal Jordan flies the other F-35.

“Tom, start the simulation,” orders Carl Ferris. Tom begins the simulation from his desk. Carol’s pilot name is Sapphire. Hal’s pilot name is Highball. One after the other, they speedily lift-off and the battle in the air begins.

The two test pilots cannot out maneuver the Sabre IIIs.  In an effort to defeat the test planes, Hal flies into a “coffin corner.”  He flies straight up. He continues upward past 50,000 feet breaking the rules of engagement.

The Sabre IIIs both stall  and tumble.  Hal’s F-35 stalls next.  All three planes fall with Hal above the two. As they are falling, Hal shoots them thus winning the sky battle.

As Hal Jordan falls, he spins while remembering his test-pilot father that died in a plane crash.  Martin Jordan died during a take-off in 1993 when his engine exploded. The young Hal Jordan witnessed the tragic event from only yards away.  As Hal’s mind clears, he ejects from his disabled F-35.  As he watches from above in his parachute, the plane crashes.

Later in Carl Ferris’s office, Mr. Ferris fires him for crashing a new F-35, abandoning   his wingman, and ruining a potential government contract.

The movie switches to Abin Sur after he crash landed near the ocean. The essence of his ring (a green gaseous ball) separates from the ring. With the orders from Abin Sur, “Choose Well,”  the small green gaseous ball flies speedily away.

Hal is at his brother Jim’s son’s birthday party. Jason is now 11 years old. Hal gives him the  X-1 Star fighter that his dad had given him for one of his birthdays.  As Hal leaves the party, the green ball encircles him and carries him away.

The green ball takes him to the almost deceased Abin Sur.  He discovers the extra-terrestrial and removes him from the space craft  to ground. “What is your name?” asked Abin Sur.

“It’s Hal Jordan.”

“I am Abin Sur, protector of sector 2814.”   Hal cringes as he sees the purple blood everywhere.  “The ring chose you, Hal Jordan.”  He handed him the ring. “Take it. Place the ring in the lantern. Speak the oath. Great honor, great responsibility.”    Abin Sur dies.

Hal calls Tom to pick him up. Tom sees the alien and the space ship.  He is shocked. They flee the area as military helicopters arrive. Hal is carrying the lantern and the ring.

Back on Oa.  Sinestro addresses  the Guardians. He informs them of Abin Sur’s death.  Abin Sur is the fourth Lantern Brother to be killed by their new foe. The Parallox has destroyed two worlds plus four of their corps members. The parallax possesses the yellow power of fear.  It is gaining strength with each encounter as it absorbs the life-forms essence, thus killing the life form.

Sinestro takes a squadron of the strongest lanterns to fight the parallax. They are badly defeated. Several Green Lantern Corps are absorbed.

The government recovered Abin Sur’s body and ship. Dr. Hector Hammond, a xenobiologist, and Senator Hammond’s son, were called in to examine the body.  Soon after, he begins to mutate due to a virus he picks up from the body.

Meanwhile, Hal is learning how to use the ring. He states the vow that is put in his consciousness by the ring. “In the brightest day, in the blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my of powers: Green Lantern’s light.”

Later, Hal puts on the ring to defend himself. After the quick, easy battle, he is carried away to Oa. On Oa, he is transformed into a “Green Lantern”.  His transformation is performed by Tomar-Re, a Xudarian. He is the protector of sector 2813.  Tomar-Re explains, “The green beam is the energy that is generated by the Central Battery. It’s power comes from the “will” of every living creature in the universe. It charges your lantern. Your lantern charges your ring. Your suit is also made of “will” energy. Green is the color of “will”.  The Guardians  used “will” because it is the most powerful energy in the universe.”

Tomar-Re also teaches him how to use the ring. Sinestro and Kilowog also help in his training.

Sinestro calls all the lanterns together to inform them about the Parallax. He takes a group of Lanterns to sector 2312 to the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy to fight the Parallax.  Again.

The Parallax

The Parallax

In a dramatic final battle, after the Parallax defeats the Green Lanterns again, it goes to earth. It begins an attack on the helpless planet as it absorbs as many peoples essence as possible.  It’s strength increases with each absorption.

Hal draws the parallax into space  as he battles it. He draws it into the sun. Both Hal and the Parallax are pulled into the sun’s gravity. The parallax is destroyed by the explosive power of the sun as Hal’s friends, Sinestra, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog rescue him.

Later on Oa, Sinestro declares to Hal,  “You’re impertinent, rash, volatile, and opinionated. It seems Abin Sur found another just like himself.”

The movie ends with the conclusion by Tomar-Re, “Of all the Lanterns who have ever worn a ring, there was one Lantern who surpassed the rest.  Initially, his humanity was considered a weakness.  It proved to be his biggest asset.”

Green Lantern is a wonderful movie. The story  is  well written. The special effects are awesome. The Parallax was brilliantly created. It is a strong antagonist.  Great movie. Great science fiction. I recommend Green Lantern to anyone who is a serious science fiction fan. If you like the color green, it will be even better.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A.  Ireland