Tony Stark Presenting the Jericho Missile

Tony Stark Presenting the Jericho Missile

The movie begins in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.  Tony Stark, Forrest, and Jimmy are in a jeep when a missile hits them.  Forrest and Jimmy are killed.  Tony suffers a direct hit from a Stark Industries missile.  The missile’s shrapnel penetrates through his bulletproof vest and lodges in his chest.  His attackers capture him, as he lies bleeding and unconscious in the Afghanistan mountain wilderness.

The movie switches to Las Vegas, 36 hours earlier:

Tony Stark is receiving the Apogee Award.  At the presentation, we learn that Tony is the son of legendary weapons developer Howard Stark.  Howard worked on the Manhattan Project.

Tony graduated summa cum laude from MIT at the age of 17.

Tragically, soon after his graduation, his parents Howard and Maria Stark were in a horrible car crash that killed them both.  Howard Stark’s life-long friend and ally, Obadiah Stane serves as Stark Industries CEO until Tony reaches his 21st year.

As Tony Stark assumes the position of CEO of Stark Industries, the media coverage is powerful.  Toni’s goal is, “Smarter weapons, more advanced robotics, advanced satellite targeting.”  He plans to change the weapons industry.

Stark Industry liaison, Colonel James Rhodes presents Tony with the Apogee Award.  The only problem is that Tony is not there.  His business college, Obadiah Stane accepts the award on his behalf.

At a different location, we are introduced to Christine Everhart from Vanity Fair Magazine.  She calls him, “The Da Vinci of our time, and, the merchant of death.”

The movie switches to Tony’s mansion in Malibu California.  We meet Pepper Potts and his computer, Jarvis.  Together, Pepper and Jarvis operate Tony’s mansion.

In his lab in the basement of his Malibu mansion, he begins work on a new idea.  He begins to build an iron man suit.

Jericho Missile

Jericho Missiles

Later, Tony Stark and Colonel Rhodes fly in Stark Industries jet to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.  Tony is making a weapons presentation in the Afghanistan Mountains.  He is demonstrating Stark Industries Freedom Line:  “The Jericho Missile.”

After the impressive and massive demonstration, Tony, Forrest, and Jimmy get into a jeep and begin the drive back to Bagram Air Base.  Soon, a missile attacks them.  The movie goes live as Forrest and Jimmy are killed.  Tony lies on the desert ground bleeding and unconscious.

Tony is taken prisoner by his attackers and held captive in a cave.  Yinsen operates on him and saves his life.  He removes some of the shrapnel that is within Tony’s body.  Some must remain.  Yinsen puts an electromagnet to Tony’s chest that is connected to a car battery.  The electromagnet keeps the shrapnel from penetrating his atrial septum.

As a prisoner, Tony is ordered to build a Jericho missile for his attackers.  Grudgingly, he agrees to build their missile under coercion.  “If he refuses, he dies.”

Tony and Yinsen begin their daunting task.  Unknown to his attackers, first he creates a miniaturized arc reactor.  This reactor will not only serve as an electromagnet to keep the shrapnel from penetrating his atrial septum, it will power his crude iron man suit that he secretly builds instead of the Jericho Missile that the rebels want.  His new arc reactor will generate three gigajoules of power per second.  Yinsen, from Gulmira, helps him build his iron man suit.

The rebels become suspicious.  “You have 24 hours to build my missile or you die.”

Tony and Yinsen work frantically to build the crude iron suit.

Iron Man

Iron Man

As Tony tests the iron suit and escapes, Yinsen is shot numerous times and dies.  We see Tony’s tremendous flame- thrower that he equipped within the suit.  After much gunfire and flame- throwing, Tony, iron man, flies away.

He crashes in the desert.  He abandons his crumbled iron suit and walks on the dunes.  Colonel Rhodes and the military recover him.  The military flies him, via military cargo plane back to America where Pepper Pots is wearisomely waiting.

Later, Agent Phil Coulson, Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, approaches Pepper.  She states,”We have been approached by the DOD, the FBI, the CIA….”

In a dramatic announcement with a room full of media, Tony shuts down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark International.

In a tame moment of horror, Pepper replaces Tony’s old miniaturized arc reactor with his newly created and improved miniaturized arc reactor.  “Uh…!” says Pepper as she sticks her hand into Tony’s chest and gets her hand covered in goo.

As Tony begins construction of his new iron man suit, Stark Industries stock plunges 56 ½ points.  After the stock plunge, someone within the company filed an injunction against him, thus locking him out of his own company.

Soon he tests his new iron man suit with a “buzz” around the city.

As Tony continues his work on his new iron suit, he learns that Stark Industries recently sold a large shipment of missiles to a rebel group in Gulmira, his late friend Yinsen’s home.  As Tony confronts Obadiah Stane about the sale, Obadiah informs Tony that he was the one who filed the injunction against him, thus locking him out of his own company after the stocks fell.

Tony flies to Gulmira as iron man and defeats the rebel group that bought his weapons.

We learn that it was Obadiah Stane who paid the rebels to attack Tony and kill him after the weapons demonstration.  Obadiah paid them to kill him, not take him prisoner.

Obadiah begins production on an iron man suit for general sales.  He steals Tony’s new mini arc reactor to power his new, very large, iron man suit.  While in cardiac arrest, Tony struggles and puts his old arc reactor back into his chest.

In an intense and thrilling final battle, the smaller Iron Man, Tony Stark, battles the huge Iron Man, Obadiah Stane.  As the thrilling battle rages, Tony quickly becomes overpowered.  As he is being defeated, he orders, “Pepper, you must overload the reactor and blast the roof.  Go to the central console and open all the circuits.  Then hit the master by-pass button.”

Pepper responded, “You’ll die!”

“Just do it!” orders Tony, “It is the only way.”

Pepper frantically obeys.

As Tony lies in a safe place only feet away on the roof, Obadiah is electrocuted in a giant stream of electricity.  Obadiah bursts into a gigantic fireball.

Later, Colonel Rhodes gives a media report of the incident.  “A robotic prototype malfunctioned and caused damage to the arc reactor, thus causing the explosion.”

Agent Phil Coulson provides Tony with an alibi for the time of the explosion.  “Read the cards word for word Tony,” said Agent Coulson as he smiled.  “Just call us S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Just stick to the cards,” said Colonel Rhodes his liaison.

Tony stepped to the microphone.  He smiled as he viewed the press.  He stared at his scripted alibi cards.  He cleared his throat.  He began, “I am Iron Man.”

The movie ends.

Iron Man is a great movie. Obadiah is a strong antagonist.  Despite Obadiah’s sabotage, Tony Stark prevails with Pepper Potts help.  Iron Man is also a great concept.  If you prefer high-tech science fiction without horror, Iron Man is a fantastic move.

Until we talk again,

“May good fortune guide your path”

J.A. Ireland