The Incredible Hulk



Scifi friends,

I wrote a review of one of my favorite action, mutation movies.

The Incredible Hulk.

The movie begins as Bruce Banner gives himself a dose of Gamma Radiation.  He focuses the beam of radiation into his brain while in the Laboratory at Culver University in Virginia.  He has an immediate and startling reaction to the gamma radiation.  He mutates into a green, ginormous, and hulking monster with massive strength.  In a rampage, he destroys the lab and injures his fiancée Dr. Elizabeth Ross and her father General T. Ross.

Later, using Stark Industries Weapons, General Ross peruses the numerous hulk sightings as the media reports them.

The hulk sightings suddenly stop.

As General Ross becomes very frustrated, five months go be without a hulk sighting.

The movie switches to Rocinha Favela, Brazil.

It has been 158 days since Dr. Bruce Banner’s last incident.  He is learning to control his anger.

He is a repair man at Pingo DoCe bottling factory in Porto Verde, Brazil.  A guarana soda becomes contaminated with a drop of his gamma-poisoned blood when he injures himself.  The contaminated guarana soda is shipped to Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Bruce sends a sample of his blood to Mr. Blue in New York City.  Mr. Blue needs more data.

Meanwhile in Arlington Virginia, General T. Ross is at his desk when he receives the report of an unexpected case of gamma poisoning from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The victim was drinking a bottle of  Pingo DoCe, with guarana kick!  The guarana soda was bottled in the Pingo DoCe factory in Porto Verde, Brazil.  General Ross assembles his team at Fort Johnson in the Everglades.  He gets an Ace.  Emil Blonsky is Russian born  and raised in England. He is on loan to “SOCOM” from the Royal Marines.


General Ross and his team fly from Fort Johnson to Porto Verde, Brazil.  General Ross’ orders, “Tranquilize him and bring him back alive.”

The team attempts to apprehend Banner in the bottling plant.  He transforms into the hulk and escapes.

Banner wakes in Guatemala, Mexico.  He seeks refuge in Chiapas, Mexico.

Meanwhile back at Arlington Virginia, General T. Ross discusses the Infantry Weapons Development Program initiated during WWII with Emil Blonsky.  He further explains the subprogram that was started sometime later, the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement  Program, called “Super Soldier”.  Emil Blonsky agrees to receive the Bio-Tech injections that transform him into a super soldier.

Bruce Banner travels back to Culver University in Virginia. He attempts to retrieve data for Mr. Blue.  He learns that Dr. Elizabeth Ross removed the data and stored it on a zip drive.

General Ross and his team attack Bruce at Culver University campus. General Ross uses Stark Industries Weapons to battle the Hulk.

General Ross orders, “Alpha Team!” The Hulk defeats the alpha team.

“Blonsky, now you’re up!” said General Ross.  Blonsky leads the Hulk into the Stark Industries Cannons.  Hulk defeats the army.

Bruce Banner and Elizabeth Ross go to NYC to visit Mr. Blue.  Mr. Blue induces Bruce into another transformation, which he thwarts.  While Bruce and Elizabeth are at Mr. Blue’s lab, General Ross’ men show up.

The Abomination

The Abomination

Under coercion, Mr. Blue agrees to inject Emil Blonsky with Bruce Banner’s blood.  Blonsky is transformed into an “Abomination.”

In a thrilling final battle in New York City, Hulk defeats the Abomination on the top of a high-rise building.

Following the exciting battle, Hulk flees the city.  He escapes to Bella Coola, British Columbia.  In a remote cabin, Bruce is learning to control the Hulk within him.

The movie ends as Tony Stark approaches General Ross in a pub.  He states, “We are putting together a team.”

The Incredible Hulk is an awesome movie.  The special effects are wonderful.  If you’re a science fiction fan, you will probably enjoy this movie.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland