The StepDaughter – Movie Review


Dear horror fans,

Recently I watched The StepDaughter. A revenge driven horror, thriller. Here’s my review of this movie staged in Los Angeles, California.

The movie begins on a horse ranch. The Connor’s Ranch.

The StepDaughterKaren Mills is talking to her doll, Cheryl Ann. “270 million people live in this country. 35 million in California alone. I’m gonna make things right now that I’ve found them. Father and son. The Connors.”

Will, a local ranch hand, picks up Karen at the local bar. Takes her to the Pink Motel in Los Angeles. There she stabs him in the heart with an ice pick. He dies instantly.

Karen is on her way to Lancaster Springs. To the home of Jesse and Maggie Connor, and their son Buddy. Their daughter Linda also.

Once there, she tells then she had car trouble. She assumes the name, Susan Heller.

Jesse offers her the guest room for the night. Karen has horrible nightmares. She dreams a lady is shooting her.

The cops find Will dead. Murdered in a motel in LA.

Jesse Connor

Jesse Connor

Karen has experience working with horses. Now that Will is dead, Jesse is short-handed. He hires Karen. Much to Linda’s dismay. Will was a ranch hand at the Connor’s ranch.

Karen gets Linda’s old room, since she’d moved out a while back.

Karen and Buddy become new best friends. Buddy is mentally challenged.

Maggie is a very bitter person.

Karen quickly gains the family’s trust. All but Linda’s. She makes a romantic move on Jesse.

Linda Connor digs deep to try and discover Karen’s background.

Calista Davis shows up at the ranch. She talks to Karen. Knows Karen from an institution in LA. Karen stabs her in the stomach with a chef knife. Calista collapses onto the floor. Dead.

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen has the day off. Everyone leaves Maggie alone at the ranch. She takes a bath. Karen comes into the bathroom. Surprises Maggie.

Karen was born in Wichita. It’s her birthday. Maggie is her mother. Maggie gave her up for adoption as an infant. Karen was tossed from foster home to foster home. Out of revenge, she tosses a radio into the tub. Electrocuting Maggie. She dies.

Karen plans to be the next Mrs. Jesse Connor.

Linda finds her mom dead in the tub.

Karen Mills

Karen Mills

After the funeral, Linda searches through human resources at the hospital where Calista Davis worked. She discovers Calista’s previous employer. Carson Correctional Facility, LA. She drives to the facility.

Linda learns that Karen was an inmate there. She was abused by her stepfather. She murdered him. She also knows that Karen is Susan at the ranch.

Karen kills Paris in Buddy’s cave. The family’s mechanic. Later in the barn, she tells Linda that Maggie was her mother. She gave her up for adoption as an infant.

Karen and Linda fight. Karen strangles her as Jesse approaches.

Buddy kills Karen with a pitch fork.

The End.

This was a good, horror thriller. Easy to follow. The movie illustrates well how Karen was driven mad.

My rating: 3.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

BRAIN WEB – Book Review


Dear scifi fantasy lovers,

In addition to being a writer, I’m also a reader. In fact I love to read. I read many different genres of books by numerous authors.

My latest read; BRAIN WEB by author, Douglas E. Richards is a NY Times Bestseller.

The novel begins as a terrorist group is planning an attack in the new, Los Angeles, California Cosmopolitan Theater—only thirteen months old and state of the art. The most secure theater ever built.

Brain WebWe meet General Justin Girgler as he’s working out. And Robert Snyder, Secretary of Homeland Security as they discuss a possible terror threat in LA.

Is Nick Hall, the marine biologist alive? Apparently Yes! And hiding. He has the ability to read minds due to four electronic implants in his brain in precise locations; the implants are supercomputers that transmit to the Web. They work like a cell phone inside Nick’s head transmitting what his mind reads. The implants were performed unwillingly on twenty-seven scientists and crew at Fresno California; by Kelvin Grey, CEO of Theia Labs. Twenty-six died from the implants leaving Nick Hall as The lottery winner. He can surf the web with his thoughts and read minds—perfectly; surface thoughts, memories, and experiences.

Megan Emerson responds to Nick telepathically. “Do your thing, Nick,” she thought.

To protect Nick and Megan Emerson, General Girgler faked their deaths. Later in a secret facility in Palm Springs, Hall’s mind-reading ability was studied.

Soon, Nick and Megan are on route to LA by chopper to stop the attack. Re-enforcements are on route as well.

The terrorists had rehearsed their plan many times without being noticed. Abdul Hakim’s two-man teams entered the Cosmopolitan theater in LA through a tunnel. The seven terrorists entered through a closet with trap door. Rolled gas canisters into rooms and closed the doors; afterword’s killing the people inside.

While wearing a classic black tuxedo, Hakim walked to the podium at the Academy Awards. “To director Sebastian Cole, and those of you filming and broadcasting these proceedings,” continued Hakim, “I’ll need you to continue to do so. All of our lives depend on it.” His colleagues in black tuxes rushed onto the stage with their KH2002 machine guns. Hakim and his terrorists seized the theatre on live television. “If the live feed stops, we will blow the theatre.”

Hakim delivers his message of vengeance to President Cochran. “The evil that you and your murderous military have visited upon our children has come home to roost. All of your men and jets and bombs are powerless to stop us.”

Gridler reveals to President Cochran and the Secretary of Defense that Nick Hall’s alive and he has a plan to stop the terrorists.

To stop Hakim and his evil group of terrorists, Nick Hall is forced to use his incredible but unwanted gifts; in doing so, his life is put in mortal danger; more than it already is.

I found BRAIN WEB by author, Douglas E. Richards to be an easy book to speed-read through.

I felt sorry for Nick Hall. All he went through; the capture, the brain surgeries, the trauma, the Madness, etc. He didn’t ask for any of it. Didn’t want it. To not be in control of one’s own mind; how terrifying?

BRAIN WEB is a futuristic fantasy that’s entertaining and fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

J.A. Ireland.

Species – Movie Review


Dear Science Fiction Horror Fans,

I have a space alien, scifi movie review for you.  Species is a movie about a group of scientists who mix human and alien DNA.

S.E.T.I.  Radio Telescopes at DUGWAY, UTAH

S.E.T.I. Radio Telescopes at DUGWAY, UTAH

The movie begins at the U.S. Government Laboratories in Dugway, Utah.

For the past 30 years, the world’s most powerful radio telescopes have been scanning the heavens searching for signals from alien civilizations.

This project is called S.E.T.I.— Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Alien Girl

Alien Girl that the S.E.T.I. Scientists created by DNA manipulation

The movie switches:

A young alien girl is in a large glass aquarium in the lab at the gov’t facility. As she wakes from her sleep, the scientists prepare to terminate their experiment with cyanide gas.

The poison gas is pumped into her glass chamber. As they wait for the alien girl to die, she breaks the glass and escapes. Many scientists in the lab die due to the escaping cyanide gas.

She escapes the compound by climbing a 18 feet high barbed wire fence. She steals a ride from on a speeding train.

While on the train, she begins to mutate.


The movie switches back to the S.E.T.I. facility in Dugway, Utah. Xavier Finch has called an unlikely group together to aid him in the search and destroy of their escaped alien girl.

Group of pursuers

The group of pursuers in the lab

Mr. Finch is meeting with Dan Smithson – the empathy.

Stephen Arden – Harvard Anthropology Department Professor – Expert in Cross Cultural Behavior.

Laura Baker – Molecular Biologists.

Preston Lennox – a freelance solution goto man when the gov’t has a problem they want eliminated.


We see a thrilling horror scene where the alien girl on the train kills a train employee and hatches out of an alien cocoon as a mature female.


At Mr. Finch’s office. Xavier Finch explains to the group of recruits; In November of 1974, a group from S.E.T.I. in Arecibo sent a small message into space. In January 1993, the Arecibo scientists received a message back from an extraterrestrial of unknown origin.  There were two distinct messages. The first was a formula for a catalyst for clean burning methane.

The second was a new sequence of DNA with instructions as to how to combine it with human DNA.

The new alien/human DNA sequence was injected into one hundred human OVA.

The scientists accomplished growing one new life-form. She was code named, SIL.

“I want you to find SIL and kill her,” explained Mr. Finch sheepishly, “That is the decision.”

SIL – The half alien half human

The group sets out to find and destroy SIL, the experiment.

SIL has other plans.  She is very intelligent. She takes the train to Los Angeles. There, she blends in very quickly.


Laure Baker, the molecular biologists has an idea, “We have no idea what we’re dealing with. If we create another alien in your lab, we can study it’s weaknesses.”

The group travels back to the lab. They begin their dangerous DNA trial.

Due to an equipment malfunction during the alarming DNA experiment, Laura Baker and Preston Lennox venture into the sealed chamber where the alien is being created.  As the alien is growing, Laura and Preston try to escape the chamber – the alien attacks.

In a cowardly act, Xavier Finch refuses to unlock the chamber and allow Laura and Preston to escape their horrific fate.

During the thrilling horror scene, Dan lets them out of the chamber.


SIL searches for a man to mate with in LA. She mates with Stephen Arden.

SIL's new born alien son

SIL’s new born alien son

While being pregnant, she escapes into the sewer system. The group pursues her.

SIL - Space Alien

SIL- The Space Alien

During a thrilling horror conclusion, SIL and her new born son are killed in the sewer by the group. The group burns them to death with the gas in the sewer water and a flamethrower.

Sewer rats begin to eat the aliens bodies. The rats begin to mutate into alien creatures.

The movie ends.

Species is a well written scifi horror thriller. I liked how smart SIL was. She evaded her pursuers for a long time in LA while pursuing a mate. The special effects of SIL’s mutations were awesome.

I hope you have enjoyed my movie review of Species.

Until we talk again,

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland

Pumpkinhead — The Demon – Movie Review


Dear SciFi Horror Movie Fans,

I have a true scifi horror movie review for you. Pumpkinhead, the demon is a very good horror movie.

The Mutate Demon- Pumpkinhead

The Mutate Demon- Pumpkinhead

This horror movie takes place in the Ravie Mountains, on a farm in 1957. Tom Harley is protecting his wife and son, Eddie from Pumpkinhead.

The Demon Pumpkinhead hunting Clayton Foley

The Demon Pumpkinhead hunting Clayton Foley

Pumpkinhead is attacking Clayton Foley for killing a little girl.  The mutate demon kills Clayton outside the Harley home, in the dark.

The movie switches  in time to the adult, Ed Harley and his son Billy. They own “Harley and son Grocery Store in Ravie Mountain. Billy gives his father a handmade locket for a present  that  his father, Ed puts around his neck.

A group of rebel teenagers, Joel, Tracy, Steve, Maggie, and Kim are renting a cabin in Ravie Mountain. On there way, they make a pit-stop at Harley Grocery Store.

At the same time, Gus Wallace and his children also make a pit-stop at the store. Gus buys some feed from the  Ed Harley.

Later, Ed Harley leaves the store to deliver the feed to Gus’s farm. While he’s gone,  Billy Harley, his son,  is accidently run over by Joel while on his motorcycle. Billy chases his dog, Gypsy, into Joel’s path, when Joel accidently runs over him. Joel and three of his friends flee the scene.

Billy Harley

Billy Harley

As Ed arrives back at the store, he discovers his son, Billy. He is gravely injured. He drives him home where he dies.

I desperation, Ed Harley looks for Haggus , the witch. Gus Wallace’s son tells him  where to find Haggus. “She lives in the swamp on Black Ridge,” said the son.

Because Billy is all Ed has left in the world, after losing his wife, Betty Lynn, he finds Haggus. She lives in a rat and spider-infested shack in the swamp. He takes his dead son to her.

“Leave the boy here and go to Razor-Back Hallow Graveyard. Dig up the child that was unloved by it’s parents.  For your type of revenge, you’ll need that child.  Bring the dead child to me! You’ll know where it is,” ordered Haggus.

Ed finds the graveyard and digs up the child’s body. He takes it back to Haggus.

Haggus - The Witch

Haggus – The Witch

The witch uses Ed’s blood in her spell to bring Pumpkinhead to life.  “The creature is Vengeance, Cruelty, and Evil,” said Haggus, “I can’t bring Billy back for you. I don’t have the power.”

As the demon, Pumpkinhead forms, it draws strength from Ed.

We see Ed burying his son, Billy, next to his wife, Betty Lynn Harley, who died in 1978. He buries Billy next to his mother.

The demon, Pumpkinhead draws it’s existence from Ed Harley as it brutally kills the rebellious teens one by one.

As Pumpkinhead is acting out Ed’s revenge on the teens for killing Billy, Ed goes back to Haggus.  “I want you to stop Pumpkinhead,” he demands.

She explains, “You can’t stop this. It’s what you want. You will pay a dear price if you stop Pumpkinhead.”

The locals call the demon, Pumpkinhead, because they nicknamed the cemetery where it resurrects from, Pumpkin-Patch Graveyard.

The remaining teens flee to Bradley Mountain where they parked their cars and motorcycles. When they arrive, Pumpkinhead is already there.

With only Tracy remaining alive, she tells Ed that his son’s death was an accident.  As Ed listens, he and the demon, Pumpkinhead are becoming one. Ed realizes, to kill Pumpkinhead, he has to die.

Ed Harley is connected to Pumpkinhead

Ed Harley and Pumpkinhead are becoming one!

He orders Tracy to kill him. As she shoots him, Pumpkinhead dies. Ed and Pumpkinhead lie on the ground, dead.  Pumpkinhead ignites and burns.

The last scene of the movie, we see Haggus putting a dead, mutated body in the grave, at Razor-Back Hallow Graveyard, where Ed Harley dug up the unloved child. The body is the dead, mutated, Ed Harley. He’s still wearing the locket that Billy gave him at the grocery store, around his neck.

Haggus buries his mutated body there until the next person comes to her for Revenge! Ed Harley will be the next Pumpkinhead.

The Witch Haggus buries Ed Harley at Razor-Back Hollow Graveyard

The Witch Haggus buries Ed Harley at Razor-Back Hollow Graveyard

The movie ends.

Pumpkinhead-The Demon is a great horror movie. It is well written. The witch, Haggus looked creepy and scary. Her spider-infested shack in the swamp in Black Ridge was creepy and spooky.

Pumpkinhead - The Mutate Revenge Demon

Pumpkinhead – The Mutate Revenge Demon

The mutated demon, Pumpkinhead was evil, powerful, and revenge driven. It’s appearance was similar to an alien creature. The creators did a fantastic job creating Pumpkinhead.

This is a great science fiction horror movie. It was fun to watch.

Until we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”

J. A. Ireland