Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance





Eastern Europe: Monreau rides his motorcycle to the Sanctuary where Benedict is. He has found the child. Satan wants the boy. Only the Rider can save Danny.

Nadya and Danny are there at the monastery.

Johnny Blaze rode a motorcycle for a living. He made a deal with the devil to save his dad’s life. Signed a contract in blood. Immediately after, was possessed by an ancient demon. In the presence of evil, he changes into a monster. Then prays on the wicked, sucking out their souls.

Johnny has been running ever since signing the contract with the devil, and the death of his father. Yep, the devil lied.


Johnny Blaze and Moreau

Moreau finds Johnny Blaze. He knows about the Rider and needs Johnny’s help. Shows him Danny’s picture and needs the Rider to save his life.

John is not happy. He does not save people. Roarke, put the curse on him. The devil has many names.



The new deal for Johnny, bring Danny back to the monastery and Benedict and Monreau will lift his curse, they claim?



Danny and his mom, Nadya, resort to pick-pocketing wallets and jewelry from traveling executives to survive.

Johnny has spent years trying to control the Rider, to keep him from coming out. Tonight he needs the Rider to come out.


The Rider Appears!

Nadya and Danny are overtaken on the highway by Carrigan and ran off the road. Carrigan and his friends are the guys after Danny.

As Carrigan prepares to shoot Danny, the Rider arrives in a blaze of fire, on his flaming motorcycle. Burnt charcoal leather suit and smoldering, black boots and a skull ablaze is a frightful sight.


Carrigan takes out a bazooka from his trunk and shoots the Rider.

As the Rider seems crippled, they make off with Danny, leaving Nadya lying on the ground bewildered, dazed, and injured.

Johnny wakes in the hospital in Romania. After stealing painkillers, he flees. Nadya is there.

Carrigan calls his boss, Roarke, demands more money for Danny, due to the Rider. The devil is not happy. He speaks to Danny over the cell phone in a foreign language. Danny screams and passes out. The Rider will no longer be able to track Danny, a firewall of sorts. He can still track Carrigan.



Nadya also made a deal with Roarke, when dying years ago, she agreed to give him a baby to save her life. Danny, her son is also the devil’s son. That’s why he wants the boy so bad.

On Earth, the devil uses the Deal to achieve his dirty work.

Danny causes the car to crash and escapes from Carrigan and his guys.

johnny-fights-to-keep-the-rider-inAs Johnny fights to keep the Rider inside, he and Nadya interrogate to discover Danny’s whereabouts. An underground fight with gambling.

Danny is being held at the quarry by Carrigan and a lot of men with a lot of guns, an army. Nadya knows where the quarry is.

At the quarry, Carrigan’s army prepares for the Rider. They open the FGM- 148 Javelin. American bunker buster. Two-stage detonation. The seller is there. Carrigan wants four of them to battle the Rider.

The Rider arrives. Carrigan fires the first bunker buster. Direct hit, no effect.

Using his chain, the Rider begins disintegrating Carrigan’s men one-by-one.

A grenade explodes next to the Rider sending him spinning in the air. He quickly recovers and attacks.

the-rider-on-the-craneTheir weapons are having little effect as the Rider climbs aboard the giant crane. Operating it, he destroys the camp in a blaze of fire, all while laughing.

Carrigan prepares to shoot Danny. The Rider whips his chain and catches Carrigan’s foot stopping him.

855481 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nadya and Danny flee in a truck. The Rider peruses, catching them quickly. As the Rider attacks his mom, Danny uses his powers and changes the Rider back to Johnny Blaze.

At the Amanda Truck Stop. Johnny’s plan is to hide in a holy place for a few days until it’s safe again. Hoping things calm down. He contacted Moreau. Moreau will catch up with them on the road. Johnny’s time as the Rider has left him extremely thirsty. He’s drinking ice water by the pitcher. They must move fast to stay ahead of Carrigan and his gang.


No excuses this time!

Back at the quarry, Carrigan lies under a giant slab of cement and dies in the presence of Roarke without fulfilling his agreement to bring Danny to him. Roarke brings Carrigan back to life again, removes the slab of concrete. Now a zombie, with the power of decay.

Carrigan tests his powers on a nearby ambulance driver. Touching the paramedic’s face. He withered and decayed to death immediately.

Roarke wants Danny, no excuses this time!

Moreau arrives on his cycle. Takes them to his happy place. Monks live there.


The monastery

Moreau explains to Johnny, Zarathos was an angel, a spirit of justice, sent to protect the world of men. But he was tricked, captured, brought down to hell, corrupted. Driven in sane. His mission to protect the innocent was perverted into a lust to punish the guilty. He became the Spirit of Vengeance.

The angel, the Spirit of Justice, he is alive in there, somewhere, in Johnny Blaze. He could be?


Moreau and Benedict

Moreau serves Johnny communion. John falls into a deep, spirit-filled sleep and the demon flees his body. When he wakes, the monks are preparing to kill Danny, saying he must be destroyed, the son of Lucifer.



As the monks begin to behead Danny, Carrigan arrives and kills all the monks by touching them. They decay into dead masses like statues.

Danny is on his way to Roarke. A day of prophecy. Like the day Danny was conceived. The child must be in his 13th year before the rite can be performed. No more Danny only Roarke, Roarke’s essence go into Danny, his soul.  At the dawn of a new day in winter.

Johnny, Moreau, and Nadya go after Danny.

Uzak Gokten, Turkey – Carrigan delivers Danny to Roarke in the ambulance. He’s strapped to a gurney in the back so he will not escape. Danny meets his Father face-to-face, the devil.

danny-meets-his-fatherUzak Gokten, Turkey – The farthest point from heaven. That is where the ritual is to take place, according to the prophecy. Without the Rider they are helpless against Roarke.

Politicians, murderers, people of unspeakable power arrive from all over the world for the ceremony to greet their new king, the new devil. The most powerful devil the world has ever known, a shadow will fall upon the earth.

Danny has been tranquilized for the ceremony. His soul will be lost forever at the break of dawn. Roarke is now at his weakest point as the ceremony begins. The guests are clothed with black cloches with hoods as they watch the ceremony, nearly 300 people.


The witnesses and Carrigan, the zombie

Moreau and Johnny invade the ceremony. Moreau is killed by Carrigan.

Johnny regrets giving up his powers. Now the Rider is needed.

Carrigan begins to kill Johnny Blaze. Danny’s powers are the same as his dad’s, the devil. He gave Johnny back his powers, blowing fire into him. Johnny becomes the Rider again.

Roarke flees with Danny in a car to escape the Rider.


The Rider quickly catches the five-car-caravan and begins his assault. He and Carrigan battle. The Rider sucks out Carrigan’s soul, killing him. “Road kill.”


The Rider crashed Roarke’s car, then sends the devil back to hell.



The Rider delivers Danny to Nadya, his mom, and changes back to Johnny blaze.  Now Johnny is able to control the Rider.

cage-hd-ghost-rider-spirit-of-vengeance-starring-nicolasThe End

This is a good horror movie about betrayal and triumph. Excellent special effects.

My rating: 4 stars

J.A. Ireland

Thor – The Dark World – Movie Review


Thor  The Dark World

Odin, “Long before the birth of light, there was darkness. And from that darkness came the Dark Elves, a millennium ago, the most ruthless of their kind, Malekith sought to transform our universe back into one of eternal night. Such evil was possible through the power of the Aether, an ancient force of infinite destruction.

The noble armies of Asguard, led by my father, King Bor, waged a mighty war against these creatures.

Dark Elves Ships' Graveyard From Wars

Dark Elves Ship Graveyard

As the nine worlds converged above him, Malekith could at last unleash the Aether. But Asguard ripped the weapon from his grasp. Without it, the Dark Elves fell.

With the battle all but lost, Malekith sacrificed his own people in a desperate attempt to lay waste to Asguard’s army. Malekith was vanished and the Aether was no more or so we were led to believe.

The Aether is buried deep were no one would ever find it.”

Loki in chains

Present Day, Loki is in chains as he is led before his mother and father, Odin Allfather. He explains, he went to Midgard to rule the people of Earth as a benevolent god.

Odin explains, we are not gods, we are born, we live, and we die. Just like humans do.

Give or take 5,000 years, Loki responds with a grin. He desires a throne.

Odin mocking LokiOdin reminds him, he was destined to die as a child, cast out onto a frozen rock. Odin spared his life because of Frigga. Loki will never see her again. He’s condemned to the dungeons for the rest of his days.

Thor will bring order to the Nine Realms and later be King of Asguard as Loki rots in the dungeon.

Thor battles the rock monster

Thor battles the Rock Monster

Vanaheim – A battle rages and Thor arrives by Bifrost.  The enemy army sends their super warrior, the Rock monster, to fight Thor. With one mighty blow of his thunder hammer he reduces the soldier to stone.

Thor and Odin Allfather

Thor and Odin Allfather on Asguard

The Nine Realms are nearly at peace. Heimdall opens the Bifrost, Thor returns to Asguard.  He reports to Allfather, Vanaheim is secure as are Nornheim and Ria.

The first time since the Bifrost was destroyed that the Nine Realms are at peace. He still misses Jane Foster.

Lady Sif talks to Thor in a pub on Asguard.

Darcy and Jane

Darcy and Jane at the warehouse

London – Jane Foster is on an awkward date. Darcy shows up and informs her about her equipment is going crazy again. Erik agrees. Jane ends the date and goes with Darcy to check it out.

Dr. Erik Selvig, an astrophysicists, was naked while demonstrating test equipment to the public at Stonehinge.

In an abandoned warehouse, kids discover weird phenomenons, a truck that floats in air and a staircase into another dimension. The kids show the events to Jane , Darcy, and her Intern. Jane is sucked into the other dimension, a creepy place, for more than five hours.

Speaking Elven language, the Aether awakens Malekith, the convergence returns.



Heimdall watches over the stars. He sends Thor to Earth to see Jane. Heimdall brought Thor and Jane back to Asguard.

Svartalfheim – Malekith speaks elven language. He swears vengeance on Asguardeans.

Jane Foster has a huge energy field within her. It will lead to her death if not removed.

According to Odin, the relic that lies within Jane Foster predates the universe itself. It defends itself against touch.

The Nine Realms are not eternal. Before the Nine Realms, the Dark Elves rained absolute supreme.

Malekith and Elf demon

Dark Elf and Malekith

Odin tells Thor about Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves and his weapon, the Aether. It is fluid and ever changing, changing matter into dark matter. It seeks out host bodies drawing strength from their lives. Malekith sought to use the Aether’s power to return the universe to darkness.

The Aether is in Jane Foster. Odin does not know how to remove it from her body.

Asguard under attack

Asguard under attack by Elven invaders

An invader arrives in Asguard with soldiers. The alien attacks and causes a prison break.

Asguard is under alien attack, flying craft from the air. Heimdall tries to put up the shield over the city, the aliens bring it down.

Dark Elves attack along with Malekith.

Odin's wife hides Jane

Odin’s wife hides Jane from Malekith

Malekith and his warriors killed Odin’s wife knowing she possess the Aether. Thor and Odin prevent them from taking Jane.

As with their customs, she is cremated; her spirit goes into the heavens.

On Earth, according to Dr. Erik Selvig, the universe rotates on a 5,000 year cycle, everything is connected, all nine realms, the convergence.

Thor wants to move Jane to a remote area of Asguard, much to his companions concern and objection. He turns to Loki for help. They flee in an Elven spacecraft and fly into Malekith’s land.

The Aether is overpowering Jane, slowly. Thor, Jane, and Loki meet Malekith and his Elven soldiers on the dark mountains.

Loki stabs Thor with a dagger, cuts off his hand, and turns over Jane to Malekith.

Thor: The Dark World (2013) Blu-ray Screenshot

Malekith removes the Aether from Jane’s body

Malekith pulls the Aether from Jane’s body, it’s a spirit.

All an illusion by Loki, Thor’s plan, Thor destroys the Aether.

Or so he thinks? It reforms and flows into Malekith.

Loki diesLoki dies fighting the elf demon.

In a nearby cave on Asguard, Jane receives a call on her cell phone from Richard on Earth. “How am I getting service here?” She realizes that she and Thor are at the other end of the dimension that they discovered in the abandoned warehouse on Earth. The items that the kids tossed and did not return are there in the cave.

Thor and Jane at warehouse

Thor and Jane back at the warehouse, on Earth

Thor and Jane walked through the portal and were instantly transported to the warehouse on Earth, again.

During a meeting with Dr. Erik Selvig, Jane, Thor, Darcy, and her Intern, Erik figures out the center of power of the convergence, Greenwich. Malekith will fire the Aether there, he believes. They’re on their way to Greenwich.

Malekith arrives in an Elven spacecraft at Greenwich.

Thor and Malekith fight in GreenwichThor and Malekith battle in downtown Greenwich. Darcy, Jane, Erik, and the Intern set up Erik’s equipment.

They have seven minutes before the convergence is fully complete.

The convergence begins, Thor is miles away without his Thunder Hammer.

Malekith back in dark worldJane sent Malekith back to his dark world with Erik’s device. Using the same device, Erik sent the spacecraft back, it lands on Malekith.

Thor went back to Asguard and speaks to his father, Odin. He does not wish to be king.

Odin’s legacy, one son who wants the throne too much. One son will not take it.

Thor leaves his father’s presence without his blessing.

Loki on the throneIt was Loki in disguise, an illusion of Loki’s. He’s alive, now ruler of Asguard, as Odin, on the throne.

The End.

Thor - The Dark World, with LokiIt seems Auguard’s future is uncertain to say the least; almost certainly Loki will cause chaos as a king in disguise.

Can’t wait for the next movie.

My rating: 4.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland