Kinkorx Desert News

Greetings news buffs,

I am J.A. Ireland. I write a news and sports column for the Desert News. Due to the news wire, my articles are often times published in newspapers all over Sesla.

Desert Landscape near Kinkorx -  Picturesque  - Ancient Stone Formations

Desert Landscape near Kinkorx – Picturesque Flowers and  Ancient Stone Formations

I write articles from current events, to crime sprees, to politics—and anything else that is news on a given day. I spend my days, and often times evenings, writing. It seems, for me, there is no shortage of news to write about.

In this column, I will include news articles that I write for the Kinkorx Desert News. Since many of my articles are about my friend Detective Maxx Zeqster, there will no doubt be articles about him in this section.

I hope my writings keep you up to date and informed on the happenings in Kinkorx, the desert, and the wet lands. I will strive to keep you informed on major breaking news stories all over Sesla.

Thanks for reading my columns. I hope you find them enlightening.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland    

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