Maxx’s Book Reviews

Greetings awesome  SciFi fans,

I’m Detective Maxx Zeqster.  I am the main character in Maxx Zeqster  Creepy Cases by author, J. A. Ireland.  I’m excited that you’re reading about my creepy, crawly, and  always totally fun adventures.  I have so many stories to tell you.  I have solved some very scary cases involving mad scientists, mutating Sesleans, magical creatures and animals, just to name a few.

The Young  Sleuth Maxx Zeqster

The Young Sleuth Maxx Zeqster

I hope you’ll download a book of mine and start reading today. They are called Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases.

Oh, yes!  I forgot to mention.  I get distracted sometimes when I’m talking about myself.  Don’t tell anyone.  I have a free, very cool inter-galactic reading club that is very popular on Sesla.  It’s called the “Whirlpool Galaxy Reading Club – Aliens who Read!

Maxx Zeqster the Book Worm

Maxx Zeqster the Book Worm

If you would like to join my fun inter-galactic reading club, click on the first Icon on the menu bar on the top of this page, “Whirlpool Galaxy Reading Club.”  After that,  just follow the instructions.

I hope you’ll read my creepy, crawly, adventures as I go all over Sesla solving crimes and crime sprees that the local authorities can’t seem to handle.  We have an awesome time while solving these sometimes very dangerous cases.  I’m sure you will have fun reading about my creepy cases.

As I have previously said, I love to read. I will review some of my favorite books for you. I hope you enjoy  them.

It was awesome  meeting you.  I have another case to solve.  I better run.  Happy reading!

Remember, Aliens Read!

Detective Maxx Zeqster.

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