Big Mesnuk Game Tonight


Hi Everyone,

We’re into an exciting time of year; “It’s the Rallies” and our Kinkorx Horned Hares are struggling.

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Mystical Creatures In The Enchanted Wet Lands Near Kvyutt

Tonight they’re facing the very powerful Kvyutt Traveler’s—from the wet lands. The Travelers have several Sesla Championships to their credit and are very strong right now, having won their last five games.

This will be a very tough game for the Horned Hares. The Hares lost the last two games and must turn things around quickly to remain in “It’s the Rallies”.

As we all know, a team’s winning percentage is irrelevant in “The Set of Game’s”—every team advances. If a team’s winning percentage falls below fifty percent they’re out of, “It’s the Rallies”.

Those athletes are in top physical strength and endurance to play professional mesnuk. The field is equivalent to 460 of your feet long and 380 of your feet wide. They must place the, 18 and ¼ pound, acute triangular, sludder, into the 36 inch diameter round by 48 inch high, kloxyn; sounds easy enough—right? In mesnuk there are no pads—never have been, never will be; the game is brutal.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx Home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares

I spoke with Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Hares after a devastating loss about his team’s chances in “It’s the Rallies”. Here’s what he had to say. Mr. Grexenn, “I believe we are in better shape and more determined than our opponents. As you know J.A., it takes more than a huge payroll to be a championship team. It takes hard work and dedication. I believe we’ll continue to advance in the rallies this season. We’ll put this loss behind us and keep moving ahead.”

I asked, “Do you think the Guytic City Fighting Tobacco Farmers and their owner, Xuro Qashlet, will be the next Sesla champs?”

Mr. Grexenn chuckled. “Mr. Qashlet has bought a very good team with all his Myluxs—he’s a billionaire after all. The Tobaccos are doing very well in the Rallies—as always. We’ll have to see which team wins the title; It’s anyone’s guess right now. We’re in it to take the title as well. Nice to talk with you again J.A.; let’s have lunch at Grexenn Park and talk more .”

Grexenn Park Landscape View

Beautiful Grexenn Park Landscape View

J.A., “Let’s do that—soon. Thank you Mr. Grexenn.”

That was my brief interview with Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Kinkorx Horned Hares. We crossed paths briefly in the locker room of the Hares in The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown days ago after a game that the Hares lost to the Wyluxx City Generals.

In that game, the Generals came from behind in a late game rally to defeat the Hares; the loss was a heart breaker.

Beautiful Sesla Desert Landscape at Grexenn Park

Beautiful Sesla Desert Landscape at Grexenn Park

Tonight’s game against the Kvyutt Traveler’s is here in The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. I’m co-announcing it with Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor. Derrix is the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares.

It should be an exciting game and a must win for both teams. I’ll keep you informed as the rallies progress.

Thanks for tuning in. I’m J.A. Ireland.


Kinkorx Horned Hares Chasing Another Mesnuk Championship


Greetings from Sesla,

Cloudy sky Over Kinkorx

Cloudy Sky Over Kinkorx

I’m J.A. Ireland. I’m sitting at my desk in beautiful downtown Kinkorx while writing my column for the newspapers. It’s an unusually cloudy day. The Kinkorx TV Weather girl, May Willowman, called for rain later this morning. From the looks of the sky, maybe she’s right. It’s been a while since we’ve had rain in this part of the desert. Everything needs water; our reservoirs are a bit low as well.

My column today is about the Kinkorx Horned Hares. As you may know, I follow our local mesnuk team closely and co-announce  home games regularly. It’s always fun to work with Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor. He’s the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares and announces all their games. Stin Gismurr, Kinkorx TV program director, is always there to insure to the quality of the broadcast.

Now that “The Set of Games” has concluded and we’re in “It’s the Rallies” the Horned Hares are chasing another Sesla Mesnuk Championship.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

Since Jeqrix Grexenn, the desert furniture giant, purchased the team several years ago, the hares are vastly improved. They’ve even won a Sesla Championship. What a moment that was? I was there and co-announced that game; it was thrilling. In a last minute victory, the hares defeated the Guytic City Fighting Tobacco Farmers. Billionaire owner of the tobaccos, Xuro Qashlet, looked none too happy. His enormous payroll athletes couldn’t overcome the determination of the new, and driven with will-power players for Mr. Grexenn’s team.

Kinkorx Horned Hares Sesla Mesnuk Champions

Kinkorx Horned Hares Sesla Mesnuk Champions

Moments after that game, lines began forming inside the gift ships within the stadium. The Horned Hares memorabilia sold out so fast. I was lucky a friend of mine there stashed a mesnuk cap for me. Now that we’re in “It’s the Rallies” and the hares are in I’m wearing mine everyday to support the team.

One of Hundreds of  Beautiful Wet Lands Waterfall

One of Hundreds of Beautiful Wet Lands Waterfalls

The Hares are traveling to the wet lands and playing the Guytic City Tobacco Farmers, the defending Sesla champs. That game will be brutal—as always. Xuro Qashlet, the billionaire owner, has the highest payroll of any professional mesnuk team on Sesla. His players are the best; they’re big, fast, and strong.

I spoke with Jeqrix Grexenn recently. He’s confident the hares will be triumphant. He admitted in our brief lunch chat, that he misses Zith Fleen. He feels Zith was the most aggressive player he’s ever had on the team. If you’d like to read that story, I’ve written a novel about it. The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher details the tragic story.

It’s time to get back to my column. May Willowman was right—it’s raining. The plants and our reservoirs sure need the water. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Movie Review


Optimus Prime Fans,

The Transformer series is one of my favorites. Here’s a Transformers movie review for you. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Transformers are attacking the earth during the dinosaur era. The great reptiles are being changed into metal machines.

The Arctic- Darcy and her excavating operation from KSI (Kinetic Solutions) of Chicago, Ill. U.S.A. unearthed several frozen metal dinosaurs. “I think history is about to change,” Darcy proclaims to her crew in the frozen ice world. Mr. Joyce, owner of KSI, sent her on this mission to investigate the reports of metal dinosaur discoveries and report back to him in his Chicago Headquarters.

Transformers Age of Extinction

Chicago – Cade Yeager, owner of Yeager Research and Development is standing next to his old truck. Lucas Flannery drives up speedily in his economy beater and jumps out; he was at South Padre Beach. “I came as soon as I could, Boss. The serf was flat anyway. Do you have a paying job for me this time, boss? An actual paying job?” Lucas asks with concern and skepticism.

Cade responds, “Do you have any cash?”

“Well, yes I do,” Lucas replies with question.

“There you go,” Cade finishes.

Mexico City – Since 1928 an old theatre has been in the family- Grandaddy ran it all his life. Lucas discovers an old tractor truck inside the rundown auditorium. There are several fired mortar shells hulls in the cab. Cade borrowed $150.00 from Lucas to purchase the old tractor truck in the theatre. They towed it back to Chicago.

Yeager Robotics in Chicago – repairs small home robots. Cade and Tessa Yeager, his seventeen year old daughter, build robotics in their large garage. Cade’s wife Emily is deceased.

The battle of Chicago is on Headline News. Congress ended all operations between the military and the Autobots, ending the alliance. Attinger, “As this committee knows, the invasion of Chicago was a defining day for our nation five years ago. The day millions of people realized that never again can we allow aliens to fight our battles for us. A handful of Autobots were given sanctuary after joint combat operations were abolished. Fewer than a dozen Decepticons are still on the run. Thanks to our CIA unit. “Cemetery Wind.” The age of the Transformer is over.”

A Transformer rises out of the swamp.

Medical Officer Ratchet

Medical Officer Ratchet being fired upon

The military finds Medical Officer Ratchet and open fires. He’s a transformer. He was hiding on an abandoned cruise ship. He says he’s a friend; an Autobot. “Optimus sent this distress message: Calling all Autobots. We are under targeted attack. Cease all contact with humans. We’re all hiding. All Autobots are being hunted. We’re all in danger.”

“Where is Optimus Prime?” the military officer asks.

Meanwhile at CIA Headquarters: The President would like specifics about how the CIA is hunting the enemy Decepticons and how many are left.

Mr. Attinger has been in the CIA for 25 years. “Black Ops. No Specifics.” The war will be over soon.”

Cade has discovered his old truck is an old Autobot. It transforms into Optimus Prime. Cade begins making repairs on the damaged Autobot.

CIA – Paris Texas, Cade Yeager was spotted towing the old tractor truck away from Mexico City. Attinger, “Scramble Cemetery Wind.” His team is on the move.

Optimus Prime Injured

Optimus Prime is Injured

Cade is making repairs to Optimus. His spark was almost damaged; his life force and memories was almost hit. “It’s like our soul,” Cade says.

“Dad!” Tessa yells as Attinger’s group drives onto their property; accompanied by a chopper. Tess fearfully watches from the front porch of their dilapidated old farm house. The group swarms the unsuspecting Yeager home. Optimus hides.

“Mr. Yeager, my name’s James Savoy. I’m a Federal Agent. My men and I are trying to track down an abandoned truck.”

When no one cooperates, Savoy threatens to kill Tess. Optimus Prime comes to their rescue. Tessa’s twenty year old boyfriend, Shane, drives up speedily in his fast car. They escape in his car. But the battle continues. Out of guilt, Lucas admits he turned Cade in for money. There’s a reward for turning in Autobots to the gov’t.

Lucas is killed in the battle. Cade, Tess, and Shane escape when Optimus transforms back into the old tractor truck and drives them back to the desert. Finally the Autobots know Optimus is alive. “There is Hope! Mr. Leader of the Free Galaxy is Back!” There are only five Autobots left.

“Autobots, Lockdown is hunting us,” Optimus reports. “And humans are helping. We need to know why.” They are on the move back to Chicago.

Mr. Joyce and Darcy

Mr. Joyce and Darcy at KSI

Chicago – KSI ( Kinetic Solutions ) Headquarters Top Secret Military Wing. Mr. Joyce is the owner. Darcy has returned from the Arctic Expedition and is reporting to her boss, Joyce. “The metal machines caused the dinosaurs to become extinct 65 million years ago. KSI has discovered the metal that the alien machines are made of.

Wembley is a scientist for KSI. “Transformium. That’s what we’re calling it. Programmable matter.” Mr. Joyce has mapped it’s genome. It can be instructed. We can change anything into anything.

KSI’s Military prototype is Galvatron, the fifth iteration, modeled after Optimus Prime. “He looks like Megatron. Algorithms! Math! Why can’t we make what we want to make?” Joyce screams.

Cade, Tessa, and Shane drive past the front gates and into KSI Headquarters; in Autobot cars.

Attinger retired from the CIA, received a seven-figure piece of Joyce’s (KSI) and they revolutionize national defense together. He must deliver the Seed; that’s the deal.

Cade Yeager is captured. Attinger asks him, “Where’s Optimus Prime?” Upon hearing this, the Autobots quickly invade KSI. Optimus orders, “Distroy the lab! Distroy it all!”

Galvatron Attacking Innocent person

Galvatron Attacking Innocent person

The order is given. “Transform Galvatron! Stinger on Line!” In minutes. Galvatron and Stinger are on the move. “Engage! Transform!” 200 meters.

Galvatron Kills innocent people as the battle rages; at Mr. Joyce’s dismay. “Pull Galvatron back!” Attinger orders.

Tessa and Optimus are captured in a net and pulled into a space ship hovering above. Onboard the alien machine ship, Tess escapes. She looks for Optimus.

Optimus is in the Knights’ Temenos as a captive of Lockdown. Lockdown’s deal with Attinger; “One Optimus Prime for one Seed. Handle it with care. I trust your species is ready!”

Lockdown, “Engage dark – matter drives. Full Power.”

They have 10 minutes to find Tess and get off Lockdown’s ship before it leaves Earth; spaceship powering up.

Cade and Shane find weapons and discover how to use them. Tessa is fighting off robots that are trying to capture her; one robot has a three foot long, slimy tongue. Soon all three escape the ship on cables high in the air to a building. Robot dogs peruse them on the cables. Bumble Bee rescues them.

Lockdown on his Spaceship

Lockdown on his Spaceship

Optimus Prime left Lockdown’s ship in an escape pod as it took off from Earth.

Mr. Joshua Joyce wants the Holy Grail, the Seed, delivered to his Guangzhou, China facility. He considers Galvatron a failure. The robot was out of control. Megatron’s mind is in Galvatron. Megatron reincarnated!

Now the Autobots, Cade, and team go after the Seed.

Beijing China – Mr. Joyce wants to detonate the Seed in the Mongolian desert, next month. The purpose is to create Transformium; enough for 100 years.

Lockdown discovers that Optimus Prime escaped. He rockets back to Earth.

Five million shares of KSI stock – Attinger receives for delivering the Seed to Mr. Joyce; Joyce suddenly has second thoughts. Galvatron becomes active all by himself. He begins making more transformer robots and takes control of KSI China facility. Galvatron, “Go find my Seed. Detonate the Seed in the largest city.”

Joyce tries to get away before the Seed explodes. The battle rages in Guangzhou China. Soon Lockdown arrives on the scene.

Optimus Prime and the Metal Dinosaur

Optimus Prime and the Metal Dinosaur

Prime realizes they need reinforcements. “Recognize one of your Knights. Optimus speeks a foreign language.” The Knight Rises! The Giant Metal Dinosaur awoke . Optimus battled with it for it’s obedience. “You defend my family or die.” Soon many great metal dinosaurs join in the great battle.

The battle is soon won by the Autobots, with the help of the metal dinosaurs. Optimus orders, “Take the Seed safely to the hills.”

Lockdown arrives at earth. He turns on a giant magnet and draws metal into his ship. He’s trying to suck Optimus in. Then dropping the metal.

Optimus Prime

“I Am Optimus Prime”

Beijing China – Optimus Prime and Lockdown meet and the battle begins. Mr. Joyce tries to get the Seed out of the city. Cade tries to help Optimus but Attinger gets in his way; tries to kill him. Prime sees the altercation and blows Attinger away.

After being sent away by Cade, Tessa and Shane return to help. Everyone fights Lockdown together. Tessa and Shane pull a sword out of Prime’s chest. Using the sword, Optimus cuts Lockdown in half; killing him. Lockdown pukes as he dies. “Honor to the end,” Optimus Prime.

“We shall meet again Prime for I am reborn,” a dark Decepticon said then flew into space.

“I am Optimus Prime and this message is to my creators; Leave planet Earth alone. ‘Cause I’m coming for you.” He flies into space.

The End

Hope you enjoyed my review.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Young Maxx Zeqster


Dear Readers,

I’m J.A. Ireland. Here’s an excerpt from The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice. I hope you find it interesting.

Maxx, the 10th grade art student at Kinkorx High School, proudly stood next to his picturesque landscape painting. He was excited to have an example of his work on display at the Art Fair at his high school.

Art Supplies

Maxx’s Landscape Portrait Art Equipment

Every year, Mrs. Watersmyth held her annual Art Fair at the Kinkorx High School where she was the high school art teacher. This year contained possibly her best talent ever. She had several very gifted students who were proudly displaying their best work. Each artist displayed one painting in the show. It was the artist’s own decision to choose a single painting that exemplified their unique artistic talent.

As a tenth grade artist, Maxx proudly stood next to his acrylic painting. On this painting, he used a direct painting technique to apply paint thickly, straight from the tube. This technique gave his landscape portrait an opaque appearance. He then used a sponge to further the application, creating a patterned effect.

The entire gymnasium displayed exciting works from not only Mrs. Watersmyth’s art class, but other area high schools art student’s work as well. It was a splendid show of student art. The area art teachers who had competing art students in the show were the judges.

It was time for the judging. There were five sought after ribbons. The teachers would award the coveted ribbons. Mrs. Watersmyth would serve as the chief judge. Due to the uneven number of judges, she also had the deciding vote. Ultimately, she could decide the winners.

The student artists stood proudly next to their single exhibit as the judging commenced. The teachers slowly made their way through the gymnasium. They carefully scrutinized each painting. They were judging on the overall talent of the artists and on the uniqueness of the painting. In addition, they were interested in how well the artists understood their subject.

Maxx’s anxieties were raging as he impatiently waited for his judging. His hands were sweaty and his face was perspiring. His anxious heart was racing as he waited.

The judges were slowly making their way around the large room. Previously, Mrs. Watersmyth had persuaded him to enter the exhibit. She thought he had real talent as a landscape artist. Since she was the lead judge, he fully expected to win a ribbon. He was inwardly exploding with anticipation.

The judges were slowly making their way down his row. He was bursting with expectation as he wondered. “Could I possibly win first prize?” The idea was enchanting as he anxiously anticipated.

His painting was next. He began to lose his grip. He rubbed his sweaty hands on his casual pants and he quickly and discretely wiped the flowing perspiration from his brow, as his heart raced.

The judges finally walked to his painting. They carefully examined it. They were very careful not to reveal any hints as to what they were thinking as they slowly judged his painting. His emotions were overpowering him as he stood helplessly and watched. His tense expectations were almost uncontrollable as he inwardly expected to receive an award.

The judges sauntered on to the next edgy artists. Maxx stood by his landscape portrait as he impatiently waited for the judges to finish their work. Inwardly, he was sure of a ribbon, maybe even first place. He already knew where he would be placing it in his room.

The judges ambled past the remaining artists one by one. They gave each painting equal time. Finally, they were finished with their evaluations. The esteemed judges walked to their table and began their difficult but very pleasurable decisions as the panicky artists waited in agony.

They entered their votes as to which artists won each of the five ribbons. They split their votes. That gave Mrs. Watersmyth the deciding vote on all five awards. For each ribbon, she had the deciding vote. One by one, she made her decisions.

She was down to the last ribbon. It was a tie between Maxx Zeqster’s acrylic landscape portrait and another students painting from Mr. Wittnex’s class. She would make the final choice.

The other judges were confident that she would choose her student over Mr. Wittnex’s art student. She had made the same choice on the previous tiebreakers that were between her students and theirs.

As she pondered her choice, her mind flashed back to the recent phone conversation that Maxx’s mother, Winox Zeqster, had with her. Mrs. Zeqster stated, “Maxx told me you encouraged him to enter the art contest. He has a tendency toward foolish ideas. He has already chosen his career. Make sure he isn’t distracted.” Because of her husband, Winox was very prominent and powerful in the community. Mrs. Watersmyth didn’t need the trouble that would follow if she ignored Winox Zeqster’s instructions.

She inwardly sorrowed as she stated, “Mr. Wittnex, I’ve decided the fifth place ribbon will be going to your student.

Mr. Wittnex was delighted and shocked. The other judges were irritated. The delighted Mr. Wittnex declared, “Let’s hand out the ribbons!”

Maxx’s heart raced with eager anticipation as he watched the judges, as they begin handing out the awards. He was very confident he would receive a ribbon, maybe even first place. After all, his acrylic landscape portrait was the best painting there.

As he watched, the judges, led by Mrs. Watersmyth, delivered the first place ribbon. It went to one of his fellow art students. He was somewhat disappointed.

He watched as the judges issued the second and third place ribbons. They also went to his fellow classmates. He was becoming inwardly upset.

As he watched, the judges issued the fourth place ribbon to another one of his classmates. He knew that he was a better artist than she was. His heart began to hurt. His eyes were attempting to tear.

His heart was racing with painful anxiety and his chest hurt as he watched with anticipation as Mr. Wittnex proudly issued the final ribbon to one of his students.

The ribbon awarding was over and he had not won a single award. His heart was broken. He was devastated. He felt that his painting was better than many of the winners. He wanted to cry, but he knew he could not. He valiantly fought back his tears. He quickly dismantled his art display as he shielded his teary eyes from his fellow artists. He quickly left the art show with his property as not to show his devastation.

That Same Night; He was having dinner with his parents. He was depressed as he ignored his food. He had no appetite.

His parents knew he just participated in an art contest. His mother noticed his depressed mood. “How was the art show?”

“I didn’t win any awards,” Maxx said depressingly.

Winox responded, “You’ve already decided to go to The University of Kinkorx to be a detective like your father. Not getting a ribbon was the best thing for you.”

Immediately he knew. “You told Mrs. Watersmyth to give the ribbons to other artists. Mom, I’m a better painter than they are. How could you?” He was angry and devastated.

His mother scowled at him. “You’ve already chosen your career. You don’t need any distractions right now.”

His anger and inner pain was raging. “You’ve determined my career choice. Maybe I don’t want to be a detective. What if I want to be an artist or an astronomer?” He was devastated. He quickly left the table and went to his room where he quietly began to cry.

At His Home In Bedsult; Maxx’s mind flashed back to reality. He was having a cup of tea as he remembered the painful art show from his youth. He shook his head at his naiveté when he was a child. “I should have known not to enter that art contest. At that time, I didn’t realize how limited my control was over my life or my future.” He smiled in astonishment at his innocence.

He sighed in an attempted to regain his focus. “Wesloff Qezerr, the manager of The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown never called. Now that I know Jen’s full name and last address, maybe he can give me more information. I’ll visit him again.” He nodded his head.    The excerpt ends.

This segment further defines Maxx’s character. A large part of his compassion as an adult is due to the pain he endured as a child and early adult.  Arguably, the reason he accepts a relationship with Art Nekuma, the Pirtt-Coterie, is due to his inner pain.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland.

GODZILLA – Movie Review


Greetings SciFi lovers,

I watched one of my favorite monster movies of all time. I thought you might like to read my review. Enjoy.Godzilla

The movie begins sometime after thirty years of atomic bomb testing has taken place in the south pacific, near French Polynesia. Iguana lizards and their eggs were continually exposed to atomic radiation.

A large underwater object is tracked on sonar and tracking straight for a Japanese Cannery Ship, also near French Polynesia in the south pacific. The ship is attacked and sank by a giant beast.

CHERNOBYL – UKRAINE- Dr. Niko Tapopolis ( Matthew Broderick) is on a three year study of the Chernobyl Earthworm. He works for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and has discovered a seventeen percent increase in the size of the earthworms there due to radiation exposure. He is an unmarried biologists and studies radioactive samples. He is electrocuting the ground to gather night crawlers during a night rainstorm for studying.

Kyle Terrington, of the U.S. State Department, and his team dropped in by chopper and interrupted Dr. Tapopolis’ worm collecting. “You’re being reassigned!” Terrington proclaims in the pouring night rain.

“But my work here isn’t finished!” Nick Tapopolis protests with rain cascading down his face.

Terrington calmly replies while holding his umbrella to shield his head and face from the cold rain, “It is now.”

PAPEETE TAHITI – A very sick old Japanese sailor that was on the cannery ship reported saying, “GOJIRA. GOJIRA. GOJIRA.”

Giant Reptilian Footprint

Giant Reptilian Footprint

Dr. Tapopolis is being flown by small sea plane to Golfo De San Miguel-Panama. To study a giant radioactive reptilian footprint. He was standing inside the massive footprint. “But, there’s no animal in the world that makes foot prints like this, is there?” Tapopolis questioned.

Nick meets Dr. Elsie Chapman, of the National Institute of Paleontology, and his boss. So far, no one has seen the giant beast. They watch a satellite video of the Japanese Cannery Ship being attacked and sank. They only see giant claws. Nick also meets Dr. Craven and is repeatedly called the worm guy; sarcastically.

Later by chopper, they follow the giant reptilian tracks.

GREAT PEDRO BLUFF- JAMAICA – Dr. Nick, Dr. Elsie, and Dr. Craven stand amazed as they gaze at the Japanese Cannery ship. It drifted on shore there. The hull was ripped severely. The locals were sitting on the beach watching, also in amazement. The “Donne-Moi Cinq Pour Cent” mercenary group was hired by La Rochelle Casualty and Property Insurance to guard the ship. Mr. Philippe Roache is the insurance agent. Dr. Tapopolis quietly begins collecting worm specimens from the hull of the ship.

EASTERN SEABOARD – UNITED STATES – “Artie! Artie! What the hell’s wrong? Why are we slowing down?” yells the captain of the small fishing trawler.

“I don’t know!” Artie responds loudly in a panic. “She’s up full throttle! Maybe she’s heavy in the nets!”

Three small fishing trawlers are quickly pulled under by their nets as the crews flee the boats into the turbulent waters.

The Giant Reptilian Beast is only 200 miles off the Eastern American Seaboard.

Dr. Elsie Chapman proclaims, “It’s Theropoda Allosaurus; a reptile that died during the cretaceous period.”

“What about the traces of radiation?” Nick Tapopolis asked skeptically while not agreeing with his boss. “The animal was first sighted in the French Polynesian Pacific, right? That area has been exposed to dozens of nuclear tests over the past 30 years.

Dr. Chapman hurls the sarcasm back at him, “Uh-huh. Hence, the radiation.” The eye roll rocked the plain. Dr. Craven smirked.

Dr. Tapopolis ignores the sarcasm and replies calmly and confidently, “I believe that this is a mutated aberration, a hybrid caused by the fallout on these islands. An incipient creature. The dawn of a new species. The first of it’s kind.”

Godzilla in New York City

Godzilla in New York City

THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS – The creature enters New York City and wreaks havoc. Mayor Ebert has just been re-elected to a 2nd four year term and is giving his thank you speech to his supporters when the creature comes straight for them. The speech is over as everyone flees for their lives.

Mobil Command Center – New Jersey – Sergeant O’Neal reports to the team, “The Mayor has agreed to evacuate NYC and is calling out the National Guard. The giant lizard quickly disappeared into the city.

Audrey Timmonds, news reporter for WIDF TV News, and Dr. Tapopolis’ past college girlfriend of four years begins to have feelings for him as she sees him on TV with the military concerning the giant lizard story.

Agent Philippe Roache, D.G.S.E., of La Rochelle Casualty and Property Insurance, placed a listening device on Mayor Ebert’s shirt collar. Roache’s company insures 15% of the property in NYC.

Since the authorities were unable to locate the lizard they attempted to draw him out with several truckloads of fish in Central Park, much to Mayor Edert’s dismay. It’s 8:55pm in the pouring rain as they wait in hiding, close to the enormous pile of fish. Dr. Tapopolis’ idea; remove the manhole covers to insure the fish smell gets into the sewers.

Godzilla Up Close

Godzilla Up Close

The idea quickly works. They get the first up close and personal look at the giant lizard. Dr. Tapopolis takes pictures. The police begin their attack. They quickly learn how fast the enormous reptile is; and he breathes fire. Their efforts only succeed in more damage to the city. The heat seeking missiles also don’t work; the lizard is colder than the buildings around him. The missiles destroy the Chrysler Building. The massive reptile soon destroyed all four attack choppers.

Audrey runs into Dr. Tapopolis at the drug store. He’s purchasing home pregnancy tests. He’s still angry about the way she left eight years ago without a letter, phone call, nothing. He asks for tests with Gonadotropic Hormones or Clomiphene Citrate. He realizes he’s holding a grudge and quickly changes his heart. He invites her over for tea.

Later, after running his tests, Dr. Tapopolis declares, “This creature’s pregnant. It reproduces Asexually. It came to New York City for a nesting place; of course! I believe this creature has already laid or is about to lay up to twelve eggs, that will hatch quickly. He is gathering fish to feed the young once hatched. We need to find the nest.”

Audrey stole the top secret tape from Dr. Tapopolis’ tent and the media has it. The media calls the creature GODZILLA! Tapopolis is fired by Hicks. He tells Audrey goodbye and takes a taxi to Newark Airport. He soon discovers that Agent Philippe Roache is driving the taxi and is French Secret Service. He says the Americans in NYC stopped looking for the nest.

Dr. Tapopolis and Agent Roache devise a plan to go back into New York City to find Godzilla’s nest. “I always wanted to join the French Foreign Legion,” Tapopolis brags. In this movie, much of the nuclear testing in the pacific was done by the French Government, therefore, they felt responsible and had a vested interest in making sure this creature is stopped.

The military is trying to draw Godzilla into Central Park again with more fish.

Godzilla Battles The Navy

Godzilla Battles The Navy

Dr. Tapopolis, Agent Roache, and their team find Godzilla in the underground sewers of NYC. Godzilla goes into the city and heads for Central Park where the army is waiting with their fish. The attack begins and Godzilla quickly flees to the river where the navy is waiting. The Indiana and Anchorage are closing in. Torpedoes are fired at the giant lizard.

Godzilla lead the torpedoes into the Anchorage. Upon impact, the submarine is destroyed. The Indiana fires at Godzilla as he swims back to Manhattan. DIRECT HIT! They killed Godzilla.

Nick Tapopolis, Agent Roache, and his team enter Madison Square Garden from the sewers. There’s fish everywhere. “Three eggs. I thought there’d be more,” Nick states. Upon further investigation, they find more than twenty eggs. The team began placing explosives on some of the eggs. “Boss,” one of the French men said, “We don’t have nearly enough charges.”

Nick could hear gurgling and other noises coming from inside the eggs. “They’re ready to hatch,” he said with concern. Suddenly the first egg cracked open and a baby Godzilla jumped out. “Correction; they are hatching!” Because they smelled like fish, the group is quickly attacked and must flee The Garden, for their lives.

Dr. Elsie Chapman convinces the Colonel to look for the nest, against Mayor Ebert’s wishes.

Agent Roache orders, “Contact the military. Get them to send a bomber to blow up this building. 5557600 Code Dragon Fly. That should get you through. Nick go get help. We’ll hold the reptiles off.

They have an idea. They Begin A Live Broadcast From Inside Madison Square Garden: Audrey reports, “Dr. Niko Tapopolis has discovered the Beast’s lair.” Nick explains, “We’ve discovered over 200 eggs. They have hatched and are over nine feet tall and have begun feeding. These 200 could easily become 40,000 within this year. This could become the dominate species of this planet. The military must destroy this building immediately before these creatures can escape.” “I’m Audrey Timmonds reporting live on WIDF News from inside Madison Square Gardens.”

The order was given by the military Colonel, “I want you to blow up Madison Square Garden.”

Nick and team learned their broadcast was received by everyone and they had less than six minutes to leave the building before the bombers arrived. Agent Roache distracts the lizards while they make their getaway through the main entrance; past dozens of hungry Godzillas. As the F18 bombers make their approach.

The Crater where Madison Square Garden was and Godzilla

The Crater where Madison Square Garden was and Godzilla

The Maverick missiles are fired. The Garden is destroyed. Nick and Audrey kiss.


The F18 bombers are ordered to turn around. Nick and friends are hiding in the Park Avenue Tunnel as Godzilla desperately tries to get to them. They lead the massive lizard to the Brooklyn Bridge. The F18’s fly to the bridge.

Godzilla on the Brooklyn Bridge

Godzilla on the Brooklyn Bridge

Godzilla gets tangled in the suspension cables on the bridge as the F18’s approach. “Stallion 1-5, Tally One on the Bridge.”

The order is given to fire at will. Godzilla took multiple direct missile hits from the F18 fighters. Quickly Godzilla falls and dies.


Mayer Ebert says, “The Mayor who Destroyed Godzilla.”

One egg hatched late and lived.

The End

Star Trek: Nemesis – Movie Review


Greetings trekies,

I have a Star Trek – Nemesis movie review that you’re sure to like.

Star Trek NemesisThe movie begins in the Romulan Imperial Senate. A representative from the military is presenting Shinzon of Remus’ proposal.  Shinzon wants to unite Romulus and Remus. The Praetor, the leader of the Senate, rejects his proposal.

Green Dust kills the Romulan Imperial SenatorsSenator Taláura had an urgent appointment with the Tholian Ambassador. Upon leaving, she left a small round box on the table.  The box opened and sprayed a green dust in the air above the Senators.  The dust killed them all. Their bodies turned to stone and crumbled.

The movie switches to Captain Picard as he makes the best man toast at Will Riker and Deanna Troi’s wedding reception.  They will have a wedding ceremony on Betazed, the “no clothing allowed,” planet.

Later, Mr. Worf picks up a Positronic Signal on Kolarus III, in the Kolarun System. The signal is from an android like Data.

Mr. Warf

Mr. Worf

“There is a problem!”  said Geordi, “The Kolarun System is close to the Romulan Neutral Zone. With Captain Picard’s approval, Will Riker orders, “Warp five to the Kolarun System.”

“I am reading six Positronic Signals,” said Geordi.

On Kolarus III they discover a replica of Data, in six pieces as Captain Picard tries out the Argo. The Argo is a new, small ATV.


Back on the Enterprise, they learn that Dr. Soong created this prototype of Data and named it B-4. He created B-4 before he created Data.  B-4 is less sophisticated than Data.  Data and B-4 are brothers.  “Geordi, reassemble B-4,” orders Captain Picard.

Captain Picard gets an alpha priority communication from Starfleet.  Admiral Janeway wants Jean-Luc to go to Romulus. The Romulan Imperial Senate has a new Praetor, Shinzon of Reman. Captain Picard orders, “Warp eight to Romulus.”

At Romulus, they face the Reman War bird, Scimitar. They meet Praetor Shinzon, the human, and his Viceroy, the Reman.

Reman War Bird  Scimitar.

Reman War Bird Scimitar.

They later learn that Shinzon is a clone of Captain Picard.  Shinzon and Jean-Luc become acquainted.

Geordi learns that Shinzon’s ship is a Thalaron Generator.  They now know that Shinzon is no diplomat.

Shinzon and his Viceroy perform a violation on Deanna in her and Will’s room.

We learn that Shinzon put B-4 on Kolarus III to gain information about Starfleet.  The information that B-4 receives from the Enterprises computers is incorrect, thanks to Data.

Data reaffirms that Shinzon’s ship is a Thalaron Generator , a great weapon.

They learn that Shinzon was created with temporal RNA sequencing. He has accelerated aging, he is dying.

The Dying Shinzon

The Dying Clone Shinzon

Geordi is concerned, “Shinzon’s ship has a Cascading Biogenic Pulse!”

Captain Picard orders, “He is going to attack earth. He must not be allowed to use his weapon. All other concerns are secondary,”  He further orders, “All hands…battle stations.”

The Enterprise warps toward sector 1045 where there are seven star ships. There is protection in numbers.  The problem is, Shinzon’s fully cloaked ship is right behind the Enterprise as it speeds through space.

The Enterprise enters the Bassen Rift. They lose all communications due to the space interference.   Captain is concerned for the ship’s safety. He orders, “Commander Riker, evasive maneuvers.”   Shinzon attacks the Enterprise.

As Captain Picard attempts to talk Shinzon out of destroying earth, he reveals his true plan.  “I want to be remembered for all time.”

Suddenly two Romulan ships appear. “This is Commander Donatra of the War bird Valdore. Might we be of assistance?”

The battle begins; two Romulans and the Enterprise vs. Shinzon.

As Shinzon overpowers his opponents, Deanna gets revenge for the earlier violation by Shinzon and his Viceroy. She enters Viceroy’s mind and pinpoints their ship.  “Remember me. Now!”    Mr. Worf fires!    “Fire at will,” ordered Captain Picard.

As the Enterprise is crippled, Captain Picard orders the Enterprise to ram Shinzon’s ship.

Captain Picard

Captain Picard

Shinzon orders, “Deploy the weapon. Kill everything on that ship. Then set a course for earth. We must complete our mission.”  The Thalaron intermix procedure is initiated.

Captain Picard beams to Shinzon’s ship to stop the weapon from destroying the Enterprise. Data secretly follows, through space. Picard battles Shinzon as the weapon readies itself.  Picard kills Shinzon.

With 30 seconds left before the Thalaron Generator fires, killing the Enterprise and everyone on board, Data puts a portable transported on Captain Picard.  “Good-bye,” said Data.  Captain Picard is beamed on board the Enterprise.

With two seconds before the annihilation of the Enterprise, Data blows up the Thalaron Generator.  Data dies in the explosion.

Captain Picard defeats Shinzon

Captain Picard defeats Shinzon

The deck crew honors Data’s memory.

Later, Commander Riker says good-bye to captain Picard.  Will Riker is assuming command of the Titan.

The movie ends.

As a writer, I love a story with a strong antagonists. Shinzon is a great antagonist. I really liked the design of the space ships as well. I hope you enjoyed my review.

Until our paths cross again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Green Lantern Movie Review

The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern

I have  a movie review from the planet Oa.

Green Lantern.

The movie begins with a prologue narration by Tomar-Re: “Billions of years ago, a race of immortals harnessed the most powerful force in the universe.  They channeled the emerald energy of “will power.” These immortal Guardians built a planet called Oa where they could watch over the entire universe with their harvested energy. They divided the universe into 3600 sectors.

A ring powered by the harvested energy of “will” was sent to every sector to select a recruit. The chosen candidate had to be without fear. Together, these 3600 recruits formed the intergalactic peacekeepers, the Green Lantern Corps.”

The Parallax is the greatest enemy of the Lantern corps.  Only the most powerful Green Lantern, Abin Sur, had the power to defeat the parallax.  Abin Sur defeated the parallax on the lost planet Ryut and imprisoned  it there.

The movie begins with Explorer 6 crash landing on Ryut in the lost sector. “We have crashed in the northeast quadrant of Ryut. We need help,” transmits the commander of Explorer 6. The Parallax is imprisoned there. The parallax needs to absorb the essence of life forms to gain strength. He absorbs the essence of the crew of Explorer 6.  With his newly acquired strength, he escapes his imprisonment.

Six months later in sector 2814:

We learn through a transmission to Abin Sur from Sinestro that Fentara is dead, and that Talok is destroyed.  There are traces of yellow power everywhere on Talok. The guardians are silent on the matter.

The more powerful Parallax finds Abin Sur and severely wounds him while destroying  his ship. Abin Sur escapes and travels to the nearest planet to begin the selection process of replacing him as a Lantern Corp due to his grave injury. As he travels, he sends a transmission to the guardians to inform them of where he is and that it was the parallax who attacked him.

The movie switches to earth.  Ferris Aircraft is introduced. The company owner, Carl Ferris, along with Senator Hammond, are attempting to convince the Commander of Air Force Acquisitions to give Ferris Aircraft a large government contract to build their new, state of the art, artificial-intelligence fighter plane, the Ferris Sabre III.

Everyone involved agrees to a contest to show the superiority of the Sabre III. Carl Ferris’s two best test pilots will fly a combat mission against two Sabre III’s.  Carol Ferris, the owner’s daughter, will fly one F-35 while Hal Jordan flies the other F-35.

“Tom, start the simulation,” orders Carl Ferris. Tom begins the simulation from his desk. Carol’s pilot name is Sapphire. Hal’s pilot name is Highball. One after the other, they speedily lift-off and the battle in the air begins.

The two test pilots cannot out maneuver the Sabre IIIs.  In an effort to defeat the test planes, Hal flies into a “coffin corner.”  He flies straight up. He continues upward past 50,000 feet breaking the rules of engagement.

The Sabre IIIs both stall  and tumble.  Hal’s F-35 stalls next.  All three planes fall with Hal above the two. As they are falling, Hal shoots them thus winning the sky battle.

As Hal Jordan falls, he spins while remembering his test-pilot father that died in a plane crash.  Martin Jordan died during a take-off in 1993 when his engine exploded. The young Hal Jordan witnessed the tragic event from only yards away.  As Hal’s mind clears, he ejects from his disabled F-35.  As he watches from above in his parachute, the plane crashes.

Later in Carl Ferris’s office, Mr. Ferris fires him for crashing a new F-35, abandoning   his wingman, and ruining a potential government contract.

The movie switches to Abin Sur after he crash landed near the ocean. The essence of his ring (a green gaseous ball) separates from the ring. With the orders from Abin Sur, “Choose Well,”  the small green gaseous ball flies speedily away.

Hal is at his brother Jim’s son’s birthday party. Jason is now 11 years old. Hal gives him the  X-1 Star fighter that his dad had given him for one of his birthdays.  As Hal leaves the party, the green ball encircles him and carries him away.

The green ball takes him to the almost deceased Abin Sur.  He discovers the extra-terrestrial and removes him from the space craft  to ground. “What is your name?” asked Abin Sur.

“It’s Hal Jordan.”

“I am Abin Sur, protector of sector 2814.”   Hal cringes as he sees the purple blood everywhere.  “The ring chose you, Hal Jordan.”  He handed him the ring. “Take it. Place the ring in the lantern. Speak the oath. Great honor, great responsibility.”    Abin Sur dies.

Hal calls Tom to pick him up. Tom sees the alien and the space ship.  He is shocked. They flee the area as military helicopters arrive. Hal is carrying the lantern and the ring.

Back on Oa.  Sinestro addresses  the Guardians. He informs them of Abin Sur’s death.  Abin Sur is the fourth Lantern Brother to be killed by their new foe. The Parallox has destroyed two worlds plus four of their corps members. The parallax possesses the yellow power of fear.  It is gaining strength with each encounter as it absorbs the life-forms essence, thus killing the life form.

Sinestro takes a squadron of the strongest lanterns to fight the parallax. They are badly defeated. Several Green Lantern Corps are absorbed.

The government recovered Abin Sur’s body and ship. Dr. Hector Hammond, a xenobiologist, and Senator Hammond’s son, were called in to examine the body.  Soon after, he begins to mutate due to a virus he picks up from the body.

Meanwhile, Hal is learning how to use the ring. He states the vow that is put in his consciousness by the ring. “In the brightest day, in the blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my of powers: Green Lantern’s light.”

Later, Hal puts on the ring to defend himself. After the quick, easy battle, he is carried away to Oa. On Oa, he is transformed into a “Green Lantern”.  His transformation is performed by Tomar-Re, a Xudarian. He is the protector of sector 2813.  Tomar-Re explains, “The green beam is the energy that is generated by the Central Battery. It’s power comes from the “will” of every living creature in the universe. It charges your lantern. Your lantern charges your ring. Your suit is also made of “will” energy. Green is the color of “will”.  The Guardians  used “will” because it is the most powerful energy in the universe.”

Tomar-Re also teaches him how to use the ring. Sinestro and Kilowog also help in his training.

Sinestro calls all the lanterns together to inform them about the Parallax. He takes a group of Lanterns to sector 2312 to the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy to fight the Parallax.  Again.

The Parallax

The Parallax

In a dramatic final battle, after the Parallax defeats the Green Lanterns again, it goes to earth. It begins an attack on the helpless planet as it absorbs as many peoples essence as possible.  It’s strength increases with each absorption.

Hal draws the parallax into space  as he battles it. He draws it into the sun. Both Hal and the Parallax are pulled into the sun’s gravity. The parallax is destroyed by the explosive power of the sun as Hal’s friends, Sinestra, Tomar-Re, and Kilowog rescue him.

Later on Oa, Sinestro declares to Hal,  “You’re impertinent, rash, volatile, and opinionated. It seems Abin Sur found another just like himself.”

The movie ends with the conclusion by Tomar-Re, “Of all the Lanterns who have ever worn a ring, there was one Lantern who surpassed the rest.  Initially, his humanity was considered a weakness.  It proved to be his biggest asset.”

Green Lantern is a wonderful movie. The story  is  well written. The special effects are awesome. The Parallax was brilliantly created. It is a strong antagonist.  Great movie. Great science fiction. I recommend Green Lantern to anyone who is a serious science fiction fan. If you like the color green, it will be even better.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A.  Ireland