Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance





Eastern Europe: Monreau rides his motorcycle to the Sanctuary where Benedict is. He has found the child. Satan wants the boy. Only the Rider can save Danny.

Nadya and Danny are there at the monastery.

Johnny Blaze rode a motorcycle for a living. He made a deal with the devil to save his dad’s life. Signed a contract in blood. Immediately after, was possessed by an ancient demon. In the presence of evil, he changes into a monster. Then prays on the wicked, sucking out their souls.

Johnny has been running ever since signing the contract with the devil, and the death of his father. Yep, the devil lied.


Johnny Blaze and Moreau

Moreau finds Johnny Blaze. He knows about the Rider and needs Johnny’s help. Shows him Danny’s picture and needs the Rider to save his life.

John is not happy. He does not save people. Roarke, put the curse on him. The devil has many names.



The new deal for Johnny, bring Danny back to the monastery and Benedict and Monreau will lift his curse, they claim?



Danny and his mom, Nadya, resort to pick-pocketing wallets and jewelry from traveling executives to survive.

Johnny has spent years trying to control the Rider, to keep him from coming out. Tonight he needs the Rider to come out.


The Rider Appears!

Nadya and Danny are overtaken on the highway by Carrigan and ran off the road. Carrigan and his friends are the guys after Danny.

As Carrigan prepares to shoot Danny, the Rider arrives in a blaze of fire, on his flaming motorcycle. Burnt charcoal leather suit and smoldering, black boots and a skull ablaze is a frightful sight.


Carrigan takes out a bazooka from his trunk and shoots the Rider.

As the Rider seems crippled, they make off with Danny, leaving Nadya lying on the ground bewildered, dazed, and injured.

Johnny wakes in the hospital in Romania. After stealing painkillers, he flees. Nadya is there.

Carrigan calls his boss, Roarke, demands more money for Danny, due to the Rider. The devil is not happy. He speaks to Danny over the cell phone in a foreign language. Danny screams and passes out. The Rider will no longer be able to track Danny, a firewall of sorts. He can still track Carrigan.



Nadya also made a deal with Roarke, when dying years ago, she agreed to give him a baby to save her life. Danny, her son is also the devil’s son. That’s why he wants the boy so bad.

On Earth, the devil uses the Deal to achieve his dirty work.

Danny causes the car to crash and escapes from Carrigan and his guys.

johnny-fights-to-keep-the-rider-inAs Johnny fights to keep the Rider inside, he and Nadya interrogate to discover Danny’s whereabouts. An underground fight with gambling.

Danny is being held at the quarry by Carrigan and a lot of men with a lot of guns, an army. Nadya knows where the quarry is.

At the quarry, Carrigan’s army prepares for the Rider. They open the FGM- 148 Javelin. American bunker buster. Two-stage detonation. The seller is there. Carrigan wants four of them to battle the Rider.

The Rider arrives. Carrigan fires the first bunker buster. Direct hit, no effect.

Using his chain, the Rider begins disintegrating Carrigan’s men one-by-one.

A grenade explodes next to the Rider sending him spinning in the air. He quickly recovers and attacks.

the-rider-on-the-craneTheir weapons are having little effect as the Rider climbs aboard the giant crane. Operating it, he destroys the camp in a blaze of fire, all while laughing.

Carrigan prepares to shoot Danny. The Rider whips his chain and catches Carrigan’s foot stopping him.

855481 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nadya and Danny flee in a truck. The Rider peruses, catching them quickly. As the Rider attacks his mom, Danny uses his powers and changes the Rider back to Johnny Blaze.

At the Amanda Truck Stop. Johnny’s plan is to hide in a holy place for a few days until it’s safe again. Hoping things calm down. He contacted Moreau. Moreau will catch up with them on the road. Johnny’s time as the Rider has left him extremely thirsty. He’s drinking ice water by the pitcher. They must move fast to stay ahead of Carrigan and his gang.


No excuses this time!

Back at the quarry, Carrigan lies under a giant slab of cement and dies in the presence of Roarke without fulfilling his agreement to bring Danny to him. Roarke brings Carrigan back to life again, removes the slab of concrete. Now a zombie, with the power of decay.

Carrigan tests his powers on a nearby ambulance driver. Touching the paramedic’s face. He withered and decayed to death immediately.

Roarke wants Danny, no excuses this time!

Moreau arrives on his cycle. Takes them to his happy place. Monks live there.


The monastery

Moreau explains to Johnny, Zarathos was an angel, a spirit of justice, sent to protect the world of men. But he was tricked, captured, brought down to hell, corrupted. Driven in sane. His mission to protect the innocent was perverted into a lust to punish the guilty. He became the Spirit of Vengeance.

The angel, the Spirit of Justice, he is alive in there, somewhere, in Johnny Blaze. He could be?


Moreau and Benedict

Moreau serves Johnny communion. John falls into a deep, spirit-filled sleep and the demon flees his body. When he wakes, the monks are preparing to kill Danny, saying he must be destroyed, the son of Lucifer.



As the monks begin to behead Danny, Carrigan arrives and kills all the monks by touching them. They decay into dead masses like statues.

Danny is on his way to Roarke. A day of prophecy. Like the day Danny was conceived. The child must be in his 13th year before the rite can be performed. No more Danny only Roarke, Roarke’s essence go into Danny, his soul.  At the dawn of a new day in winter.

Johnny, Moreau, and Nadya go after Danny.

Uzak Gokten, Turkey – Carrigan delivers Danny to Roarke in the ambulance. He’s strapped to a gurney in the back so he will not escape. Danny meets his Father face-to-face, the devil.

danny-meets-his-fatherUzak Gokten, Turkey – The farthest point from heaven. That is where the ritual is to take place, according to the prophecy. Without the Rider they are helpless against Roarke.

Politicians, murderers, people of unspeakable power arrive from all over the world for the ceremony to greet their new king, the new devil. The most powerful devil the world has ever known, a shadow will fall upon the earth.

Danny has been tranquilized for the ceremony. His soul will be lost forever at the break of dawn. Roarke is now at his weakest point as the ceremony begins. The guests are clothed with black cloches with hoods as they watch the ceremony, nearly 300 people.


The witnesses and Carrigan, the zombie

Moreau and Johnny invade the ceremony. Moreau is killed by Carrigan.

Johnny regrets giving up his powers. Now the Rider is needed.

Carrigan begins to kill Johnny Blaze. Danny’s powers are the same as his dad’s, the devil. He gave Johnny back his powers, blowing fire into him. Johnny becomes the Rider again.

Roarke flees with Danny in a car to escape the Rider.


The Rider quickly catches the five-car-caravan and begins his assault. He and Carrigan battle. The Rider sucks out Carrigan’s soul, killing him. “Road kill.”


The Rider crashed Roarke’s car, then sends the devil back to hell.



The Rider delivers Danny to Nadya, his mom, and changes back to Johnny blaze.  Now Johnny is able to control the Rider.

cage-hd-ghost-rider-spirit-of-vengeance-starring-nicolasThe End

This is a good horror movie about betrayal and triumph. Excellent special effects.

My rating: 4 stars

J.A. Ireland

Thor – The Dark World – Movie Review


Thor  The Dark World

Odin, “Long before the birth of light, there was darkness. And from that darkness came the Dark Elves, a millennium ago, the most ruthless of their kind, Malekith sought to transform our universe back into one of eternal night. Such evil was possible through the power of the Aether, an ancient force of infinite destruction.

The noble armies of Asguard, led by my father, King Bor, waged a mighty war against these creatures.

Dark Elves Ships' Graveyard From Wars

Dark Elves Ship Graveyard

As the nine worlds converged above him, Malekith could at last unleash the Aether. But Asguard ripped the weapon from his grasp. Without it, the Dark Elves fell.

With the battle all but lost, Malekith sacrificed his own people in a desperate attempt to lay waste to Asguard’s army. Malekith was vanished and the Aether was no more or so we were led to believe.

The Aether is buried deep were no one would ever find it.”

Loki in chains

Present Day, Loki is in chains as he is led before his mother and father, Odin Allfather. He explains, he went to Midgard to rule the people of Earth as a benevolent god.

Odin explains, we are not gods, we are born, we live, and we die. Just like humans do.

Give or take 5,000 years, Loki responds with a grin. He desires a throne.

Odin mocking LokiOdin reminds him, he was destined to die as a child, cast out onto a frozen rock. Odin spared his life because of Frigga. Loki will never see her again. He’s condemned to the dungeons for the rest of his days.

Thor will bring order to the Nine Realms and later be King of Asguard as Loki rots in the dungeon.

Thor battles the rock monster

Thor battles the Rock Monster

Vanaheim – A battle rages and Thor arrives by Bifrost.  The enemy army sends their super warrior, the Rock monster, to fight Thor. With one mighty blow of his thunder hammer he reduces the soldier to stone.

Thor and Odin Allfather

Thor and Odin Allfather on Asguard

The Nine Realms are nearly at peace. Heimdall opens the Bifrost, Thor returns to Asguard.  He reports to Allfather, Vanaheim is secure as are Nornheim and Ria.

The first time since the Bifrost was destroyed that the Nine Realms are at peace. He still misses Jane Foster.

Lady Sif talks to Thor in a pub on Asguard.

Darcy and Jane

Darcy and Jane at the warehouse

London – Jane Foster is on an awkward date. Darcy shows up and informs her about her equipment is going crazy again. Erik agrees. Jane ends the date and goes with Darcy to check it out.

Dr. Erik Selvig, an astrophysicists, was naked while demonstrating test equipment to the public at Stonehinge.

In an abandoned warehouse, kids discover weird phenomenons, a truck that floats in air and a staircase into another dimension. The kids show the events to Jane , Darcy, and her Intern. Jane is sucked into the other dimension, a creepy place, for more than five hours.

Speaking Elven language, the Aether awakens Malekith, the convergence returns.



Heimdall watches over the stars. He sends Thor to Earth to see Jane. Heimdall brought Thor and Jane back to Asguard.

Svartalfheim – Malekith speaks elven language. He swears vengeance on Asguardeans.

Jane Foster has a huge energy field within her. It will lead to her death if not removed.

According to Odin, the relic that lies within Jane Foster predates the universe itself. It defends itself against touch.

The Nine Realms are not eternal. Before the Nine Realms, the Dark Elves rained absolute supreme.

Malekith and Elf demon

Dark Elf and Malekith

Odin tells Thor about Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves and his weapon, the Aether. It is fluid and ever changing, changing matter into dark matter. It seeks out host bodies drawing strength from their lives. Malekith sought to use the Aether’s power to return the universe to darkness.

The Aether is in Jane Foster. Odin does not know how to remove it from her body.

Asguard under attack

Asguard under attack by Elven invaders

An invader arrives in Asguard with soldiers. The alien attacks and causes a prison break.

Asguard is under alien attack, flying craft from the air. Heimdall tries to put up the shield over the city, the aliens bring it down.

Dark Elves attack along with Malekith.

Odin's wife hides Jane

Odin’s wife hides Jane from Malekith

Malekith and his warriors killed Odin’s wife knowing she possess the Aether. Thor and Odin prevent them from taking Jane.

As with their customs, she is cremated; her spirit goes into the heavens.

On Earth, according to Dr. Erik Selvig, the universe rotates on a 5,000 year cycle, everything is connected, all nine realms, the convergence.

Thor wants to move Jane to a remote area of Asguard, much to his companions concern and objection. He turns to Loki for help. They flee in an Elven spacecraft and fly into Malekith’s land.

The Aether is overpowering Jane, slowly. Thor, Jane, and Loki meet Malekith and his Elven soldiers on the dark mountains.

Loki stabs Thor with a dagger, cuts off his hand, and turns over Jane to Malekith.

Thor: The Dark World (2013) Blu-ray Screenshot

Malekith removes the Aether from Jane’s body

Malekith pulls the Aether from Jane’s body, it’s a spirit.

All an illusion by Loki, Thor’s plan, Thor destroys the Aether.

Or so he thinks? It reforms and flows into Malekith.

Loki diesLoki dies fighting the elf demon.

In a nearby cave on Asguard, Jane receives a call on her cell phone from Richard on Earth. “How am I getting service here?” She realizes that she and Thor are at the other end of the dimension that they discovered in the abandoned warehouse on Earth. The items that the kids tossed and did not return are there in the cave.

Thor and Jane at warehouse

Thor and Jane back at the warehouse, on Earth

Thor and Jane walked through the portal and were instantly transported to the warehouse on Earth, again.

During a meeting with Dr. Erik Selvig, Jane, Thor, Darcy, and her Intern, Erik figures out the center of power of the convergence, Greenwich. Malekith will fire the Aether there, he believes. They’re on their way to Greenwich.

Malekith arrives in an Elven spacecraft at Greenwich.

Thor and Malekith fight in GreenwichThor and Malekith battle in downtown Greenwich. Darcy, Jane, Erik, and the Intern set up Erik’s equipment.

They have seven minutes before the convergence is fully complete.

The convergence begins, Thor is miles away without his Thunder Hammer.

Malekith back in dark worldJane sent Malekith back to his dark world with Erik’s device. Using the same device, Erik sent the spacecraft back, it lands on Malekith.

Thor went back to Asguard and speaks to his father, Odin. He does not wish to be king.

Odin’s legacy, one son who wants the throne too much. One son will not take it.

Thor leaves his father’s presence without his blessing.

Loki on the throneIt was Loki in disguise, an illusion of Loki’s. He’s alive, now ruler of Asguard, as Odin, on the throne.

The End.

Thor - The Dark World, with LokiIt seems Auguard’s future is uncertain to say the least; almost certainly Loki will cause chaos as a king in disguise.

Can’t wait for the next movie.

My rating: 4.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Snow White and the Huntsman – Movie Review


Snow White and the Huntsman

Once upon a time, in deep winter, a queen was admiring the falling snow when she saw a rose blooming in defiance of the cold. Reaching for it, she pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell. And because the red seemed so alive against the white she thought, “If only I had a child as white as snow, lips as red as blood, hair as black as a raven’s wings and all with the strength of that rose.”

Soon after, a daughter was born to the queen, named Snow White—beautiful and defiant.

As a young teen girl, William is her friend.

Also while young, the queen dies. During the King’s grief, an army attacks the kingdom. The dark army of non-humans is defeated.

Queen Ravenna

Queen Ravenna

During the battle, Ravenna, their leader, was captured. The king was immediately enchanted by her beauty. The next day he married her. After the ceremony, in the king’s bedroom, she kills him—a dagger to the heart.

Ravenna is now Queen of the kingdom with her own real army, not a phantom army.

Snow White is captured. William escapes with his father.

Ravenna’s kingdom slowly died because she’s so evil.

Snow in the tower

Snow White locked in the tower

Snow White remained locked in the North Tower, now a woman. She meets Greta, also caged in the high dungeon. She was captured while trying to reach Duke Hammond’s Castle.

To regain her youth, the queen sucks the life out of girls, thus killing them. She is impervious to dying by a sword.

On this day, the Queen’s magic mirror tells her the reason why her powers wane. Snow White is the fairest in the kingdom, not her. Only with Snow’s heart, the queen need not consume girl’s for youth, never to weaken or age again.

Finn in Snow's room

Finn in Snow’s room in the tower

Immortality, she needs Snow’s heart. “Finn!” she screams. “Bring me the king’s daughter!” Her brother obeys.

In the tower, Finn tries to have his way with Snow White, in her room. Snow escapes and runs into the tunnels and caverns then jumps into the sea.

Later on shore, Snow boards a white stallion as the guards pursue.  She escapes in the Dark Forest, an enchanted swamp.

Ravenna is furious with her brother Finn. They fight in her chamber. She summons and tricks a huntsman into going into the Dark Forest. “Bring back the girl and I will bring back your wife, a life for a life.”

The huntsman


The huntsman, Finn, and several of the queen’s soldiers go into the Dark Forest after Snow White. The huntsman soon finds Snow. She tells his he’s been double crossed by the queen, he sets Snow free. Fights the soldiers and Finn.

For a hundred gold pieces he will help Snow back to her castle. They do a spit-shake to seal the deal.

At the castle, William receives word that Snow has been locked in the queen’s high tower all these years, alive, now in the Dark Forest. He rides after her into the Dark Forest.

Troll attacks SnowA troll attacks in the Dark Forest, they fight off the attack.

Finn and the soldiers burn the village where Snow and the huntsman are staying.

The queen’s beauty is fading, thus her life is fading. She needs Snow’s heart or she will die.

White Deer

In Sanctuary, the magical white deer bows to Snow White

They meet dwarfs. They’re in a magical land, the Sanctuary, home of the fairies. A magical white deer with giant antlers enters Sanctuary. It bows to Snow.

Finn and his soldiers attack.

Huntsman kills Finn, he falls into the enchanted swamp. By the action, the queen sustains a serious injury, she later recovers.

Gus, a dwarf, takes an arrow while saving Snow, he dies. They cremate him.



Later, William gives Snow an apple. She takes a bite. The apple is poison. William is the evil queen, she turns into crows and flies away to her castle. Snow falls into a deep coma.

Through the town square, Snow is carried to the castle on a gurney. Laid in a large chamber in the castle.

The huntsman’s wife’s name was Sara. Snow reminds him of her, in heart and spirit. With streaming tears, he kisses her.

Show wakes and walks into the courtyard, dressed in the white dress of burial. She wants to ride into war against the queen. “Who will ride with me this day? Who will be my brothers?” Snow and her army rides!

The dwarfs attack the queen’s castle from the sewers.

Queen's castleThe queen’s army attacks over the castle walls as Snow’s army approaches.

The dwarfs raise the gate letting Snow’s depleted army into the castle. Hand-to-hand sword fighting ensues.

Snow goes after the queen as her men fight. During the fight between the queen and Snow, a fight that the queen is winning, Snow stabs the queen in the stomach with a dagger. “…and only by fairest blood is it undone.”

The queen died and turned very old.

Queen Snow WhiteLater Snow receives her crown, the queen.

Hail to the Queen!

The End

This was an enchanting remake. Very well done. It’s interesting how the character of Snow has changed from the original.

The dwarfs were only a minor part in this rewrite.

My rating: 4 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

The Red Fields-Eastern Dwarfs-Part 1- Book Review


The Red Fields

On the east of the great world lay four houses of the eastern dwarfs, the Steel Fists, Rock Foot, Coal Lock, and Thick Beards.

The Red Land is where, elves, dwarfs, goblins, and men all live together, also great creatures, and beasts.

Rurur and Olaf, two dwarfs, the main characters of Rock Foot on the hillside, search for berries to flavor a pot roast. They encounter a great dragon and The Dark Rider.

Rock Foot is a stronghold on the western side of the Red Mountain range, a brownish-red stone structure. A mostly underground fort with tunnels and some above ground structure.

Olaf and Rurur report the Dark Rider who tames flying beasts in a dark cloak to Captain Thuor of Rock Foot. They saw the Dark Rider in the berry fields at Crystal River.

It’s King Frar’s birthday. Madame Blavat is working in the kitchen, she wants the berries.

Frar RockFoot  was built 300 years ago. The feast was ready in the great hall, the year 3019.

The next day, Thuor, master of arms, speaks to Olaf as Rurur sleeps. Olaf and Rurur are brought before King Frar concerning the Dark Rider. They report The Dark Rider has one armored, metal glove and speaks in a strange language.

It’s autumn, they’re on a journey to the eastern part of the world, looking for the Dark Rider on a ghost horse, he charmed the beast.

Their journey takes them through the Red Earth Tavern, the lost Caravan, Trade Meeting Post where a battle takes place with goblins.

The big Red Mountain Range is in view as they cross the Rocky Desert sand. In a cave, a big sand wereworm attacks but they escape.

Olaf touched the Dark Rider’s cloak, now he has nightmares, horrible dreams of death and doom.

The Beige Plains, slopes of the red mountains. They come upon giant quadrupeds, Zilonis, elephant like animals, non-aggressive. A winged beast flies overhead.

Now the end of autumn, it’s getting cold.

The Steel Fists dwarfs work in a mine at Noon Dale.

They visit the elf kingdom, then onto Fortune-Telling Grove.

The group approached The Ivory Tombs, their final destination, a sinister place, witchcraft.

The Dark Rider is there in the tombs. The Dark Rider lives in his dark tower of power and malignancy, in the dark lands. He attacked the dwarfs with magic spells. Somehow they are cast out of the Tombs.

They’re going through the mountains to Red Star City, to visit cousins, Brotherhood of the East.

Their final destination, the Golden Peak, toward the White Tower, to consult the Wise One.

The story ends.

The Red Fields-Eastern Dwarfs by author Leo de Souza,is a simple story, perhaps what I was expecting, pleasant. Not enticing enough to continue on with the series.

Although the illustrations are nice, in my opinion, they are unnecessary in an adult novel. Descriptions and settings combined with the readers imaginations are enough.

My rating: 3 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Follow You Home – Book Review


Follow You Home

The overnight train to Sighisoara from Budapest is late. Laura Mackenzie and Daniel Sullivan board the train into regular seats. Daniel wasn’t willing to shell out the funds for a sleeping carriage. A mismatched couple, mid-twenties. Daniel is short, stocky, with cropped blond hair, physically fit, average looking. Laura the taller by inches, around 5’ 10”. Kinda like Olive Oyl and Popeye ya know? Both Eastern European.

They’re traveling to Romania, about 2 and ½ hours journey by train.

They meet Ion and Alina. They’re from Sibiu Romania. Going home to visit folks.

Laura and Daniel are on a European tour for two months, then they plan to marry and start a family back in London.  Laura’s best friend, Erin is pregnant. Laura works in marketing for a children’s charity. Daniel developed an app for iphone and ipads, sold to skiddle.

Daniel’s best friend is Jake, a musician in London.

Alina’s an illustrator, comic books. Ion is in between jobs.

Later Daniel finds an empty sleeper. They us it for a nap. A guard checks their tickets and passports. They were stolen from their bags. “Stow aways…fare dodgers…” The guards stop the train, pushes Alina, Laura, and Daniel off, at a small open air station in the middle of nowhere. The train leaves. The middle on night, country in Romania. No luggage, no phone.

They are in Apuseni National Park, in the forest. The nearest town, 10 Kilometers away, six or seven miles. They start walking. They assume Ion is still on the train.

At 4 a.m. Alina goes into the woods for privacy. She doesn’t come out. Laura and Daniel go in after her. They hear a human cry. Deeper into the forest they trudge, while looking for Alina, only finding her boot, they find a creepy house. Ancient with candles in the windows, gave off a bad aura. They heard a strange sob from inside the house. They go inside, then come out and run all the way to town without looking back.

Anxiety and depression set in for both Laura and Daniel. They soon become emaciated and  rundown.

Erin and Rob are having a boy, she’s eight months pregnant.

Laura wants a fresh start in Perth, Australia by herself, without Daniel.

Daniel sees Dr. Sauvage, a woman psychologist for his trama after the house in the woods, PTSD. His brain is in phychological shock. He suggests the same for Laura. They promiced never to talk about what they saw that night.

Daniel tells Dr. Sauvage the story about what happened inside the house.

Laure attempts suicide. A ghost is at her bedside in the hospital. “You mustn’t kill yourself yet. I need you. I need you to stay alive.” Beatrice was gone. She’d been visiting Laura since the house in the forest. Beatrice was twelve when her father murdered her, 30 years ago in that house.

Dr. Sauvage and her husband were killed in a fire in their home, trapped upstairs. Claudia and Patrick, mid 40’s, no children.

Jake commits suicide. Daniel doesn’t believe it.

Daniel told Jake and Dr. Sauvage the story about the house, now they’re both dead?

Erin delivers a baby boy, Oscar James Tranham.

Who is Camelia? Daniel wants to know. He tries to find her.

Daniel tells his story to Edward Rooney, same story he told Jake. He tells Edward the entire story of the house in the forest. A nursery with a crying child, two unconscious, malnourished woman. Rancid smells. One woman said, “Help.” Several babies had been born and had died as infants in that room. Laura was taking the baby.

A man stood at the bottom of the stairs with a gun as they began to leave. The man wanted the baby. Daniel placed the baby on the floor and they both ran.

Two gunshots from inside the house, then all was silent as they ran.

After Daniel goes to the police, they search the house, found it deserted. Records indicate the house has been deserted for 20 years, since the owners death in 1991.

Daniel and Alina were following Ion’s plan, smuggling cocaine. His bags on the train each contained 250 grams.

Camelia is a stripper in London. She tells Ion that Daniel and Alina stole his cocaine. That its long gone. He plots his revenge on Alina.

At Erin and Rob’s house, Oscar is missing, so is Miss Mackenzie, possible child abduction.

The police find Camelia. Ion is there.

The devil speaks to Laura Mackenzie and threatens Oscar.

The police come across the name Nicolae Gabor, villains of Communist Romania. Guilty of crimes against people. A vicious and corrupt comrade, known for rapping and abusing woman and children. After the revolution, Gabor disappeared. Assumed murdered for revenge, no body was ever found. Gabor would be seventy by now.

Daniel thinks Gabor is the man in the house in the forest. He recognizes his photo online. Gabor was on the train in Romania. The old guy that helped with his luggage.

Laura and Oscar are with the devil.

Daniel and Edward drive into Hatfield Forest and stop at a pub. Then go into the dense forest looking for Laura and Oscar. They see scary faces, twisted . Black eyes in the darkness. Dead babies hanging from branches. Whispering, “Go back…Go back…”

They find the house. Gabor is there with a shotgun. Gabor shot Edward then fired at Daniel.

Alina, Laura, and Oscar are in the house, held captive.

Inside, Alina slams a rock down on Gabor’s head, killing him.

They are rescued from the house.

The End.

Follow You Home, by author, Mark Edwards was a poorly written book with too many plotlines that the author failed to connect properly. The story was confusing and hard to read much of the time.

I thought I was reading a ghost story, then the plot changed to drug smuggling, then to a  Communist Romania war criminal.

My rating: 2 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Mad Max – Fury Road – Movie Review


Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max

Mad Maxx

Max once was a cop, a road warrior. The world is running out of water. He’s captured by the War Boys.


Fucacima Kamakrazee War Boys. They’re going to Gas Town, hauling Aqua Cola, produce, and Mother’s Milk.

Immortan Joe-2

Immortan Joe

Immortan Joe is their leader. He sends the War Rig to bring back guzzoline from Gas Town and bullets from the Bullet Farm. Joe salutes Imperator Furiosa and his half-life War Boys. They will ride eternal on the highways of Valhalla.


Furiosa and Max

Furiosa and Max

In the desert, Imperator Furiosa changes the orders, she drives east.


Immortan Joe knows Furiosa is going rogue into hostile territory. Joe Angharad goes to visit Miss Giddy. She tells him the ridders begged Furiosa to flee from Joe. They don’t wish to be his soldiers. She’s taking them a long way from him.

Word is out in the camp, Furiosa has gone rogue and took a lot of stuff from Immortan Joe. Breeders, his prize breeders. Joe wants them back.

The rock guitarists

Rock guitarists

The War Boys fight over who gets to drive during the chase  along Fury Road. They grab steering wheels with skulls off the rack.


Joe’s War Boys are driving Fury Road in their desert war machines with Maxx chained to the front of one vehicle, a metal claw chained to his face. A rock guitarists is playing loudly, heavy metal riff. All pursuing Furiosa and the breeders.



Furiosa is notified, vehicles from the Citadel approaching. “Buzzards right! Eyes on! Eyes on!” she orders.


Furiosa’s clan and Immortan Joe’s team fight multiple Buzzards on Fury Road.

They drive into a giant electrical, tornado storm. One War Machine crashes in the tornado and Maxx escapes.

He finds Furiosa and the female breeders, some with child, Joe’s wives. He has damaged Joe’s wives, now he must flee with Furiosa. He drives the 2000 horsepower, nitro-boosted, war machine.

Gas Town Boys

Gas Town Boys

The Gas Town Boys are on their tails. Big Rigs. Pole Cats. Flamers. The People Eater himself is coming to count the costs.


Maxx tries to file the claw off his face.

Furiosa made a deal for safe passage through the canyon. She’s supposed to be alone, that’s the deal. She tells Maxx the sequence for the truck in case he has to drive during their escape. He and the girls hide in the lower compartment. She has 3000 gallons of guzzoline just like they asked.

The Gas Town Boys enter the canyon. A pregnant girl sneezes loudly. The canyon bandits attack Furiosa.

Joe's wifes, the breeders

Joe’s wives, the Breeders, some with child

During the escape, Joe’s pregnant wife is nearly killed when she fell from the guzzoline truck. Joe ran over her by accident, in his pursuit.


Furiosa is taking the girls to the Green Place, a long nights run heading east.

The Gas Town Boys are all pursuing the gates of Valhalla, their final resting place when they die.

As the girl dies, Joe orders the baby removed in hopes of saving its live, maybe. The baby is also dead, a boy.

Furiosa was born in the Green Place, stolen from there as a child. She’s looking for redemption. The girls are looking for hope.


Furiosa shouts her heritage

They find a naked girl abandoned high on a metal power pole. Furiosa yells to her, “I am a Vuvalini! Of the Many Mothers! My Initiate Mother was K.T. Concannon! Daughter of Marry Jabassa. My Clan, Swaddle Dog.” 7000 days plus the ones she doesn’t remember since she was taken from her people. Now she’s home.


They tell her the Green Place is gone. This small band is all that’s left of her people, in the desert.

Furiosa wants to ride across the salt. Load the motorcycles with gear and ride for 160 days, she thinks. She invites Max along on the journey.



Maxx has a different plan, go back through the canyon to the Citadel. Take the Citadel from Joe. It’s green and there’s water, clear water and crops. Joe calls it Aqua Cola from wells, deep in the earth.


They have Nux, a War Boy, for help and advice, as part of their team.

All Joe has left are War Pups, they think. War Boys are too sick and injured from battle on Fury Road.

On their way back to the Citadel, the War Boys attack.

War Boys attack

War Boys attack

Furiosa killed Joe. “Remember me!”  She’s badly injured in the battle, lost a lot of blood, and dying.  Maxx tries to save her by infusing her with his own blood. She has a collapsed lung.


Nux dies in the battle.

At Citadel, Max delivers Immortan Joe’s dead corpse, bloody crushed face.

Water Gates opened

Water valves at Citadel are opened

Everyone celebrates the death of the tyrant! The water valves are opened. Everyone has ample water.


Furiosa is recovering.

Where must we go…we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?

The First History Man

Immortan Joe

Immortan Joe, the tyrant of Citadel

The End

This was an unusual but entertaining movie based on futuristic events. The plot was real and simple, tyranny and the need for water in the desert.

The costumes and filming was outstanding.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

The Martian – Movie Review


The Martian-3

On Mars, Acidalia Planitia – Commander Lewis, Mark Watney, Martinez, and three others are collecting dirt samples.

NASA- Ares III- Landing site- Mission days- Sol-18. A storm is fast approaching. Massive dust-storm. Commander Lewis stops the project. Orders the team aboard the ship. As the six crew members try to reach the Ares 3, Mark Watney is hit by flying debris. Presumed dead.

Five are aboard. One chair empty, Mark’s chair. Commander Lewis orders liftoff, thinking Mark is dead. Ares 3 rockets off Mars’ surface.

Teddy SandersTeddy Sanders, Director of NASA, holds a press conference. “Astronauts Beck, Johanssen, Martinez, Vogel, and Commander Lewis reached the Mars Ascent vehicle. Intercepted with Hermes and are on their way home safely. Astronaut Mark Watney was struck by debris and killed.”

On Mars, Mark Watney wakes still wearing his space suit. An antenna is protruding from his midsection. Once inside the compound, he performs surgery on himself to remove the thin, metal shaft, finally stapling his skin closed.

He makes a recording that will take four years to reach Earth. He will be dead in a few months, maybe sooner.

Sol 21- His mission, grow three years-worth of food for himself  on a planet where nothing grows. Luckly he’s a botanists. He can stretch the available food for nearly a year.

Mark builds a garden

Mark builds a hot house and garden

Using his own feces and urine, he makes fertilizer and begins the seeding process. Builds a hot house and plants potatoes.”

Sol 36- “Hello there.” Success! Mark’s first potato plants are growing.

On Earth, Teddy Sanders, Director of Nasa. Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas. Vincent Kapoor- Director of Mars Missions, Nasa. Vincent wants to send Ares 6 to Mars to recover Mark’s body and other things. He talks to Teddy about the new mission.

Mission Control, Nasa. Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas. Mindy Park, satellite communications, Nasa. She receives a message from Vincent Kapoor. By photos, they see the solar panels have been cleaned. Rover 2 has been moved on Mars. They know Mark is alive.

Schiaparelli Crater

Schiaparelli Crater

On Mars, Mark makes a plan. The next Nasa mission will be Ares 4 landing at Schiaparelli Crater, 3200 kilometers away, in 4 years.

On Earth, the media are now aware that Mark is alive.

With one working Rover, Rover 2, it goes 35 kilometers before needing to recharge at the Hab. Problem A.

Problem B, the journey will take 50 days to complete. He needs to live inside the Rover 2 with marginal life support, the size of a small van.

Mark figures a solution to his heating problem inside the Rover. To run the heater uses too much battery power. He digs up the Radioisotope of Plutonium. And puts the decaying radioactive isotobe behind himself in the Rover. It generates heat.

Teddy Sanders wants a pre-supply ship built in 3 months, impossible, and sent to Mars, nine more months. He will find the money for the overtime.

Mark grew 400 healthy potato plants. The smaller, he will reseed, the larger, he will eat. All natural, organic, Martian-grown potatoes.

Pathfinder on Mars

Mark finds the Pathfinder

Vincent Kapoor knows where Mark is going in the Rover 2.  He flies to, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Pasadera, California.

The crashed Pathfinder on Mars. Mark found it.

At the lab, everyone looks at the replica of the Pathfinder. Both Pathfinders go online. Mark communicates with Nasa, with “Yes” or “No” signs. Nasa points the camera to the signs.

NASA communicates with signs

NASA communicates by pointing to signs

Mark eats the first potatoes, steamy hot, fully cooked, with ketchup. He will communicate in hexadecimals. Their communication quickly improves, thanks to the smart people of Nasa.

Mark wants his crew informed that he’s alive.

The Hermes – 4 months since Mars departure.

Mitch Henderson sends a video to the Hermes crew. Mark Watney is still alive. They’ve known for two months, kept it from them.

Mitch HendersonTechnically Mark has colonized Mars according to The University of Chicago, his alma mater. He has grown food, that’s why. He learns through emails.

There’s an explosion on Mars. His potato plants are destroyed. Space suit is damaged. He has more suits. Greenhouse is destroyed.

Mark chats, via Email, with his crew aboard the Hermes.

Using duct tape and plastic, Mark repairs the greenhouse, sort of.

Nasa skips safety to rush the probe. The inspections are cancelled, Teddy’s orders.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Iris Probe. 4 weeks later- Loading the probe.

Cape Canaveral- Iris Probe is launched. Iris blew apart in the sky shortly after takeoff.

The Chinese Space Agency agrees to help. They are building another Iris probe in 28 days.

Rich Purnell

Rich Purnell

Pleiades NASA Advanced Supercomputer. Rich Purnell works Astrodynamics, knows how to save Mark Watney. Project Elrond?

Rich tells Nasa his plan. To re-deploy the Hermes around the Earth and back to Mars. Pick up a care package when rounding earth. Dump it on Mars. They will need to use the Taiyang Shen.

The plan is sent to the crew aboard the Hermes. Total of over 900 days in space. They agree to go back for their shipmate, then never fly again.

NASA is in the dark so far, doesn’t know the mission. Teddy Sanders, Director of NASA, wants Mitch Henderson’s resignation when this is over. “Now, let’s go get our astronaut.”

The plan, Mark will use the MAV from Ares 4 at Schiaparelli Crater, placed there by NASA 3 years ago, just waiting. Use that to go into orbit just as the Hermes is passing and they will catch him in space.

On Earth, the second Iris probe launches aboard a rocket ship from China.

The Hermes

The Hermes

The Hermes crew picks up the Iris probe, supply capsule, as it circles Earth. Next stop for Hermes and crew, Mars.

7 months later, Mark has lost a lot of body mass due to the reduced calorie rations, grown a beard. Goes by the name, Captain Blondbeard. Mars is technically under maritime law.

His daily schedule, journey until the batteries are low in the Rover 2, sleep as the solar panels recharge the batteries. On his way to Schiaparelli Crater.

NASA’s plan is to reduce the weight of the MAV, Mars Ascent Vehicle, at the crater. Once there, Mark begins removing the parts as instructed. Then covers the spacecraft with a tarp, also as NASA brains requested.

The crew aboard the Hermes prepares for the pickup as they approach Mars.

At NASA, Vincent Kapoor explains, they are 12 light-minutes away from Earth. It takes 24 minutes for a signal to reach earth and back if they have a question. The crew is effectively on their own with this mission.

On Mars, Mark decides it’s time for a shave and a haircut.


MAV, Mars Ascent Vehicle

As the Hermes crew prepares to launch the Mars MAV, inside the spacecraft, Mark becomes emotional to the point of tears. Commander Lewis and her crew will fly Mark to their ship. Mark needs only to buckle-up and hold on.

Lewis gives the order. The MAV lifts off from Mars in a blaze of fire, straight up!

Mark passes out from pulling 12 gees.

Commander Lewis advises Houston, they are going to deliberately breach the VAL to produce a reverse thrust. They need the push to catch the MAV, it’s off course.

After the explosion, they’re still 312 meters away from the MAV. In a space chair, strapped to the Hermes, Lewis goes after Mark.

Commander Lewis in space chair-2

Commander Lewis in the space chair

Her strap isn’t long enough. She can’t reach the MAV.

Mark rips a hole in the palm of his space suit. Acting like Iron Man, using escaping oxygen for propulsion, he haphazardly flies toward Lewis.

His aim is off, but he grabs her strap.

“Hold on Mark!” she yells pulling the strap, pulling him closer. She grabs him.

The crew of the Hermes reels Lewis and Mark toward their ship.

Lewis reports, “Houston, this is Hermes actual. We got him. Watney is secure.”

Earth is in celebration!

Lewis, “Houston, six crew safely aboard.”

Ares 5 Rocket

Ares 5

Months later on Earth, Mark is an instructor at NASA. He’s teaching his first class, talking about his experiences on Mars, to a full class of in awe cadets.

NASA prepares for the Ares 5 mission using the Hermes, 414 days in space.

Ares 5 lifts off, not Lewis, on its way to Mars from Cape Canaveral, with the help of the Chinese Space Program.

The End.

The Martian-2Due to my fascination with astronomy and space, I found this movie to be very entertaining and interesting. For me, the filming was very believable. It looked like Mars.

The plot line was excellent. I’m so glad Lewis and her crew brought Mark back to Earth safely after leaving him on Mars in the beginning.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

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May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Captain America – The Winter Soldier – Movie Review


Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Rogers is on his usual morning run at full speed, in Washington D.C. He ran 13 miles in 30 minutes. After the sprint he meets Sam Wilson of the 58th Pararescue. Sam works at the VA now.

India Ocean- A mobile Satellite launch platform is discovered, the Lemurian Star. Pirates overtook the ship, 93 minutes ago, demanding a billion and a half dollars. It’s SHIELD’s ship, trespassing. 25 pirates, top mercenaries led by Georges Batroc. Ex-DGSE, Action Division at the top of Interpol’s Red Notice. 36 kill missions before demobilized by the French. Likes maximum causalities.

Lemurian Star-2

Lemurian Star

Aboard the ship, mostly techs, one officer, Jasper Sitwell.

Steve Rogers and his team form a plan. They’re airborne to the Indian Ocean in minutes.

Steve, Captain America, jumps out of the plane without a parachute and plunges into the sea. He climbs aboard the Lemurian Star. Rogers begins his assault.



After taking out numerous mercenaries, his team lands on the deck in parachutes. The full-scale assault on the ship begins.

“The engine room is secure,” Natasha reports. She took out several men to do so.

Romanoff missed the rendezvous point.

Shields’ computers are blown up because of Natasha. She was backing up Shields’ hard drive  when a mercs tossed an explosive into the room. She was following Fury’s orders.

Rogers and Nick Fury

Rogers and Nickolas J. Fury in Insite Bay

The Triskelion- Shield Headquarters. Rogers and Nickolas J. Fury argue about the blown mission.

Insite Bay, Rogers does not have clearance to see Project Insite. Fury introduces him to the top secret project. Three next-generation helicarriers. Synced to a network of targeting satellites. Launched from the Lemurian Star. Once in the air, they never need to come down, continuous sub-orbital flight, courtesy of new repulsor engines.

Stark helped in the designs. Guns that can eliminate 1,000 hostiles a minute. Satellites can read a terrorist’s DNA in his spider home.

The World Security Council approved Project Insite.

In the Smithsonian, a display honoring Captain America: The Living Legend and Symbol of Courage. Rogers is enjoying his own exhibit, while dressed in civilians clothing.

Later, he visits Agent Peggy Carter, at the nursing home. She helped found SHIELD. An elderly woman now.

Secretary Pierce

Secretary Pierce

Nick Fury looks at the drive Natasha copied for him. “Open Lemurian Star’s satellite launch file.”

Rockwell and the council are not happy with Nick Fury. Failure, the Lemurian Star attack. Secretary Pierce disagrees.

Fury wants Project Insite delayed. He wants a favor from Pierce, his friend. That requires a long sub-committee hearing. He wants Iron Man to stop by his niece’s birthday party.

Sam Wilson lost his wingman, Riley. He has regrets. He talks to other vets. Standard PJ rescue op. An RPG knocked Riley out of the sky.

The masked man

The masked man

Fury calls Agent Hill to Washington D.C. Deep Shadow conditions. Be here in three hours.  Soon, Fury is under attack! His escape plan, use the 17th ave bridge in heavy traffic. His SUV is shot badly. He doesn’t get that far. A masked man tosses a bomb under his SUV and overturns it.

Rogers arrives home to his apartment. His stereo is on. 1940’s music is playing. Fury is there. Wife kicked him out.

Roger’s apartment is bugged by SHIELD. Fury is shot. He gives the drive to Rogers. “Don’t trust anyone.”

Kate, Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service-2

Kate, Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service

Kate, Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service, rushes in. “Foxtrot is down, unresponsive. Need EMT’s.”

Rogers goes after the shooter. It was the masked man with the bomb. He has powers like Rogers. He escapes. Also, a metal arm. He shot Fury with Soviet made slugs, 3 of them, in the chest.

At the hospital, time of death, 1:03 a.m. Natasha and Rogers are there.

Secretary Pierce’s theory, Fury bugged Roger’s apartment. Fury hired the pirates who hijacked the Lemurian Star. A cover for the acquisition and sale of classified intelligence. The sale went sour and led to Nick’s death.

Rogers in the elevator

Men from SHIELD attach Roger’s arm to the wall of elevator with electronic device, which he breaks, then the fight is over in seconds

As Rogers rides the elevator at Shield down, more and more men enter. He becomes suspicious. Suspects an impending attack. “Before we start, does anyone want to get out?” Rogers asks.

The fight begins.  “Mobilize strike units, 25th Floor.”

The fight is over quickly. All the attackers beaten. Rogers jumps out of the elevator and falls to the concrete below, landing on his shield, momentarily dazed but fine.

Cap escaping on a cycle

A pilot attacks on a helicarrier as Cap flees

A pilot flying a helicarrier attacks Rogers as he flees on a motorcycle. He makes quick work of the flying machine. It crashes and explodes.

Captain America is now a fugitive of Shield.

Project Insite is reactivated by the council.

Rogers and Natasha read the disc. Now Shield knows where they are, due to a Level Six homing program within the drive. Shield agents will be there in nine minutes. Wheaton, New Jersey. They’re on their way. They slip past Shield people and hit the road in a borrowed truck.

In New Jersey, Camp Lehigh. The camp where Rogers was trained. He remembers his training, before the body enhancement.

Rogers and Natasha on the run

Rogers and Natasha at Camp Lehigh

He discovers a secret Shield lab in the camp. They enter and find a giant computer. Natasha inserts the disc. The computer starts. It knows Steve Rogers, Born 1918. And Romanoff, Natasha Alianovna, Born 1984.

The computer is Swiss, calls her Fräulein. Captain Rogers took him prisoner in 1945. Arnim Zola, German scientist worked for the Red Skull.  In 1972 diagnosed with a terminal illness. Operation Paper Clip after WWII Shield recruited German scientists with strategic value.

Operation Hydra has operated within Shield for 70 years. Goal, a new world order. People must comply willingly. Sacrifice freedom for security. A purification process is needed.

Natasha at the computer discovers a bogy

At the computer, Natasha discovers a bogy

Natasha discovers a bogy flying straight for them. Short range ballistic. 30 seconds until impact. Shield fired the missile. They hide in a lower room as the building is leveled!

Shield arrives and looks for bodies.

Secretary Pierce talks to the masked man in his home, without his mask. His housekeeper, Renata, sees the visitor. Pierce shoots her, killing her. He orders another assassination, two targets, Level Six. In 10 hours.

Rogers and Natasha hide in Sam Wilson’s apartment. With Sam’s help, they steal a EXO-7 Falcon.

Sam Wilson, the Falcon

Sam Wilson, the Falcon

By using interesting interrogation techniques, Sam has wings and can fly, they learn Zola’s algorithm is a program for choosing Insite’s targets. People. Any threat to Hydra.

Pierce runs Hydra. The Insite helicarriers kill people on the list, a few million at a time.

The masked man attacks them in a car, on a downtown freeway. In the battle between Rogers and the masked man, his mask comes off. “Bucky?” Rogers asks surprised.



Rogers, Natasha, and Sam are captured, more like they surrendered. Rogers is in shock. “What happened to Bucky?” It was 70 years ago. Bucky’s unit was captured in 1943. Zola experimented on him.

Agent Hill takes them inside a cave compound, medical facility for treatment. Natasha was shot by Bucky. Lost a lot of blood. Shot in the shoulder.

Nick Fury is there, lacerated spinal column, cracked sternum, shattered collarbone, perforated liver, bad headache. Collapsed lung. Tetrodotoxin B slowed the pulse to one beat per minute. Banner developed it for stress.

Sergeant Barnes, remembers his training by Arnim Zola, of Hydra

Sergeant Barnes being trained by Arnim Zola of Hydra

Bucky, Sergeant Barnes, remembers his training by Arnim Zola, of Hydra, and the surgeries. Pierce wants a mission report from Barnes. He remembers Rogers from his past. Difficult to see through the brainwashing.

Pierce orders his memory wiped, then reprogramed.

Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they will triangulate with Insite satellites, becoming fully weaponized.

Hilocarriers at 3000 feet

Helicarriers at 3,000 feet

“Replace their targeting blades with our own,” Fury says. “All three carriers must be linked for this to work. If one remains operational, a lot of people will die.” They must go aboard the helicarriers.

Shield, Hydra, it all has to go, they agree. Cap America gives the orders, now.

Rogers borrows the Captain America uniform from the Smithsonian display.

Cap America, Natasha, and Sam in his flying suit, Falcon approach Insite Bay. Once inside, Rogers makes the announcement over the loudspeakers exposing Pierce as the head of Hydra and his plan. He hopes people will fight for their freedom. And not launch the hilocarriers.

The tech refuses to launch the carriers, Cap’s orders. Guns are drawn in the control room.

The hilocarriers are launched!

The battle at Insite Bay is underway.

Falcon delivered his disc

Sam Wilson, Falcon, delivered the disc onboard the hilocarrier

Natasha, disguised as Shield Agent Peggy Carter, infiltrates the boardroom where Pierce is. She over-powers the guards and takes charge. Tries to disable security protocals and dump Hydra’s and Shield’s secrets onto the internet. The world will know who Pierce is, really.

Falcon and Cap deliver their discs. “Bravo lock.” Two down, one to go.

Bucky arrives.

“Disabling the encryption is an executive order. Takes two Alpha Level members?” Pierce questions.

Nick Fury's retinal scan

Nick Fury allowing a retinal scan

Much to Pierce’s surprise, Nick Fury arrives by chopper. His retinal scan is accepted. He’s Alpha Level.

Buck stands in Cap’s way of installing the third disc. “Please don’t make me do this?” Cap asks.

30 seconds before the satellite is online. 3,000 feet. Algorithm is deployed.

Bucky shot Cap twice as he tries to install the disc.

The target is Washington D.C.

One second left. “Charley lock.” Cap puts his disc in place. He orders the hilocarriers destroyed with him still aboard one, and Bucky.

The hilocarriers are distroyed

The hilocarriers are distroyed

Nick Fury shot and killed Pierce.

The hilocarriers are destroyed and crash land.

Bucky and Cap fight again. Cap refuses to fight. Bucky is his friend. Knocked unconscious, Cap falls from the hilocarrier into the Potomac River.

As Cap sinks unconscious, Bucky rescues him, dragging him to shore. Leaves Cap on the shore, and walks away.

Col. Nick Fury fakes his death

Col. Nicholas J. Fury fakes his death

Col. Nick Fury fakes his death. He’s going to Europe to track down Hydra rats. Wishes to remain dead.

Kate, former Agent 13 of Shield, Special Service now works for the CIA.

Cap and Sam are going after Bucky.

The End

Captain America - The Winter Soldier-2Wow! This has been another awesome movie with Captain America.

It’s no wonder the Marvel Comic series is doing so well, the movie is outstanding.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path?

J.A. Ireland

The Lord of the Rings -The Return of the King – Movie Review


The Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King

Sméagol and Déagol are fishing. Déagol hooks a very big fish. It drags him into the river. On the river bed, he finds a ring. Taking it ashore, it begins to possess both young men. It’s Sméagol’s birthday and he wants the ring. They fight over it. Sméagol, the stronger of the two, strangles Déagol until he dies. Taking the ring. “My precious.” He puts the ring on. Cursed. Driven away.

Smeagol mutating

Smeagol slowly mutating in the cave

Overtime, he mutates into a loathsome creature while living in a cave and feeding on live catfish. All while clinging to the ring.

Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins are asleep in a cave. Sméagol wakes them. Frodo has the ring. They are on a journey to Mordor.

At Isengard, Saruman is locked in his tower. His powers are gone. Treebeard stands guard.

Pereprin Took finds a sphere in the water. Gandalf covers it quickly in his tunic, a palantir.

Sméagol has a plan to lead Frodo and Sam to the Winding Stair. Up the stairs to the tunnel. Once in, no coming out. Purpose; to kill them and take the ring.

Frodo doesn’t believe Sam. Sam knows about the plan.

Sauron the wizard

Sauron the wizard, locked in his tower

While Gandalf is sleeping, Pippin takes the palantir. He saw a glimpse of Sauron’s plan. To strike the city of Minas Tirith. His defeat at Helm’s Deep taught him men are not as weak as he thought. Also, the heir of Elendil came forth.

If people of Middle-Earth unite under one banner Sauron will be defeated again.

Gandalf, Pippin, and Merry begin the walk to the stables. Sauron thinks Pip has the ring. For the safety of the villager’s,  he must go. Three days ride to Minas Tirith, as the Nazgṻl flies. At the stable, Pip and Gandalf climb aboard Shadowfax, his white stallion. “Show us the meaning of haste.” They ride swiftly toward Minas Tirith, as Merry remains behind.


Lady Arwen

Lady Arwen pleads with Lord Elrond to re-forge the sword.

Gandalf and Pippin pass into the realm of Gondor. Minas Tirith is over the bluff. City of kings.

They speak to Lord Denethor, not a king. A caretaker of the throne. Lord Denethor was Boromir’s father. Pippin is told not to speak.

“Boromir died to save us,” Pip said, then pledges his loyalties as payment.

Gangalf tells Denethor of the impending war with Sauron. “Send word to King Théoden of Rohan. Light the beacons.”

Gandalf and Pippin stand before Lord Denethor

Lord Denethor eats as Gandalf warns him of impending war

Denethor knows of Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Ranger from the north, the king. He refuses Gandalf’s request. He’s not sending for help. He’s the only king.

Sauron’s deadliest servant who led Mordor’s army, a soldier no living man can kill. The Witch-king of Angmar.

Orcs, men, legions of Haradrim from the south, meŕceraries from the coast. All answer Mordor’s call. The Witch-king of Angmar will lead Mordor’s army.

He stabbed Frodo on Weathertop.

The lord of the Nazgṻl, Minas Morgul is his lair.

Frodo, Sam, and Sméagol at the Sectet Stairs

Frodo, Smeagol, and Sam at the Secret Stairs to Mordor

The Dead City, Sam, Frodo, and Sméagol are there. They find the secret stairs to Mordor. Climb!

The attack on Minas Tirith begins, Orcs attack.

Pip lights the beacon. The beacons of Amon Din are lit. The message is sent across the mountain range by burning beacons.

“The beacons of Minas Tirith are lit! Gondor calls for aid. Rohan will answer. Muster the Rohirrim,” King Théoden orders.

Faramir saw Frodo and Sam in Ithilien, two days ago, taking the road to Morgul vale. And then the pass of Cirith Ungol.

The Witch-king of Angmar-2

The Witch-king

The Witch-king of Angmar commands, “Send forth all legions.” He wants everyone in Minas Tirith killed. He will kill the white wizard, Gandalf, break him…

Frodo and Sam bicker over Elven bread and the ring. Frodo sends Sam back home.

Lord Denethor is Boromir and Faramir’s father, Boromir is dead. Faramir leaves for war with his soldiers. His father wishes it was he that was dead.

King Théoden

King Theoden

King Théoden of Rohan is gathering troops. 500 men from Westfold. 300 men from Fenmarch. No riders from Snowbourn? 6000 spears. He hoped for twice that many. Not enough to break the lines of Mordor.  They ride at dawn.

They see the road to the Dimholt, door under the mountain, no one ever returns. The mountain is evil. Aragorn is drawn to the road.

Lord Elrond is there. Arwen is dying due to the evil spreading from Mordor. The light of the Evenstar is failing. As Sauron’s power grows, her power wanes. Arwen’s life is now tied to the fate of the ring, he tells Aragorn.


Lord Elrond

Elrond suggests Aragorn call upon the mountain dwellers, murderers, and traitors. They will answer to the King of Gondor.

Elrond has the re-forged sword. Andǘril, the Flame of the West, forged from the Shards of Narsil.

The Sword of Elendil. Sauron will remember the sword. Aragorn has the weapon.

“Take the Dimholt road,” Elrond says to Aragorn.

Lord Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas take Dimholt road.

King Théoden leaves Ẽowynin in charge in his stead

King Theoden places Eowynin in charge

Théoden leaves Ẽowynin in charge in his stead. Take his seat in the Golden Hall. Defend Edoras.

Lady Ẽdwyn Arnen takes Merry into battle with her, aboard her stallion.

Aragorn confronts a Dead Soul, in their dwelling place, made by those who are dead. Only the King of Gondor may command them. Aragorn wields the Sword of Elendil. “Fight for us…and regain your honor. What say you?” He is Isildur’s heir. “Fight for me…and I will hold your oath’s fulfilled…What say you?”

Faramir is drug to Minas Tirith by his horse. He is dead. Shot by two arrows. His entire army is dead.


Orc army

The Orcs attack Minas Tirith. Lord Denethor orders, “Retreat!” He’s a coward.

Gandalf assumes command. Everyone fights! Except Lord Denethor.

Sméagol led Frodo into a giant spider’s nest and web. He uses the light of Eärendil, their most beloved star. A light in dark places, when all other lights go out. The giant spider tries to drink his blood. He defends himself with the light and escapes.

He and Sméagol fight over the ring. Sméagol falls over the cliff.


Galadriel, Lady of Lothlorien

Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien, appears to Frodo in a vision. “This task was appointed to you, Frodo of the Shire. If you do not find a way, No one will…”

Lord Denethor sees to Faramir’s burial, cremation.

The Orcs invade the city.

The great spider finds and stings Frodo. Sam is back and fights the spider. Frodo is under the venom.  He will wake in a few hours. Orcs capture and take him to the tower. Sam follows.

King Théoden and his army arrive at Minas Tirith. Their army is small. The king shouts his orders.  “Death! Forth Eorlingas!” They charge the Orc army.

The Orc army is huge!

Faramir is alive. Lord Denethor burns himself to death by mistake as Gandalf and Merry intercede. “So passes Denethor, son of Ecthelion.”

The Giant Elephants Attack

Giant Elephants carrying troops attack

Giant elephants arrive carrying fighters and attack.

The Witch-king arrives flying on his Nazgǘl. He attacks King Théoden. As the king lies on the ground wounded, Lady Ẽdwyn stands between the king and the Nazgǘl. She chopped off the flying beast’s head. The Witch-king of Angmar, leader of Sauron’s army is mad. He attacks her, Ẽdwyn.

Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas arrive with the Dead people and join the battle.

The Witch-king of Angmar

The Witch-king of Angmar

The Witch-king has a secret. No man can kill him. Ẽdwyn takes off her helmet. “I’m not a man!” She shoves her sword through his face killing him. He dies and withers.

As always, Gimli and Legolas have their contest as to who can kill the most enemy.

King Théoden dies as Ẽowyn comforts him.

The battle is over. The orcs are dead.

Aragorn releases the Dead people. Their oath’s are fulfilled. They are at peace. They all fade away.

Sauron's Tower-1

Sauron’s tower with his EYE and Mount Doom, the volcano, in the background

Pippin is back. He finds Merry.

In the tower, Frodo awakes. The structure is teaming with Orcs. Sam fights his way into the tower. He rescues Mr. Frodo.

They’re in Mordor.  Sauron’s Eye is at the top of the tower, high above Mordor.  Frodo must get to Mount Doom.

Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas make a plan

Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli make a plan

Gandalf and Aragorn have a plan. 10,000 Orcs stand in Frodo’s way. He needs safe passage across the plains of Gorgoroth. Aragorn’s plan, draw out Sauron’s armies. Empty his lands. They march on the Black Gate. Keep Sauron’s Eye fixed on them.

“Certainty of death, small chance of success,” Gimli says. “I’m in.”  They ride with a small army.

Sauron moves his Orc army toward the Gate as Frodo and Sam move toward Mount doom. Sam tells Frodo this is a one-way journey.

At the Black gate, Aragorn calls, “Let the Lord of the Black Land come forth! Let justice be done upon him!”

Aragorn and his men attack the Orc army

Aragorn and his army attack the army of Orcs

The enormous gate opens. A vast Orc army is there and marches toward them.

The Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, brothers, Men of the West, they are grossly out numbered and quickly surrounded.  The battle begins. They fight the Orc army.

Gandalf sends for the giant eagles to battle the Nazgǘls.

Frodo and Sam climb Mount Doom as it slowly erupts. Emaciated nearly to the point of death. Frodo too weak to walk, Sam carries him up the mountain.

Sméagol waits for them. He attacks.

Frodo and Smegil fight inside Mount Doom

Frodo and Smeagol fight over the ring inside Mount Doom

Everyone makes their way inside the volcano. Frodo cannot throw the ring into the lava below, the ring won’t let him. Instead, he puts it on. Sméagol attacks again. They fight. Sméagol bites off his finger and takes the ring. As they fight, both fall over the edge. Sméagol falls into the lava, dropping the ring into the molten rock.

The RingFrodo clings to the cliff.

The ring melts.

Sauron’s Eye is destroyed. Mount Doom erupts.

Frodo and Sam are trapped in the lava flow, on a high rock. They believe they are going to perish, they talk about the Shire. Sam remembers Rosie Cotton, the girl he wishes he had married. They pass out from the exhaustion, heat, and starvation.

Gandalf arrives riding on the back of a giant eagle, with two eagles at his side. Sam and Frodo are rescued in the eagle’s huge talons.

Later, Frodo wakes. Gandalf is there. His friends are there. All laughing.

Aragorn receives his crown. Gandalf is the presenter. Under King Aragorn, a time of peace.

King Aragorn and Arwen at the corination

King Aragorn and Arwen

Elrond and Arwen are there. Arwen is healed now that Sauron has been destroyed. They kiss.

King Aragorn and his kingdom bows to the hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin.

A Fourth Age of Middle-earth began. And the Fellowship of the Ring…though eternally bound by friendship and love… was ended. Thirteen months to the day since Gandalf sent us on our long journey…We found ourselves looking upon a familiar sight.

They are back at the Shire.

Rosie and Sam are married

Rosie and Sam are married

Sam wasted no time in marrying Rosie Cotton.

there and Back again…

a hobbit’s tale, By

Bilbo Baggins

Frodo’s wound has never really healed since Weathertop. Four years to the day.

the Lord of the Rings, By Frodo Baggins

The ship the sail on at the end

The ship they sail on

The Power of the Three Rings is ended. The time has come for the dominion of Men. Bilbo Baggins is escorted aboard the ship by Elrond and Galadriel.

Gandalf and Frodo join them aboard the vessel. They sail away.

It will be Sam’s job to add to the story. He and Rosie have children, and are happy in the Shire.

The Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King-2

Goodbye Lord of the Rings. I  miss you. 🙂

The End.

This has been an amazing story. An end to an epic adventure.

It saddens me to say goodbye to such a great saga.

Maybe, if we are lucky, Sam will add to the timeless tale. I hope so.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland