Excerpt From; The Unthinkable Duo of Justice


Greetings from Kinkorx; it’s J. A. Ireland,

Many people of Earth downloaded my novel, The Dunjyn Asylum Escape, during the giveaway; thank you to all who did. I hope my book brings you hours of reading enjoyment. You will discover just how self-sacrificing Maxx Zeqster really is. And how Sesla rewards him because of his willingness to sacrifice his own life for a friend.

In this letter, I’m inserting  one of many very difficult times in Maxx’s childhood.  This small segment is from, The Unthinkable Duo of Justice.

Maxx is working on a case. He visited Police Chief Zog Morxoc, of the Kinkorx Police Department. Now, he’s on his way to the Kinkorx Medical School to continue the investigation.

The segment begins.***

Slide1He smiled again as he drove. “Now that I have the approval of Chief Morxoc, it’s time to visit the Kinkorx Medical School.”

As he drove in the direction of the school, his mind flashed to a painful scene from his youth. Maxx was in the sixth grade, in Mrs. HyLubb’s class. “My science report is on Seslean Astronomy,” Young Maxx said nervously as he stood before the class.

Mrs. HyLubb nodded her approval. “Proceed.”

He took a deep breath as he nervously began his oral report. “The galaxy where the Croster Slux Solar System spirals is the Whirlpool Galaxy. The solar system where our planet spirals is the Croster Slux Solar System. The planet we live on is known as Sesla.”

He paused briefly to regain his anxious breathe and stabilize his wobbling legs. He took a deep breath before continuing. “The Whirlpool Galaxy, where the Croster Slux Solar System spirals inside and Sesla spirals within it, is much brighter than the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s also 23.5 million light years away from the Milky Way. The planet Sesla revolves around the sun. The sun gives us light and heat.”

Again, he paused to regain his depleting breath while attempting to control his nervous shaking. He took another deep breath, and continued. “Sesla is the fifth planet from the sun. In addition, on a proper night, with the use of an advanced telescope, we can see the Milky Way Galaxy.” He was out of breath and trembling as he finished his report. He terrifyingly listened as Mrs. HyLubb began her critique.

“Well Maxx, I’m not sure where to begin,” Mrs. HyLubb said with a demeaning frown. “Although your report was interesting, I’m afraid it wasn’t ready to present. There were several errors in structure, as well as grammar. You also left out many very important facts.” She sighed. “I will include my comments on your evaluation. Please be seated.” She glared at him with her usual, “I’m very disappointed in you,” glare.

He walked disgracefully to his desk. As he shamefully trudged, his fellow classmates laughed at him.

Suddenly Maxx’s thoughts returned to the present as he drove toward the medical school. He smiled with a conquering smirk. “I have a very special painting that I created just for you, Mrs. HyLubb.” As he drove toward Leqtus Kin’s employer, he remembered the reporters… Segment ends.

It’s J.A. again. I chose this segment to further define Maxx Zeqster. He and I are lifelong friends therefore, I know him well.  This is another example of the adversities he has overcame in his life to become the incredible detective that he is today.

Thanks again for downloading my novel. I hope you enjoy it.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland


Kinkorx Horned Hares Chasing Another Mesnuk Championship


Greetings from Sesla,

Cloudy sky Over Kinkorx

Cloudy Sky Over Kinkorx

I’m J.A. Ireland. I’m sitting at my desk in beautiful downtown Kinkorx while writing my column for the newspapers. It’s an unusually cloudy day. The Kinkorx TV Weather girl, May Willowman, called for rain later this morning. From the looks of the sky, maybe she’s right. It’s been a while since we’ve had rain in this part of the desert. Everything needs water; our reservoirs are a bit low as well.

My column today is about the Kinkorx Horned Hares. As you may know, I follow our local mesnuk team closely and co-announce  home games regularly. It’s always fun to work with Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor. He’s the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares and announces all their games. Stin Gismurr, Kinkorx TV program director, is always there to insure to the quality of the broadcast.

Now that “The Set of Games” has concluded and we’re in “It’s the Rallies” the Horned Hares are chasing another Sesla Mesnuk Championship.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

Since Jeqrix Grexenn, the desert furniture giant, purchased the team several years ago, the hares are vastly improved. They’ve even won a Sesla Championship. What a moment that was? I was there and co-announced that game; it was thrilling. In a last minute victory, the hares defeated the Guytic City Fighting Tobacco Farmers. Billionaire owner of the tobaccos, Xuro Qashlet, looked none too happy. His enormous payroll athletes couldn’t overcome the determination of the new, and driven with will-power players for Mr. Grexenn’s team.

Kinkorx Horned Hares Sesla Mesnuk Champions

Kinkorx Horned Hares Sesla Mesnuk Champions

Moments after that game, lines began forming inside the gift ships within the stadium. The Horned Hares memorabilia sold out so fast. I was lucky a friend of mine there stashed a mesnuk cap for me. Now that we’re in “It’s the Rallies” and the hares are in I’m wearing mine everyday to support the team.

One of Hundreds of  Beautiful Wet Lands Waterfall

One of Hundreds of Beautiful Wet Lands Waterfalls

The Hares are traveling to the wet lands and playing the Guytic City Tobacco Farmers, the defending Sesla champs. That game will be brutal—as always. Xuro Qashlet, the billionaire owner, has the highest payroll of any professional mesnuk team on Sesla. His players are the best; they’re big, fast, and strong.

I spoke with Jeqrix Grexenn recently. He’s confident the hares will be triumphant. He admitted in our brief lunch chat, that he misses Zith Fleen. He feels Zith was the most aggressive player he’s ever had on the team. If you’d like to read that story, I’ve written a novel about it. The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher details the tragic story.

It’s time to get back to my column. May Willowman was right—it’s raining. The plants and our reservoirs sure need the water. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Robo Cop – Movie Review


SciFi fans,

I have a futuristic fiction cop movie review that you’re sure to like. The setting is Detroit Michigan.

Robo CopWe meet Pat Novak; The Novak Element. Tonight’s State of the Union segment he’s joined by General Curtis Monroe live from the war room in the Pentagon: General Monroe is live. Monroe explains in detail his operation. He shows the green ED-209’s. The purple EM-208’s. Security drones at work in Tehran.

Operation Freedom Tehran; Kelly Perkins. ED-209’s are keeping the peace. EM-208’s are mopping up the mess.

General Curtis, “We had Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Never again. From a military perspective this has been invaluable. No loss of American lives.”

Raymond Sellars' ED-209's and EM-208's

Raymond Sellars’ ED-209’s and EM-208’s in Tehran

Pat Novak

Pat Novak; The Novak Element

During the live broadcast there is a terrorists attack in Tehran. The terrorists are quickly killed by the large ED- 209’s and the human looking EM- 208’s. Pat Novak wants to use the machines here in America to keep the peace. He says America is robophobic.

Raymond Sellars, entrepreneur and true American, invented the robots.

Senator Hubert Dreyfus has a bill that prohibits the use of drones on U.S. soil. The American people support the Dreyfus Act.

Pat Novak supports Mr. Sellar’s efforts to make our country and our viewers safer. “What’s more important than the safety of the American people?” Novak asks.

Police Chief Karen Dean, of the DPD

Police Chief Karen Dean, of the DPD

Detroit Police Headquarters – Detective Alex Murphy works there. He got a lead on Antoine Vallon. He talks to his boss, Police Chief Karen Dean, of the DPD. She wants to know what the lead is. “Ok Alex Murphy, tell me,” Karen says.

Jack is Alex’s partner. “We got a line on some guns. We met up with this low-level G called Jerry who ends up havin’ a piece he’s not supposed to have. Where the hell you get a gun like that, Jerry?”

Jerry replied, “I can get you two whole crates full, man.”

“Two crates?” Murphy asks.

Jack, “No disrespect, J, but how a clown like you get so much product, man?”

Jack and Alex Murphy in Gun Fight

Jack and Alex Murphy in Gun Fight

“What’s it matter where it comes from?” Jerry.

Murphy, “No dirty guns, Jerry.”

“These guns got bodies on em’ Jerry?” Jack.

The meeting quickly becomes ugly. Jerry says, “Man, I work for Antoine Vallon.”

Murphy to Karen, “I ran the serial numbers on the rifles. The guns are supposed to be in our evidence room; not on the streets. The intake papers are blank; no signatures. Vallon thinks me and Jack are gun buyers; he bought it.”

Earlier – Upon investigation, Murphy discovers the guns are indeed missing from the evidence room. “How could this happen? Inside job. Dirty Cops; but who? Can’t trust anyone.”

Vallon was tipped offed just before the deal was closed. Someone informed him that Murphy and Jack were cops. “Make sure you kill them both!” Vallon yells angrily as he exits the building. The gun battle begins as Vallon flees the sceen.

(Jack) Lewis is shot in the gun fire. “Officer down! Officer Down! 331 Hamilton. This is Detective Alex Murphy. Need immediate medical assistance. 331 Hamilton Rd.

Back at Police Headquarters- Police Chief Karen Dean tells Murphy, “It’s up to IAD to determine if officers are supplying Vallon with police guns. I’ll handle it.”

Senator Hubert Dreyfus AT Washington Senate

Senator Hubert Dreyfus At Washington Senate

Washington D.C.- Mr. Sellars and Liz Kline are speaking before the Senate, “My droids feel no anger, no prejudice, no fatigue which makes them ideal for law enforcement.”

Senator Hubert Dreyfus, author of the Dreyfus Act, “72% of the American people are against these robots. They feel nothing if they kill an innocent child.”

Omnicorp Headquarters; Detroit – America is their most valuable market and they can’t touch it; a $600 billion per annum market. They’ve tried to buy Senators to revoke the Dreyfus Act without success. “So unless we sway public opinion, the battle’s lost. An aggressive new campaign, wow factor off-the-charts.”

Liz Kline, “Sir, there are No loop holes in the Dreyfus Act. We can’t put a machine on the streets.”

Raymond Sellars idea, “We’re gonna put a man inside a machine.”

Omnicorp Foundation Rehab Ward – Dr. Dennett Norton Ph. D – “You’re not you because of your legs, your arms, your hands. You’re you because of your brain. It’s your brains capacity to process information that makes you who you are. Relax and do what you’ve always done, Micheal.”

Micheal is learning to play the guitar again with his new artificial hands. He’s attempting to play the CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ.

Raymond Sellars and Dr. Norton at Omnicorp Rehab Facility

Dr. Norton and Raymond Sellars at Omnicorp Rehab Ward

Raymond Sellars comes to Omnicorp Rehab Ward to speak to Dr. Norton. He wants Norton to develop combat applications. “I can put real revenue stream behind your research and save thousands of lives in the process.”

“Vallon, Lewis’ hospital. Alex is stopping by this afternoon. Detective Murphy’s a little impulsive. Do you want to send flowers?” Vallon listening on his cell phone.

Vallon replies, “I kill a cop, I’m lookin’ over my shoulder the rest of my life. That’s not good for business.”

“Who do you think’s gonna be investigating you?”

Later – Alex Murphy visits Lewis at his hospital room. He’s going after Lake and Daniels; arrests in a month, he feels confident.

Marcus reports to Vallon as he approaches Murphy’s car. He puts an explosive device in the left front wheel housing of Murphy’s car.

Later at home- Murphy’s car alarm goes off by itself. Murphy investigates. When he opens the car door; BOOM!

Alex Murphy the Patient

Alex James Murphy the Patient

The Patient Alex James Murphy at Omnicorp Rehab Ward and Dr. Norton – “Alex suffered 4th degree burns over 80% of his body. His lower spine was severed. He’ll be paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Blind in one eye. Deaf. If he survives.”

3 Months Later – Alex Murphy is dreaming he’s dancing with his wife, Clara. She’s wearing a sexy evening dress. Frank Sinatra is singing.

Alex Murphy -The Fraction of A Man

Alex Murphy -The Fraction of A Man

He wakes and is shown what he has become. He’s a robot; a metal man. He escapes Omnicorp. Soon, Dr. Norton shuts him down and has him brought back. “I want to Die!” he says when he sees how little is left of him. He is only a fraction of a man. “Never show me this again.”

Murphy quickly learns how to use his suit and weapons. He also begins to investigate his own assassination attempt. He learns that the Detroit PD has let Vallon off the hook; lack of evidence. Closed the case.

Omnicorp Testing Facility in China

Omnicorp Testing Facility in China

Omnicorp Testing Facility in China. Alex is transported there for testing. EM-208’s attack with .47 caliber rifles. During the battle, Alex is programmed so the machine within him takes over. It’s an illusion for the American people. In reality the machine is fighting inside him; not him. Quickly and easily Murphy wins the battle and the test; destroying all the EM-208’s.

Alex Murphy visits Home

Alex Murphy visits Home

Back in Chicago- Alex goes for a difficult but long overdue visit to his family. The visit goes well. It’s good for his son to see his dad. Now he’s going after Vallon.

Detroit Police Headquarters – He’s given instant access to criminal records plus archive of CCTV footage from 2011 to present. Kim uploads the footage. The entire DPD database into his brain. He has a seizure. His dopamine levels are dropped to 2% to stop the seizure. “Now he’s only a machine,” Dr. Norton orders.

Meanwhile Outside: Mayor Durant is about to speak on the stage and introduce Detroit’s new weapon on crime. Murphy walks out on stage, past his wife and son without acknowledging them, and analyzes the crowd.

Pat Novak; The Novak Element reports, “He does recognize Thomas King, the convicted felon, from the DPD data base; wanted for arson, murder, and rape. On the loose for six years; apparently hiding in Detroit. Detective Murphy brought him down immediately. Robo Cop is here. In 60 seconds, Detective Murphy brought him down. Men weren’t up to the task. Robo Cop was. Robo Cop is on the job.

The Novak Face Off

The Novak Face Off

Now, the CEO of Omnicorp, Raymond Sellars is on The Novak Face Off. Omni’s stock is through the roof. Robo Cop is a Big hit. Detroit has a brighter future. The senate has agreed to vote on the repeal of the Dreyfus Act. Mr. Sellars wants all Americans to be safe.

Senator Hubert Dreyfus, also a guest, has an entirely different opinion.

Sellars, “One system has cut crime by 80% in one large American city. Imagine if we put 100 systems into place in America.”

Pat Novak closes his show with the question, “Has the U.S. Senate became pro-crime?”



Vallon speaks to his police friends , “$5000. I want protection. Robo Cop’s hurting my business. I can’t move any product.”

Murphy begins to overpower his programming. His dopamine levels begin to stabilize within normal range. He’s going after Vallon. He’s solving his own murder. Vallon has a plan to stop him; .50 caliber aimed for Robo Cop’s head. Quickly a vicious gun battle erupts. Automatic weapons are firing everywhere in the night.

Detroit Police Headquarters – Murphy, “I recovered 26 guns from Vallon’s warehouse. I lifted John Lake and Andre Daniel’s prints off some of them. Thirteen serial numbers matched weapons missing from police evidence. Daniels panics and implicates Police Chief Karen Dean, “Karen was in on it too. She tipped off Vallon.” Murphy kills Lake and Daniels. At gun point, “Karen Confess! Confess!” He’s taken off line before he can kill Chief Dean.

The Next Day – The vote for the Dreyfus Act takes place in Congress. 63 for repeal 22 against; The Dreyfus Act is repealed.

Dr. Norton wants Murphy’s family taken care of beyond their wildest dreams. Full funding. Ten years. New staff, all my own people.

“Deal,” Raymond Sellars says.

ED-209’sRaymond Sellars calls Mattox; his hit man, “Dennett’s on board. Get it done.”

“My pleasure,” Mattox.

Sellars tells Murphy’s wife her husband’s dead.

Mattox shut Murphy down before he got a confession from Police Chief Dean. Dr. Norton removed his transmitter. He can’t be shut down again. Sellars can’t afford to wake you up; he wants you dead.

Robo Cop

Robo Cop is on the Job!

Alex is going after Sellars. He enters Omnicorp and fights ED-209’s. He’s injured in the battle. Lewis, Murphy’s partner comes to his aid; he gets shot.

On the chopper pad Murphy shoots Sellars as Sellars shoots Murphy. Murphy’s wife and son are there.

Alex lives and Dr. Norton gives him a new suit. Soon he’s back to work.

The president vetoed the senate bill and upheld The Dreyfus Act. Much to Pat Novak’s disapproval.

This is one of the most interesting movies I’ve ever seen and one of my favorites. Could this be the future of law enforcement? I wonder?

Hope you enjoyed my review. Thanks for stopping by. J. A. Ireland.

GODZILLA – Movie Review


Greetings SciFi lovers,

I watched one of my favorite monster movies of all time. I thought you might like to read my review. Enjoy.Godzilla

The movie begins sometime after thirty years of atomic bomb testing has taken place in the south pacific, near French Polynesia. Iguana lizards and their eggs were continually exposed to atomic radiation.

A large underwater object is tracked on sonar and tracking straight for a Japanese Cannery Ship, also near French Polynesia in the south pacific. The ship is attacked and sank by a giant beast.

CHERNOBYL – UKRAINE- Dr. Niko Tapopolis ( Matthew Broderick) is on a three year study of the Chernobyl Earthworm. He works for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and has discovered a seventeen percent increase in the size of the earthworms there due to radiation exposure. He is an unmarried biologists and studies radioactive samples. He is electrocuting the ground to gather night crawlers during a night rainstorm for studying.

Kyle Terrington, of the U.S. State Department, and his team dropped in by chopper and interrupted Dr. Tapopolis’ worm collecting. “You’re being reassigned!” Terrington proclaims in the pouring night rain.

“But my work here isn’t finished!” Nick Tapopolis protests with rain cascading down his face.

Terrington calmly replies while holding his umbrella to shield his head and face from the cold rain, “It is now.”

PAPEETE TAHITI – A very sick old Japanese sailor that was on the cannery ship reported saying, “GOJIRA. GOJIRA. GOJIRA.”

Giant Reptilian Footprint

Giant Reptilian Footprint

Dr. Tapopolis is being flown by small sea plane to Golfo De San Miguel-Panama. To study a giant radioactive reptilian footprint. He was standing inside the massive footprint. “But, there’s no animal in the world that makes foot prints like this, is there?” Tapopolis questioned.

Nick meets Dr. Elsie Chapman, of the National Institute of Paleontology, and his boss. So far, no one has seen the giant beast. They watch a satellite video of the Japanese Cannery Ship being attacked and sank. They only see giant claws. Nick also meets Dr. Craven and is repeatedly called the worm guy; sarcastically.

Later by chopper, they follow the giant reptilian tracks.

GREAT PEDRO BLUFF- JAMAICA – Dr. Nick, Dr. Elsie, and Dr. Craven stand amazed as they gaze at the Japanese Cannery ship. It drifted on shore there. The hull was ripped severely. The locals were sitting on the beach watching, also in amazement. The “Donne-Moi Cinq Pour Cent” mercenary group was hired by La Rochelle Casualty and Property Insurance to guard the ship. Mr. Philippe Roache is the insurance agent. Dr. Tapopolis quietly begins collecting worm specimens from the hull of the ship.

EASTERN SEABOARD – UNITED STATES – “Artie! Artie! What the hell’s wrong? Why are we slowing down?” yells the captain of the small fishing trawler.

“I don’t know!” Artie responds loudly in a panic. “She’s up full throttle! Maybe she’s heavy in the nets!”

Three small fishing trawlers are quickly pulled under by their nets as the crews flee the boats into the turbulent waters.

The Giant Reptilian Beast is only 200 miles off the Eastern American Seaboard.

Dr. Elsie Chapman proclaims, “It’s Theropoda Allosaurus; a reptile that died during the cretaceous period.”

“What about the traces of radiation?” Nick Tapopolis asked skeptically while not agreeing with his boss. “The animal was first sighted in the French Polynesian Pacific, right? That area has been exposed to dozens of nuclear tests over the past 30 years.

Dr. Chapman hurls the sarcasm back at him, “Uh-huh. Hence, the radiation.” The eye roll rocked the plain. Dr. Craven smirked.

Dr. Tapopolis ignores the sarcasm and replies calmly and confidently, “I believe that this is a mutated aberration, a hybrid caused by the fallout on these islands. An incipient creature. The dawn of a new species. The first of it’s kind.”

Godzilla in New York City

Godzilla in New York City

THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS – The creature enters New York City and wreaks havoc. Mayor Ebert has just been re-elected to a 2nd four year term and is giving his thank you speech to his supporters when the creature comes straight for them. The speech is over as everyone flees for their lives.

Mobil Command Center – New Jersey – Sergeant O’Neal reports to the team, “The Mayor has agreed to evacuate NYC and is calling out the National Guard. The giant lizard quickly disappeared into the city.

Audrey Timmonds, news reporter for WIDF TV News, and Dr. Tapopolis’ past college girlfriend of four years begins to have feelings for him as she sees him on TV with the military concerning the giant lizard story.

Agent Philippe Roache, D.G.S.E., of La Rochelle Casualty and Property Insurance, placed a listening device on Mayor Ebert’s shirt collar. Roache’s company insures 15% of the property in NYC.

Since the authorities were unable to locate the lizard they attempted to draw him out with several truckloads of fish in Central Park, much to Mayor Edert’s dismay. It’s 8:55pm in the pouring rain as they wait in hiding, close to the enormous pile of fish. Dr. Tapopolis’ idea; remove the manhole covers to insure the fish smell gets into the sewers.

Godzilla Up Close

Godzilla Up Close

The idea quickly works. They get the first up close and personal look at the giant lizard. Dr. Tapopolis takes pictures. The police begin their attack. They quickly learn how fast the enormous reptile is; and he breathes fire. Their efforts only succeed in more damage to the city. The heat seeking missiles also don’t work; the lizard is colder than the buildings around him. The missiles destroy the Chrysler Building. The massive reptile soon destroyed all four attack choppers.

Audrey runs into Dr. Tapopolis at the drug store. He’s purchasing home pregnancy tests. He’s still angry about the way she left eight years ago without a letter, phone call, nothing. He asks for tests with Gonadotropic Hormones or Clomiphene Citrate. He realizes he’s holding a grudge and quickly changes his heart. He invites her over for tea.

Later, after running his tests, Dr. Tapopolis declares, “This creature’s pregnant. It reproduces Asexually. It came to New York City for a nesting place; of course! I believe this creature has already laid or is about to lay up to twelve eggs, that will hatch quickly. He is gathering fish to feed the young once hatched. We need to find the nest.”

Audrey stole the top secret tape from Dr. Tapopolis’ tent and the media has it. The media calls the creature GODZILLA! Tapopolis is fired by Hicks. He tells Audrey goodbye and takes a taxi to Newark Airport. He soon discovers that Agent Philippe Roache is driving the taxi and is French Secret Service. He says the Americans in NYC stopped looking for the nest.

Dr. Tapopolis and Agent Roache devise a plan to go back into New York City to find Godzilla’s nest. “I always wanted to join the French Foreign Legion,” Tapopolis brags. In this movie, much of the nuclear testing in the pacific was done by the French Government, therefore, they felt responsible and had a vested interest in making sure this creature is stopped.

The military is trying to draw Godzilla into Central Park again with more fish.

Godzilla Battles The Navy

Godzilla Battles The Navy

Dr. Tapopolis, Agent Roache, and their team find Godzilla in the underground sewers of NYC. Godzilla goes into the city and heads for Central Park where the army is waiting with their fish. The attack begins and Godzilla quickly flees to the river where the navy is waiting. The Indiana and Anchorage are closing in. Torpedoes are fired at the giant lizard.

Godzilla lead the torpedoes into the Anchorage. Upon impact, the submarine is destroyed. The Indiana fires at Godzilla as he swims back to Manhattan. DIRECT HIT! They killed Godzilla.

Nick Tapopolis, Agent Roache, and his team enter Madison Square Garden from the sewers. There’s fish everywhere. “Three eggs. I thought there’d be more,” Nick states. Upon further investigation, they find more than twenty eggs. The team began placing explosives on some of the eggs. “Boss,” one of the French men said, “We don’t have nearly enough charges.”

Nick could hear gurgling and other noises coming from inside the eggs. “They’re ready to hatch,” he said with concern. Suddenly the first egg cracked open and a baby Godzilla jumped out. “Correction; they are hatching!” Because they smelled like fish, the group is quickly attacked and must flee The Garden, for their lives.

Dr. Elsie Chapman convinces the Colonel to look for the nest, against Mayor Ebert’s wishes.

Agent Roache orders, “Contact the military. Get them to send a bomber to blow up this building. 5557600 Code Dragon Fly. That should get you through. Nick go get help. We’ll hold the reptiles off.

They have an idea. They Begin A Live Broadcast From Inside Madison Square Garden: Audrey reports, “Dr. Niko Tapopolis has discovered the Beast’s lair.” Nick explains, “We’ve discovered over 200 eggs. They have hatched and are over nine feet tall and have begun feeding. These 200 could easily become 40,000 within this year. This could become the dominate species of this planet. The military must destroy this building immediately before these creatures can escape.” “I’m Audrey Timmonds reporting live on WIDF News from inside Madison Square Gardens.”

The order was given by the military Colonel, “I want you to blow up Madison Square Garden.”

Nick and team learned their broadcast was received by everyone and they had less than six minutes to leave the building before the bombers arrived. Agent Roache distracts the lizards while they make their getaway through the main entrance; past dozens of hungry Godzillas. As the F18 bombers make their approach.

The Crater where Madison Square Garden was and Godzilla

The Crater where Madison Square Garden was and Godzilla

The Maverick missiles are fired. The Garden is destroyed. Nick and Audrey kiss.


The F18 bombers are ordered to turn around. Nick and friends are hiding in the Park Avenue Tunnel as Godzilla desperately tries to get to them. They lead the massive lizard to the Brooklyn Bridge. The F18’s fly to the bridge.

Godzilla on the Brooklyn Bridge

Godzilla on the Brooklyn Bridge

Godzilla gets tangled in the suspension cables on the bridge as the F18’s approach. “Stallion 1-5, Tally One on the Bridge.”

The order is given to fire at will. Godzilla took multiple direct missile hits from the F18 fighters. Quickly Godzilla falls and dies.


Mayer Ebert says, “The Mayor who Destroyed Godzilla.”

One egg hatched late and lived.

The End

Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home Movie Review


I have a Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home Movie Review.  I hope you enjoy it.

The movie began as an unknown probe is traveling through space on route to the Terran Solar System. It has disable every ship and space station along the way. It was disabling the U.S.S.  Saratoga as the movie begins.

Crippling  Alien Probe

Crippling Alien Probe

We learned that Admiral Kirk and his gallant crew were charged with nine violations of Starfleet regulations due to their actions while rescuing their shipmate Spock.  The Klingon Empire was outraged by star fleet’s miniscule actions. They wanted severe punishment.

Kirk and crew have been on Vulcan for three months.  They have been working on the rickety Klingon vessel while observing Spock as he continued with his speedily recovery.  Their plans are to return to earth and face their punishment for their unethical behavior while rescuing their shipmate Captain Spock.  In an attempt at historical irony, Dr. McCoy named their vessel, HMS Bounty.

As this is taking place, the U.S.S. Saratoga passes by the alien probe as the probe speeds toward earth. The probe’s powerful transmissions disable the helpless Saratoga.  As the probe continues, its powerful transmissions disable every space ship and space station in its path.

Kirk and crew leave Vulcan in their decrepit Klingon ship and proceed toward earth.

The alien probe reaches earth and sends a transmission signal into earth’s oceans. The powerful transmission immediately begins to cripple the helpless planet.  The citizens of earth are clueless as to how to respond to the probe. The President of United Federation of Planets sends out a planetary distress signal, “Do Not Approach Earth.  The transmissions of an orbiting probe are causing critical damage to this planet.”

Kirk and crew receive the distress signal. They listen to the probe’s transmissions. Immediately Mr. Spock  has an idea. After a brief search, he discovers that the probe is attempting to communicate with humpback whales.  Humpbacks have been extinct since the 21th century. Communication is therefore impossible.  They devise a plan. Time warp is their only option.  They plan to pick up tremendous speed and slingshot around the sun and go into time warp. Dr. McCoy’s response to the plan is classic. “That’s crazy.”

The Enterprise Crew Attempt Time Warp

The Enterprise Crew Attempts Time Warp

Their plan works. They come out of time warp on the Pacific basin, near the west coast of North America in the late 20th century.   Uhura hears whale songs coming from San Francisco.

Mr. Scott quickly discovers that the Klingon ship suffered severe damage during the time warp process. The ships dilithium crystals are decrystallizing. The technology doesn’t exist to recrystallize them.  Again Spock has an idea, according to him the later 20th century was the nuclear fusion era.  Nuclear fusion was used in nuclear powered naval vessels. The nuclear fusion reactors used high-energy photons  to do their work.  His theory was to collect these photons and inject them into the dilithium chamber in an attempt to cause crystalline restructuring. “Theoretically it might work.”

Kirk ordered the ship sat down in Golden Gate Park and began their risky tasks.

Kirk and Spock find two humpback whales named George and Gracie at the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito. They meet Dr. Gillian Taylor, assistant director of the Maritime Cetacean Institute as they discover their whales.

Captain Kirk ans Mr. Spock in San Fransisco

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in San Francisco

Mr. Scott and Dr. McCoy search for a large piece of transparent aluminum to use to construct the enormous aquarium. They discovered Plexicorp.  Meanwhile, Mr. Sulu finds a helicopter to transport the sheet of aluminum.  Mr. Scott discovers that Dr. Nichols, the plant manager at Plexicorp, still uses polymers. He shrewdly offers Dr. Nichols a trade.  He offers him  the formula for transparent aluminum in exchange for a large, six inch thick sheet of plexiglass.  Dr. Nichols gladly excepts the offer. Mr. Sulu transports the plexiglass to the ship.

Uhura and Chekov go to a naval base in Alameda in search of the photons. They discover a nuclear powered naval vessel named “U.S.S. Enterprise.”  They gather the high-energy photons.  Uhura is beamed back to the ship with the photons. Mr. Chekov is captured. During the capture, he is critically injured. He is transported to Mercy Hospital in the Mission District for emergency surgery. His condition is grave.

In a daring rescue, Admiral Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and Dr. Gillian Taylor go under cover as surgeons to find Mr. Chekov.  In a splendid moment of kindness and compassion, Dr. McCoy cures a woman that is receiving kidney dialysis while on his way to finding Chekov.  The team finds Chekov as he is being prepared for surgery.  Dr. McCoy  repairs the damaged artery in his brain.  As they race to escape they are beamed back to the Golden Gate Park next to their ship.  Dr. Taylor gives Kirk the radio frequency for the whales, 401 megahertz. She then tricks him and is beamed inside along with Admiral Kirk.

Kirk gives the order and they peruse the whales in open ocean. Mr. Scott beams George and Gracie aboard while saving them from whale hunters.

Mr. Scott beams up George and Gracy The Humpback Whales

George and Gracie The Humpback Whales are Beamed Aboard

With the crystalline restructured dilithium crystals, and George and Gracie, they gain speed and sling shot around the sun again. They go into time warp.

As they awake from the warp, the probe renders their ship powerless.  They fly uncontrolled into San Francisco bay.

Spock evacuates the crew as Admiral Kirk swims under water to open a hatch thus freeing himself and George and Gracie.  He and the whales escape.

George and Gracie communicate with the probe.  They quickly finish their chat. The probe stops the transmissions and begins to leave.

Earth quickly begins to recover as George and Gracie journey to open ocean.

The movie ends with Admiral Kirk and crew answering for their crimes against Starfleet. All charges are dropped except for Admiral Kirk. Disobeying Starfleet orders was the final charge.  For punishment, Admiral Kirk is reduced to Captain. He is given the new U.S.S. Enterprise to command.

The movie ends.

I hope you enjoyed my review of  Star Trek IV –  The Voyage Home. This is a very interesting, unique, and well written movie.

Tell we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path”   J. A. Ireland

STAR TREK Movie Review


I have another Star Trek movie review. This movie entitled   “Star Trek” is a restart of the series when the characters are young and the enterprise is new. This is their first voyage.

The movie begins with the antagonists, Captain Nero and his scary, claw and tentacle-like space ship coming out of a black hole. Captain Nero immediately attacks the U.S.S. Kelvin that is nearby and cripples it.


The Revenge Driven Mad Captain Nero

After crippling the Kelvin, he orders the Kelvin’s Captain to beam on board his vessel. Nero is searching for Ambassador Spock.  As Lieutenant George Kirk assumes command of the Kelvin, Captain Nero kills the former captain due to his unwillingness to reveal the whereabouts of Spock.

The acting U.S.S. Kelvin Captain, George Kirk orders, “General Order 13.   Evacuate the ship!”  As the evacuation is taking place, acting Captain George Kirk flies the Kelvin into Nero’s ship, severely damaging it, all while George Kirk’s wife delivers their son, James Tiberius Kirk.

Then the movie switches to Iowa and James T. Kirk the young daredevil and rebel, followed by a young Spock on Vulcan.  We get a glimpse into their youth.

The movie jumps to Captain Pike as he recruits the defiant and rebellious James Kirk for his crew on the newly constructed U.S.S. Enterprise.  We see the assembly of the enterprise crew.  We meet Jim Kirk, Leonard Mc. Coy (Bones), Nyota Uhura, and the very egotistical Spock.

Captain Nero reappears.  He is still searching for Ambassador Spock.  He wants Spock to watch as he destroys Vulcan.  He believes that Spock was responsible for the destruction of his home planet, Romula.

As Nero begins to carry out his plan, he causes a lighten storm in space.  This storm is detected by Starfleet and the enterprise is called into action. The new ship and new crew warp to Vulcan.

Nero's ship

Captain Nero’s Creepy   Menacing  Claw-Like  Space Ship

Captain Nero drills a hole in Vulcan and drops the red matter into the core of the planet. The red matter causes a black hole to form in the center of Vulcan. The black hole consumes the planet from the inside as both, the new and old Spock watch.

Nero has taken Captain Pike prisoner and puts a Centaurian Slug in him. It attaches to his brain stem and releases a toxin to force him to answer his questions.  This happens as he targets and peruses earth.

The conflict on board the enterprise begins. Under the encouragement of the older Ambassador Spock, Jim Kirk battles acting Captain Spock for command of the Enterprise. Once Jim Kirk has established his role as acting captain, he orders the enterprise turned around as they peruse Captain Nero.

The newly humbled Spock rejoins Captain Kirk as his first officer. Together, they carry out a surprise attack on Nero’s ship. As Spock disables the drill that is drilling into Earth’s crusts, Kirk battles Nero and rescues the now crippled Captain Pike.

In retaliation for Spock disabling his drill, Captain Nero tries to kill Spock even though Spock is carrying red matter. Spock crashes his ship into Nero’s vessel.  He, Kirk, and Pike are beamed on board the enterprise at the last possible moment.

Captain Kirk fires on Nero’s ship, destroying it as a black hole forms and sucks Nero’s ship into it.  As the enterprise is sucked in as well, Scotty releases charges to explode in space. Upon detonation, the enterprise is hurled away from the black hole.  Once her engines are free of its pull, the enterprise speeds away at maximum warp.


STAR TREK Shipmates United With Captain James T. Kirk

At this moment of triumphant, the crew unites under Captain James T. Kirk’s leadership.

Later at Starfleet, Jim Kirk ceremonially relieves Captain Pike and officially becomes Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

What a great movie. I really like the inner conflict between the crew.  Mr. Spock’s character was quite different in this movie.

Captain Nero played an awesome antagonist.  Revenge is a powerful motive.  I hope you enjoy my review.

Tell we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,  J. A. Ireland

Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan — Movie Review


Dear Star Trek Fans,

I have a review you’re sure to like. Ricardo Montalban gives an all-star performance in this Star Trek movie. This is no doubt one of the greatest Star Trek movies.

The movie begins in the 23rd Century. The Enterprise is on a training mission to Gamma Hydra, section 14, coordinates 22-87-4. The Enterprise is approaching the Klingon Neutral Zone.


Khan – The Genetically Engineered Renegade from Earth’s Past

The ship receives a distress call from The Kobayashi Maru out of Altair VI Gama Hydra, section 10—in the neutral zone. Lieutenant Saavik orders, “Mr. Sulu, plot an intercept course.”

The Enterprise enters the Klingon Neutral Zone. Mr. Spock states, “We are now in violation of treaty.”  Three Klingon Cruisers fast approach.

Admiral Kirk enters the bridge. “Prayer, Lieutenant Saavik. The Klingons don’t take prisoners.  Mr. Spock orders, “Trainees to the briefing room.”

James T. Kirk took the Kobayashi Maru test three times when he was a cadet at the academy. The day of Lieutenant Saavik’s test, Admiral Kirk is celebrating his birthday. Also at the time of the test, Mr. Spock is captain of the Enterprise.

The movie switches to the Starship Reliant. The Reliant is on an orbital approach to Ceti Alpha VI, in connection with Project Genesis. Captain Terrell and First Officer Pavel Chekov are searching for a lifeless planet. They are looking for a test planet for the Genesis Experiment. They pick up a minor energy flux reading on one dynoscanner.

Chekov said, “It could be a particle of preanimate matter caught in the matrix.”

Captain Terrell ordered, “Contact Dr. Marcus on the comm-pic.”

After obtaining Dr. Carol Marcus’ approval, Captain Terrell and First Officer Pavel Chekov  beam down to Ceti Alpha VI. They discover a wasteland planet. They also discover the crew of the SS Botany Bay. The Reliant’s crew attempts to contact Captain Terrell on the planet—without success.

Captain Terrell and Chekov are captured by Khan and his renegade crew. They are in the Botany Bay. Khan remembers Pavel Chekov.

Khan is a product of late 20th century genetic engineering. He and his crew are over 200 years old. They were exiled from Earth in 1996 – while in cryogenic freeze within the Botany Bay.

Khan and Crew in Botany Bay

Khan and Crew in Botany Bay with Captives

Captain James T. Kirk marooned the Botany Bay and 70 crew members on the planet 15 years ago—on Ceti Alpha V.

“Ceti Alpha V had life!” Chekov insisted while being held captive in the Botany Bay by Khan and his crew.

“This is Ceti Alpha V!” Khan shouted angrily. “Ceti Alpha VI exploded six months after we were left here. The shock wave shifted the orbit of Ceti Alpha V. Everything was laid waste. Admiral Kirk never bothered to check on our progress. It was only due to the fact of my superior intellect that we were able to survive. I was a prince on Earth, 200 years ago. I had millions under my command…You thought this was Ceti Alpha VI. You didn’t expect to find me.”

Captain Terrell and Chekov are introduced to Ceti Alpha V’s only remaining indigenous life form. Khan places a baby creature in each of their heads. “The creatures enter through the ears. They wrap around the cerebral cortex. These babies killed twenty of my crew, including my beloved wife.”

The movie switches to the Enterprise and an inspection by Admiral Kirk. During the inspection, Chekov is on board the Reliant. He calls Regula 1. “Dr. Marcus, Reliant will be there in three days. Please be ready to turn over all materials on Project Genesis—to be tested on Ceti Alpha VI. Starfleet Command gave the order—the General’s staff. Admiral Kirk gave the order.”

During the inspection, Admiral Kirk gets an urgent comm-pic from Space Lab Regula 1. Dr. Carol Marcus wants an explanation for the order. The transmission is jammed at the source. Dr. Marcus is concerned and orders her crew to hide.

Admiral Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise. Kirk announces, “By orders of Starfleet Command, I’m assuming command of the enterprise. Plot a course for Space Laboratory Regula 1. Warp five, Mr. Sulu.”

The movie switches to Khan. Against his crews advice, he plans his revenge on Admiral Kirk. “I’ll chase him ‘round the moons of Nibia and ‘round the Antares maelstrom and ‘round perdition’s flames before I give him up.”

Commander Uhura tries to contact Regula 1 without success.  Kirk explains Project Genesis to Spock and McCoy.

Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk Making Rapid Fire Decisions in Wrath Of Khan

Soon, the Reliant is closing fast on the Enterprise. Khan said, “There’s an old Klingon Proverb—revenge is a dish best served cold.”  Khan attacks the Enterprise.

After the successful attack, Jim Kirk learns that Khan is commanding the Reliant. Khan seeks revenge against Kirk. He blames Kirk for the death of his wife.

Kirk puts Reliant’s prefix number, 16309, into the Enterprises’ computer and lowers Reliant’s shields.  Kirk attacks Khan.

After the battle, Kirk orders, “Best speed to Regula 1.”

Later, the Enterprise arrives at Regula 1. Khan was already there and killed part of the crew while searching for Genesis. Kirk and crew beam into the core of the planet and rescue Dr. Marcus and her son. While there, Kirk, McCoy, and Saavik get a glimpse of Genesis.

Back on board the Enterprise, Kirk and Mr. Spock devise a plan. They flee to the Mutara Nebula.  When Khan’s pilot slows rather than following the Enterprise into the magnetic space cloud, Kirk says, “I’m laughing at the superior intellect!”

Khan yells, “Full Power!”  The Reliant follows the Enterprise into the Mutara Nebula. Inside the space cloud, Kirk uses his experience to outwit the inexperienced Khan and defeats him.

Khan Cursing James T. Kirk while dying

Khan Cursing James T. Kirk while dying!

While dying, Khan engages the Genesis Bomb. While the Genesis Wave is building to detonation, he says, “To the last, I will grapple with thee. From hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

While the Enterprise futilely attempts to escape, Mr. Spock quietly leaves the bridge and rushes to engineering. Before Spock goes into the radiation chamber to make repairs to the warp drive, he gives his Katra to McCoy-using mind transference. “Remember.”

Spock restores the power. Mains are back on line. “Go Sulu!” Kirk orders.

The Genesis bomb explodes as the Enterprise is warping away.

Spock dies in the chamber from radiation poisoning while Kirk helplessly looks on.

At Spock’s funeral, his body is sent down to the new Genesis planet. We see the vast vegetation that has formed and is growing. It is a beautiful new planet. We also see Mr. Spock’s Mark VI Casket within the vegetation.

The Enterprise leaves the planet and travels to Ceti Alpha V to pick up the crew of the USS Reliant that Khan marooned there.

This is an outstanding movie. As always, the actors give all star performances. The ending is a heart breaker. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland