The StepDaughter – Movie Review


Dear horror fans,

Recently I watched The StepDaughter. A revenge driven horror, thriller. Here’s my review of this movie staged in Los Angeles, California.

The movie begins on a horse ranch. The Connor’s Ranch.

The StepDaughterKaren Mills is talking to her doll, Cheryl Ann. “270 million people live in this country. 35 million in California alone. I’m gonna make things right now that I’ve found them. Father and son. The Connors.”

Will, a local ranch hand, picks up Karen at the local bar. Takes her to the Pink Motel in Los Angeles. There she stabs him in the heart with an ice pick. He dies instantly.

Karen is on her way to Lancaster Springs. To the home of Jesse and Maggie Connor, and their son Buddy. Their daughter Linda also.

Once there, she tells then she had car trouble. She assumes the name, Susan Heller.

Jesse offers her the guest room for the night. Karen has horrible nightmares. She dreams a lady is shooting her.

The cops find Will dead. Murdered in a motel in LA.

Jesse Connor

Jesse Connor

Karen has experience working with horses. Now that Will is dead, Jesse is short-handed. He hires Karen. Much to Linda’s dismay. Will was a ranch hand at the Connor’s ranch.

Karen gets Linda’s old room, since she’d moved out a while back.

Karen and Buddy become new best friends. Buddy is mentally challenged.

Maggie is a very bitter person.

Karen quickly gains the family’s trust. All but Linda’s. She makes a romantic move on Jesse.

Linda Connor digs deep to try and discover Karen’s background.

Calista Davis shows up at the ranch. She talks to Karen. Knows Karen from an institution in LA. Karen stabs her in the stomach with a chef knife. Calista collapses onto the floor. Dead.

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen has the day off. Everyone leaves Maggie alone at the ranch. She takes a bath. Karen comes into the bathroom. Surprises Maggie.

Karen was born in Wichita. It’s her birthday. Maggie is her mother. Maggie gave her up for adoption as an infant. Karen was tossed from foster home to foster home. Out of revenge, she tosses a radio into the tub. Electrocuting Maggie. She dies.

Karen plans to be the next Mrs. Jesse Connor.

Linda finds her mom dead in the tub.

Karen Mills

Karen Mills

After the funeral, Linda searches through human resources at the hospital where Calista Davis worked. She discovers Calista’s previous employer. Carson Correctional Facility, LA. She drives to the facility.

Linda learns that Karen was an inmate there. She was abused by her stepfather. She murdered him. She also knows that Karen is Susan at the ranch.

Karen kills Paris in Buddy’s cave. The family’s mechanic. Later in the barn, she tells Linda that Maggie was her mother. She gave her up for adoption as an infant.

Karen and Linda fight. Karen strangles her as Jesse approaches.

Buddy kills Karen with a pitch fork.

The End.

This was a good, horror thriller. Easy to follow. The movie illustrates well how Karen was driven mad.

My rating: 3.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Vote For My Story – The Rise of The Melá-Jutis


Dear Fantasy Thriller Fans,

Recently I was contacted by the elite, experts at . The professional writing editors are starting a fantasy writing contest. The staff invited me to participate.

My entry is The Rise of The Melá-Jutis.


WANDERLUST Fantasy Writing Contest Please Read And Vote For My Story

A brief synopsis of my story. In this Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases novel, The Rise of The Melá-Jutis, we follow Maxx Zeqster as he discovers his Sesla given powers.

We learn how Maxx and Art create, The Melá-Jutis. With Sesla’s guidance.

Maxx and Art travel to the wet lands to solve an unusual case. Collectible weapons are stolen and resold at auction. Art is captured along the way.

Maxx battles Mustler, the Gang of Five, and the Joqzonions, from the planet Joqzon, in this thrilling fantasy adventure.

Please take a moment and read my story. Click on the link or the picture. Then vote for my story.

Help me win by voting.

Thanks for reading.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland

The Kinkorx Horned Hares Fall Short Of Championship


Greetings from Sesla,

After a late night, I’m in my office early writing my sports column for the Kinkorx Desert News. It’s going to be a long day. Functioning on inadequate rest.

Seslean Desert Sunrise

Seslean Desert Sunrise

The bright morning sun is shining through my office windows. Normally that would be spectacular. This morning, the glare is difficult to deal with. Actually, it’s giving me a headache.

I just finished writing my article about the mesnuk game last night. Thought you would like to know how the Kinkorx Horned Hares’ season concluded.

It was a long and glorious “The Set of Games” and “It’s the Rallies” mesnuk season for our Horned Hares. I had the opportunity to attend and announce many of the home games with my colleague, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor Derrix Weyd. We announced the game together last night at The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. The hares home field.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx. Home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares

Throughout the course of the Rallies, the physical toll on the hares became tremendous. Several of the star players received severe injuries. Wounds that eliminated them from competing.

Due to the loss of the primary players, their winning percentage dropped. As you may know, all teams advance from The Set of Games into It’s the Rallies regardless of their records. However, once in the Rallies, when a teams win percentage falls below 50%, they’re out. The season is over.

The hares have struggled for several weeks now, due to the absence of several key players. Another Sesla championship has looked  bleak.

I spoke to Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Horned Hares, in the locker room after the disappointing loss to The Tos-Xiron Doxers last night. Here’s my brief interview.


Marina at Tos-Xiron

Marina at Tos-Xiron

Jeqrix Grexenn. “Hi JA. Good to talk with you again.”

“Nice to see you too. A disappointing loss tonight? Wouldn’t you say?”

Jeqrix smiled. “Not at all. I couldn’t be prouder of my team. They fought hard. The Doxers are a much improved mesnuk team. They deserve to move further in the Rallies.”

I asked, “Are you concerned about any of the injuries? Some were severe. Will all your players be back next season?”

Grexenn Park Landscape View

Grexenn Park Landscape View

Smiling, Jeqrix replied, “I’m not concerned whatsoever. My players are very dedicated. I’m confident they’ll all be back next season. It’s nice to see you again JA. Let’s have lunch again soon . ”

“Sounds good. Grexenn Park again?” I asked.

Jeqrix nodded. “My favorite park. Can’t imagine why?” He chuckled. Then began exiting the Hares locker room.


That was my brief interview with Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Horned Hares, following the hares devastating loss last night to the Tos-Xiron Doxers that ended their season.

There was a bright moment in the night, however. I’ll take you there live to the scene:


Derrix said, “This is a full stadium tonight JA.”

“It sure is Derrix. Looks like coteries are standing in the isles. They’re here to support their mesnuk team.”

Fans Are Going Wild

Fans Are Going Wild!!!

“Just listen to the crowd noise. It’s deafening. These fans are excited. Ha JA. Check out the special lighting. Aren’t those engineers something?” Derrix added.

JA laughed. “The strobe lights are amazing. But, the screaming’s coming from the Horned Hares side of the mesnuk stadium. Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Horned Hares, is making his way through the crowd to his owners box. He always walks through the coteries while shaking hands.”

“The fans love their owner,” Derrix said. “He’s gonna have to be real careful walking in the dark with those swirling lights.”

JA laughed. “Yes he will and yes they do,” JA added. “But that’s not all they’re cheering about. The commentator just announced that Detective Maxx Zeqster and Detective Art Nekuma are sitting in the first row.”

“There they are. The lighting engineers are shinning lights right on them.” Derrix said. “Sesla’s super detective duo. They’re waving to the cheering crowd while smiling.”

Maxx Zeqster's Private Detective Badge“Are they ever popular?” JA asked. “Just listen to the roar. Between the applause for Jeqrix Grexenn, Maxx and Art, and the special lighting, this stadium might just explode.”

Derrix added, “You can be sure of one thing. The crime lords that are watching this broadcast are gritting their teeth in rage right now. You know they hate Maxx and Art.”

“No one hates them more than Zog Morxoc. He’s still serving his time in prison for sand trafficking,” JA further added.

“Here comes the Horned Hares,” Derrix said.

As the engineers returned the lights to normal, The Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk team ran onto the field. Their fans stood and went crazy. They tossed their snacks into the air while standing on their seats and screaming.


Sunny Day in Kinkorx

Sunny Day in Kinkorx

As I sit at my desk, drinking a cup of hot tea, the morning sun is continuing to get brighter. It’s going to be a beautiful day. But, my headache is worsening. Better take something for it.

During the game last night, the much improved Doxers edged out the Hares 5 to 4 to advance in the Rallies. A strong, late game effort by the doxers lead them to victory over the battered hares.

It’s been a long and difficult season for the hares due to injuries. Hopefully over the off season, their wounds will heal.

Next season the hares will make another attempt at the Sesla Championship. A feat the team has accomplished once. I was fortunate to announce that game here at The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx. That was a thrilling game. Thought you would want to know how the hares season turned out. We are very proud of our Kinkorx Horned Hares.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Constitution – Book Review


Dear space thriller fans,

Recently I read a very enjoyable scifi thriller by author, Nick Webb. Constitution is the first in a space trilogy. Here’s my review of this fun novel that takes place predominantly in our solar system.

Book 1 of The Legacy Fleet Trilogy

ConstitutionSector 521. 10 light years outside of United Earth Space Bridge. ISS Kerouac. Their sensors are picking up a signal. Captain Disraeli is in command of the Kerouac. He lives in Britannia. He’s lost a lot of money on a bad investment.

His chief engineer is being reassigned.

They are looking for the swarm. The swarm has been there before and left. They rebuilt and prospered. People thought the swarm was destroyed with the last war.

They are q-jumping to sector 522. Commander Gooding is called to the bridge.

Captain Disraeli suffers from Rigellian warts compliments of the red light district of New Mumbai on Rigel Three.

Veracruz Sector Operations Center Starbase Heroic. Admiral Ryten plans to send a scouting ship after Disraeli and crew if he doesn’t hear from them in five hours.

Sol System. Earth orbit Valhalla Space Station. Captain Tim Granger. Admiral Yarbrough is decommissioning the Constitution. Scrapping her. Avery is the President. He commands ISS Legacy. ISS Baltimore. Eagleton Commission is forcing military cuts.

The Swan war was 75 years ago. The Swarm is gone. A war they won by pure luck.

Tim Disraeli plans to retire at 64.

Veracruz Sector Starbase Heroic. Built for Defense. One of several outposts at the edge of United Earth Space built after the Swan war and Earth was destroyed. Admiral Ryten is in charge of the small space city. Heavily armed.

Two missing ships. A scout ship and the Kerouac. Ryten orders, “Prepare a report for IDF CENTCOM. Ask them for guidance.”

L-2 Lagrange point, Earth Conference Room. ISS Constitution. Chief Engineering Officer Rayna Scott. Captain Granger battled cancer five years earlier and won.

A q-jump takes a minute to complete. And advances the ship a tenth of a light year.

A battle is discovered and a destroyed planet. Nueva Leon.

The Constitution is being decommissioned at Lunar Base. Less than a week away. They’re on their way.

The Swarm is back at Veracruz Sector, Leon System – Southern continent. A full scale invasion.

On the Constitution, Tim Granger’s cancer has returned. He has a few months to live. Steps down. He gets a priority one message from CENTCOM. Unidentified vessels sighted on trajectory towards Earth. ETA 1 Hour. “Alert Condition Red.”

“The Swan. Little Cumrats are back!”

Several ships q-jump into orbit around Jupiter. Six or eight large carriers or cruisers.

Granger re-assumes command of the Constitution even though he’s dying of cancer. “Battle stations. Sound general alert status orange.”

The swarm’s headed for Earth!

The Constitution battled the swarm 75 years earlier in the first swarm war.

Granger organizes a squadron of 177 fighter pilots and their ships to battle the swarm. Does he have enough time to save his ship and the world before his brain cancer kills him? Before the swarm reaches Earth? Before the swarm kills him?

A miniature black hole appears. Granger orders, “q-jump to Valhalla Station.” Only 15 fighters left.

The swarm is a liquid-based life form. They appear as slime.

The Earth is under attack. The Constitution is badly damaged in the battle. Can only q-jump one more time.

The ship prepares for a showdown in low Earth orbit with the swarm.

The Constitution is nearly destroyed. Granger blows up the Constitution. “Take that, you bastards—” With a blinding flash, the Constitution plunged into the singularity, disappearing into a violent flair. For a split second, the invisible quantum tethers connected the singularity with the reactor cores inside the alien ships. Causing massive explosions. Intense radiation.

The alien ships were defeated. The Constitution was gone with Granger.

They located the Constitution. It’s falling towards Earth. They locate Granger inside.

The ship is falling like a fireball over western Utah. Shelby Proctor, Granger’s XO goes in after him. Finds an engine still running. Barely.

She averts a crash and glides the ship over the Great Salt Lake at super-sonic speed, while on fire. The Constitution comes to rest in the business district of south Salt Lake City.

Granger believes he has only a week to a month to live. He visits a new doctor. The doctor says, “No trace of cancer. Free to go!”

The Constitution is being refurbished. Granger wants her back. He’s the new captain. In six months. “Congratulations!” Until then he commands the ISS Warrior.

The End.

Granger reminded me a lot of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Picard is one of my all time favorite star ship captains. Therefore, I also liked Granger a lot. The way they worked as one unit, the Swan reminded me of the Borg—also from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This was an easy and fun novel to speed read through. I enjoyed getting lost in deep space with Granger and his crew aboard the Constitution. It brought back fond memories of  Picard and Next Generation, for me at least as I read. I was very glad all worked out well for Granger in the end.

Thanks for tuning in to my review of Constitution, by author Nick Webb.

A very enjoyable book. I recommend it to any scifi and  space fans.

I downloaded this book through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My rating: 4 stars.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland

Patrick: Evil Awakens – Movie Review


Dear creepy asylum fans,

I have a frightening asylum movie review that horror fans everywhere are sure to like. Turn down the lights and make some popcorn. Get ready for my review of Patrick; Evil Awakens.

patrick-evil-awakensThe movie begins in the dungeons basement of the Roget Clinic.

While attending to the coma patients, a nurse is attacked. Someone stabs her with a hypodermic needle and injects yellow serum into her eye.

Dr. Roget the Mad Psychiatrist

Dr. Sebastian Roget the Mad Psychiatrist with Patrick

Sebastian Roget is the youngest student ever admitted into Oxford Medical School—a medical genius whose interest is traumatic brain injuries. After graduation, he assumes the position as head psychiatrist of Roget Clinic—the family owned business.

Matron Cassidy is his daughter and head nurse. She was once married. Her husband killed himself.

Kathy Jacquard applies for a job at the old convent turned coma clinic and is hired. Nurse Williams works there—a long time employee.

Soon, Kathy meets Patrick—a coma patient for several months. She also meets Mr. Fraser—a victim of an electrical explosion. He was a railway signalman.

Later, Nurse Williams and Kathy Jacquard are at a local pub. They meet Dr. Brian Wright, also a psychiatrist. He has abandoned the medical profession and pursued a public career in television and radio.

At the clinic, Dr. Roget orders the Ophthalmoscope for Patrick and injects him with the same yellow serum. Soon after, everyone associated with Patrick begins to do things they are not aware of and has hallucinations. They spit and cut themselves.


Patrick in a coma

Patrick’s brain begins to live. He has telepathic powers. He communicates by spitting. Dr. Roget uses electroshock therapy on Patrick’s brain.

While in the coma, he soon begins voyeuristic and psychopathy behavior. Using his mental powers, he kills Dr. Wright in his car. Patrick causes his car to drive over a cliff into the ocean.

Dr. Roget continues the electroshock treatment. With each session, Patrick’s brain grows stronger.

We learn, as a young adult, Patrick was a pervert and voyeur. He killed his mother and other people.

As his mind grows stronger, and his body remains in the coma state, numerous people attempt to kill him—without success. His mental powers are too strong.

Patrick awakes from the coma

Patrick awakes from the coma

Soon, Patrick causes the other coma patients to awaken.

We learn that Dr. Roget was experimenting on most of the patients. He hid body parts in the cellar.

There are more attempts on Patrick’s life—also without success.

Finally, Patrick awakes and leaps out a window, impaling himself on an iron fence below. He dies.

Next we see Dr. Roget. He is now a coma patient in his own clinic.

This is a chilling, asylum thriller. Very creepy.  Dr. Sebastian Roget played an excellent Mad Psychiatrist.

Another thrilling asylum review from the fantasy, fiction, horror writer. The author of Sesla…The Enchanted Planet and Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland

Wayward Pines – Book Review


Dear friends,

Welcome to Wayward Pines. I like the series so much I decided to read the first novel. I’m glad I did. It was a very good read by author, Blake Crouch. This is how he tells the story in his novel.

The story begins: He’s wobbly but standing while bruised, next to a river. In an open field. He scans the town enclosed by cliffwalls. The man checks his pockets. No wallet. No phone. No keys. No Id. No money. The thirty-seven year old man needed a hospital. He can play the piano and fly a chopper. He’d been in an attack of some type but he didn’t know what.

Wayward PinesHe begins to hobble and wonder. Soon he sees stores and businesses. He sees Wayward Pines Hotel. At a coffee shop he learns he’s in Wayward Pines, Idaho from Miranda, the server.

Soon afterward, he locates Mack and Jane Skozie and passes out on their front porch.

He wakes in a hospital. Nurse Pam is starring down at him. His name is Ethan Burke. He asked about Agent Stallings. “He’s dead, I’m afraid,” Pam replies. His wife and son are in Seattle, Washington. He’s a Federal Agent. After she leaves, he removes the IV and flees the hospital.

He goes to the Wayward Pines Hotel and tells Lisa, the desk clerk, his sad tale of woe. She gives him a room for the night on good faith he’ll pay tomorrow. In the room, he tries to call out but can’t get through.

Later, he finds The Biergarten is open late. His tale of sorrow works equally well on Beverly and she gives him a meal on credit. Instead of a bill, she writes her address, 604 1st Ave.

We learn that Agent Bill Evans and Agent Kate Hewson went missing a month ago. Disappeared in Wayward Pines. Classified mission. Missing for ten days. David Pilcher was involved. Ethan’s investigating.

The next day. Ethan’s awakened by Lisa from the front desk. She’s at his door. It’s past twelve. “Mr. Burke! Mr. Burke! Check out is at eleven. You have to leave!”

He goes to Beverly’s home at 604 1st Ave. The house has been abandoned for decades. He finds Agent Evans inside tortured and killed long ago.

Ethan reports the murder to Sheriff Arnold Pope, at the sheriff office. He meets Belinda Moran, the receptionists. Pope tells him Agent Stallings is in the hospital morgue as he tells Pope about Agent Evans’ body at 604 1st Ave.

Every time he tries to get through to SAC or Adam Hassler by phone he can’t.

The book switches to Bainbridge Island Ferry Seattle toward Port Angeles. Theresa and Ben, Ethan’s wife and son, have a private funeral on the seashore for Ethan believing he is dead. They share many fond memories of Ethan then she buried a plastic ring to symbolize her wedding ring.

That night in Queen Anne. Theresa throws a party in Ethan’s honor. She’s selling the house. Her paralegal salary isn’t enough to keep them afloat. Ethan’s been gone fifteen months—no body. Adam Hassler shows up at the party. He’s about Ethan’s age plus a couple. He offers to help with Ethan’s life insurance. The company isn’t paying. They went over Ethan’s accident at Wayward Pines. “He and Agent Stallings pulled out in front of a Mack truck and were killed instantly. Except Ethan’s body wasn’t found in the car. There was no trace of Ethan’s DNA in Stalling’s Lincoln Town Car.” Later she recalls Ethan while cleaning up after the party.

Ethan’s in the hospital again. Dr. Jenkins the psychiatrist asks, “Do you have a history of mental illness?” Later he escapes and flees the hospital.

He becomes desperate and finds Kate Hewson. “They’re watching us.” He steals a car and flees Wayward Pines.

Before long, the road leads back to Wayward Pines as he panics. He’s caught by Sheriff Pope. Pope thinks he killed Agent Evans and interrogates him in the jail. They fight.

In Seattle; David Pilcher talks to Theresa. He extends an offer. Two- 1/2 inch glass vials containing clear liquid. A re-union with your husband. Drink it and they’re with Ethan. But their lives are gone. When they don’t drink, he sprays them with chemicals that they inhale.

In Wayward Pines: Ethan’s in the hospital again. Strapped to a gurney. Beverly rescues him from Nurse Pam and they run. Both want out of Wayward Pines. She tells him there’s no connection to the outside world.

A hit is put on Ethan. All five hundred town’s people are supposed to kill him. He and Beverly flee. They are caught. Beverly is killed.

While running for his life he sees the abbies, the fanged, taloned, humanoid creatures and a giant electric fence. “Return To Wayward Pines. Beyond This Point You Will Die.” He fights several abbies.

Later he finds his own machine. The tag reads, “John Ethan Burke”

Jenkins explains. “You were chemically suspended. We used hydrogen sulfide to induce hypothermia. Year of suspension 2032.”

Ethan was in suspended animation for “one thousand eight hundred years…five months…eleven days. David Pilcher discovered the process. He chose Wayward Pines. Wayward Pines is the last town on earth. It has six hundred and fifty people.

Jenkins admits he isn’t a real psychiatrist. No formal training. A phony.

Ethan’s family has been there for five years.

Jenkins offers Ethan a job as Sheriff of Wayward Pines. “Isn’t that Pope’s job?”

Suddenly, abbies attack. Pope is killed and eaten as Jenkins and Ethan escape in a chopper. Ethan is the new Sheriff. “Congratulations.”

He now knows his former life has been gone for two thousand years. He’s being flown to his family by chopper. Jenkins shows him the house where his wife and son live. “There’s your home. Theresa and Ben are inside. They’re waiting for you.” The chopper descends as Ethan’s heart races.

The End

I enjoyed reading the book just as much as I like the series on Fox. Wayward Pines is Awesome!

I downloaded this book through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My rating: 5 stars.

I hope you liked my review.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

J.A. Ireland – Icon on Sesla


Dear readers,

When I wrote The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice, I envisioned a powerhouse writing personality in Kinkorx. I wanted someone who was established. A powerful coterie personality in the desert.  A newspaper columnists, science writer, and sports announcer.

J.A. Ireland the writer on Sesla

J.A. Ireland the writer on Sesla

I created this successful, well-known prodigy, to be a media phenomenon and dynamo writer.  He lives  in Kinkorx—the largest city in the desert of Sesla. He is genetically a Miflixx-Coterie. The average of Sesla.

He is a writer and a blogger, with a family. His office is in a high-rise building in downtown Kinkorx. I gave him the name on Sesla, J.A. Ireland, as well. He writes a column for several daily newspapers as well as a monthly science report; The Visqaser Report. He is the most powerful writer in the desert.

J.A. is also a prominent mesnuk announcer in Kinkorx. Mesnuk is the global sport on Sesla.

I use J.A. regularly in my books to increase the authenticity of the event or report. If the event, mesnuk game, or story is big enough for J.A. Ireland to report or announce it—it’s a Big event.

In a posting from this blog, Sesla…The Enchanted Planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy, I used J.A. to tell that entire description about Sesla, her topography, and her beloved coteries. Here is a brief excerpt from that lengthy article:


Desert Scenery View From Kinkorx

Desert Scenery View From Kinkorx

My name is J.A. Ireland. I am a Seslean of the Miflixx-Coterie clan. I live in beautiful downtown Kinkorx with my family. I am a professional writer. My office is on the 12th floor of the beautiful Grexenn Building, also in downtown Kinkorx. From my large, windowed, high-rise office, I enjoy a spectacular view of the morning sunrise over the multicolored desert. The view from my office desk, with my morning tea, is breathtaking. My office is near The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. I can see the spectacular structure from my window. This is the home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares, our professional mesnuk team.

Kinkorx is a bustling and beautiful, magical desert city. She is the delight of Xcuymir Territory. Xcuymir Territory is one of the mysterious and breathtaking territories of the desert region on Sesla.

Kinkorx Desert Flowers

Kinkorx Desert Flowers

I would like to tell you about the mystical planet; Sesla. I would also like to tell you about her beloved coteries. I will begin by sharing a secret with you. Before time was measured, when the Croster Slux Solar System formed, the Whirlpool Galaxy gave the sun the task of naming the planets. The fifth planet in the solar system balked at this absurd idea. She wanted to choose her own name. The sun, of course, did not agree. The very bold fifth planet stood her ground. Eventually, the sun conceded and gave the planet her wish. She chose the name Sesla, which means “Enchanted Planet” in the Whirlpool Galaxy. It’s a charming name, don’t you think?


Space Tower at Space Tower at Kinkorx Observatory. "Let the Magic Begin!"

Space Tower at Space Tower at Kinkorx Observatory. “Let the Magic Begin!”

I also use J.A. to tell stories about Sesla. If you follow my blog, Sesla is a happening planet with a lot going on. Big things are happening in the desert all the way to the wet lands. And all the way in between.

I use J.A. to report these good and often times very alarming events.

Luckily for J.A.’s friend Detective Maxx Zeqster, there’s plenty of crime as well. Maxx and his partner, Art Nekuma are very good at solving crimes and putting the perpetrators behind bars.

Also if you follow my articles or read my books, you already know we are able to read his articles via the new space tower at Kinkorx Observatory. It is a modern wonder on Sesla. This space tower can transmit a signal all the way from the Whirlpool Galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy at any time through space. Told you it’s a modern wonder.

Who knows what inventions lie ahead in their future? Seslean scientists are brilliant. Perhaps teleportation is in Seslean’s future? Who knows? There’s one thing I’ve learned, on Sesla, anything is possible—with a little help from Sesla herself.

Stay tuned. I’ll share more of my personalities from Sesla…The Enchanted Planet.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland