In the Heart of the Sea – Movie Review



If you like whales and sea adventures, this may or may not be a good review for you. I was disheartened with many parts of this movie. Here’s my review.

In the Heart of the Sea

The Essex is stove by Giant white whale in The OffShore Grounds

In the Heart of the Sea – The quest for whale oil to light cities is a global demand. Man ventured further and further into the deep blue unknown.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. February 1850. Nerman Melville, the writer, is planning to write the novel, Moby Dick.

Tom Nickerson is a shop owner in Nantucket. Herman is there to see him. He offers three months lodging for a night of talking. Herman wants to know what happened to the Essex. Tom is in his early 50’s. He tells the true story from his childhood. His story begins…

Peggy Chase

Peggy Chase

Owen Chase’s wife, Peppy, is with child.

The Essex has just been refitted and is scheduled to put to sea. Owen is offered a job as first mate. He is not happy, thinking he should be the captain due to his excessive experience at seamanship. He will have to wait until next time. He has it in writing. The Essex is a whaling vessel. Collecting whale oil is the mission.

George Pollard will be the captain. Pollard comes from a long line of famous whalers in his family. Also his family is prominent, scion in the area.

At home, Owen is angry at his position. Peggy doesn’t want him to be a whaler any more. He’s gone too long. Life’s at risk. They bicker.

Tom Nickerson

Tom Nickerson tells the story. A true tale.

As Owen rows a small boat to the Essex to set sail, there’s a prayer gathering on the dock. A minister prays for the safety of the crew and a full ship of whale oil.

Tom Nickerson was 14 at the time. It was late in the year. That’s why they got a birth. His friend, Barzillai was 17. Both orphans. Grew up on the wharf.

Owen and Captain Pollard meet on the EssexGeorge and Owen meet on the ship as it sails. “Essex Nantucket” An estranged relationship from the start, due to George’s inexperience and Owen’s excessive experience. Too much so to be a first mate. The relationship is doomed from the beginning.

They sailed toward Cape Verdes, takes two weeks; their goal. Then onto the Pacific. Soon, they’re close to Halifax.

At dinner we learn that Owen’s father was in jail most of Owen’s childhood. Tom’s mother is buried in Smith’s Hill. A stone for his father too. He was lost at sea before Tom was born.

Captain Pollard

Captain Pollard

They are two days behind. Captain Pollard wants speed to catch the easterlies. He orders, “Set stunsails.” Owen questions the order. Even though they are in the Gulf Stream traveling at five knots. Is that wise? The captain’s orders are followed at Owens disapproval.

Before long they’re sailing into a squawl at eight knots. Owen is worried.

The storm is tearing the sails apart. Owen makes the best of the situation. Afterward Pollard wants to return to Nantucket for repairs. He also wants Owen to resign as first mate for disobeying orders. They quarrel.

Owen tells him his plan is a mistake. To keep going, out to sea. To fill the barrels with oil. Pollard grudgingly agrees. Their relationship worsens.

South Atlantic Ocean –3 months at sea

Whales in the Atlantic

The crew rows for the first whale

“Blows!” Sperm whale flukes!

They launch three small boats. Go after the whales. They killed a large bull. 47 barrels of oil.

Then sail farther out to sea. Past the Horn of South Atlantic. In the Pacific, not much luck. Nearly a year at sea.

ATACAMES ECUADOR – They meet Capitán Clemente Pelaez, of the Santa Maria. Another whaling ship. He sailed a thousand leagues along the equator. Into The Offshore Grounds.  More whales than you’ve ever dreamed of. Hundreds of flukes. 3000 barrels in a single day. Except for that demon. A whale. White as alabaster. Hundred feet long. Killed six of his crew.

Greed got the best of Captain Pollard. He wanted to set sail immediately. Catch the south easterlies. They sailed a thousand leagues along the equator. Planned to be home with a ship full of whale oil in six months.

They sailed to the edge of sanity. Madness to sail out so far. The crew is scared.

In The OffShore Grounds

The OffShore Grounds. Hundreds of Whale flukes!

The Off Shore Grounds –14 months at sea.


They lowered the boats and rowed into the sea full of flukes. Hundreds of them.

The Whale stove the Essex

Essex is stove by the whale

A giant whale attacked. Turns over the boats. Attacks the Essex. Owen gets a harpoon in the beast but it’s too big. It destroyed the Essex with its fluke. Also by ramming.

Essex is crippled. The whale stove the ship. Easton and Sanborn are dead. Drowned. The ship is taking on water fast. They salvage what they can. It becomes aflame!

The Essex sinks to its watery grave. The survivors are in three small boats with paddles.

2000 Nautical Miles West of South America. They hear the giant whale taunting in the distance. Fear sets in. Their goal, catch the westerlies to Easter Island. A 3000 mile journey.

34 Days Stranded in row boats- Open Sea

Ducie Island

Ducie Island

“Land ho!” They see land. Owen sees the giant whale at the same time. The whale attacks all three boats, capsizing them.

Everyone swims to the island. Perhaps Ducie Island. The boats wash up on shore, damaged but repairable. After a short time, the repairs are made and they sail for home. Four crew remain on the island. Owen vows to send a ship for them.

48 Days Stranded – Dying of dehydration and starvation, one crew dies. The rest resort to cannibalism to survive.

71 Days Stranded – 1200 Nautical miles west of South America. The men are drawing straws. Captain Pollard has the short straw. Cap hands Mr. Ramsdell the pistol. Ramsdell is to shoot the Cap in the head but cannot. Shot himself in the head instead. The pistol falling into the sea. Ramsdell is eaten by the men.

Owen doesn't throw the harpoon

The White Whale stares at Owen as he prepares to throw the harpoon

They were weeks in the doldrums. The Pacific Ocean – Desert. 800 miles from land. They are taunted again by the giant whale. It swims next to the boat as a very emaciated Owen is prepared to launch a handheld harpoon. Knowing he would only anger the great beast and get them all killed due to his lank of strength, while thinking about his wife and child at home, he wisely chose to forego the throw and let the monster leave in peace. Hoping the whale would extend them the same mercy.

Currents drew the boats apart. They never saw Pollard’s boat again at sea.

90 Days Stranded – February 18th 1821. The crew is gaunt to the point of near death. They are finally rescued off the island of Más Afuera, Chile. Ninety days after the sinking of the Essex. They were given food, shelter, and clothing on the island while recovering. Before long they sailed again.

The voyage home took another three months.

Owen finds Peggy on the dock with Phoebe

Owen, Peggy, and their daughter Phoebe Ann

Nantucket Harbor—June 11, 1821. The mood was somber at the dock. Everyone knew the crew had been through something horrific.

Owen spots Peggy. He’s introduced to his daughter, Phoebe Ann.

Chase and Pollard in the meeting at the dock

Owen and George argue about the report

At the docks, in a business meeting, Owen is told to lie on the report for profit. Report the Essex ran aground. The men that died, drowned. George is there. Owen refuses and walks out.

Later, Owen gives Thomas Nickerson a neck charm for friendship. Thomas treasures the charm as an adult telling this story.

George Pollard is called before the inquiry. The important men of Nantucket were there. He told the truth, “The Essex was stove by a white whale 1200 leagues west of Ecuador.”

Pollard went out again. Looking for the white whale. Never found it. Ran a ship aground off Hawaii.

Chase sent a boat to Ducie Island. Mr. Joy was dead. The other three were still alive.

Owen Chase moved his family to New Bedford. Became a merchant captain. Sailing on his own terms.

Herman Melville heads back to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to write his fiction novel.

Nerman Melville

Herman Melville

Herman Melville completed his novel in 1850.

A year later Moby Dick was published.

Of Moby Dick Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “It is an epic worthy of Homer. It will be America’s epic.”

The End

In the Heart of the Sea-2I found In the Heart of the Sea to be a disturbing sea adventure. The hardships the Essex crew suffered in the pursuit of whale oil was horrendous. To the point of nearly death. Some died.

Also, to hunt a species nearly into extinction for the oil is unimaginable. But it happened.

Being a whale enthusiasts, I found the scene in the South Atlantic Ocean after 3 months at sea, when they slay the bull whale, to be disturbing and difficult to watch.

My rating: 2.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

The StepDaughter – Movie Review


Dear horror fans,

Recently I watched The StepDaughter. A revenge driven horror, thriller. Here’s my review of this movie staged in Los Angeles, California.

The movie begins on a horse ranch. The Connor’s Ranch.

The StepDaughterKaren Mills is talking to her doll, Cheryl Ann. “270 million people live in this country. 35 million in California alone. I’m gonna make things right now that I’ve found them. Father and son. The Connors.”

Will, a local ranch hand, picks up Karen at the local bar. Takes her to the Pink Motel in Los Angeles. There she stabs him in the heart with an ice pick. He dies instantly.

Karen is on her way to Lancaster Springs. To the home of Jesse and Maggie Connor, and their son Buddy. Their daughter Linda also.

Once there, she tells then she had car trouble. She assumes the name, Susan Heller.

Jesse offers her the guest room for the night. Karen has horrible nightmares. She dreams a lady is shooting her.

The cops find Will dead. Murdered in a motel in LA.

Jesse Connor

Jesse Connor

Karen has experience working with horses. Now that Will is dead, Jesse is short-handed. He hires Karen. Much to Linda’s dismay. Will was a ranch hand at the Connor’s ranch.

Karen gets Linda’s old room, since she’d moved out a while back.

Karen and Buddy become new best friends. Buddy is mentally challenged.

Maggie is a very bitter person.

Karen quickly gains the family’s trust. All but Linda’s. She makes a romantic move on Jesse.

Linda Connor digs deep to try and discover Karen’s background.

Calista Davis shows up at the ranch. She talks to Karen. Knows Karen from an institution in LA. Karen stabs her in the stomach with a chef knife. Calista collapses onto the floor. Dead.

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen Stabs Calista Davis

Karen has the day off. Everyone leaves Maggie alone at the ranch. She takes a bath. Karen comes into the bathroom. Surprises Maggie.

Karen was born in Wichita. It’s her birthday. Maggie is her mother. Maggie gave her up for adoption as an infant. Karen was tossed from foster home to foster home. Out of revenge, she tosses a radio into the tub. Electrocuting Maggie. She dies.

Karen plans to be the next Mrs. Jesse Connor.

Linda finds her mom dead in the tub.

Karen Mills

Karen Mills

After the funeral, Linda searches through human resources at the hospital where Calista Davis worked. She discovers Calista’s previous employer. Carson Correctional Facility, LA. She drives to the facility.

Linda learns that Karen was an inmate there. She was abused by her stepfather. She murdered him. She also knows that Karen is Susan at the ranch.

Karen kills Paris in Buddy’s cave. The family’s mechanic. Later in the barn, she tells Linda that Maggie was her mother. She gave her up for adoption as an infant.

Karen and Linda fight. Karen strangles her as Jesse approaches.

Buddy kills Karen with a pitch fork.

The End.

This was a good, horror thriller. Easy to follow. The movie illustrates well how Karen was driven mad.

My rating: 3.5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Hansel and Gretel – Movie Review


Greetings horror fans,

I have a thrilling horror review from The Brothers Grimm. This is a remake of the original Hansel and Gretel and it’s even better.

Hansel and GretelA teenage girl is in shackles in a cabin in the woods. She is captured and roasted in an oven like a Thanksgiving turkey.

At The GingerBread House, Lilith works there. She is the owner. She is famous for her delicious meat pies. She overhears Deputy Carter saying there’s been another child turn up missing in the area.

Hansel and Gretel’s dad is getting re-married to Ruby. They are moving out of Candlewood. Selling the house. Getting a boat and traveling the world. Ruby is three years older than Hansel. They barely know each other. Hansel blames himself for his mother’s death. She was getting his medicine when she was killed.

Hansel isn’t happy about the decision and leaves. Gretel follows him into the dark woods. He gets caught in a steel snare, around his ankle. She frees him. Soon they find a cabin in the woods. Lilith lives there. She invites them in. She feeds Hansel meat pies and sweets. While doctoring his ankle, she gives him magic candy.

The Cabin in the woods

The Cabin in the woods

Lilith had twin boys and a girl, Abigail. Her brother Nathan died a long time ago.

Lilith serves Gretel tea. She falls asleep. The next morning she awakes. Lilith says Hansel was taken to the hospital. She gives Gretel candy for her headache.

Hansel is in shackles in the cellar with the other captives. Kevin. Jane. And other teenagers. More sweets are brought in. Doughnuts and cookies. They are being fattened for the slaughter. Meat pies.

Lilith gives Gretel the deed to The GingerBread House. She only needs to sign on the line. Gretel drops a glass vase breaking it. The glass cuts her finger. A drop of her blood falls on the deed and forms her signature on the line in blood. The deed is signed!

Lilith blows magic powder in Gretel’s face—drugging her. Afterward she finds Hansel in the cellar. At the same time, another teen girl is being roasted in the cellar.

Hansel and Gretel’s parents report their kids missing to the sheriff.

Lilith and her boys

Lilith and her boys eating dinner. Lilith is Mad!

John and Bobby are Lilith’s boys. Gretel is with them. Lilith tries to bring Gretel into their family. She refuses. This makes Lilith angry as she shows her true self. She’s crazy! “Take her to the cellar with the others!” Lilith yelles.

Hansel and Gretel’s parents go into the woods to the hand tree in search of their kids. By Fells Point.

Gretel is delivered to the cellar in a burlap bag. Jane is the next victim to be roasted in the oven. Hansel and Gretel escape.

John goes after them.

Gretel kills Bobby. She slits his throat.

Lilith goes into The GingerBread House. The deputy follows. “Why are you closed today Lilith?” Deputy Carter is suspicious. “Sheriff Meckes will want to talk to you.” She bashes him over the head with a rolling pin. His uniform is covered in blood.

Back at the cabin in the woods. Hansel and Gretel are trapped in the house. John gasses them. Hansel starts eating his own flesh thinking its candy. Then he disembowels himself in a really gross scene.

Lilith as a ghost

Lilith as a ghost

Gretel is hallucinating in a different room. She thinks she’s talking to her abusive father. Then to Lilith as a ghost.

Soon Hansel and Gretel find where Lilith roasts the kids and makes her famous meat pies. Hansel loves her meat pies.

John finds them and kills Jane. Hansel kills John—or so they think.

Sheriff Meckes finds blood in The GingerBread House were Deputy Jerry Carter was murdered. He kicks open a door and finds Jerry’s dead body.

Hansel and Gretel’s dad and Ruby find the cabin. They enter. He sees Lilith’s car. A VW bug. Lilith stabs him in the gut with a pitch fork. “Where are my kids?” he screams with a mouth full of blood. She cuts Ruby’s throat.

Hansel and Gretel escape into the woods

Hansel and Gretel escape into the woods

Sheriff Meckes accidently runs over one of the teen boys as he tries to escape. The boy dies. As he dies, he tells the sheriff about an old woman that eats kids in a cabin.

Hansel and Gretel finally escape the cabin and flee into the woods.

John comes after them with an axe. Sheriff Meckes shoots John multiple rounds in the chest killing him.

Lilith captures Gretel after shooting her

Lilith captures Gretel after shooting her

Lilith sinks an arrow into the Sheriff’s mouth killing him. Next she shoots Gretel in the arm. Hansel pulls out the arrow. Lilith takes them back to the cabin.

She’s a witch. She wants to eat Hansel’s heart. “It’s youth.”

Gretel stabs her just above the eye with a small cross and they run. As the witch pursues, they trick her. They trap Lilith in her own oven. “I picked you Gretel cause you’re just like me.”

“You know what they do to witches? They burn them.” Gretel turns on the oven.

Lilith being burned alive

Lilith being burned alive

Lilith is burned alive. The cabin explodes into a giant, fiery, mushroom cloud.

Later at The GingerBread House. Gretel re-opened the place for business. Lilith’s spirit is in her. She’s the young witch.

The End

Hansel and Gretel is a good horror movie. If you enjoy cannibal horror. There is one really gross scene. Hansel and Gretel is a well-written with good acting.

That’s my review. I hope you liked it.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland.

The Kinkorx Horned Hares Fall Short Of Championship


Greetings from Sesla,

After a late night, I’m in my office early writing my sports column for the Kinkorx Desert News. It’s going to be a long day. Functioning on inadequate rest.

Seslean Desert Sunrise

Seslean Desert Sunrise

The bright morning sun is shining through my office windows. Normally that would be spectacular. This morning, the glare is difficult to deal with. Actually, it’s giving me a headache.

I just finished writing my article about the mesnuk game last night. Thought you would like to know how the Kinkorx Horned Hares’ season concluded.

It was a long and glorious “The Set of Games” and “It’s the Rallies” mesnuk season for our Horned Hares. I had the opportunity to attend and announce many of the home games with my colleague, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor Derrix Weyd. We announced the game together last night at The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown. The hares home field.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx. Home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares

Throughout the course of the Rallies, the physical toll on the hares became tremendous. Several of the star players received severe injuries. Wounds that eliminated them from competing.

Due to the loss of the primary players, their winning percentage dropped. As you may know, all teams advance from The Set of Games into It’s the Rallies regardless of their records. However, once in the Rallies, when a teams win percentage falls below 50%, they’re out. The season is over.

The hares have struggled for several weeks now, due to the absence of several key players. Another Sesla championship has looked  bleak.

I spoke to Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Horned Hares, in the locker room after the disappointing loss to The Tos-Xiron Doxers last night. Here’s my brief interview.


Marina at Tos-Xiron

Marina at Tos-Xiron

Jeqrix Grexenn. “Hi JA. Good to talk with you again.”

“Nice to see you too. A disappointing loss tonight? Wouldn’t you say?”

Jeqrix smiled. “Not at all. I couldn’t be prouder of my team. They fought hard. The Doxers are a much improved mesnuk team. They deserve to move further in the Rallies.”

I asked, “Are you concerned about any of the injuries? Some were severe. Will all your players be back next season?”

Grexenn Park Landscape View

Grexenn Park Landscape View

Smiling, Jeqrix replied, “I’m not concerned whatsoever. My players are very dedicated. I’m confident they’ll all be back next season. It’s nice to see you again JA. Let’s have lunch again soon . ”

“Sounds good. Grexenn Park again?” I asked.

Jeqrix nodded. “My favorite park. Can’t imagine why?” He chuckled. Then began exiting the Hares locker room.


That was my brief interview with Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Horned Hares, following the hares devastating loss last night to the Tos-Xiron Doxers that ended their season.

There was a bright moment in the night, however. I’ll take you there live to the scene:


Derrix said, “This is a full stadium tonight JA.”

“It sure is Derrix. Looks like coteries are standing in the isles. They’re here to support their mesnuk team.”

Fans Are Going Wild

Fans Are Going Wild!!!

“Just listen to the crowd noise. It’s deafening. These fans are excited. Ha JA. Check out the special lighting. Aren’t those engineers something?” Derrix added.

JA laughed. “The strobe lights are amazing. But, the screaming’s coming from the Horned Hares side of the mesnuk stadium. Jeqrix Grexenn, the owner of the Horned Hares, is making his way through the crowd to his owners box. He always walks through the coteries while shaking hands.”

“The fans love their owner,” Derrix said. “He’s gonna have to be real careful walking in the dark with those swirling lights.”

JA laughed. “Yes he will and yes they do,” JA added. “But that’s not all they’re cheering about. The commentator just announced that Detective Maxx Zeqster and Detective Art Nekuma are sitting in the first row.”

“There they are. The lighting engineers are shinning lights right on them.” Derrix said. “Sesla’s super detective duo. They’re waving to the cheering crowd while smiling.”

Maxx Zeqster's Private Detective Badge“Are they ever popular?” JA asked. “Just listen to the roar. Between the applause for Jeqrix Grexenn, Maxx and Art, and the special lighting, this stadium might just explode.”

Derrix added, “You can be sure of one thing. The crime lords that are watching this broadcast are gritting their teeth in rage right now. You know they hate Maxx and Art.”

“No one hates them more than Zog Morxoc. He’s still serving his time in prison for sand trafficking,” JA further added.

“Here comes the Horned Hares,” Derrix said.

As the engineers returned the lights to normal, The Kinkorx Horned Hares mesnuk team ran onto the field. Their fans stood and went crazy. They tossed their snacks into the air while standing on their seats and screaming.


Sunny Day in Kinkorx

Sunny Day in Kinkorx

As I sit at my desk, drinking a cup of hot tea, the morning sun is continuing to get brighter. It’s going to be a beautiful day. But, my headache is worsening. Better take something for it.

During the game last night, the much improved Doxers edged out the Hares 5 to 4 to advance in the Rallies. A strong, late game effort by the doxers lead them to victory over the battered hares.

It’s been a long and difficult season for the hares due to injuries. Hopefully over the off season, their wounds will heal.

Next season the hares will make another attempt at the Sesla Championship. A feat the team has accomplished once. I was fortunate to announce that game here at The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx. That was a thrilling game. Thought you would want to know how the hares season turned out. We are very proud of our Kinkorx Horned Hares.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

The Song of Kings – Book Review


Dear medieval times readers,

Recently I was contacted by author Richard Chance. He invited me to read and review his novel, The Song of Kings. Since he put a lot of work into the offer, I agreed to do so. I read his entire novel. Here’s my review of the medieval times tale.

The story begins as a bearded, old man is in a cell. He’s being tortured. His captors want to know who he is. Which he does not remember. Instead, he tells them a story…

The Song of KingsThe Crystal Palace was ten centuries old and still growing. It’s magical. Samakand, the capital city of Regis lay in the distance. The seat of the galactic empire. On a mountain of ice, a hidden world lay beneath the surface. The Emperor Ptolemy Sy’r Darya rules Regis.

Phalon, is the physician that is attending to the royal mother, Queen Eugenia. She is having twins. Phalon makes certain one baby dies. He plans to kill the Queen as well. The living child is named. “Little Leonidas.” The first born. The second child is allowed to die. Never encouraged to begin breathing. Therefore still born.

Dr. Langstrum, the court physician examines the dead infant. Pronounces it dead . Never suspects foul play by Phalon.

Phalon’s plan is to kill the Queen next. Her marriage was political to settle long standing disputes. He plans to control the only heir to the throne. He hung a ruby red, crystal around Little Leonidas’ neck. He said the ancient words, “vallo of regnum.” The necklace was activated.

The child is King Ptolemy’s son. Prince Leonidas Ptolemy Sy’r Darya.

Alexander Phalon is a wizard. He can read minds.

Noblemen gathered to celebrate the birth of the prince.

A clone is buried alongside Queen Eugenia. The royal child lives. Gwendolyn kidnaps the child along with her partner Tichtius, the fisherman. Gwendolyn and Tichtius met at The Wheel. Also where they meet the Stranger. Dressed in black. Blue eyes. He explains to them about a democracy form of gov’t. Afterward, Gwendolyn and Tichtius flee in a boat with the infant king. Soon, Tichtius kidnaps the baby from Gwen.

The Scholar, and old man, Nur’ed’ Din, lives on the River Ashoka. Soldiers are invading his home. Written on his cellar wall. “Sapiens Qui Prospicit” He is wise that looks ahead. He is killed by the soldiers. Shot in the head. The house is searched without success.

Leonidas has a new tutor. “Theolon.” He was the kings tutor. Now he will tutor the king’s son. Teaching him what he needs to know to rule.

“Was is coming to this kingdom!” King Ptolemy declares. “Seven years ago today the aliens attacked. The Rifters!” Causalities were catastrophic. They look like The Rifters.

King Ptolemy wants to attack The Rifters in their home-world. Through the nebula. He wants to capture and occupy the Rift Nebula. They need to amass a fleet of ships.

The supply station on the edge of the Monoceros system for the Regis fleet on route to the Great Rift Nebula is almost abandoned. One ship guards the facility. Using a stolen transport ship, they attack the supply station.

Leonidas’ instructor is Professor Theolon Alexander Kâldân. He teaches him history.

His father, King Ptolemy teaches him The Song of Kings. How to fight with a sword.

Greylean tells Ja’din a story. The Iliad. The story of gods and men, the warriors of two great warring nations.

An old man, Theolon, shows Leonidas a secret tunnel. It leads to outside the Great Palace. “I’m finally outside!” Leonidas declares. They go into an alley, into the village. Leonidas is hooded for his safety.

Lillian is dying. Greylean is her husband. Ja’din is their son.

King Ptolemy has visions.

Leonidas turns eight. He has a birthday party. Theolon reads the story; The Lion and The Unicorn; The Fairy Tale.

King Ptolemy is sick. He’s paralyzed. He turns to Theolon for help. The king opens a chest. Inside they find the Crystal Shard of Salâhad-Dîn. It’s black. A magic crystal. Alive. Like the palace. More objects in the chest. Dagger of Vajrakîlaya—capable of space travel.

Theolon, the wizard, takes kingship away from Ptolemy. He causes a hideous creature to appear. Like a creature in a nightmare. It’s a hologram.

Calanus is another wizard in the book.

Leonidas and Ja’din escape the castle through the same tunnel on route to the village. Inside the cavern, the encounter a giant, metallic, motion sensitive spider. After visiting the village, they return to the castle where they’re safe.

The End.

The Song of Kings by author Richard Chance is a charming story set during medieval times. His story incorporates daggers, kings, knights, a magical castle, magic spells, wizards, etc… Many of the features one might expect to find in a novel of that genre are present.

Also mentioned very briefly are aliens, cloning, deep space travel, and past inner-galactic war—without needed details connecting them to the story. R J Chance indicates this is the first novel in a series. Perhaps we will read more about how these and other open plot lines connect to the main story line in further books. It should make for interesting reading.

I read The Song of Kings by author R J Chance due to a special invitation via facebook. I downloaded it through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My rating: 3.5 stars

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Constitution – Book Review


Dear space thriller fans,

Recently I read a very enjoyable scifi thriller by author, Nick Webb. Constitution is the first in a space trilogy. Here’s my review of this fun novel that takes place predominantly in our solar system.

Book 1 of The Legacy Fleet Trilogy

ConstitutionSector 521. 10 light years outside of United Earth Space Bridge. ISS Kerouac. Their sensors are picking up a signal. Captain Disraeli is in command of the Kerouac. He lives in Britannia. He’s lost a lot of money on a bad investment.

His chief engineer is being reassigned.

They are looking for the swarm. The swarm has been there before and left. They rebuilt and prospered. People thought the swarm was destroyed with the last war.

They are q-jumping to sector 522. Commander Gooding is called to the bridge.

Captain Disraeli suffers from Rigellian warts compliments of the red light district of New Mumbai on Rigel Three.

Veracruz Sector Operations Center Starbase Heroic. Admiral Ryten plans to send a scouting ship after Disraeli and crew if he doesn’t hear from them in five hours.

Sol System. Earth orbit Valhalla Space Station. Captain Tim Granger. Admiral Yarbrough is decommissioning the Constitution. Scrapping her. Avery is the President. He commands ISS Legacy. ISS Baltimore. Eagleton Commission is forcing military cuts.

The Swan war was 75 years ago. The Swarm is gone. A war they won by pure luck.

Tim Disraeli plans to retire at 64.

Veracruz Sector Starbase Heroic. Built for Defense. One of several outposts at the edge of United Earth Space built after the Swan war and Earth was destroyed. Admiral Ryten is in charge of the small space city. Heavily armed.

Two missing ships. A scout ship and the Kerouac. Ryten orders, “Prepare a report for IDF CENTCOM. Ask them for guidance.”

L-2 Lagrange point, Earth Conference Room. ISS Constitution. Chief Engineering Officer Rayna Scott. Captain Granger battled cancer five years earlier and won.

A q-jump takes a minute to complete. And advances the ship a tenth of a light year.

A battle is discovered and a destroyed planet. Nueva Leon.

The Constitution is being decommissioned at Lunar Base. Less than a week away. They’re on their way.

The Swarm is back at Veracruz Sector, Leon System – Southern continent. A full scale invasion.

On the Constitution, Tim Granger’s cancer has returned. He has a few months to live. Steps down. He gets a priority one message from CENTCOM. Unidentified vessels sighted on trajectory towards Earth. ETA 1 Hour. “Alert Condition Red.”

“The Swan. Little Cumrats are back!”

Several ships q-jump into orbit around Jupiter. Six or eight large carriers or cruisers.

Granger re-assumes command of the Constitution even though he’s dying of cancer. “Battle stations. Sound general alert status orange.”

The swarm’s headed for Earth!

The Constitution battled the swarm 75 years earlier in the first swarm war.

Granger organizes a squadron of 177 fighter pilots and their ships to battle the swarm. Does he have enough time to save his ship and the world before his brain cancer kills him? Before the swarm reaches Earth? Before the swarm kills him?

A miniature black hole appears. Granger orders, “q-jump to Valhalla Station.” Only 15 fighters left.

The swarm is a liquid-based life form. They appear as slime.

The Earth is under attack. The Constitution is badly damaged in the battle. Can only q-jump one more time.

The ship prepares for a showdown in low Earth orbit with the swarm.

The Constitution is nearly destroyed. Granger blows up the Constitution. “Take that, you bastards—” With a blinding flash, the Constitution plunged into the singularity, disappearing into a violent flair. For a split second, the invisible quantum tethers connected the singularity with the reactor cores inside the alien ships. Causing massive explosions. Intense radiation.

The alien ships were defeated. The Constitution was gone with Granger.

They located the Constitution. It’s falling towards Earth. They locate Granger inside.

The ship is falling like a fireball over western Utah. Shelby Proctor, Granger’s XO goes in after him. Finds an engine still running. Barely.

She averts a crash and glides the ship over the Great Salt Lake at super-sonic speed, while on fire. The Constitution comes to rest in the business district of south Salt Lake City.

Granger believes he has only a week to a month to live. He visits a new doctor. The doctor says, “No trace of cancer. Free to go!”

The Constitution is being refurbished. Granger wants her back. He’s the new captain. In six months. “Congratulations!” Until then he commands the ISS Warrior.

The End.

Granger reminded me a lot of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Picard is one of my all time favorite star ship captains. Therefore, I also liked Granger a lot. The way they worked as one unit, the Swan reminded me of the Borg—also from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This was an easy and fun novel to speed read through. I enjoyed getting lost in deep space with Granger and his crew aboard the Constitution. It brought back fond memories of  Picard and Next Generation, for me at least as I read. I was very glad all worked out well for Granger in the end.

Thanks for tuning in to my review of Constitution, by author Nick Webb.

A very enjoyable book. I recommend it to any scifi and  space fans.

I downloaded this book through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My rating: 4 stars.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland

Vote For My Story – The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher


Dear scifi thriller fans,

Recently I was contacted by the elite, professional, writing establishment, The editors are starting a new scifi writing contest and invited me to participate.

My entry is The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher.

Please Vote For My Story

Please Vote For My Story

A brief synopsis of my story. We meet Zith Fleen the star mesnuk player and lean about his tragic life. We also follow the Kinkorx Horned Hares, a professional mesnuk team in the desert on Sesla. Mesnuk is the global sport on Sesla.

As the Kinkorx police attempt to catch a murderer, out of desperation, the owner of the Horned Hares hires Maxx and Art to catch the Slasher. Art begins the case.

Maxx drives to the wet lands for a life threatening adventure. He battles the heinous genius, Mustler and the mutant Gang of Five along with numerous alien Joqzonion followers from the planet Joqzon.

When Maxx arrives back home in Kinkorx, Art has a plan to catch the serial killer, Zith Fleen and his pet wolf, Neechehe.

If you like serial killers, space aliens, and sports, The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will love the thrilling conclusion.

Please take a moment and read my story. Click on the link or the picture. Then vote for my story.

Thanks for reading.

May good fortune guide your path.

JA Ireland